January 08, 2004

Sleeping Through the Regular Season: NBA picks with a facial tick so severe that even K-Mart loves them.

Sleeping Through the Regular Season's Official Record: 104-61 That right there is a 63% win percentage. Smoove. On to other things. Does anyone disagree with any of my picks? At all? There's bound to be one moronic pick in the bunch, statistically speaking. Bring it to my attention, get a gold star. Got a nagging NBA query? Leave it in the comments and I'll bestow the knowledge that only 13 years of sitting on the couch watching the NBA and flipping off Ahmad Rashad can produce. You might get your question answered! Hell, even if you don't you'll get to see someone call me an ass! You too can master the minutae of the NBA by placing tiny little ads... Ahem. The picks, in wfrazerjr (not to be confused with MLA) format.

Saturday, December 10, 2004

Philadelphia @ WASHINGTON 7:00 pm WPSG, WB50, NBALP AI is mercifully (for Philly fans) back off the IL. Unfortunately he comes back after a grueling Western swing where they sorely needed him. Look for them to get back on track. Philadelphia. Milwaukee @ NEW YORK 7:30 pm UPN 24, MSG, NBALP The McDyess experiment failed and failed miserably. I'm not sure that Scott Layden could land another GM gig (outside of Utah), although after this last go around I doubt he'll be looking for awhile. New York. Miami @ MINNESOTA 8:00 pm UPN 29, Sunshine, NBALP Caron Butler looks to be a shade of his former self. Dwayne Wade has looked okay. What the hell happened to Haslem? Somebody explain why he was taken out of the lineup! Minnesota. New Orleans @ CHICAGO 8:30 pm WGN, NBALP The Hornets have slowed a bit as of late, though Baron still looks to be a pretty solid MVP candidate. Although losing Lynch and Magloire when you're already short Mashburn and Alexander certainly doesn't help. New Orleans. Indiana @ SAN ANTONIO 8:30 pm WTTV, KRRT, NBALP 11 pts, 4-12 FG, 3-13 FT. Take a good look at those numbers. That's probably the last time you'll see them coming from Tim Duncan for quite awhile. San Antonio. Atlanta @ UTAH 9:00 pm KJZZ, UPN Atlanta, NBALP Carlos Arroyo and Raul Lopez combine for 20 PPG, 10 APG. DeShawn Stevenson and Raja Bell combine for 21 PPG, 5 RPG. The Jazz have 5 players who average double figure points. This may the most balanced "no-name" team ever. Utah. Seattle @ GOLDEN STATE 10:30 pm FSBay, KONG, NBATV Ray Allen is back in the lineup. And boy did the emerald and gold need him. After a fast start, the Sonics reverted to playing sub-.500 ball. Ray returns and they pile on Houston, Memphis, Lakers, and Portland. Seattle.

Sunday, December 11, 2004

Portland @ TORONTO 1:00 pm FSNW, Global, NBALP The Blazers signed Slavko Vranes. If I'm Ruben Boumtje-boumtje, I'm looking over my shoulder right now. Portland. Dallas @ DETROIT 6:00 pm KTXA, Fox Sports Det., NBATV For the millionth time, Darko is a PROJECT! Dallas. Boston @ HOUSTON 8:30 pm Ch.51, FSNE, NBALP Rather than give my own detailed analysis on the state of the Rockets, I give you an excerpt from a recent "Blog Squad" entry on NBA.com: Steve Francis dribbles the ball. At least 8 seconds go by. Yao Ming kind'a walks to the top of the key to kind'a set a pick. 5 more seconds tick away. Francis passes to Cuttino Mobley who either shoots immediatley or thinks about passing inside to Yao who in the meantime is trying to get good position with his back to the basket. 5 more seconds have passed on. Someone has to force the shot. Nothing but rim. They miss again. Mesmerizing. It's like poetry. Houston. Denver @ SACRAMENTO 9:00 pm FSN, NBALP With Cleveland sending Ricky Davis on his merry way, and LeBron with the green light; my ROY vote may have swung to LBJ (maybe). Sacramento. Memphis @ L.A. CLIPPERS 9:30 pm FSN2, NBALP After watching K-Mart and Maggette "punch" each other for the millionth time, I've gotta wonder: how did Brand finish with only 11 points? L.A. Clippers.

