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A longtime sports fan, I have mainly been a pick-up sports player, but did play hockey and soccer competitively when I was growing up, I considered a sportscasting career in high school, but I found that teaching was more attractive to me.

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Can America support two soccer channels?: soccer channels in the USA

posted by jasonbondshow to at 09:31 AM on March 20, 2005 - 0 comments

First it was Spain, then Italy, now Germany are out of Euro 2004!: Germany lost to the Czech Republic 2-1 today while The Netherlands won in a rout to advance to the Euro 2004 quarterfinals. A huge fall from grace for the 2002 World Cup runners up.

posted by jasonbondshow to soccer at 05:21 PM on June 23, 2004 - 8 comments

Zidane breaks the hearts of English fans with two goals in injury time: Beckham's missed penalty comes back to haunt England as Zidane saves France's defense of their 2000 title with a goal and a penalty in second half injury time.

posted by jasonbondshow to soccer at 03:57 PM on June 13, 2004 - 24 comments

New England outlasts Carolina to claim second Super Bowl title.: As if it were a replay of two years ago, Adam Vinitieri kicks a field goal with seconds left to lift the Pats to the NFL championship over the upstart Carolina Panthers. All of the Carolinas are blue tonight.

posted by jasonbondshow to football at 09:38 PM on February 01, 2004 - 41 comments

Carolina Panthers are going to the Super Bowl!: Who'd have thought it two years ago, after the Cats were 1-15? Well, it happened as Carolina sent the Philadelphia Eagles to their third consecutive NFC Championship game loss, by the score of 14 to 3. Up next, the New England Patriots, who knocked off the Indianapolis Colts at Foxboro today by the score of 24 to 14.

posted by jasonbondshow to football at 09:38 PM on January 18, 2004 - 35 comments

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Sports highlight reel in crack cocaine form

I remember this!!!! It was on ESPN's Sportscenter on December 31, 1999, right before the ball dropped in Times Square to bring in 2000! I happened to catch it on the replay the next morning, and I always wished I'd have taped that piece! It's done to my favorite Aerosmith songs of all time, too! Thanks for posting this!!!

posted by jasonbondshow at 10:43 AM on April 28, 2005

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Seattle is probably higher on the list and the league needs to get back in the Southeast. If Chivas USA is successful look for another Latin American team to take an expansion club in either Miami or Texas. Hello, this is Charlotte calling! We'd like an MLS franchise. We've got an ever increasing Hispanic populace, a stadium that's perfect for soccer (with some renovation), and we've got plenty of interest in the game in the Carolinas! I remember the old Carolina Lightnin' games back in the mid 1980s, and those games were always packed at Memorial Stadium. It seats about 20-25k people, and, with some renovation, it would be perfect for an MLS team!

posted by jasonbondshow at 11:39 PM on April 02, 2005

Two EPL players sent off for fighting this weekend.

This ain't nothin' new to me! At my old high school, two teammates on the men's basketball team began fighting with each other midway through the fourth quarter! I wasn't there, but I saw the video of the incident and it was the damnedest thing I ever saw! And Newcastle was having such a run of good play lately! I may have to change my pick to Man United in the FA Cup if things don't go better next week!

posted by jasonbondshow at 11:28 PM on April 02, 2005

Arizona Gives Fans the Bird

They should just go ahead and change the name to something fiercer, like Dragons, Firebirds, or Sunhawks. Anything but Cardinals! By the way, are there any actual cardinal birds in Arizona?

posted by jasonbondshow at 02:56 PM on February 01, 2005

A unique stadium-share

Why don't they just have DC United play at FexEx Field or something for a few matches during the season?

posted by jasonbondshow at 03:32 AM on January 30, 2005

Champions League draw.

What the hell, I'll stick my neck out and make some predictions: Real Madrid v Juventus: I'll take Juventus FC Porto v Inter Milan: FC Porto Barcelona v Chelsea: Chelsea, because I think it's their year Werder Bremen v Lyon: Werder Bremen Liverpool v Bayer Leverkusen: Liverpool PSV v Monaco: PSV Manchester United v AC Milan: Man United, because I see them coming on as of late Bayern Munich v Arsenal: Arsenal squeaks by into the next round.

posted by jasonbondshow at 10:53 PM on December 18, 2004

FoxSportsWorld Fox Soccer Channel

I hope it's just an added channel, because it'd suck to miss out on the excellent rugby and aussie rules coverage. I just wished they'd show more than just English, German, French, Brazillian, and Argentinian soccer. Where's the Spanish and Italian leagues?

posted by jasonbondshow at 05:09 PM on November 27, 2004

"All it takes to own an ABA franchise is $10,000 and a business plan. About the same as it is to open a McDonald's franchise."

I always said that the NBA should have bought the rights to the ABA and merged the CBA and NBDL into it and made the ABA into the main feeder league. Get some former NBA players involved along with minority candidates with a proven business track record, and it would have a very good shot at working. However, this business plan is going to implode well before the end of the season. Frankly, it would shock me if they made it into the New Year.

posted by jasonbondshow at 03:36 PM on November 19, 2004

CFL Playoffs Predictions.

Toronto and Saskatewan (sp) in an upset.

posted by jasonbondshow at 05:34 PM on November 05, 2004

NFL Survival Pool, Round 1 Winners

Why didn't I pick San Diego instead of Seattle in week 7? If I had, I'd have won the whole thing! *thumps self in head* Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Oh well, I hope the Jets win tonight, because if they don't, I'm screwed! lol

posted by jasonbondshow at 08:45 AM on November 01, 2004

2004 World Series Predictions

Red Sox in seven. I figure it'll be like the Series in 1987 and 1991, with the home team winning all the games.

posted by jasonbondshow at 11:02 AM on October 23, 2004

This is it

Looks like we have another comment record, folks! Damn! I watched the game at work last night and I was so psyched to see the Damnyankees get punked out by the Sox! The song that went through my mind at the time was REM's "The End of the World (as we know it)", and I felt very fine indeed! Let the dark age for the Evil Empire begin! Muhahahaha!

posted by jasonbondshow at 06:10 PM on October 21, 2004

Yanks v. Sox Game 6.

damn, this is gonna be comment #216! isn't that a record for SportsFilter? I just hope Game 7 is as exciting as Game 6 was! Wow, was that a classic!

posted by jasonbondshow at 03:15 PM on October 20, 2004

NBA toying with banning the three-pointer until the final five minutes of each period.

This is a dumbass idea. No, it's more like the heir to the throne of the kingdom of dumbasses kind of idea. The only thing I would bring in is the international lane as well as the international three point line. That's all I would do to the game. This smells of gimmick, and I hate gimmicks like this!

posted by jasonbondshow at 02:48 PM on October 16, 2004

AskSpoFi: Why are Guyana and Surinam in CONCACAF?

Maybe its because Suriname and Guyana would stand a better chance of making it to the World Cup finals in CONCACAF (couldn't they come up with a better name than this?) than with letting them get punked out on a regular basis by the South American powerhouses. Oh, and it's no surprise that Israel is in UEFA. Could you imagine how hostile it would be for them to play in Damascus, Tehran, or Riyadh?

posted by jasonbondshow at 04:52 PM on October 14, 2004