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July 31, 2006

Ferguson must rely on all his ability for Carrick to shine: Michael Carrick signs for Man U for a reported £13m rising to £18.6 maximum. And just to take the pressure off a tad he's been given Roy Keane's shirt number. The Grauniad has a take on British record transfers.

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What's in your closet?: A 20 year old Oklahoma-Arizona Wranglers T-shirt stirs up memories of 10 defunct teams.

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The Dodgers trade Izturis, Guzman, Pedroza for Maddux and Lugo.:
Jon Weisman over at Dodgerthoughts gives us the lowdown.

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Enarson died Friday at age 87 : The man who fired the greatest college football coach of all-time, Woody Hayes, dies at 87.

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The Best Deal Ever: Thirty years ago when the ABA merged with the NBA, two of the six teams were not invited to join, but the merger required unanimous approval. The owner of the Kentucky Colonels gave his assent for $3.3 million. But the owners of the St. Louis Spirit - the Silnas brothers - wanted a little something more. They got $3m, plus a share of future TV revenues of the four merging teams. In perpetuity.

In the early years, the Silnas' share amounted to $300,000 per year. And then came the flood of media money, the Magic and Michael eras, and lo, the Silnas are sitting pretty. They've turned down every buyout offer and withstood every attempt by the NBA to break the contract, collecting $168m in the process. The current haul is $15m per year.

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Hall reaches out to honor a bygone era: Nothing can erase the injustice. In the end, it's that simple.

No ceremony, no honor, no speech can get back what was lost. We'll never really know how good the Negro Leaguers were because they weren't given a chance...

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Hasek to return to Wings: Dominik Hasek is returning for a third tour of duty with the Detroit Red Wings. The team announced Monday it has signed the 41-year-old to a one-year deal, believed to be worth about $500,000 plus incentives.

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When hyperbole goes down a wrong path: See panel #4. more inside . . .

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Magnier still supports Fallon: After Hurrican Run's impressive win in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes over the weekend, John Magnier has come out with a statement saying that he wil be backing Fallon, despite losing his last appeal against his racing ban.

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July 30, 2006

Yankees pull off a "Bronx" Buster: The New York Yankees, clearly in need of another starting pitcher and outfielder, struck an agreement with the Phillies today that Sent Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle to the Yanks- more contract details inside.

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Putting high-priced golf out to pasture: "On this Saturday afternoon, the $500 adjustable-weight titanium drivers, $1,000 forged irons and $50 distance golf balls were left behind. Secondhand irons, real-wood woods and well-worn balls were the norm, along with bug spray and watching out for stray coyotes."

[see also Bruce Manclarck's web site,]

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SIM-ple way to race: This computer 3 1/2 year old Simulation [Nascar Racing 2003 Season] is being used by some pros like Dale Jr., Denny Hamlin (Wich is the game he was reffering to after winning at Pocono) and that is ll I know of, over the EA Nascar games, that has to say something about how realistic this Sim is, EA keeps bringin in these new NASCAR games but they cannot compete with how realistice this Sim is also Painting sites are also helping to keep this Sim up, the offer cars from the 70's to the present and fictionals Here are a few sites I speak of NNracing Masgrafx Mayo Racing Designs O'racing SimCarGrafx Thats not all of them bbut those I would are the best I am one of the few Lucky who this game

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Who needs drugs?: Follow this regime and any four year old will soon be running 65k: His formula is precise and detailed. Wake the child at 5am, he begins. Send him to school at 6am. At 8am, on alternate days, make him go on a long distance run - some days 5km, some days 20. Provide breakfast of milk and cereal at 9am. Give him 30 minutes' of oil massage on his legs daily. Lunch: two bananas, two eggs, dates and other dried fruits, 250g of liver (boiled or fried), green vegetables, curd cheese, fruit, fruit juice. After lunch, swimming for one hour. Snack of rice and dal, chicken or mutton curry. Let him sleep until 6pm. Administer Prontex glucose powder with milk. Serve pineapple juice, two glasses. Make child study for two hours. At 8pm, supper of chapatis, rice, dal, mutton or chicken, curd cheese, green vegetables. Send him to bed between 9 and 10pm. Goat leg soup comes particularly highly recommended.

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Paradiso to Inferno: A long two-part explanation of the Moggi-Juventus scandal in Italy.

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My Space: How My Space and Facebook are giving coaches and administrators a new headache.

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July 29, 2006

Worlds fastest man tests positive: Gatlin said he has been informed that he tested positive for testosterone or other prohibited steroids — the same violation that, only two days ago, threw Floyd Landis' victory in the Tour de France into question.

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Braves Beef up Bullpen with Baez: The Atlanta Braves, who recently aquired veteran Bob Wickman from Cleveland, aquired another reliever to strengthen their bullpen. Does the addition of Baez make the Braves favorites to win the wildcard?

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Penguins sold, but still don't know whether to pack bags: A reported $175M will change hands as the Pittsburgh Penguins go to Hartford businessman Harold Fingold, who says he'll keep the team in town as long as a new arena is built.

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July 28, 2006

Hockey in Israel: Survival and mental toughness are central elements of the Israeli character. The members of Israel's small, but fiercely dedicated and passionate hockey community have summoned their reserve in order to make sure the sport lives on and continues to grow in the Holy Land.

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Tiki Barber ready to exit for right opportunity : The New York Giant's star running back's opinion on his future retirement and his team's chances.

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The Fortuanate 50: List of Top 50 Fortunate athletes based on how much money they make.