Monday, December 12, 2004

Dallas @ NEW YORK 7:30 pm MSG, FSSW, NBALP, RSNO I like Marbury in NY. No doubt it'll be rocky for the first week in a half, but I still see a playoff push. Oh, and I changed my mind again, Isiah may be smart, but he's still evil. Dallas. Philadelphia @ ORLANDO 7:30 pm RSNE, TNT There were some reports that AI's stint on the IL was a sign that Ayers may be on his way out. I don't buy it. The 76ers organization is a family. A dysfunctional family, but, a family nonetheless. Philadelphia. Cleveland @ L.A. LAKERS 10:00 pm TNT, SCORE I bought a lot of video tape this year for occasions like this. I know, I know. VHS? That is soooo analog. When are you joining the 21st Century and getting a TiVo? When YOU PAY for it. L.A. Lakers. Memphis @ GOLDEN STATE 10:30 pm FSO, FSBay, NBALP I have this theory that Hubie Brown is actually dead and that Uri Geller has inhabited his body and is hypnotizing Jason Williams into being a top shelf PG. Memphis.

Tuesday, December 13, 2004

Houston @ WASHINGTON 7:00 pm Ch.51, CSN, NBALP Shh, don't tell anyone, but Kwame Brown is a pretty serviceable PF at 8 ppg, 6 rpg, in 24 mpg. Houston. San Antonio @ ATLANTA 7:30 pm KRRT, FSO, SCORE, NBALP The Hawks waived Lee Nailon recently. What happened there? Wasn't Lee Nailon a "burning must-have underrated SF" on the FA market a season and a half ago? Oh yeah, he plays worse D than Allan Houston. San Antonio. Minnesota @ NEW ORLEANS 8:00 pm FSN, CST, NBATV Olowokandi is really gravy-training this whole "7-footer" thing isn't he? Minnesota. Boston @ MILWAUKEE 8:00 pm FSNE, NBALP Terry Porter is giving Jerry Sloan a run for his money in the COY race. Boston. Detroit @ CHICAGO 8:30 pm FSChi, UPN 50, NBALP The Pistons had stumbled a few times but have seemed to get it together of late, going 7-3 in their last 10 games. Detroit. Golden State @ UTAH 9:00 pm Nick is still beating the "Mavs done me wrong" drum. And the losses keep marching on. Utah. Denver @ PHOENIX 9:00 pm FSAZ, NBALP I like the cap space, and picks that the Suns grabbed in the Marbury deal. But I'm not so convinced that "they'll suck" for the next few years. Zarko and Barbosa have showed glimpses that they could be serviceable starters in the league. Joe Johnson appears to finally be waking up, and Jacobsen could stand to get a bit more run. I think D'Antoni is ballsy enough to really develop something. Even though he might not be around long enough to enjoy it. Denver. Miami @ SACRAMENTO 10:00 pm WBFS, NBALP Webber, no Webber. The Kings keep winning. Which begs the question: did they really need to resign him to all that cash? Sacramento. Cleveland @ SEATTLE 10:00 pm WUAB, KONG, NBALP LeBron vs. Ray Allen/Flip Murray. Intriguing. Seattle. Portland @ L.A. CLIPPERS 10:30 pm FSN, KGW, NBALP Elton Brand has had quite a stretch this past week en route to WC Player of the Week honors. Not bad coming off a broken foot. Portland.

