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October 31, 2003

Tabloid Sleaze Expose Kobe's Accuser:

"It is misogynistic and truly exploitative to try to get big sales off of identifying an alleged rape victim. Was a woman dressed inappropriately? Did she ask for it? Is a sexy woman more likely to get raped than a non-sexy woman? These are the anachronistic, horrible ideas that come up because of a cover like that. Morally, it's wrong. It is clearly implied on the cover that maybe she deserved it," Us Weekly's editor in chief Janice Min asked "This is someone's worst nightmare. This is why a lot of sexual assault victims don't come forward."

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Shaquille O'Neal to the press Thursday: "I don't feel like talking to you guys. Never again, never. You're not on my level intelligence-wise."

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Cuban baseball stars Maels Rodriguez and Yobal Due˝as defected Thursday evening. The bigger catch is Rodriguez, a 24-year-old righthander who brings 100-mph heat.

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October 30, 2003

Soccer creationism.: How it all started!

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Ladies and Gentleman, the New Heart & Soul of the Celtics...: Vin Baker. Yup, that Vin Baker. The Season just started. He's only played one game. But thousand mile journeys all start with one step.
More inside...

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It's in the game: CNN ponders the EA Sports cover jinx, a curse that has claimed Michael Vick, Marshall Faulk, Daunte Culpepper, and Eddie George and extends beyond the NFL. As Andrew Tougas writes, "Every year it derails careers, impedes athletes' ascension into superstardom and trounces hopes for playoff contention -- and all one has to do is be featured on the box of an EA Sports video game." Most recent victim: Dany Heatley. Slated for doom: Vince Carter and Carmelo Anthony.

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Play keepy uppy.

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Thursday morning quarterback?: Football Outsiders has published the results of their Homage to Tuesday Morning Quarterback, a pseudo TMQ column compiled from entries submitted by their readers. Most notably, the introduction was submitted by Easterbrook himself.

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The fans who attended the free Monday Night Football game between the Dolphins and Chargers in Tempe, Ariz., were cheap tasteless pinheads, according to the Arizona Republic. Columnist Laurie Roberts: "While some people were dropping hundred-dollar bills into the buckets, others were dropping in Pokemon coins, play money, Iraqi money, Mexican money and the ever popular Sonic coupon for Cherry Coke. I'm sure the fire-parched victims of San Diego will really appreciate the Sonic coupon for Cherry Coke."

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Believe the hype. LeBron played his first NBA game last night. His team lost, but it was fairly apparent that King James is the real deal.

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Red Sox putting Manny Ramirez on irrevocable waivers?: The baseballprimer website links to a leak posted on the "Sons of Sam Horn" Red Sox forum by Art Martone of the Providence Journal. Martone, in Drudge-like fashion, claims that a story that may hit the NYT tomorrow reports that the Red Sox have put Manny Ramirez on "irrevocable waivers" Thursday. Unlike traditional waivers, if another team claims someone on irrevocable waivers, the current team can't yank that player back. Speculation is rampant as to why the Sox are (reportedly) making this move, and what it means for Manny and the Sox in 2004.

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October 29, 2003

Perugia set to turn to fairer sex: Women (well, a woman) will be invading the Serie A--will the Italian game survive? Is Luciano Gaucci a modern reincarnation of Eddie Veeck?

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Since Tiger Woods turned pro, golf fans have lamented the lack of a true rival to challenge his dominance of the sport. One may finally have arrived in the form of a 40-year-old fellow Masters champion who is one of the pros who likes Woods the least -- Vijay Singh. They've battled all year and are 1-and-2 in PGA money leaders.

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NFL Week 9 Picks: NFL picks that contain half the carbs of your normal football predictions.

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October 28, 2003

"A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.": Looking for instances of dumb things said by Joe Theismann, I came across this list of dumb sports quotes said by lots of folks. Utter hilarity ensues when people try to use words they don't know.

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October 27, 2003

Writing for Outside magazine, Stuart Stevens took human growth hormone, steroids, and other performance-enhancing drugs for half a year to see what they accomplish for athletes. "I had a life once, and now I'm standing in the Easton WaWa in the middle of the night, looking like a cyborg," he wrote during an endurance bicycling event, "with thousands of dollars of drugs coursing through my veins." (Via RC3)

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Way to go Wild!: The summer speculation seems to have been too rosy, as Marion Gaborik is leaving town without a deal. His incredibly strong negotiating position seems to have been a intimidating detriment, and even his compromise of keeping the same salary as last year was rejected. Why? Not in Risebrough's budget. Ah, good times in the NHL.

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Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.: Shaq wants Kobe to play more team ball. Kobe wants Shaq not to tell him how to play his game. Kobe is dropping hints he would sign somewhere else at the end of the season. From the sounds and looks of it, Kobe's play and off-court exploitations are disrupting the team chemistry. So when is someone on that team just flat out say it in plain English?

