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January 31, 2004

The NFL lowers the boom on Vegas parties.: Apparently a number of Super Bowl parties in Las Vegas have to be cancelled because, according to the NFL, charging someone to be able to see the game on a large-screen TV constitutes copyright violation, in some way. I confess I am very fuzzy on just what the NFL's complaint here is. (NYT Registration required)

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The Digital Superbowl: As sports video games have become increasingly realistic, many have used them as real-world game predictors; from the Superbowl to the World Series to the Stanley Cup. This year, 1Up used four seperate games -- set to 0 players (AI vs AI) -- to determine this year's winner. The result: Panthers win 39-32. No word on what Tecmo Superbowl's favourite is.

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The Jazz rip Karl a new one.:
Also see over here, where they point out that "(t)he skit continued during a later timeout, this time with Jazz owner Larry Miller -- sitting courtside -- accepting a call from the Malone impersonator, hanging up and throwing the phone to the floor. "

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But even those concessions weren’t enough, so facing a legislative deadline to get the bill out of the Assembly this week, Goldberg promised to amend it in the Senate to ban only "redskins" because it is the "most odious of them all."

The legislation is to take effect January 1, 2006. What are the odds that the NFL team will have changed names by then? What about by January 1, 2016? I think it's a long ways off, but inevitable eventually. The issue just seems more on the radar lately, and not only online among non-fans. At least one well-respected member of the 'skins family, Rick "Doc" Walker, almost exclusively uses "Burgundy and Gold" to refer to the team.

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January 30, 2004

But don't count this against us.: Kroenke Sports Enterprises plans to launch its own television network to broadcast Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Mammoth games, The Daily Camera of Boulder reported Friday. I wonder if this revenue would be premissable in the NHL CBA negotiations? Hmmm.

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"The NHL's Washington Capitals edged out the NFL's Cleveland Browns, to top the rankings in the study of 131 professional sports team web sites (MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and NHL)." For the web usability junkies among us, every major North American sports team's website, as ranked by the experts at UMass. Maybe it's just me, but don't all these sites look the same? That is, loud, busy, and overstuff'd with info?

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You can't watch a sports event on TV these days without seeing a few commercials about the erection-enhancing drugs being touted by Mike Ditka and Rafael Palmeiro. I haven't known this much about the problematic nether regions of a sports figure since Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kim Alexis shared her appreciation for hemorrhoid and yeast infection products.

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The Kidd to Spurs talks are back.: This time, a trade sending Kidd to the Spurs for Tony Parker, Ron Mercer, and Robert Horry. Good idea for both sides? Maybe. The Nets would get out from under that 6-year $105 million contract. The Spurs, while playing fairly well, have stumbled in the big games, going 0-7 this year against the other big 4 Western Conf. teams (Mavs, LA, Kings, T-wolves). Any other big trades that you think should be done? Deadline is February 19th (I believe). Is 'Sheed going somewhere? Will Cuban make another line-up change?

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In the only surprise to be found in the NBA All-Star Starter Vote, Yao edges out Shaq to get the starting nod. Complete voting results here. So should we take the obvious stance and say that Shaq's injuries were the difference-maker, or is the torch actually being passed?

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Wing Bowl upset in Philadelphia: - 99-pound South Korean woman Sonya Thomas shocked the 22,000+ fans early this morning at the Wachovia Center, eating 167 chicken wings for the Wing Bowl XII crown. Thomas is the first woman in 12 years to win the event, beating out some men who were over five times her size.

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Michael Robinson: : FA Cup finalist with Brighton in 1983 and one-time Liverpool player, now has his own football show in Spain. His replies to the Guardian's set questions are priceless... Mark used to fly into slide tackles, everyone would applaud and he'd be a hero. But Hansen would have seen it long before. Lawrensen was never on his feet; Hansen never needed to be on his bum. Lawrensen was brilliant but Hansen was a genius.

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January 29, 2004

What's in a name?:

The above discussion over in our locker room got me thinking about that most sporting of names: Steve Smith.
There have been S.S.'s in the NFL, NHL, NBA, in pro racing, coaching college baseball, in college track, pro soccer, water polo, wrestling and there are even Steve Smiths yet to be; but the closest I could find in the MLB was Stephen Smitherman. How 'bout it guys? Can Steve Smith play baseball?

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Golf: The Musical.: The sport of golf finally makes it to off Broadway. Must... Resist... Mr. Ed References.

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Oh Goode!: via offwingopinion

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NFL in 3D

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Going bankrupt? Deduct nine points! Do not pass GO!: Premiership chairmen have decided any club who go into administration after 3 June will be deducted points. The new rule is unlikely to affect debt-ridden Leeds United. (Ha! That's 'coz Leeds will be relegated whether they go bankrupt or not.)

posted by worldcup2002 to soccer at 02:12 PM - 4 comments's Jim Caple borrows a page from Tom Boswell and warms the hearts of Pastime partisans everywhere by listing 37 reasons why the World Series is better than the Super Bowl. This seamhead is still applauding Caple's second-paragraph observation; I'm pretty sure Danielle Steel outsells Faulkner, too.

