October 06, 2003

Howsa 'bout keeping a low profile?: While I blame the media for wanting to make hay out of the situation, do we really need a Newsweek cover of Kobe Bryant? Hey, Kobe, you messed up. How about keeping your head down, doing what you do best (basketball), and letting your lawyers try to extricate you from the mess you've made.

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Not good to be Kobe or Dany these days. Kobe allegedly rapes a 19-year old hostess (and from what I've read it doesn't look good for him) and Dany kills a teammate by being an ass. Two of the best and brightest in their respected sports. I think I need to start playing music again. This sports hobby is a real downer.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:11 PM on October 06, 2003

I hear that. In a way, I want to see both behind bars, just so kids can see that its not the end all be all to achieve superstardom in sports. Not that I equate the two, but our modern society seriously lacks of consequences for the uber-fortunate.

posted by garfield at 02:22 PM on October 06, 2003

Uh, respect-IVE sports. Hmmm. He card read good.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:23 PM on October 06, 2003

Ah - I never feel jail does anything for anyone - no one learns, these guys are taken away from the spotlight and forgotten. I say - let them continue to play and face constant questions from uneducated media types for the rest of their careers - 'Kobe! Kobe - Dan Snotnose, Iowa Chronicle Register - when you took it to the hole in the 4th quarter and forced your way past the defence - for a brief second, did you think you were in Colorado?' 'Dany! Dany! - Mike Crotchweasel, Unassociated Press - Would you say your overtime winner was 'assisted' by Dan Snyder and on a related note - what kind of car are you driving now?'

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:30 PM on October 06, 2003

I think the post is a little misguided cg1001a. From the article, it doesn't appear that Kobe was interviewed period. Nor did he seem to be a part of, much less participate in the article. He's just the subject of it.I don't see how the article relates to the post, or vice-versa. What does this have to do with keeping a low profile? Actually, it's just a rehash of what we all know with some "professional" opinions as well. Kevin Powell? Isn't he from the first Real World?

posted by lilnemo at 03:37 PM on October 06, 2003

Sometimes I wish I was more famous, so that I could have "friends that request anonymity" dish dirt on me to the tabloids.

posted by usfbull at 06:46 PM on October 06, 2003

usfbull, if you can get a reporter interested, we'll pretend to be your friends.

posted by billsaysthis at 09:03 PM on October 06, 2003

Usfbull, I'm here to write your life story, baby!!! Start buying the drinks!

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:06 AM on October 07, 2003

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