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BoSox have Little patience for Grady.: The Red Sox have called a 3 p.m. EST press conference to apparently announce the formal ditching of their manager. He would be the first skipper released after two consecutive 90-win seasons since the A's did it to Alvin Dark 30 years ago. Is this the right thing to do?

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After three years, results are inconclusive.: Brian Billick has joined ranks with Tony Dungy in turning his back on the NFL's replay system. Billick and the Ravens are a bit miffed after an apparent touchdown catch by TE Todd Heap was overruled. Do you think it works? Should it be brought back?

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England scrape victory: in the rugby world cup, but they didn't look at all convincing against minnows Samoa. Meanwhile, the tournament is progressing much as people expected - the teams from the tri-nations and six nations flattening the minor nations in their path. Australia managed a record breaking 142-0 against poor Namibia. Is it time for a rethink of the rugby world cup format?

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October 26, 2003

Soccer, a sport of terrorists?: Apparently, Fred J. Harlan of New Castle, PA thinks so. I say we take Fred's argument to task and send him into the field. Anyone else have examples of soccer related letters to the editor gone bad?

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Imperialism is offsides.: "We've run in the streets together. We've been in meetings together. We've strategized against imperialism together. But now it's time for Bay Area Anarchists and Communists to bring our relationship to a whole new level. So we're going to build unity and work out our differences where it really matters - on the soccer field. Come support your comrades and cheer us on!" A fascinating look a sporting subculture. (With a tip o' the hat to eddydamascene)

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Useless Factoids about the 2003 World Series: Once again, Jayson Stark comes up with a bunch of goofy stats and nifty factoids about the World Series. My favorite is that while the Marlins now have two World Series championships in their franchise history, only one franchise in baseball has played fewer winning seasons than the Marlins have. (That would be the Devil Rays, with zero.)

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October 25, 2003

Eddie Griffin accused of Assault.: Eddie went AWOL a few days back, and no one was sure why. There was some discussion that their were "personal matters" involved. Today it appears that he may have beaten and then shot a woman. Their are conflicting details at this point. Are the two, Eddie's no-show, and now the accused assault related?

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Michael Dickerson Retires.: After suffering a groin injury that has kept him in limited action over the past 2 years, Memphis Grizzlies guard decides to call it a career. It's a crying shame, Mike was an excellent all around player who might have helped Memphis turn things around quicker. Alas, it just wasn't meant to be.

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October 24, 2003

Brain Typing. Who becomes a superstar?: Dr. Jonathan Niednagel says that he can predict athletic success based on which 1 of 16 brain types an athlete has. According to Niednagel, Lebon is an ESFP (Jul 28), the same type as Magic Johnson. So get ready for Magic's penchant for flashy passes and ability to involve teamates but don't expect Michael's thinking assasin persona. You can read about the brain types here and some interesting amateur interpretations here.

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Meet the Walkin' Fish: , otherwise known as Victor Conte; "nutritionist" to the stars. An interesting character.

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Basketball blogs. Some great, some good. Joe Nets Fan is, as you guessed, a very nice Net's website. At Raptor's Blog, they not only root for the hometeam, they call them out 'when they're playing like punks.' The End Of The Bench has links and commentary. Basketball Rules is mostly links, without commentary. Basketball Notes is a blog by a 10 year old whose 'Nice Job' is like Marv Albert's 'Yes!' The Orlando Magic Fan has commentary and team highlights. The NBA weblog is just that. Did I miss anyone?

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NFL Week 8 Picks: NFL picks that are rooting for the Marlins. Up yours, George.

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Riley steps down as Heat head coach.: This is sudden.

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Stoke Park Flash Golf.: Very realistic, and at time infuriating. Through three holes, I've got two birdies and one +12. Waste your time...

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Like sport so much you could watch two at once?: They'll be doing that in Australia and Ireland this week, as the Gaelic Footballers of the Emerald Isle, take on the take no-prisoners Aussie Rules players in the first of two International Rules tests. It's the only way players of these sports can represent their countries, but it does throw up some anomalies. Nonetheless, the game, is pretty tough, always throws up surprises, and really shouldn't be missed (if you like that sort of thing)..

There'll be live commentary from Australia here (windows media) and maybe from Ireland here at 1045GMT (real media).

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The wild-card Marlins moved one win away: from another surprising World Series championship, beating the banged-up and bumbling Yankees 6-4 in Game 5 on Thursday night.

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October 23, 2003

Hickok Sports.: Your source for quick and dirty histories of badminton, bobsledding, croquet, petanque, and a host of other sports.

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No! Not Travis!: Yup, the Knicks are apparently trying to shed salary (imagine that). And to our fine Canadian SpoFier's - Layden is working to send Othella to Toronto in exchange for MoPete. Does anyone win in any of these wacky scenarios?
Crazy New York media...