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You need to read these three articles following a top high-school linebacker as he goes on recruiting trips to various schools (FSU, Auburn, Miami). You may find they are a horrible example of how young athletes are innapropriately fawned over. Personally, I think they skyrocketing to the top of the unintentional comedy scale. (Links courtesy of the Sports Guy, naturally.)

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The Division III Grinnell College Pioneers are well-named, adopting a new style of college basketball in which they substitute in five-player shifts like hockey, press all the time (to the point of never running back on defense), and shoot 100 times a game. The result? A nation-leading 128.9 points per game and a 13-2 record.

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January 28, 2004

But was the motel a Hilton?: Here's something you don't see every day: an NBA Hall of Famer (Julius Erving) starring in a sex tape with a young woman in a hotel room. The Good Doctor's camp says his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Turquoise, released it to boost her case during divorce proceedings. She denies this.

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The LeBron Line: is an easy way to keep up with the progress of the most-hyped-ever.
At 44 games, his rookie year is looking pretty analogous to Steve Francis'.
With all the cash and fame involved, it would be disingenuous to ask if this is fair, but what the hell: Is this fair?

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Table Hockey School (Flash req'd).: Attack strategies, Defense, History, Rules, Preparation. A fun-loving look at table hockey with delightful animations of basic and expert moves. Makes me want to go out and get a set!

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Rick Majerus to retire.: University of Utah men's basketball coach Rick Majerus has been hospitalized with heart problems and will retire at the end of the season.

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Budweiser's Super Bowl Ticket Gallery.: Click on any ticket to see a close-up, game summary, attendance figures, and the occasional Super Bowl Ring.

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"my teammates and I needed money.": Indians' AA pitcher, Kazuhito Tadano, apologizes for appearing in a gay porn video while in college. "I'm not gay. I'd like to clear that fact up right now." Well if he's not, he must have been desperate for cash.

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I just can't get enough of He Hate Me.: And apparently, neither can Mike Wilbon.

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Corante creates a new blog on the intersection of sports and technology called Transition Game.

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Dont' believe the hype!: sets the record straight on a bunch of old Super Bowl BS, including exploding toilets, the stock market and wife-beating. Also: how do SpoFiers plan to spend their Super Bowls?

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January 27, 2004

Super Bowl Commercials Archive: at adland. QuickTime; $2.00 PayPal payment for one month access. [via xBlog]

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I just posted this as a follow up to a 1/14/04 thread, then realized the content was only a day old, so I figured, FPP it is then. Noteworthy is the anonymous Ranger comment.

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Jim O'Brien joins Byron Scott: on the unemployment line. Not surprisingly, it's the result of a major argument about "personnel and playing time issues" between him and Danny Ainge. You could pretty much see this coming; Ainge has been trading away O'Brien's favorite players (Walker and Williams and Battie) all season long, and O'Brien hasn't done a great job developing Ainge's draft picks.

You have to wonder if the defensive coaching genius, Dick Harter, will depart with O'Brien. He's a big part of whatever success the Celtics have had recently, and it'd hurt a lot to lose him. For that matter, who will the Celtics get to replace O'Brien? John Carroll gets it in the short run; is this Dennis Johnson's big chance to come back and coach for a teammate?

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A Division II Women's basketball team so good, the athletic director has laid down the law.: If you are up by 40, nothing but beyond the arc. MCC has won over a margin of 100 twice this season.

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New England sets Super Bowl record! : They're the first team to wear three different uniform designs to the Super Bowl. "Given the teal nightmare that is the Carolina Panthers, [the] Pats have already won the game's sartorial battle, no matter what happens on the field."

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In case you missed it...: Unlovable loser Al Davis has hired lovable loser Norv Turner to be the head man for the Oakland Raiders. While some might question why anyone would want to take this team, ESPN's Ray Ratto thinks the better question is — why not? Any predictions on how long Norv lasts?

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Gunners go big for Reyes: While the expected pounds have not found their way out of Abramovich's wallet, Wenger got the green to spend £20 million to bring Spanish youngster Jose Antonio Reyes to partner with Henry. Will this move assure Arsenal four big pieces of silverware before season's end?

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A Capitol offense: Washington Caps owner Ted Leonsis and a fan had a wee altercation on Sunday following the game with Philly. Accounts differ as to what exactly happened, but what caught my eye is that the fan won't press charges, and gets to see this Saturday's game from the owner's box. Finally, a stupid fight without an even more stupid ending: a lawsuit. I am impressed with this fan, and Leonsis for the way it was resolved.