Wednesday, December 14, 2004

Houston @ BOSTON 7:00 pm FSNE, Ch.51, NBALP Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but: Welsch 8 PPG, 45% FG%, 45% 3P%. Boston. Atlanta @ INDIANA 7:00 pm FSMW, NBALP I think Artest calmed down once he understood that Carlisle doesn't mind when he takes 3's, it's just when Harrington (24.3%) or Jones (21.9%) shoot them. Indiana. Orlando @ NEW YORK 7:30 pm MSG, WRBW, NBALP McGrady & Marbury in MSG. Pray that they're both on, or else you're stuck with Magic vs. Knicks. New York. Washington @ NEW JERSEY 7:30 pm CSN, YES, NBALP "Gomp" has been suspended yet again. Why am I not surprised? The real gamble is on how soon he'll be suspended again once he returns from his current suspension. 2 games? 3? New Jersey. Toronto @ DETROIT 7:30 pm UPN 50, NBALP, RSN The Raptors passed on Stanley Roberts. Now, if they could only package MoPete and Lamond Murray to trade to Portland for Rasheed. Hmmm. Toronto. Minnesota @ SAN ANTONIO 8:30 pm FSSW, UPN29, NBALP KG vs. Duncan. They've always gone pretty hard at each other, and it makes for an interesting contrast. San Antonio. Philadelphia @ DALLAS 9:00 pm KTXA, CSN, ESPN2 I still don't think Dallas should've pulled the Van Exel deal. I don't care if Jamison wins the 6th man award, they still don't have it. Dallas. Denver @ L.A. LAKERS 10:30 pm FSN, RSNP, , NBALP Cue the crickets. L.A. Lakers.

Thursday, December 15, 2004

Toronto @ NEW ORLEANS 8:00 pm RSN, NBALP David West stands to get more playing time, and I have to admit he hasn't looked bad so far in limited minutes. Maybe he spins this oppurtunity into more PT, if not piquing the interest of another GM. Honestly, behind Mashburn, and Lynch he needs to take advantage wherever he can. New Orleans. New Jersey @ MILWAUKEE 8:00 pm YES, FSN, NBALP TJ had a nasty collision with AI the other night but he seems to have bounced back well. At the minutes TP plays him, I don't expect TJ to "hit the wall" at all. New Jersey. Chicago @ MEMPHIS 8:00 pm FSChi, NBALP Skiles playing Hinrich at PG and Crawford at SG is very intriguing. Scottie always did love "Small ball". Memphis. Miami @ UTAH 9:00 pm Sunshine, FSN, NBALP Maybe the Heat will take notes during the game on how to play like a team. Utah. Phoenix @ PORTLAND 10:00 pm UPN 45, NBALP I'm going to make my first (?) crazy prediction. Barbosa blows up in this game for 20 some odd points and a mess of steals. I think he has Stoudemire's number. Phoenix. Cleveland @ GOLDEN STATE 10:30 pm FSBay, WUAB, NBATV Word is that Isiah might be looking to trade for Darius Miles next. I'm not sure what Miles would bring to the table for the Knicks. If this trade happens he's out of the league in 2 years. Mark my words. Cleveland.

Friday, December 16, 2004

Boston @ ORLANDO 7:00 pm FSNE, Sunshine, NBALP On Jan. 7 Paul Pierce got a triple double against the Magic. He then proceeded to call them "The Worst team in the league." Jeez Paul, tell us how you really feel. Boston. San Antonio @ INDIANA 7:00 pm KRRT, FSMW, RSNE, ESPN2 If I'm any other player, I underline this game on the calendar since Jermaine pretty much completely sidestepped the Spurs. Just to show him what he's missing. But Tim Duncan doesn't do that. He just wins bastard. San Antonio. Seattle @ NEW YORK 7:30 pm MSG, NBALP I touched it and felt the number. It's a beautiful jersey... Stephon Marbury. A boy and his jersey. New York. Washington @ DETROIT 8:00 pm CSN, UPN 50, NBALP Don't look now but Darko is showing some signs. Detroit. Dallas @ DENVER 9:00 pm FSSW, FSN, RSNW, NBALP The Mavs signed 7-foot stiff Mamadou N'diaye to a 10-day contract. I have no idea why. Denver. Golden State @ PHOENIX 9:00 pm FSBay, FSAZ, NBALP I wonder if having his rights traded to Phoenix increases the likelihood that Vujanic will play in the NBA in the next season or 2. Golden State. Miami @ L.A. CLIPPERS 10:30 pm FSN2, Sunshine, NBALP I hope Elton Brand eats the Miami defense alive for the entire evening. Nothing personal. L.A. Clippers. L.A. Lakers @ SACRAMENTO 10:30 pm KCAL, News10, SCORE, ESPN A week and a half ago I'd have pencilled the Lakers for the win in this one. Now I'm not so sure. But Shaq and Karl may be back by this time so... L.A. Lakers.