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Mr. Nice Guy.: There is no rest for Antawn Jamison. The newcomer is about to be ass-deep in a vicious fight, his first imbroglio since being traded from the Golden State Warriors to Dallas a few months ago. Until now, the man has been polite and gregarious, eager to help everyone he meets, always flashing an enormous smile. For nearly two weeks, I tried to get Jamison's guard down, to make him snarl or at least curl his lip in defiance, to show some sort of emotion that wasn't sugary. He remained affable; I remained frustrated. I mean, a professional athlete posing as a nice guy? Come on. We've seen this story before, and we know how it ends--on a depraved, vapid TV show like Inside Edition or, worse, in a courtroom, and almost always with the player crying and begging the world to forgive the transgression the rest of us never saw coming. A very well written piece on Antawn Jamison in the local alt-weekly.

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"Take all your magnets off the car. Plan your walking route to the stadium. Take the shortest but brightest lighted route. Take as little stuff as possible, no purses or bags. Put your wallet in your front pocket. Travel with large groups of Auburn people. Travel with friendly LSU fans. There are some. Try to avoid direct conflict. Attempt to ignore comments and insults." -- safety tips for Auburn fans attending this weekend's road game at LSU

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"That's the oasis right now,": Thrashers center Marc Savard said. "You get out there, and there is only the hockey." The Atlanta players began the season with their longest unbeaten streak in history, after losing two teammates. Professional athletes too can find solace in sport.

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The Hardest Working Man in Sports: "I want my final legacy to be that I worked harder than any worker in the history of the world has ever worked," Clemens said while doing one-armed pushups during a press conference. "I want people to think, 'Think how much I could accomplish with my life if I occasionally worked half as hard as the Rocket did every day of his career.'"

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October 22, 2003

Vinny goes down...again.: Testaverde will undoubtedly become backup to Pennington this Sunday. Vinny served the Jets well the past few years. What the hell happened to him? He looks terrified out on the field.
More inside...

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Mmmm ... my foot tastes excellent with chicken and watermelon.: Junior Seau made an offhanded comment about how to stop San Diego Chargers running back (and Seau buddy) LaDainian Tomlinson. How do you react to what looks like a racist statement when you think the guy isn't a racist?

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Tony Renna becomes the 67th person to die at Indy: and the first to die there since Scott Brayton in 1996. Any chance we'll hear calls for increased safety in the IRL like we have in NASCAR?

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Corey Dillon Wants Out.: The Cincinnti Bengals running back has apparently had enough. In front of several reporters, Dillon requested a trade to Dallas. Does he stay? Does he go? Will Marvin Lewis maintain the status quo?

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Yeah, I got your storied history right here, buddy: - MLG the icon, the cathedral, the home of (English) hockey... The best place to get fresh fish, flowers, and Presidents Choice products. Does the board of directors answer directly to Satan, or do they have to go through his admin assistant and make an appointment?

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Dwain Chambers tests positive for THG.: It has emerged that one of Britain's top athletes, Dwain Chambers, is among those caught in the THG scandal. The question that's on my mind is: if he can be publicly identified, why can't the American athletes?

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October 21, 2003

Joe Torre backs up Grady Little: . . . in other news, Bugs Bunny calls Elmer Fudd a formidable hunter and Johnnie Cochran issues a press release stating "I am resigned to my fate of facing Lionel Hutz on the other side of the aisle for the rest of my legal career." Brer Rabbit was unavailable for comment on account of being thrown into a briar patch.

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Time for baseball to face the (drug) music?: "As it stands now, baseball's drug-testing program is a toothless exercise in public relations. There are no penalties for positive tests and no random, out-of-competition tests. And, by baseball's reckoning, it's OK to have some players pumped up on steroids as long as it's not too many. ... The 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act pushed through Congress by Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, a state where supplement-makers flourish, is particularly in need of a fix. ... DSHEA enabled androstenedione, used by Mark McGwire during his 70-homer season in 1998, to be available for over-the-counter sale even though it was banned as a steroid by the Olympics, the NFL, the NCAA and other sports -- with the notable exception of baseball. ... Ephedra, another supplement banned by most sports, also was left uncontrolled by DSHEA. Used to lose weight and boost athletic performance, ephedra has been linked to scores of deaths, including 23-year-old Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler. "

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Arsenal's European campaign flames out.: Kiev withstands late storm in their box to win. I just can't catch a break this week from any of my teams. What's in store for the other English teams in the Champion's league, especially tomorrow's newest Battle of Britain - ManU v. Rangers.

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Everything's Going to be All White: "The Fighting Whites basketball team was organized in early February (2002) by a group of Native American and non-Indian students of the University of Northern Colorado with the intent of playing intramural basketball. We came up with the "Fighting Whites" logo and slogan to have a little satirical fun and to deliver a simple, sincere, message about ethnic stereotyping."

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Letters from the Nation: ESPN SportsGuy and Boston native, Bill Simmons, opens up his reader mailbag to share their stories and feelings about The Loss.

