October 22, 2003

Corey Dillon Wants Out.: The Cincinnti Bengals running back has apparently had enough. In front of several reporters, Dillon requested a trade to Dallas. Does he stay? Does he go? Will Marvin Lewis maintain the status quo?

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I feel bad for Corey in that, on any other team he's a featured back without question. His injuries haven't helped him this season, but as the man said,"When I'm healthy, I still don't get the ball over 20 times a game." I'm not sure why Marvin doesn't hand Corey the ball the way that Fox hands Stephen Davis the ball. Because, oh yeah, their passing game is unstoppable! Right. And yet I don't feel bad for Corey cause he's a stinkin' millionaire.

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Dillon is right in saying that the coaches need to put the ball in his hands more often--Jon Kitna is not going to lead anyone anywhere.

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Kitna has great numbers over the last 16 games going back to last year: 348 comp - 564 att ( 61.7 completion % ) - 4,014 yards - 24 TD - 15 INT - ( 7.11 yards/attempt ) - 86.2 passer rating Dillion was coming of a groin injury and the running game was ineffective last week against Baltimore. The passing game, on the other hand, got them the win. Maybe Corey should just shut-up and play. On the other hand he plays so much better when he's pist off.

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Dear Corey, Do you have a contract? Then shut the fuck up. Love, frazer

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I think this letter and Bill Simmons's (Sports Guy) response says it all. "Q: Do you think that Corey Dillon goes home every night, fires up Madden 2004, and plays through a season with himself traded to any team other than the Bengals, muttering to himself as he breaks every rushing record in the books? -- Derek, Washington, DC SG: Is that a rhetorical question? That reminds me, have you ever wondered what someone like Jon Kitna does when they're playing a game like "Madden"? I mean, you would have to play yourself in a video game, right? So what happens if you suck? Would there be anything worse than having a crummy rating, or watching your character make terrible plays and repeatedly let his team down? It's like a constant reminder that you're a failure at your own possession."

posted by lilnemo at 04:56 PM on October 22, 2003

I've personally always sympathized for Dillon. It's horrible to watch a talented player stuck on a perpetually bottom-feeding team. It amazes me that Dillon has put up the numbers he has throughout his career... on the Bengals. He is indeed rich though. I don't think that's the issue for him. He wants to play - shouldn't we praise an athlete for that outlook?

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He wants to play - shouldn't we praise an athlete for that outlook?
I think so. But then again my girlfriend doesn't praise me for wanting to go to work. Bad situation, bad tirade, good intentions. I call it a push.

posted by lilnemo at 05:08 PM on October 22, 2003

As one of the only Bengals fans in the UK, my reaction is: "arse". Despite a 2-4 record Marv Lewis has got the Bengals on the way up. There isn't a dominant team in the division, so it's still there for the taking. Dillon should stick it out. At the current rate of impreovement, the Bengals might even be in contention in a year or two.

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A UK Bengal fan? Now I've heard it all.

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Yup, since about 1986. At least I've seen my team in the Superbowl. I bet there's an American West Brom fan there somewhere...

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I forgot...what college did Dillon attend? Oh right, he's a UW Husky. Hmm. He should be given whatever he wants, no questions asked. He wants to play - shouldn't we praise an athlete for that outlook? Word.

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Corry did an interview with a local tv station tonight and said the comment that started the whole thing was a joke he made in a private conversation with a report that another reporter overheard. He did say that he thinks the local media and fans are being rough on him (he's been saying the same thing for 5 years) and thinks management should have come out and squashed any rumors of a trade. He's also upset that the Bengals website has reported these rumors (the site is a bit different than most NFL sites, it has a reporter on staff who writes at least 5 stories a week), what Corry didn't mention is that the site always says such rumors are nothing more than sports radio mumblings What he fails to realize is that management no longer comments. Marvin Lewis is the only public voice of the Bengals orginization. Lewis has said again and again at press conferences that Dillon is the man, he is not past his prime and trading him is not in the plans.

posted by mick at 11:26 PM on October 22, 2003

Dillon skipped the first voluntary minicamp under Lewis, and was the only regular to show up late for training camp. Lewis has urged him to talk to the media regularly, but has been rebuffed. from here. just what the cowboys need, a talented, lazy, malcontent. give me troy hambrick, anyday. he might not get 100 yards a game, but he'll stick his helmet on a linebacker to pick up the blitz, or block for the fullback, or do whatever the heck is neccessary for the team to be successful.

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