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1990 NCAA west regional semifinals/finals, Oakland CA - Back-to-back great games as eventual champs UNLV fend off a tough Ball St. and Bo Kimble's Loyola Marymount knocks off Alabama. Next day UNLV and LM go for a combined 232 points (131-101)!

I'm not a fan of UNLV (or Loyola) but the atmosphere was awesome. LJ, Augmon, Anderson Hunt; Kimble shooting left-handed free throws; a not-yet famous MC Hammer trying to big-time his way to the UNLV bench and getting booted; and two buddies at home who opted not to go because they thought our comped seats would suck. How good were the seats? The only way they would have been better is if Tark hadn't stood up so much.

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Transsexuals in the Olympics. : If the designer steroid thing doesn't work out...

posted by kloeprich to other at 03:53 PM on November 14, 2003 - 5 comments

Notre Dame to the ACC? : Or maybe the Big 10? Apparently the Irish are getting a little worried about dance partners.

posted by kloeprich to football at 05:33 PM on November 13, 2003 - 3 comments

More Friday Fun.: Anyone care to run a marathon? Or would you rather be a duck?

posted by kloeprich to other at 06:08 PM on October 17, 2003 - 2 comments

Maurice Clarett to Grambling?: Why not straight to the league? (By way of a federal courthouse, that is.) Why not Youngstown State? Any of you Ohio SpoFiers have any idea what's going on with this kid?

posted by kloeprich to football at 04:40 PM on September 08, 2003 - 12 comments

The End of My Colonial Preoccupation: Review of the Colonial's first two days

posted by kloeprich to at 12:55 PM on May 25, 2003 - 0 comments

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Jgirl - some time back a friend in the industry told me that the home guarantee has become almost a staple in the contracts of big time MLB and NBA players. The stipulation is not yet in vogue in the NFL because trades are a so infrequent. And not to be indulgent but, good post by the way.

posted by kloeprich at 12:01 PM on December 23, 2003

Transsexuals in the Olympics.

Damn Greeks. I have to replan my whole trip now.

posted by kloeprich at 04:19 PM on November 14, 2003

Pro Football Overtime

I'm late returning, but what the hell... Kloeprich, the NFL doesn't want a full extra quarter because of the game's physically-punishing nature. Horseshit. If the NFL really cared about the "physically-punishing" nature of the game they wouldn't have four preseason games. It's about money. The networks provide the money, and they want a quick resolution so that games don't bleed over into the telecasts of other games or into prime time programming. Plain and simple. God forbid you should be watching a tight overtime game on FOX when CBS is cueing up the first quarter of the Bengals-Jets.

posted by kloeprich at 06:31 PM on November 13, 2003

Notre Dame to the ACC?

I've read that ND's recent football failings have endangered their BCS exemption. The threat of that would go a ways toward explaining why they would join a conference.

posted by kloeprich at 06:18 PM on November 13, 2003

Pro Football Overtime

What's interesting about the NFL's format is that for some reason ties at the end of regulation are bad, but ties after a 15 minute OT are okay. That being the case, why not just play one full quarter of football for every OT? That way each team would get the ball (probably multiple times) and if they tie, they tie. This would most likely result in more ties than we get now, but would seem to be more true to the game.

posted by kloeprich at 05:58 PM on November 11, 2003

After about the third link I got lost and wandered aimlessly around the Internet for about an hour before I finally found my way back. By then I was too tired to post anything. Maybe it's just my short attention span, but when I see all those links I tend to fade away. Anyway, what was the question?

posted by kloeprich at 05:37 PM on November 11, 2003

On behalf of Corpse and Grum, I would like to ask that the other teams in the league stop scoring so many points against us. Bullies.

posted by kloeprich at 05:25 PM on November 11, 2003

You're Out!

Valium is right, and while I don't think we'll see any notable pros in the 2008 qualifying I bet there's a ton of pressure to upgrade the quality of the minor leaguers 'assigned' to the team. After the US came out of the 1992 games without a medal there was a huge push to allow pro's on to the squad - which they were finally able to do in 2000. This has to be an even bigger blow.

posted by kloeprich at 12:04 PM on November 08, 2003

Near as I can tell, malice has yet to be proved. All I'm reading is that a judge has found enough evidence to deny a dismissal. The original act certainly appears to be more than the "mooning" Manning tried to characterize it as, but thatís not the issue here. Manning did something stupid and then followed it up with the even stupider act of writing about it after it was settled. Perhaps he really did believe she had a vulgar mouth and maybe she even had one, but was it really necessary to put it in print? Who edited that book? And I have a real hard time believing that being accused in Manning's book of having a "vulgar mouth" cost her a promotion. But since it looks like she has a pretty solid defamation case why not pile on? Her lawyers are just adding fuel to the lawsuit bonfire. There will be another, bigger settlement and hopefully Peyton will keep his mouth shut here forward. Personally, Iím not ready to crucify Manning just yet, but that may be tainted by having Christine Brennan as the town crier. Her Title IX screed has so worn me out that I tend to discount anything she writes.

posted by kloeprich at 03:07 PM on November 07, 2003

When I die, I would like to go peacefully, in my sleep, like my Grandfather did. Not screaming and yelling like the passenger in his car. I knew this thread would get productive eventually.

posted by kloeprich at 11:48 AM on November 06, 2003

grum: I'm just saying I'm not as bad as it looks dano: that's what we all say, grum =) Well, not all. My team is much worse than it looks. By all rights I should be 2-5. Got to love those reception points.

posted by kloeprich at 12:20 PM on October 30, 2003

More Friday Fun.

Or both. I finished with :56 remaining on try two. Should be easy to beat.

posted by kloeprich at 06:11 PM on October 17, 2003

Extreme Ironing.

Don't get steamed Ufez, WC is just trying to smooth things over.

posted by kloeprich at 03:27 PM on October 17, 2003

Sorry I'm late to the fray - I stopped to pick up the swords and pitchforks. I'm afraid the boiling oil was on backorder. Line forms to the left...

posted by kloeprich at 03:40 PM on October 16, 2003

John Lott isn't doing himself any favors peddling this sort of crap. This doesn't even classify as junk science in my book. Positive and negative phrases that appear within 50 words of a quarterback's name? Please. wfrazejr: the math is correct the 10% points is not determined by subtracting 61 from 67 but by taking the percentage difference - i.e. 10% of 61%. All this 'study' might reveal is that some writers occasionally identify black QB's as such. Which, of course, is clearly a case of media bias favoring of black QB's. Great find rcade.

posted by kloeprich at 11:20 AM on October 14, 2003