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What do Gary Williams, Kelvin Sampson, Rick Majerus and Bill Self have that Mike Krzyzewski doesn't want? A potentially huge new recruiting advantage... From the Sports Frog

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October 20, 2003

I've played floor hockey, broomball, field hockey (took one damn shot in the shin) and knock hockey, all variants of ice hockey (played that, too). But I had never heard of underwater hockey until this NY Times story. Crazy, and sounds like fun. Hockey has got to have the most variants of any sport.

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40 subpoenas for "big-time atheletes".: BALCO clients are being called to testify this week. Among the list: Jason Giambi, and Barry Bonds. Anyone surprised? Not Surprised? Any predictions regarding awards ( ie: Olympic medals?), or endorsements?

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Hey, wanna own a piece of baseball history?: I mean, literally a piece of history? Donruss is cutting up a Babe Ruth jersey to put the swatches into packs of baseball cards. Is this desecration? A lame marketing ploy to jump-start a moribund sports-collectibles industry? A stroke of genius that will give some fans a tangible piece of the game?

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This site is born of agony and defeat.: Game 7, 11th inning, Aaron Boone at the plate . . . 1986, Bill Buckner . . . Bucky Dent . . . Carlton Fisk . . . some names and moments will live forever in Red Sox history. We have just had one of them. And one response to tragedy is art. To distill pain and despair and a chaotic railing at the cruelties of fate . . . into beauty and subtlety and creation. To do this may be only to light one small, phosphorescent fishie in an ocean of blackness, but we do it because it is what humans do. It is what Red Sox fans do. It is all we can do.

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We've Taken Antoine Walker and Improved Him:
The Celtics traded away Antoine Walker and Tony Delk for Raef LaFrentz, Jiri Welsch, Chris Mills and a 2004 first-round draft choice that promises to be waaay up on the draft board. So they moved Antoine Walker for a paler version with a larger and longer contract. This is the fiscal sanity Danny Ainge brings us? Please Maverick fans, tell me why this works for the Celtics.

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October 19, 2003

Good news for Sox fans in the 200th World Series.: "Most will be rooting against the team viewed as baseball's Evil Empire, the dynasty that has won the "World Series'' more times than anyone else, the franchise whose very name has come to mean global domination. The Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox ended their own "World Series'' curse in 2035 when center fielder Johnny Damon-Affleck and Jennifer Hamm-Garciaparra, the major league's first woman All-Star, arrived in Boston. Of course, the Sox dynasty truly began when they acquired exclusive rights to the celebrated Ted Williams DNA. Fielding an entire team of clones each season, the Sox have won 58 of the past 84 championships."

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Marlins take game one.: "They didn't act intimidated. They didn't appear scared. Their knees didn't quiver, and they didn't shake in their cleats. They beat the Yankees, 3-2."

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October 18, 2003

An Interview with Toronto Maple Leafs Strength Coach: Matt Nichol: . From training the Leafs, to the strains of hockey, to Gaborik's squats, to general training tips. An interesting read. [via hockeypundits].

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It's a blitz!: Gregg Easterbrook, writer of the Tuesday Morning Quarterback columns on ESPN's Page 2, has apparently been fired, apparently for some odd comments he wrote that imply some odd views on Jews in a non-ESPN column recently. This has been going around the left-side of the Blogosphere over the last few days, with speculation now being that since ESPN and Miramax are both Disney-owned companies, Easterbrook was actually criticizing his bosses.

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First to Worst.:'s Page 2 ranks all of the World Series in order, from #1 (1991; Twins beat Braves 4 games to 3) to #100 (1994; no World Series due to players' strike). [Complete list inside.]

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What might have been...: "One moment the Fox executives were anticipating the ultimate dream World Series, the Cubs vs. the Red Sox. And then Friday morning they woke up to find a Marlins-Yankees series on their schedule, which must have been a bit like waking up and finding Marge Schott on your mattress."

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October 17, 2003

More Friday Fun.: Anyone care to run a marathon? Or would you rather be a duck?

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Arsenal. Chelsea.: The Game of the Week. Chelsea hasn't beaten Arsenal in league play since 1995. Of course they have Daddy War-Rubles at the helm now. Will they break the string?
Chelsea supporters better hope Ranieri doesn't pull a Grady Little...

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NFL Week 7 Picks: NFL picks that would have pulled Pedro earlier.

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The NY Post slipped up and published an editorial lamenting last night's Yankees loss to the BoSox. It notes "Curse of the Bambino boomeranged this year" and that the Bronx Bombers "couldn't get the job done at home." Of course, the Smoking Gun has a scan. (via telescreen)

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Hatcher tears ACL...out 4-6 months.: Talk about money well spent...

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Jim Caple wears a Red Sox shirt to Yankee Stadium and a Yanks shirt to Fenway during the playoffs and lives to tell about it. Makes for an interesting read.

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Extreme Ironing.: Has to be seen to be believed. I don't know whether to be awed, amused or sad. (via Coudal Partners)

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Work sucks. Play some flash Xtrem Snowboarding.

