October 23, 2003

"That's the oasis right now,": Thrashers center Marc Savard said. "You get out there, and there is only the hockey." The Atlanta players began the season with their longest unbeaten streak in history, after losing two teammates. Professional athletes too can find solace in sport.

posted by qbert72 to hockey at 03:32 AM - 7 comments

Sadly, I doubt this can last for more than a month or so. They just aren't talented enough to keep this up, especially without Heatley. Hell of a story, though.

posted by Samsonov14 at 08:14 AM on October 23, 2003

They did finish last year off on a tear, but I thought that hinged on Heatley's dominating prescence on the ice, my first major oversight of the year. And if Savard is actually playing two-way hockey, something special is definitely occuring.

posted by garfield at 09:12 AM on October 23, 2003

I can't see the inspiration for the early surge lasting more than a month to six weeks. But maybe by then the whole team building that is going on will buoy them further.

posted by gspm at 10:02 AM on October 23, 2003

From what I hear around ATL, Heatley's rehab has already begun and is going very well. Assuming he avoids jail time for the accident (which is looking likely as well because of the grace of Snyder's family), he may still return this year to give them a shot in the arm. I don't think they'll stay at the top of the table all year, but this Thrashers fan is still thinking playoffs.

posted by trox at 10:12 AM on October 23, 2003

And no one has mentioned Kovalchuk yet? This guy has been the best player in the league since the puck dropped. I've even seen footage of him in his own end. He seems possessed. Looking like an MVP.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:17 AM on October 23, 2003

Ilya is definitely kickin ass. Cowan looks like a performer as well. and Exelby is out of his mind.

posted by garfield at 11:08 AM on October 23, 2003

Kovalchuk got another hat-trick today. He's tearing it up.

posted by mkn at 11:43 PM on October 23, 2003

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