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'While a kid with the San Francisco Giants in the late 1950s, he had fallen asleep at the end of the dugout when the Giants mounted a rally against the Dodgers.

With the Giants trailing by two, ninth inning, bases loaded, one out, he was approached by Manager Bill Rigney.

"Mr. Wagner!" Rigney said, rousing his outfielder. "If it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you please go up to bat and hit? Preferably a home run?"

Wagner rubbed his eyes, trotted to the plate and promptly … well, what do you think he did?'

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January 26, 2004

White Man Can't Jump.: Aaron Boone could be out for the entire 2004 season. He possibly tore his ACL playing basketball on the 16th (a "prohibitive" activity says Cashman).

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Country first, fatigue second.: What do Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker have in common? In the summer they were each a major force playing for their country at the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments. And now they are having below par seasons with their NBA teams.

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nets fire byron scott: after a sluggish start for the 2-time defending eastern coference champs.

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How many times has the team leading the Super Bowl at the half gone on to win?: Find out in this article of useless Super Bowl trivia, with items numbered 1 to 38 and based on this year's matchup. One factoid that didn't get in this article is that this will be the Patriots' first Super Bowl appearance not played in the Superdome in New Orleans. (You're wondering if I have a life? I think it's pretty obvious that I don't!)

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Wales with a last minute hat-trick?: Russia beat Wales in the playoffs for Euro 2004 in November - but now one of Russia's players has been convicted of using a banned substance. "The FAW, in citing various Uefa disciplinary regulation and Uefa regulation governing doping control articles, has asked Uefa to award the match to Wales with a 3-0 result," the FAW said in a statement. Is it just me, or does that sound greedy to anyone else?

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Frank McCourt might get his ball club this Thursday.: McCourt, who was practically rejected by the fine people of Boston as quick as Grady, has his eyes now on the Dodgers. [more inside]

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Four days, four podiums : for the US ski team men in Kitzbuhel. A first, second and third for Daron Rahlves plus a combined win for Bode Miller amount to the best showing the US has ever had in this, or possibly any, World Cup event The blue-ribbon event, the Hahnenkamm downhill, was decisively won by Austria's Stephan Eberharter, a rather quiet veteran who, despite excellent career results, has often been overshadowed by teammate Hermann Maier. As much as I'd have liked to see Daron win it, I think no one can resent Eberharter's bagging one more big win in what was probably his final Hahnenkamm appearance.

The weekend's results give Bode Miller a big lift in the overall standings. He now stands in fourth place, with only Maier, Raich and Kjus between him and the top spot. Maier is a speed boy and will fade, but Kjus and Raich are both excellent all-arounders and will be tough competition.

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January 25, 2004

Chicago to get its own soccer stadium: that will give 4 of the 10 teams with soccer-specific facilities. Does the MLS have a chance to break into the national sports conscience?

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Minor league hockey team : to host second Mullet Night.

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Ready to be challenged?: Sporting myths debunked.

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"I'm through, man.": Mo Vaughn is done playing baseball. After putting up Hall of Fame numbers during his tenure in Boston, he put up mediocre numbers in Anaheim and with the Mets after suffering an ankle injury, a torn bicep and career ending knee problems (31 bone spurs, lack of cartilage). "My career is over... I have an injury no doctor can fix, but I have no regrets."

On Red Sox fans: "You treated me like I never left and I'm still playing here," he said. "I really appreciate it. Playing here in Boston was the best time of my career, the best time of my life. We had a tremendous run here. I wish I could have stayed here."

Mo will likely stay local to the Boston area, and dedicate more of his time to his Hit Dog Center and eventually may try to get more involved with the Brockton Rox. "[W]hatever I do in the future, I'll do with the same intensity I had as a player."

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January 24, 2004

Strike three.: Vin Baker suspended again for noncompliance. This time, indefinitely. He's this close to being terminated by the Celtics.

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January 23, 2004

Jagr on Broadway?: is reporting that a deal has been worked out to send Jaromir Jagr to the Rangers for the underachieving Anson Carter.

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Here's a new one:: to add a line at each end. They would run parallel to the bluelines and deep enough to touch the top of the face-off circles.

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Who, or what, are the Carolina Panthers? : Slate explains and counts down the "top 10 moments in Carolina Panthers history."

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The Austrians are scared, : and well they should be: with two of the three World Cup speed events at Kitzbuhel already complete, and the Hahnenkamm downhill scheduled to run tomorrow, Austria has yet to get a victory -- and last year's Hahnenkamm downhill victor, the USA's Daron Rahlves, is looking very good indeed. After coming in third in Wednesday's downhill (not the Hahnenkamm, but run on the same course) -- a race won by Norwegian veteran Lasse Kjus -- Rahlves won today's super G.