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Is this the worst field ever assembled?: I suspect it might be

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curveball : is a fun little applet.

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"Undetectable" designer steroid at heart of US athletic doping scandal.: A scandal broken wide open by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Accusations of widespread conspiracy among "chemists, coaches and athletes. Past and future US Olympic prospects in doubt. Bay Area lab at the heart of the scandal (go, Bay Area!) that sold "supplements" to high-profile athletes including Barry Bonds, track athletes Marion Jones and Kellie White, and Oakland Raider Bill Romanowski. Friday Fun!

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World's Tallest Jockey?: Manute Bol's next career move, after hockey and boxing. It's all for a good cause.

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October 16, 2003


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Jimmie Walker has thrown some dyn-o-mite into the controversy over black NFL quarterbacks, claiming that Kordell Stewart and Eric Crouch got different treatment as rookies because "affirmative action has floated its way into the NFL."

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Exhibit A: against Maurice Clarett joining the NFL early. As some have argued, why should pro football let immature young jerks mess up its product the way the NBA has.

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The Chicago Sun-Times is defending its decision and taking some criticism for yesterday's story naming Steve Bartman, the Cubs fan who committed a foul error.

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October 15, 2003

USA! USA! USA! Not quite, but oh so close.: Oh, so close. In the 81st minute, the Eagles score a try against Fiji to bring the scores to 19-18 with a conversion to come, but Kort Schubert's kick went wide. An upset goes begging. Of course, years and millions of dollars havn't made soccer a premier sport in the US, so it's unlikely a step up by the rugby team would have made a dent in the national consciousness.

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Marlins advance to World Series.: In the night's second 9-6 win, the Marlins edge out Chicago at Wrigley to advance to their second World Series in 10 years.

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I was wrong.: The sox got some clutch hitting and the Yanks bullpen blew it, oh well, on to game 7, and it looks like it'll be a great game.

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Cubs fan outs self.: So we're all doing the Bartman now.

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Jam.: So that's what the Senators were missing last year! I don't know about this. They were certainly close. It could be worse they could be in the Red Wings predicament. What exactly is being said here?
More inside...

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Gerard hands the armband to Gerrard: Houllier to Steven, of course, as the midfield monster get's the captain's job just ahead of signing a four year contract extension. Houllier claims this will help Sami too, ease the pressure a bit, do you agree? And with Becks playing in Spain, is it time for a new England skipper as well?

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Squat-thrusts, arm dips, and spectacular bike accidents!: After an eighteen-year absence, the cult show Superstars returns to the BBC this week. The format is identical to its 1970s heyday, with leading competitors in a variety of sports facing off against each other in a wide range of events. The big difference? Since the potential for career-ending injury killed off the original show, this new generation of Superstars are either retired from active competition, or in their declining years. A case of 'Super-HasBeens'? And we ever likely to see the likes of David Beckham, Johnny Wilkinson and Paula Radcliffe facing off in the kayaking?

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October 14, 2003

Kudos to Cubs fan and up-to-the-minute blogger Brian Carstens. His [Untitled] Cubs Page has an eighth-inning dispatch on tonight's game. He pins the blame for a Cubs loss on Dutsy Baker, not the fan who interfered, not Gonzalez who booted a grounder, not a Billy Goat or anything else.

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Nike builds a 36 meter long by 18 meter high Swoosh monument: in a partnership with the city of Vienna, which will also see the Karlsplatz, one of the city's main squares, renamed to Nikeplatz. ... [Flash link, more inside]

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Please God, make Sosa hit another.: On the way to the World Series, a lot of praying goes on: Fans do it. Players do, too. But all the petitioning makes some people wonder: Who is God rooting for, anyway?

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Wells and Rivera shut down the Sox: Karim Garcia seems to have shaken off any aftereffects of the controversy to drive in two runs, while the pitching stood up to a strangely quiet Boston batting order.

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The "New Arena for Sacramento Kings Bill"?: Soon-to-be-ex-governor Gray Davis signed a bill on Sunday that allows for funding options on a "revitalization" project in Sacramento. The centerpiece of this project would be a new arena for the Kings. The bill (supposedly) would allow for developments throughout the state. What's next? A new Dodger stadium? NFL expansion? C'mon Gray you don't have much time left!

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Sapp blasts NFL 'slave system' :
"And so now there's a rule against me. Thanks. I knew (the league) was gonna do what they did because they've been notoriously against Sapp. Like I said before, it's a slave system. Make no mistake about it, slave master say you can't do it, don't do it. They'll make an example out of you."

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The Official Boston Police Report: from the brawl between the Sox and the Yanks. Clinical and fascinating.

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Anna may be out of tennis.: Although she's holding off her final decision until January, word is she's possibly quitting for acting and uh... awards presenting?

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John Lott, a controversial scholar known for his gun research and creating fictitious people to compliment his own work, has published research on whether the media wants black quarterbacks to do well.

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October 13, 2003

Sox tie it up: when the Yankees can't hit Tim Wakefield's knuckleball.