Saturday, December 17, 2004

Memphis @ PHILADELPHIA 1:00 pm WMC, CSN, Telemundo Hopefully the Grizzlies will have dug their way out of the snow by now. Memphis. Minnesota @ HOUSTON 3:30 pm ABC Yao Ming was outscored by Darko Milicic. I rest my case. Minnesota. Seattle @ WASHINGTON 7:00 pm CSN, NBATV Don't let the numbers fool you. Richie Frahm is a player. If Seattle ends up trading Flip Murray, Richie could fill in quite nicely. Seattle. Toronto @ ATLANTA 7:00 pm rsn, UPN Atlanta, NBALP Jason Terry got quite upset with the revelation from one of the Hawks coaches that he doesn't play hard all the time. It's possible that your team just sucks. Toronto. Indiana @ NEW JERSEY 8:00 pm WTTV, YES, NBALP Jamaal Tinsley has regained the starting PG spot since Kenny Anderson hit the IL. Now if he could just hold onto it. Jamison Brewer hasn't looked half as bad as he did under Thomas. Hmmm. New Jersey. Orlando @ NEW ORLEANS 8:00 pm CST, WRBW, NBALP Orlando GM John Gabriel said recently that he has talked about acquiring FA Charlie Ward. John, you have to talk to the agent to consummate a deal, not the press corps. Thats like wfrazerjr saying he's talking about going steady with Tanya Harding; you can talk about it, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. Right? Please god no. New Orleans. New York @ CHICAGO 8:30 pm MSGMetro, WGN, NBALP Tyson Chandler needs to come back ASAP. The Bulls cannot survive with Eddie Robinson starting. New York. Detroit @ MILWAUKEE 8:30 pm Fox Sports Det., FSN, NBALP Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Joel "Izzle-Sizzle Prizzle-Bizzle". Fo shizzel ma nizzel. Detroit. Cleveland @ UTAH 9:00 pm KJZZ, WUAB, NBALP, RSNW I feel bad for Handlogten. He waits this long for a chance at the NBA and then he tears an ACL, brutal. Utah. Dallas @ PORTLAND 10:00 pm KTVT, FSNW, RSNP, NBALP "If I get 18 or 20 shots, I would average 20 points. I can score just like anybody else can."-Ruben Patterson in the Jan.6 Portland Tribune. Score as in points, or nannies you forced yourself on? Dallas. L.A. Clippers @ L.A. LAKERS 10:30 pm FSN, KTLA, NBALP The Clippers could really use Charlie Ward as a back-up to Jaric. Quite frankly, Doug Overton's game is road kill. L.A. Lakers.

Sunday, December 18, 2004

San Antonio @ BOSTON 12:30 pm ABC Is it me, or have Ron Mercer and Jason Hart been rejuvenated in San Antonio? San Antonio. Portland @ PHOENIX 8:00 pm KGW, FSAZ, NBATV, RSNO Channeling Peter May: "This deal might come back to bite the Knicks if Milos Vujanic turns out to the Serbian answer to Peja Stojakovic at the point. Or if the Knicks' draft picks become lottery selections." Phoenix. Miami @ DENVER 9:00 pm WBFS, FSN, NBALP "I've got to get focused and stay away from South Beach, get on my scouting reports and watch some game film and I'm going to be ready."- Loren Woods in the Jan. 7 Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Duh! Jackass. How is it that he's still in the league? Denver.

Put it to Sleep: Miami @ SACRAMENTO Tuesday, January 13, 2004.

That's all for this week. Agree, Disagree, suddenly find yourself wishing that your favorite team's GM could be as visionary as Isiah Thomas? Let it be known! Unless it's in reference to the Zeke line, you may not want to admit to that... or do you?

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