Austrian Herman Maier never fails to respond to a loss with a reason why the winner didn't really win, and this time was no exception, as he claimed to have lost half a second in the Hausberg traverse (for the uninitiated, that's an eternity in the downhill). In other words, you didn't win it, Daron, I lost it. Maier had the same trash to talk when he lost to Rahlves in the Hahnenkamm downhill last year. Rahlves shrugged it off. He's got a shiny new gondola with his name on it in Kitzbuhel -- and Maier doesn't. And, after tomorrow, Rahlves just might have another of those funky antelope-on-drugs Hahnenkamm trophies.

Meanwhile, the failure of the Austrians to get on top of the podium has implications for the overall World Cup standings. The USA's Bode Miller, who was written off by the usual pack of dummies after he crashed a couple of times, is steadily climbing up in the standings, helped by his own seventh place finish in Thursday's downhill and by Rahlves' victory knocking back his Austrian competition. He's now in sixth place overall, while Rahlves is standing at a very respectable ninth. With a downhill, slalom, and combined calculation to come, it's entirely possible that the Austrians won't get a single win this weekend -- and that the USA will be the team that denies them.

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NHL All-Star reserves named.: Let the debates begin...

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Amatuer Night: What happens when you get a BBC sports reporter and put him in the ring with the WBU light-middleweight champion?

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Flash Friday Fun::
Knock that penguin out the park, kids.
Horribly addictive. Can anybody beat 321.1?
via snarky malarkey

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January 22, 2004

No more kissy poo: Joe wants to get clean so he doesn't try and kiss any more sideline reporters. Can he do it?

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"Gramps" has finally retired.:
After a quarter-century of pitching, Jesse Orosco has finally decided to hang up the glove at age 46. That leaves Julio Franco as the oldest active player in baseball. Interesting Orosco trivia inside...

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Pete Rose Jr. is still striving for a major league career at age 34. In a 16-year-span, he has played 1,400 games in 18 cities, reaching the bigs only once for a cup of coffee in 1997.

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Tickets to the stadium too expensive? Parking too crazy? Then don't go the stadium, bring the stadium to you. Yet another entry into the sports collectibles market: Collectible Replica Stadiums. But if stadiums aren't your cup of tea, then how about your own inflatable "automated" hockey goalie? <insert inflatable goalie and/or airheaded goalie jokes here>

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January 21, 2004

NASCAR: Sport or Not a Sport? Are the Racers Athletes or Not Athletes?

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ESPN's lists silver anniversary teams this week...: I caught the tail end of tonight's ACC listing and it was Laettner, Sampson, Mark Price, Jordan; I would imagine Len Bias at other forward. Did anyone see this or has seen the others???

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Darius Miles gets his first bong.: The Cleveland Cavaliers have traded D-Miles to the Trailblazers for Jeff McInnis and Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje. Miles was fined earlier in the week for missing practice. Interesting movement afoot...
More inside...

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Chicago Bulls mascot accused of selling pot.: Chester J. Brewer, known as "Da Bull" to Chicago Bulls fans, was charged with delivery of marijuana. He was caught with six ounces of pot and a scale was found in his trunk, police said.

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Trinidad Unretired?: Don King has spouted off to the NY Daily News that "Tito" has unretired, and is prepared to have a rematch with Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya's camp hasn't heard any confirmation as of yet. Could this be one of the last "Big Name Fights" we'll see for awhile?

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Prominant hockey analyst Don Cherry called the potential decision "sad". : I concur. Check out the comment section for more insight, or lack thereof.

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The New York Mets and the Met Office: are in transatlantic row. Trust me, the Mets have a lot more to worry about (like paying over .500 baseball).

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Every January, Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl offers the Magic Eight, a group of eight teams guaranteed to include college basketball's next national champion. His picks have included the winner four out of five years, missing for the first time in 2003 by omitting Syracuse.

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Can I get a layup?: - Slate analyzes the LeBron ad campaign.

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Manager gives goalkeeper an earful.: A Belgian goalkeeper wore an earpiece to get instructions from his manager. Managers shrieking at players from the dug-out may soon be a thing of the past. Will giving earpieces to soccer players transform the game?

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January 20, 2004

"Quite why such a lame mid-morning offering as Wolves v Newcastle required its own opening ceremony and pre-match pyrotechnics is unclear. Nonetheless, as the players ambled out of the tunnel, presumably the milk bottle containing one of the rockets toppled over, sending a rogue firework fizzing, at head height, into the family enclosure, seriously injuring a female fan." Observer Sports Monthly lists the 10 Most Preposterous Opening Ceremonies

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Bush calls out pro athletes for steroid use. : Most think he's talking about major league baseball -- but no thoughts in the State of the Union address on cocaine use or drunk driving, though. Where's Steve Howe to give a reply when you need him?

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For Christ's Sake Someone Do Something!: The Deal that wouldn't die once again rears its ugly head.
(Don't shoot the messenger, I'm very aware of the other threads on the matter, but its still news) More Inside...