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"YOU OVER-OFFICIOUS JERK!": --So shouted Marv Levy once in what is my personal favorite coaching tantrum of all time. Sadly, it didn't make this Top Ten All-TIme Coaches' Tantrums list. And I recall vividly Number Five, Buddy Ryan's sucker punch on Kevin Gilbride, which at the time I thought was the most un-classy thing I'd ever seen but after watching the last four Bills' games (with Gilbride as our coordinator for an offense that couldn't fire a cannon ball through tissue paper) I'm not sure I'd be so angry if someone decked the guy.

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In a baseball postseason that's already shaping up to be the most memorable in years, Sammy Sosa's ninth-inning homer Tuesday into the huge crowd on Chicago's Waveland Avenue is already taking on mythic proportions. "Nobody has ever hit a more dramatic home run," writes Randy Smith. "Tell the story of where you were the night Sosa stepped in against Urbina. Future generations will love to hear it."

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The Women's World Cup Final: finished in overtime with what had to have been one of the most beautifully executed free kicks I've ever had the joy of seeing. But should the kick ever have happened in the first place? Swedish coach Marika Domanski Lyfors says "nein". (more inside)

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Several top-100 men's tennis players are suspected of throwing matches to make money betting against themselves on Betfair, the Telegraph reports (via TechDirt).

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Michael Schumacher : took his place in the history books yesterday as the greatest racing driver of all time. Arguably.

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Boston College accepts invitation to join ACC.: Expanding the ACC's footprint from New England all the way to southern Florida, BC is going to stand out geographically. You have to wonder what made this move so appealing for BC. One thing is certain, it definitely hurts the Big East.

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October 12, 2003

Legendary jockey Bill Shoemaker has died at age 72. Shoe, who won 11 Triple Crown races and $123 million in purses, amassed one of the gaudiest numbers in sport -- if you won a horse race every single day of your life, it would take more than 24 years to pass Shoemaker's 8,883 wins.

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October 11, 2003

What a bunch of losers!: "Separation Saturday" indeed! ESPN hype aside, something must be in the lockerroom watercoolers today for five of the top 10 college football teams to lose on the same day. Ohio State, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and Nebraska all went down, though Florida at least is not a surprise even if Miami was a road dog. Can Missou follow up their upset with an even bigger win next Saturday at No. 1 Oklahoma?

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Pedro Martinez beat up Don Zimmer,: Roger Clemens beat Martinez, and the Yankees lead the ALCS 2-1.

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(Web + Sports) * Beer = ▄ber-good time.: Does the confluence of baseball playoffs, NFL games, the start of hockey season, and free-flowing, better-tasting Oktoberfest beer make this the most wonderful time of the sports year?

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October 10, 2003

"... the Asians are killing our tour. Absolutely killing it. Their lack of emotion, their refusal to speak English when they can speak English. They rarely speak. We have two-day pro-ams where people are paying a lot of money to play with us, and they say hello and goodbye. Our tour is predominantly international and the majority of them are Asian. They've taken it over." -- former LPGA pro Jan Stephenson

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Phils' Pitcher Padilla breaks collarbone in auto accident.: He was en route to his hometown of Chinandega, Nicaragua from the capital of Managua when his driver fell asleep at the wheel. The driver ultimately died. In addition to his collarbone, Padilla broke a finger on his right hand and bruised his shoulder.

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NFL Week Six Picks: NFL predictions that have moved past the whole Rush thing.

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Is the NFL responsible for drunken drivers leaving stadiums?: "What the NFL and the Giants are doing is saying is 'we're having a party, so park your car in our back yard, drink as much as you want, come into the stadium and get more wasted, and then drive home,'"
Associated Press story
Is public transportation a viable option in your town's ballparks? Selling beer is one thing, but this lawsuit contends merely opening parking lots up early for tailgating is negligent.

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Is Sven Goran Eriksson about to become the most hated figure in English football?: Until we sign a new manager, that is. It looks increasingly likely to happen, particularly as Claudio Ranieri apparently wants a job swap. If Eriksson jumps ship, whoever replaces him may have to contend with a player mutiny. So it looks as if England may be about to self-destruct, never mind Turkey.

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Yankees square the series: with a 6-2 win. Seven of Boston's first nine batters reached base, but they could only score one run. [New York Times link]

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October 09, 2003

Walter O'Malley: helped bring Jackie Robinson into the league, won eight National League pennants and four World Series, helped bring baseball west of the Mississippi, and built Dodger Stadium, but he's not in the Hall of Fame because people can't forgive him for taking the Dodgers out of Brooklyn.

Walter did a lot of great things for baseball," said Hal Lebovitz, Hall of Fame writer from Ohio. "But I can't vote for him the way I could never vote for Art Modell for the football Hall of Fame. "In a way, they were traitors to their cities."
[via CalPundit]

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Obey your thirst for this story: A preliminary hearing in Eagle County, Colo., included the first detailed accusation against Kobe Bryant and a court-clearing question by his attorneys.

