December 22, 2003

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.: Nearly a year and a half after being traded to the Bills (seems like it's been much longer) Drew Bledsoe completes a pass that he's been dying to make: papers on his old Massachusetts home, a 26-acre manse in the posh Boston burb of Medfield. The estate boasts 11000 square feet of living space, 20 rooms, 6 baths, 2 half baths, 7 bedrooms, a wine cellar, a gym, 4 fireplaces, a sauna and pool. The new owner? Curt Schilling.

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you'll have to excuse my real estate geekiness. i'm a bit of a student of real estate, so i've been watching this one for a while. i was rather excited to see Schilling grab it at a "bargain" price.

posted by jerseygirl at 10:27 PM on December 22, 2003

I guess Curt won't have the same problems as Bledsoe. Wasn't one of his contract stipulations that the Red Sox had to buy his house in Arizona at market appraised value if he couldn't sell it in a set time? Same thing on his house in Boston if he leaves the team?

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Who the fark cares? Seriously folks, why do we indulge the Boston sports fans as much as we do on this site? Should we do a post everytime an athlete sells their house? Are we going to become Cribsfilter? and no Jersey this isn't personal, if anyone had posted this I'd have said they same thing.

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Lighten up, Francis. </hulka>

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hah. you made it personal with your comment about boston fans and you've established your stance on Boston fans and Boston sports before. But really, nice try though. almost had me there, really. 'I don't appreciate your ruse, ma'am.' Boston has been in the news lately. Pats are 13-2, Red Sox are in this tiresome ARod deal. And the Celtics... well, Danny Ainge knows stuff we don't know and that's all he's saying. It's pretty intriguing to those interested in it. Obviously you aren't interested and frankly, I don't care. Read what you want, don't read what you don't want, but don't shit on other peoples threads. Feel free to tag that one if you like. Ok, now I've got a solution. how 'bout you post more stuff about whatever interests you? No one is stopping anyone from bringing your local/favorite news to the forum. Sheffield signed last week, where were you with the Sheff stats or the comparison/upgrade on Sheff over Garcia in right field? The team just officially signed Quantrill as a set up man for Mo today and had a press conference. Nothing on Nelson, Garcia and the groundskeeper being charged in court last week either? What about Steinbrenner not letting Cashman go to the winter meetings? Missed that too? The meaty interesting links aren't all on, but a little digging will turn them up, I promise. i've been posting more about the Yankees than you have lately and I've been sworn by oath to hate that team for fucks sake. Bottom line: You know that phrase about not being able to complain if you don't vote? It's very similar in this instance: Don't bitch about what everyone else is doing unless you're contributing to your own cause. Put up or shut up.

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and back on track. pivo, i think you're right about the contract, I have heard of it before for sure. I just don't know what end it is on -- the DBacks or Red Sox guaranteeing the sale of his AZ home or the eventual Boston home. I can't seem to find a link at the moment, unfortunately, but if I do I'll post it right here. I am beginning to think the home-sale-quarantee is not as odd and unusual as it may seem, Nomar apparently has a similar line item in his contract as well. When the news of the ARod deal first dropped, a lot of talk was had about Nomar just building a house in the area recently and how the Red Sox would be responsible for the cost of the house after X amount of months on the market or if they house did not sell for X% of current market value. Unfortunately, Bledsoe didn't seem to have this in his contract or his house wouldn't have sat on the market for nearly 18 months... although the NFL is just a totally different world altogether and I am not quite sure how contracts are constructed in that league. But, I find myself increasingly interested in these little idiosyncracies of sports contracts. I guess I always presumed it was a little more straight forward with performance bonuses and contract terms and clearly, it's not.

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quarantee = guarantee. yes, the letters are starting to blur. and yes, i am going to bed now.

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So maybe it's not front page worthy but I like it because I like real estate too. And who cares, it's not like this place has MF-like volume where every post has to meet the rigorous standards of the snobbish elite. I wish there were floor plans. There need to be more mansion floor plans on the net (JG, know of any?). Aside from this one 20k sq ft castle like house that's on a lot of sites, there aren't many 10k+ designs that I've been able to find. When I'm rich I'll be designing and building my own house. I've already got preliminary plans on paper. That's one of the nerdiest things I've ever admitted. Anyway, that's smart thinking by Curt in the contract - I know Drew had to eat a ton, I thin the house was originally at like 10+ and Curt got it "below the asking price"...

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jgirl, right on! you rock! jbou, you aren't anywhere near as cool as Coltrane. btw, architecture isn't even close to nerdy....its the subtle science.

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I knew i'd find something if I looked harder: "Garciaparra's contract with the Sox does call for an interesting provision if the player is traded. One of them would require the Sox to pay Garciaparra the appraised value of his Boston-area home if he is unable to sell the property within six months; and if Garciaparra were to sell his home at a loss, the Sox would be required to make up the difference." (link) and regarding the Schilling contract... - If Schilling can't sell his home in Arizona, the Red Sox will buy it for its appraised value. - If Schilling is traded and can't sell his home in New England, the Red Sox will buy that house as well. (link) and for Bern -

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JG, you're too cool to be a Sox fan. I think I've seen those sites though, and most of them are houses that are on lots of other sites too. I want a floor plan of Babyface's house - ever see that Cribs? Insane...

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Jgirl - some time back a friend in the industry told me that the home guarantee has become almost a staple in the contracts of big time MLB and NBA players. The stipulation is not yet in vogue in the NFL because trades are a so infrequent. And not to be indulgent but, good post by the way.

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WOW. SpoFi: Read what you want, don't read what you don't want, but don't shit on other peoples threads. SpoFi: how 'bout you post more stuff about whatever interests you? SpoFi: Don't bitch about what everyone else is doing unless you're contributing to your own cause. SpoFi: Put up or shut up. Jgirl has officially entered the tagline HOF. You may now bow and curtsy. :p And in a different vein... Randal:SpoFi is a place where people come in to live out their fantasies and dance the night away! Dante: No. SpoFi is where people are supposed to discuss sports. Randal: Tell that to Disco Granny. Disco Granny:Dumdum! Randal:That's my club name.

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All you motherfuckers are gonna pay, You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. We're gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little bitches..... we're gonna make 'em eat our shit, then shit out our shit, then eat their shit which is made up of our shit that we made 'em eat. Then you're all fucking next.

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What the fuck is the internet?

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Let's go back to the station house, and cornhole us a drunk.

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Jay: Hey, any of youse guys wanna buy some fireworks?!? Jay: That's the ugliest damned bong I've ever seen! Jay: It was a three-way! An all-painter three-way! Randall: Is this a gay thing? Leonardo Leonardo: No. Randall: Are you sure? Leonardo Leonardo: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss. Randall: *elbows Dante* Grant Hill: Hey, we got five whole dollars for breakfast!

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Get off my Kool-Aid motherfucka!

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Oh yeah! Ahem. Snooch to the Nooch.

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