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Deck of 52: NBA Basketball's Most Wanted Enemies: Including favorites such as Ticket Prices, Flopping (are you listening Divac?), Dumb Tattoos, the NBA TV Package, and my least favorite thing about basketball: Steve Javie.

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"It may be hard to remember this, but the best players in the league are the ones who can keep their composure when the critics are being rough." :
So says seventeen year old Mike Feld, winner of the "Advice for Darko" contest, sponsored by the Detroit Free Press.
Feld might be no expert, but he's only played 48 minutes less professional ball than Donnie D and given Detroit's recent win streak that's unlikely to change anytime soon.
We're halfway into the season now, so it's fair to ask: did Detroit make the wrong call in not picking Carmelo? And is Larry Brown going to be able to keep his little used protege when the time comes to re-up contracts?

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FIGHT CLUB!: Rob Ray and Jeff Odgers wax poetic when it comes to fighting on the ice. For more fighting fun, check out Hockey Fights and their fight log.

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Why does Alex Rodriguez wear #3? And what about Nick Van Exel's #37? And who is the last person to wear Jackie Robinson's #42? All those answers and more.

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Just when you thought it was safe to rest at night and spend time with your family... HE'S BAAAACCCKKK! : Innocent mistake on the part of or what? bdd says the files on that page were uploaded on the 16th. You'd think of this was a mistake (like CNN publishing Reagan's obituary) they'd remove it stat, especially with leading wording like "newest Red Sox".

I just don't have the strength for this after those 2 weeks in December. (You can also go retro).

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January 19, 2004

Sasaki to return to Japan.: This could have a huge impact on the Mariners and the free agent scene. Ken Rosenthal of Fox and Jim Caple of are still reporting this as a might happen, while the Seattle P-I is calling it a done deal. If it goes through, that's at least $8 million off the M's budget -- or is it? The P-I's John Hickey says there are no clear procedures for getting out from under a contract a player renounces. Assuming this goes through, and assuming the contract details get worked out, I intend to begin dreaming about signing Pudge or trading for Magglio immediately. Though, as Jason Barker puts it, "why couldn't he have done this when there were [more] free agents available?"

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They're not loving it.: Let's call it McMorality. The fear of losing sponsorship may become the dominant incentive for professional athletes to remain faithful to their spouses. In the same way that Fatal Attraction scared the infidelity out of men, Kobe's woes may keep athletes on the straight and narrow path. Or am I being ridiculous?

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FIGHT CLUB!: At a secret S.F. fight club, an amateur with a primal urge to test his mettle finds himself in a basement ring with no room to run ... "Just once, I wanted to play with no rules."

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January 18, 2004

Carolina Panthers are going to the Super Bowl!: Who'd have thought it two years ago, after the Cats were 1-15? Well, it happened as Carolina sent the Philadelphia Eagles to their third consecutive NFC Championship game loss, by the score of 14 to 3. Up next, the New England Patriots, who knocked off the Indianapolis Colts at Foxboro today by the score of 24 to 14.

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January 17, 2004

Powerskip: It's gotta be the shoes.:
The videos (on asphalt?) boggle the gourd.
via everlasting blort

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January 16, 2004

Paris and London yesterday lit the torch of their Olympic ambitions as they unveiled the plans they hope will win them the right to stage the 2012 Games. Advertisement The UK and French capitals are among nine cities participating in the most competitive bidding process in the history of the games, a contest that will culminate in the election of the host at a meeting of the International Olympic committee in Singapore in July 2005. The other applicants, all of which have submitted an early draft of plans to the IOC this week, are Moscow, New York, Havana, Madrid, Leipzig, Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul.

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Phil Housley retires: (officially) after 20 seasons in the NHL. Classy guy.

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Woo-hoo!!!!!!!: The Seligs are beginning the process of selling the Brewers! Praise God! Holy sh*t! This is the best day of my life!

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Just as long as he doesn't give him a nickname.: ESPN's Chris Berman endorses Joe Lieberman. (Or is that Joe "I'm a Be-Lieberman"?) Thanks, I'll be here all week.

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ESPN asks you to rank Top 25 Atletes from last 25 years.: Is this a good list? Who is missing? Who shouldn't be there? Are race car drivers athletes?

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Cubs hire a little scout and special assistant.: Grady Little that is. Removed from the manager role, at least he won't have any influence on when to pull the pitcher in Chicago.

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A Pats-Eagles SuperBowl Would Make for Fireworks:
Reveling in success, seeing the disappointment on the faces of the Eagles, some of the Patriots tried to further demoralize them . . . "You suck!" one linebacker repeatedly shouted at the Eagles' offensive line. Others joined in: "You guys are overrated!" "Y'all have lost a step— you're getting old!"

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While speaking to a California high school's journalism students in 2002, Pete Rose admitted to betting on baseball, but they chose not to report it in the school paper.