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Jags Punter does a bad Gimli impersonation: Chris Hanson, Pro Bowl punter for Jacksonville, cleaved his leg this afternoon while using an axe in the team's locker room. The axe was there, along with a tree stump, as a motivational tool for the team, with the slogan "keep chopping wood". Things just keep getting better and better for my teams this year...

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The Cubs crush the Marlins,: 12-3, to even up the NLCS.

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Red Sox beat Yankees: to take a 1-0 lead in the ALCS. During the Red Sox-Yankees series the Boston Globe is exchanging sports columns with the New York Times.

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The Rugby World Cup: starts at the weekend. For the uninitiated, an Idiots guide (flash), a brief history, and some of the more undesirable aspects of the game. So, who's going to win?

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October 08, 2003

Take Over Derby?: Is it a race between Tampa Bay Bucs owner Malcom Glazer (who seems to have gotten past a desire to acquire the LA Dodgers) and Irish racing duo JP McManus and John Magnier to see who can take the EPL's biggest club private? Whatever the plans, action heats up as both sides increase their stakes.

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R U ready for some Hockey!: How about some Shania? (I still can't believe Timmins spawned such a creation.) Tonight marks the opening of the NHL 03-04 Season, and this year should not disappoint. From penny-pinching GMs and money-hungry stars to forgotten and missed veterans, from pad regulation to rule tweaking, from avoidable catastrophes to unavoidable labo(u)r impasses, the upcoming campaign is primed to ages.

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October 07, 2003

The long ball just got longer.: The NCAA rules committee is set to push the college 3-point line back 9 inches. That's 20 ft. 6 in. away from the goal. Good idea? Bad idea?

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Good God.: Phil Jackson dropped a bomb in the Chicago Trib today. Apparently Phil has considered bringing in MJ to take Kobe's spot on the roster (should his trial conflict with the season). Any thoughts on this one?

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England and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand forgets to take a drug test: and misses the crucial England v Turkey qualifier. He also, in theory at least, faces a possible 2 year ban...

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Sox Win: to advance to the ALCS, surviving a wobbly bullpen performance and a scary injury and winning with class.

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Colts Rally for Overtime Win,: coming back from a 21-0 halftime deficit against the Buccaneers' #1 defense. The Colts scored 28 points in the fourth quarter. (ESPN box score)

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October 06, 2003

Who has done more to dispel their "loser image"?: When you think quality NFL QB, chances are you don't think of Jake "The Fake" Plummer, or Quincy "The QB not TV show" Carter. But both have come out of the gate looking better than we thought. Who's done more to help their case? Which is a product of the coach or system? Is it a fluke? Are they showing signs of going into the tank?
More inside...

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Would you have the guts to make any of these calls?: The Ten Gutsiest Calls of All Time. Some of these you'll doubtless have heard of; others, maybe not. For my money, the hockey coach who picked himself to play goalie when his starter got hurt is pretty damned gutsy.

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Barry or Dante: Pitch to Bonds with men on base or kick to Dante Hall? I keep asking this question but I see this weekend provided the answer. Jack McKeon had Bonds walked half his at bats and the Marlins moved on while Shanahan blew his undefeated season by kicking to Hall. Has Shanahan outlived his usefullness to the Rocky Mountain Way?

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Howsa 'bout keeping a low profile?: While I blame the media for wanting to make hay out of the situation, do we really need a Newsweek cover of Kobe Bryant? Hey, Kobe, you messed up. How about keeping your head down, doing what you do best (basketball), and letting your lawyers try to extricate you from the mess you've made.

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Great googledy moogledy. Page 2 attempts to serve up a list of the 100 Greatest Homers of All-Time. Read them all at once or just look at the top 15 for debating purposes.

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Hundreds of morons at Minnesota State-Mankato rioted after the team's homecoming loss Saturday, resulting in 45 arrests, 16 injuries, and one toasted Pontiac Bonneville. "When police backed off, the students were so excited because they thought they had defeated the cops," one student told the Mankato Free Press. There also was a University of Minnesota hockey riot earlier this year.

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It looks like Dany Heatley is going to be charged with vehicular homicide now that teammate Dan Snyder has passed away as a result of injuries suffered while catching a ride in Heatley's car. Sad news all around.

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October 05, 2003

It only took 95 years.: The Cubbies advance in the postseason. You heard it here first: if Wood and Prior stay healthy, they are going all the way.

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"They boo you because they want to cheer you": I can't tell if he's immature or just stupid, either way he's not winning anyone's favor. After being introduced at last night's game in Boston, Byung-Hyun Kim was booed by the crowd for his last performance in Oakland. He responded by tipping his cap and then flipping off the crowd. I haven't seen anything like that before in my scant few years of baseball fanaticism. I don't know how the ownership will deal with this, if at all, in the offseason.

