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The dream draw...: For a Sunderland Millwall Tranmere fan anyway. The FA Cup semis will pit Arsenal v Man Utd and Sunderland against either Millwall or Tranmere - Ensuring a Nationwide league team a place in the final (and with it a place in next year's UEFA cup). Haway the lads!

posted by Brettski to soccer at 03:55 AM on March 09, 2004 - 10 comments

Sunderland clinched the final FA Cup Quarter-Final place last night.: So it's Sunderland v Sheffield Utd and Milwall v Tranmere which ensures two Nationwide League teams will qualify for the Semis, where they'll line up against the winners of the two all Premiership ties: Man Utd v Fulham and Portsmouth v Arsenal. I'm sure that the FA's hairdryer will ensure the two Premiership sides are kept apart in the Semis.... Prediction time?

posted by Brettski to soccer at 03:57 AM on February 26, 2004 - 25 comments

The draw for the fourth round proper of the FA Cup. : Highlights - Northampton or Rotherham v Manchester United; Arsenal v Middlesbrough; Coventry City v Accrington Stanley or Colchester; Liverpool v Newcastle; Southend United or Scarborough v Watford or Chelsea

posted by Brettski to soccer at 07:20 AM on January 05, 2004 - 11 comments

England and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand forgets to take a drug test: and misses the crucial England v Turkey qualifier. He also, in theory at least, faces a possible 2 year ban...

posted by Brettski to soccer at 08:48 AM on October 07, 2003 - 57 comments

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We wuz robbed!

I guess someone's bandwidth was being eaten up..... Try this.... Carol animated GIF

posted by Brettski at 07:58 AM on January 05, 2005

We wuz robbed!

posted by Brettski at 03:48 AM on January 05, 2005

Πιστεύετε στα θαύματα? Ναϊ!

good points JJ - the thing that struck me about Greece over England was precisly that the way Greece defended was to move the ball out of defennce and make the opposition get it back. England's was to Kick it as far up field and let them come back at you straight away. Given that, it would make more sense to me (and I never thought I'd say this) for Rooney to have been replaced by Heskey rather than Vassel - at this level you can't keep losing the ball everytime you soak up an attack - not all night - hence France got two late goals and Portugal got one as England tried to hold on. I for one wish we'd been able to defend our leads as a team like the Greeks did. I'd prefer we tried to defend by attacking, as we were forced to against Croatia, but that's not what we tried to do against France or Portugal. Once we took the lead we tried to play the same game as the Greeks, and failed....

posted by Brettski at 09:23 AM on July 05, 2004

Πιστεύετε στα θαύματα? Ναϊ!

I bet that most of us waking up in England, Italy, Spain, France or Holland would quite happly swap places with Greece this morning.... As for Star's criticisms, they beat Portugal in the opener, knocked Spain out of the group, beat the defending champions France, then everyone's dark horse favorites the Czechs going on to beat the home team and overwhelming favorites in the final.. You don't do that by doing nothing but kick the ball away...absolutely no skill. I agree with Miguel, it's time to give them some credit for doing what none of the big teams managed to do, with (on paper) a tenth of the resources.

posted by Brettski at 03:39 AM on July 05, 2004

Adu does

Could you imagine a 14 year old in the NFL? or the NBA? The answer's probably no, in the same way "Could you see a 14 year old in the English Premiership? is no. However you could imagine seeing a 14 year old in the english basketball league, for instance. MLS is not the football equivilent of the NFL, NBA or MLB, and the football world is littered with "new peles" who failed to match up to their early potential.... Hope this one's different, but they very rarely are....

posted by Brettski at 03:37 AM on April 19, 2004

'To play one innings of such magnitude is enough to put you high in the list of all-time greats but to produce two is one of the most remarkable achievements in sport.'

Second that - considering the west indies didn't manage to get to 100 between them a couple of times this series this is a fairly remarkable achievement. One suspects, however, that this was a pitch made to bat, therefore avoiding the chance for England to become the first team to whitewash the windies at home.

posted by Brettski at 03:43 AM on April 13, 2004

Will Athens Olympics be a Greek tragicomedy?

I really hope this.... -- What was the world thinking? The Olympics in Athens? Did we even check to see if Bakersfield was interested? wasn't just another American patronising Europeans....

posted by Brettski at 02:13 AM on April 06, 2004

With teammates like this, who needs opponents.

At least Sunderland in Europe are less likely to get England thrown out of the world cup - imagine Millwall in Istanbul...

posted by Brettski at 03:40 AM on April 02, 2004

With teammates like this, who needs opponents.

Of course the real big game is the other semi on sunday, when Sunderland (or millwall I suppose) can qualify for Europe....!

posted by Brettski at 02:57 AM on April 01, 2004

The dream draw...

dng - as long as you didn't say that Sunderland is in Newcastle that's ok......

posted by Brettski at 03:54 AM on March 10, 2004

The dream draw...

The semi-finals are always at a neutral ground. Arsenal and Man Utd are playing at Villa Park in Birmingham. Sunderland is in the North East, Millwall in London so they're both about 150 - 200 miles from Manchester. I suppose Hillsborough would be better geographically (it's where I saw Sunderland beat Norwich in the '92 semi) but Old Trafford can fit in 30k more fans than almost anywere else. Tranmere, btw, is just over the Mersey from Liverpool, and so the closest of all (30 miles or so...) And Sunderland are still smarting from the last time they played Tranmere in the FA Cup - Cheats!

posted by Brettski at 11:42 AM on March 09, 2004

Professional athletes: problems the world over.

Then there's Leicester City

posted by Brettski at 03:49 AM on March 05, 2004

Sunderland clinched the final FA Cup Quarter-Final place last night.

Oh, and congrats to the Smoggies.....

posted by Brettski at 04:18 AM on March 01, 2004

Sunderland clinched the final FA Cup Quarter-Final place last night.

etagloh - we may only be two wins from the UEFA cup ourselves, if we make it past Sheffield, avoid Man U or Arsenal in the semis and play one of them in the final..... Just both our luck I guess would be after all that, the draw would be Sunderland v Boro in the UEFA cup.....

posted by Brettski at 04:18 AM on March 01, 2004

Sunderland clinched the final FA Cup Quarter-Final place last night.

The most famous underdog was Sunderland in '73 - they were the first in the modern era to do it, had struggled to avoid relegation from the (then) second division, and were playing a Leeds team that were the holders, probably the Arsenal of there day, and would go on to be European Champions two seasons later. Oh and although Sunderland are 9th now, because of the cup run they have a couple of games in hand and would be third if they won them (he keeps telling himself!)

posted by Brettski at 04:52 AM on February 27, 2004