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How to make women's football more popular.: Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA has a cunning plan. Hotpants.

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January 15, 2004

Astonishingly, Bethany Hamilton is surfing the pro circuit again.
The thirteen year old athlete was attacked by a tiger shark on Halloween. By Thanksgiving, she was back in the water.
Ten weeks after her arm was amputated, she competed in a tournament, placing fifth in her division.
Words fail me.

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Squirrel Fishing: A New Approach to Rodent Performance Evaluation.

Another question that has been puzzling researchers for years is whether it is possible to make a squirrel fall on its back by skillful manipulation of a bait suspended above its head.

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Who they should sign.: The EPL transfer window has reopened amidst a more sober financial environment. Even clubs who were throwing money around just six months ago are playing Scrooge. (Well, OK, Chelsea's in their own spending league.) This article actually analyzes the key position that each team needs to fill, and points out the candidates, rather than just reporting all the done deals and rumored rigmarole. I'm just surprised noone's been discussing it here. Don't disappoint me, you puttering pundits.

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Bad evening for Jeff Garcia...Niners QB arrested on suspicion of DUI. (His coach can probably recommend a good lawyer...) When all is said and done, it will be interesting to see where he lands on this list.

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January 14, 2004

Roenick suspended for one stinkin' game: He hit a referee with a water bottle, and he gets tossed from that game plus a *one* game suspension? Once again the NHL demonstrates the favoritism and inconsistency it has shown in the past when doling out suspensions.

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Knicks sign Wilkens to coach: Apparently The Czar wasn't Isiah Thomas' man, after all. Thomas fired Don Chaney and two assistants today, and signed Lenny Wilkens to coach the Knicks today. That howling sound you hear is Raptors fans everywhere laughing their butts off.

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Ultra marathon man.: [Dean] Karnazes is an ultrarunner. He belongs to a niche of long-distance runners who consider 26.2 miles -- the length of a marathon -- a mere warm-up. Their races, called ultramarathons, are generally between 30 and 150 miles long, often on steep hiking trails, lasting into the night, with no breaks for sleep. Just to complete them requires almost superhuman endurance. And even among ultrarunners, Karnazes is considered something of a machine. Warning: Long article with many amazing stories. May inspire you to do 30-mile runs as warm-ups.

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The arguments about women in PGA Tour events rage on.: I just don't get what they're all so worried about. Some people would pay a lot of money to be beaten by a 14 year-old girl.

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'roid rage; that explains it.: McEnroe claims he was unknowlingly taking horse steroids for six years. No horse comparisons were forthcoming from Tatum O'Neal.

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Spittin' Chiclets a thing of the past?: "People go, `Wow-wow-wow!' " Holik said.

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Bombers drop S Tom Europe, sign DE Tom Canada.: I saw this last night on the sportsticker on The Score and I seriously thought it must have been a hoax. Anyone else have humourous headlines to share?

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The New York Daily news is reporting that the czar, Mike Fratello, is going to be part of Isiah Thomas' next moves for the Knicks, making him head coach.

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January 13, 2004

A Dukie on Drugs?: Christian Laettner has been suspended for 5 games (w/o pay) for violating the NBA's drug policy. There are no details concerning the type of substance involved, or when the violation occured. Is this as surprising to you as it is to me?

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Be a bobblehead for a day.: Here's your chance to be a bobblehead for a day for the The Fort Worth Cats. "The winning bidder has the opportunity to put his or her face -- or a face of their choice, subject to team approval -- on the bobblehead. The person will also get transportation for two to the game, where he or she will receive a uniform, have the right to throw out the first pitch and lead the fans in 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame.'"

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How to watch Hockey 220 - : For those experienced in the ways of the puck, this is a intermediate-level course. Once you've mastered 'icing', 'neutral zone' and 'change on the fly' you'll be ready for the next step. This course is excellent for showing amateurs what to look for while watching a hockey game, besides your team's jersey colors and the not quite fast enough beer man.

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Pantani to retire:: "From one to 10 possibilities that he can rejoin cycling, just count to one,''

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The economics and globalization of soccer. Interesting article and little bit of background for us soccer amatuers.

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Kobe sprains shoulder.: The Lakers now have Malone on the injured list, Shaq out for an undetermined amount of time, and now this. No chance they'll break the 72 win season record set by Jordan's Bulls when his former teammate Horace Grant is playing serious time.

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January 12, 2004

"...right now, if you were to ask me will there be hockey next season, I'd say absolutely not.": The words of Toronto net-minder Trevor Kidd, issuing perhaps the most ominous warning about the pending labour skirmish.

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Dan Marino is back with the Dolphins.: Is this a wise move by Dolphin ownership, or should Dan leave his legacy on the field?

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Clemens un-retires.: The Astros have signed him to a 1-year deal.