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The Nets prepare to buy out Mutombo.: The Jersey-Deke experiment comes to an end. Too bad. With Zo in the lineup he amounts to a very expensive contingency plan. This move saves the Nets $7 Mill next season and allows Deke to test free agency. Where does he go from here? Is he Toronto-bound?

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October 03, 2003

Does Christina know about this?: The Utah Jazz have settled Glen Rice's contract and waived him. This move puts the Jazz at the cap minimum, and allows Glen to pursue free agency. Anyone in need of a 36 yr. old SF with bad knees?
More inside...

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And we thought Astros Field was a "Cruddy" pitcher's park.: Turns out its just plain cruddy. We're used to teams being spendthrift when it comes to player contracts, but their stadiums?
More inside...

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Friday Flash Fun: The gay referee (happy, I mean he is a happy guy).

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Mario, Mario, Mario, when will you learn not to spit at your fanbase. You save yourself for Team Canada (and your best play in those Olympics was not touching the puck) and piss off Penguin die-hards. You give away all your proven talent, and get nothing in return. Now, you double your salary the same week you "hope" you can sign your goalie phenom. Give Pittsuburgh something to cheer about, cause your shit is getting tired.

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Sports Illustrated, which has been famous for great photography, has been making it a practice to PhotoShop interior photos, according to Photo District News. "I used to think that SI stood higher from the rest of the magazines that airbrush, clone and do whatever else to the photos to get perfection each and every time," says a member of SportsShooter.

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The members of SportsShooter, a Web community of sports photographers, run down the list of pros they've pissed off. Lou Pinella to a photographer shooting into the Devil Rays dugout from the well: "Get that fucking camera out of my fucking dugout and my fucking face. The fucking game is out there, not fucking in here. And I am not fucking kidding."

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"Do we not have anybody that understands that there's way more scrubs in this game that are Anglos than there are black ones that are being pumped up? Trust me, it's not even close." -- Warren Sapp on Sporting News Radio

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October 02, 2003

Cantstandya: as Kornheiser. CBS better not mess this up.

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A U.S. District Court has overturned the decision to strip the Washington Redskins of their trademark. A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office panel ruled in 1999 that it was a violation of the Lanham Act, which prohibits the registration of marks that are "disparaging, scandalous, contemptuous or disreputable."

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Not a hockey fan? : Watch this guy, and you might just change your mind. He's stuck playing in Nashville, known more for honky-tonk than hockey, but make the effort to watch a game or two. I visited my uncle in Manitoba last winter, and he descibed people driving hundreds of miles, so that's alot of kilometer(re)s, just to watch him play. As you can tell, I'm pretty geeked to see him step on the ice.

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A Squeeze Bunt In Extra Innings With The Bases Loaded and Two Outs!!!: This was one of the gutiest calls I've ever seen in sports. The A's beat the Red Sox in extra innings after the Sox bullpen blew another lead. Discuss.

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October 01, 2003

NFL Week Five Picks: NFL picks like Momma used to make them!

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Chelsea lose.: "The team that Roman bought" suffers its first loss of the season. Not that remarkable, except that they did it at home and against ten men from Turkey. Veron did his usual disappearing act. Rubbish attacking. Maybe it's because Chelsea is like the United Nations of the EPL? Or maybe money really can't buy success.

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Damn! And I was looking forward to asking if he was going to stay!: Kevin Garnett has reached an agreement on a contract extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The deal is said to average more than $21 Million over the next 5 years. I'm glad KG is staying in Minny but, did they just mortgage their future again?
More inside....

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What's the best uniform in "all of sports"*?: ESPN has a 64-team bracket that's more likely to provoke complaints from fans of teams they left out than it is to pick the actual best uniform. * Er, all of US sports

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CBA negotiations underway.: Looks like Bettman and Goodenow are starting to develop some semblance of a clue. So what will be the opening salvos in this sure-to-be-ugly peepee contest? I predict something along the lines of: "We want a salary cap!" "No." "We want a salary cap!" "No." ad infinitum, while the WHA sneaks in and steals all the fans away.

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She visited Kansas, tracked down Carr's mother and referred to herself as "Mrs. Antoine Carr.'' : A California woman has been sentenced to 18 months of "informal probation" for stalking "The Big Dog". I wonder if she ever refered to herself as "Mrs. Big Dog" or "The Big Bitch".
Sorry, couldn't resist. More inside...

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NBA Offseason Heats up again.: What the Hell happened? I woke up this morning and the NBA Newswire blew up! The Grizz and Suns do a little dance. The Glen Rice era is over in Houston, but Jim Jackson and John Amaechi are a nice replacement set. Cherokee Parks has always felt that he and Pat Riley were meant for each other (wait, I'm confused). Anyone suprised by any of these moves?

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Did anybody catch Rush Limbaugh calling Donovan McNabb "overrated" and claim that the hype surrounding him is because of the media's "desire for Black quarterbacks and coaches to do well"? Here's a rejoinder to Rush's shooting off of his mouth.

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