January 07, 2004

Dennis Green signs a 4 year, $11mil deal to coach the Arizona Cardinals.: After a couple of years out of the league, Dennis Green has returned to the NFL with the historically inept Cardinals franchise. I think this is a fairly interesting match, as the Cardinals desperately need a true football man, and Green wanted to be the guy with whichever team he finally got to coach.

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Football-wise, I have two thoughts: 1. I like Dennis Green a lot. I think he's very under-rated as a coach and a talent evaluator. But 2. Unless the Bidwells start showing interest in bringing in good football players, it may not matter much.
Isn't there a Public Enemy song about this? "By the time Dennis gets to Arizona ..."

posted by jeffmshaw at 06:09 PM on January 07, 2004

I think the Bidwells and Green deserve each other. I'm sure there are plenty of Arizona strippers dying to be first to get impregnanted by Green.

posted by yerfatma at 06:48 PM on January 07, 2004

yerfatma, ouch! That said, I would like nothing more than to see Green succeed. It would be very interesting if that game against Arizona weren't taken as a 'gimme' win by the other teams. Whether the owner is willing to cooperate or not, we'll see. But you got to hand it to the guy - he must have some serious game if he can take strippers home.

posted by rocketman at 08:06 PM on January 07, 2004

Also, the buzz I read seemed to suggest he was headed to Oakland. That would have been something.

posted by rocketman at 08:06 PM on January 07, 2004

He was muy smart to stay clear of Oakland. That's gonna be one serious housecleaning with the coach, 'senior assistant', head scout, plus a bunch of players headed out the door!

posted by billsaysthis at 08:50 PM on January 07, 2004

Green is an idiot. He could've gone to a franchise with ownership that actually cared about winning, but instead he demanded total control of football operations and he only could get it with the hapless Cards. Yerfatma is right about Bidwell and Green deserving one another.

posted by dimmykarras at 11:41 PM on January 07, 2004

If Green really had an offer from Oakland, he's insane to go to Arizona. Coaches who are fired by the Cardinals are never seen again. In the last 25 years, only Joe Bugel and Jim Hanifan went on to coach another team, and Hanifan's job was simply to finish the season for the Falcons in 1988 when they fired Marion Campbell with four games left.

posted by rcade at 09:19 AM on January 08, 2004

It's a new day in Tempe!

posted by billsaysthis at 04:33 PM on January 08, 2004

The entire population of Minnesota are laughing their asses off.

posted by taupe at 05:42 PM on January 09, 2004

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