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The divisional round of the NFL playoffs this weekend was one of the closest ever (four games decided by 19 points), featuring a double-overtime game, the first playoff in NFL history without a punt, and the worst pass ever thrown by Brett Favre.

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January 11, 2004

Let's all have a moment of silence for Yinka Dare, the Nets' first round pick in 1994. Dare died Friday at the age of 32. His brief obit mentions that he had 4 career assists, in 112 games played; none in his first two seasons.

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Vlad to the Angels: for a reported 5 years and $70M guaranteed . This after rejecting a 3 year $30M deal (incentives and clauses for up to 5 years / $71M) with the Mets and a longstanding 5 year $65M deal with the Orioles. Wonder why the Angels. Does this, along with Colon and Escobar, get them past the A's and Mariners? The West should be interesting this year.

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January 10, 2004

AP accidentally releases hundreds of sports celeb's numbers to it's media customers.: I got the list early yesterday morning and wasn't sure what it was, since I hadn't heard of it going around. But now through the wonders of cyberspace, I can actually call Pete Rose and ask if he gambled against the Reds, I can call Torre and Zim to ask about George, I can call George to ask about Torre and Zim, and if no one else is home, I can reach OJ where he is probably out looking for the real killers.

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January 09, 2004

Greg Rusedski cries foul: after he fails a drug test for the banned steriod nandrolone. The tennis media, especially in Britian, has taken this news and run with it, and suddenly this career-threatening news has given Rusedski more publicity than he has ever had, overshadowing the results of the first events of the 2004 season. The crux of his argument is the ATP's own admission last summer that their own trainers were giving out the banned substance in its electrolyte-replacement drinks and other pills, which lead to another player being banned from the tour then being reinstated. (more inside)

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A Promoter Scorned?: The FBI raided Bob Arum's business offices as part of an investigation regarding his business practices. Practices that may have included fixing the De La Hoya vs. Mosley rematch.
More Inside...

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If you're Charlie Ward, you've had a tumultuous week. You've been traded from your long-time club to a team that's only slightly worse. Then that team drops you. Then, all the sudden, a championship contending team calls you to play back-up and life ain't too shabby.

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Dominik Hasbeen?: I'd love to hear Cujo's true thoughts on the subject. "Yeah, they treated me like a leper while the fossil was embraced like a messiah. But we're the best in the west, and I'm back with the big club, so everything is peachy keen."

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McNulty becomes Irish: There's one in the eye for Mugabe...

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January 08, 2004

It's official.: NASCAR will switch to a playoff system for the last 10 races of the 2004 season.

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These 10 deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, : says Seattle Times baseball writer Larry Stone. An interesting look at one voter's ballot and rationale. [s'mores inside]

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NHL Starting All-Stars announced: In the east: Brodeur, Niedermayer, Stevens, Kovalchuk, Thornton. In the west: Turco, Lidstrom, Blake, Modano, Guerin, Bertuzzi. Pretty much all New Jersey and Dallas(?). Is this proof, yet again, that fan voting really sucks?

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Sleeping Through the Regular Season: NBA picks with a facial tick so severe that even K-Mart loves them.

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New England Patsies: Slate on "the myth of the rough, tough Boston sports fan."

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Wear your woolies. : Home field advantage for the Patriots on Saturday night? Well, maybe. It looks like it's going to be so cold that, as my brother puts it, "Those guys are gonna try and catch a pass and their fingers are just gonna break off."

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Top 10 Sports Scandals, Controversies, and Oddities of 2003.: ('cause lists can be a fun read and are often good for discussion)

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January 07, 2004

NHL Rule 88c: "A misconduct or game misconduct penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, shall be imposed on a player who throws his stick or any part thereof outside the playing area." At the discretion of that referee, no penalty was assessed in the game against Sundin. Hey, no harm no foul, right? No one was injured and the fan that caught it, for compensation, received a signed Sundin synergy (expensive!) stick. Supposedly, he sold it for $600. Regardless of the referee's decision, Colin Campbell doesn't tolerate it: 1 game suspension for Sundin.

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Gary Anderson, the bomber out of South Africa, has been a serious feel good story for a league that could occasionally use one.
At 44, the NFL's oldest active player is also the game's career leading scorer, the first man to go a whole regular season without missing a kick ('98) and the reason that the Titans are playing New England.
Gary (along with pal Morton Andersen, no relation)has been a fantasy staple for decades but wasn't even planning to play this season when he was called off the river and back onto the field.
He's one of the greats to play the game, throwback helmet and all.

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Dennis Green signs a 4 year, $11mil deal to coach the Arizona Cardinals.: After a couple of years out of the league, Dennis Green has returned to the NFL with the historically inept Cardinals franchise. I think this is a fairly interesting match, as the Cardinals desperately need a true football man, and Green wanted to be the guy with whichever team he finally got to coach.

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Always a fan of the little guy, or in this case Diego Romero, 6'10", fighting for eligibility after making $2,400 over three Europe: 'See, with the NCAA's blessing, colleges are allowed to pursue (domestic) high school players with blatant bribery. Recruits basically take an all-expense-paid, 48-hour getaway to the campus of their choice -- planes and hotels, room service and leisure events. Recruits can do this at five different schools. They're called official recruiting visits, and the NCAA smiles.'

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When all else fails turn to the past. The Redskins may look to Joe Gibbs (again) to return to their glory years.

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January 06, 2004

Freddie Gets Paid: Is MLS really doing the right thing by paying a 14 year old who's yet to appear on the field the biggest $$$? According to this report, Adu will get $500k plus performance bonuses followed by Josh Wolff, Landon Donovan and Eddie Pope.

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Are you ready for Clammy Sosa?:
If I was Harry Carey's widow, I would _so_ sue them.
caution: retina burning displays of flash within. ze goggles vill do nozzink.

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Vin Baker says he's not drinking,: but the word on the street (no permalinks, sorry) is that he was just suspended for three games. The Dirt Dogs probably picked it up from WEEI, which just aired the story. Baker's been in a major slump for a little while now, averaging only 3 points over his last four games. Coach O'Brien, in his pre-game interview yesterday, said that he thought Baker had been slumping for over a month. Some local fans asked if Baker'd been drinking again, but I don't think anyone wanted to believe it. I certainly didn't, and I wish Baker the best of luck.

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Lemieux out for the season.: "Super" Mario will have season ending hip surgery next week. But he still refuses to retire. Has the time come for Mario to hang 'em up?

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And the votes are in.: What do Dennis Eckersley and Paul Molitor have that Pete Rose doesn't? Baseball Hall of Fame membership.

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It was the Figure Skater, in the corridor, with a lead pipe!: Ten years have passed since Tonya Harding's goons set out to "handicap" the competition, Nancy Kerrigan. Ten years, wow....that's a long time....[crickets chirping]....what? Skating's a sport! It is! Honest!

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Turnbow Flunks Drug Test.: Anaheim Angels relief pitcher is the first baseball player named as testing positive for steroids. Turnbow flunked a drug test during a U.S. Olympic training camp in October.

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Since the retirement of John Elway, Denver Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan "has wasted the past five years trashing what once was a Hall of Fame reputation," according to Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla, who has counted the days since the team won a playoff game (1,800).

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StadiaNation:: the home of unique sliced stadia panormaic art. Pretty stuff here.

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Slip-on Soccer Shoes: Former Liverpool player Craig Johnson, who invented the Predator football boot, has gone one better and invented The Pig.

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Frank Edwin ... er ... "Tug" McGraw dies at 59 of brain cancer. You gotta believe heaven's got a pretty good rec league.

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January 05, 2004


Yeah, I know it was a weird goal that won the World Juniors, but hey - take that Canada!

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The NBA's blog squad: including former Magic coach-cum-commentator Doc Rivers and Bulls guard cum errant biker Jay Williams.

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Is JerseyGirl running the Knicks?: DetroitBoy fleeces Suns, and I'll never say another bad word about him. Wow.

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In an interview to be broadcast Thursday on ABC, Pete Rose admits he bet on baseball while managing the Reds, even placing wagers on his own team. The move may affect his banishment from the game (and will definitely affect his new book), but Rose says no deal has been made with the league.

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The draw for the fourth round proper of the FA Cup. : Highlights - Northampton or Rotherham v Manchester United; Arsenal v Middlesbrough; Coventry City v Accrington Stanley or Colchester; Liverpool v Newcastle; Southend United or Scarborough v Watford or Chelsea

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January 04, 2004

Are the NFL's fines for excessive end-zone celebrations racially motivated?: This op-ed piece, from The Buffalo News, says Yes.

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January 02, 2004

Anyone see this? Is this the real reason Andy Pettitte is in Houston right now?:
Okay, first, major apologies for posting pure gossip, not to mention gossip from (I'm so ashamed!) Fox News. Nevertheless... well, read [more] inside.

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January 01, 2004

KSU Quarterback Ell Roberson accused of sexual assault: in Scottsdale today. This following a report he may be suspended for violating curfew. Doesn't he watch the news? Why do athletes continually put themselves in these situations? Props to ABC for breaking the news during the Rose Bowl without any additional information or facts. Jackasses.

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If this is an accurate report,: then neither the man who cracked 2,000 rushing yards nor the man who broke the records for most rushing and total touchdowns in a season will finish higher than third in NFL MVP balloting. Jamal Lewis was the offensive player of the year; Priest Holmes has "more touchdowns rushing (27) than New England and Tennessee combined (20)," a fact I found here.
Are the running backs getting short shrift? Why or why not? Who would you vote for?

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