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Rafa's men won't go to Israel: Rafael Benitez has stated that Liverpool will not go to Haifa to play Israeli champion, Maccabi, in the first round of the Champions League. Resembles the same situation that Juventus faced in 1998 in going to Turkey to play Galatasaray after Italy refused to extradite Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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Brewers trade Lee to Rangers, get Cordero: The Brewers are sending Carlos Lee and minor league outfield prospect Nelson Cruz to the Rangers for relief pitcher Francisco Cordero and outfielders Kevin Mench and Laynce Nix. More bats for the Rangers, while their pitching still lags behind. Maybe this clears the way for other moves?

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New haka still a problem: Australian coach John Connolly has criticized New Zealand's use of the Kapa O Pango Haka (which was introduced back in Spetember) but the AB coach reckons its just a smokescreen ahead of their tri-nations test.

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Axis of Hooliganism?: As North Korean players turn on spectators and hurl bottles and other missiles during a World Cup qualification match. And did I mention they were women?

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July 27, 2006

Browns lose C Bently for season: Amazing how fast THAT glimmer of hope was shut out.

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Chorizo joins the sausage race: at Miller Park.

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All American Football League to launch in 2007: The League charter allows only those players who have both earned a 4-year degree and completed their college football eligibility to suit up and play in the League. The League teams will feature grads of their host university with other roster spots reserved for grads of conference schools which are not currently hosting a team. For some players, the All American Football League will be a stepping-stone into, or back into the NFL. For many, it will be a chance to continue playing football on the campus of their alma mater in front of the loyal and enthusiastic fan base that has grown to love them.

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Fathers, sons take fighting beyond the ring: Fathers, Sons, and the ropes.

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Tour de Fake?: Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis, reportedly tested positive for drugs after Stage 17. Yeah, that stage 17.

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July 26, 2006

Faith Day: After the Braves game Thursday, you can attend a Christian music concert and hear John Smoltz talking about his life-changing conversion to the Christian faith. And Atlanta is not the only team: the Arizona Diamondbacks are having their own Faith Day later this season, and the Marlins will have one next season.

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Is the current roster on USA Basketball the new Dream Team?: Comparison of this year's USA Basketball team to the likes of 92's "Dream Team"

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2007 NFL mock drafts already released in July.: In this edition of the mock draft, they have my team the Bills goin no. 1 and getting Brady Quinn. Now the question is how will this change when the draft rolls around in 7 months.

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Run Around the Block: The world's longest foot race is on in Queens, New York, as successful athletes complete a 3,100 mile course around just one city block.

The race lasts for 51 days and requires competitors, most of whom follow the meditation teachings of Master Sri Chinmoy, to run for just over sixty miles a day, before its end, on August 2nd.

The current course record is 42 days, 13 hours, 24 minutes and 3 seconds, set in 2002.

The winners receive a small plastic trophy and a tshirt.

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July 25, 2006

Oh, we take it all back. Serie A scandal teams get sentences lightened.: What a laugh. "A sports court allowed Fiorentina and Lazio to rejoin Italy's top soccer division and reduced the points penalty against Juventus in Serie B after successful appeals Tuesday in a match-fixing scandal."

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Harold Reynolds Leaves ESPN: Another ESPN sports analyst makes his way out the door...

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"You can't be that good - you never played for Manchester United.": I'm guessing being spit on would have been preferred to former player Gary Charles than hearing those words.

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Bill Belichick, Home Wrecker?: Vincent Shenocca, a self-employed construction worker, alleges in a divorce filing that the coach has been delivering wood to his wife for several years and gave her "large sums of money and expensive gifts which she has used to purchase expensive clothing, pocketbooks, watches, a treadmill and maid service."

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Bonderman stays unbeaten on road, Tigers make history (edited link): No team since the 1891 St. Louis Browns, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, scored five or more first-inning runs in three straight games until the 2006 Tigers came to Cleveland Browns territory and did it Monday in a 9-7 win over the Indians.

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Requiem for a Rookie Card: How baseball cards lost their luster.

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July 24, 2006

Column: Stewart not following own advice : Tony Stewart is many things, but the Emily Post of NASCAR etiquette is most certainly not one of them... Does anyone else think a one lap penalty isn't enough?

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 7: Finally, some points get handed out. Make your picks for the first week of the Post-Ricky-Williams Era inside.

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Excited Fitzgerald ready to watch Cards rise from ashes: Larry Fitzgerald's take on how his team will perform in '06.

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The sound of a barrier crumbling: it's been a long time in the works, but signs point to yes for the inclusion of women's ski jumping in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Ski jumping is the last Winter Olympics sport that does not currently have competition for both men and women.

The link, btw, is to a stub and a short vid of the first official USSA women's ski jumping team. More articles on the doings of the team can be found here and here.)

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It's All About The Benjamins Baby: Although he is apparently the savior of New Orleans, both as a football player and figurehead, Reggie Bush is holding out. Not only that, but he and his agent are threatening to stay sidelined for the year and re-enter the draft next season.

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Fantasy American Football: Apologies if there is already one posted, couldn't find it in the search. Is someone going to start a football league? After taking a couple of years off, fantasy sports are calling me back. I wasn't ready to commit to baseball this year, but football seems to be a good idea. Anyone want to start it? How about trying

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July 23, 2006

A Rod's sloppy defense hurting Yankees: He committed his fifth error in five games Friday night and leads the AL with 18.

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Drive for Show; Putt for Dough: Brilliant performance!

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"Never stop believing." : Three days after one of the most remarkable comebacks in any sport, Floyd Landis wins the 2006 Tour de France.

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Penguins reject Cuban-Marino Group's Bid: "The group offered more than $170 million, as high as it intends to go, Murstein said...The highest remaining bidder apparently is Sam Fingold, a Hartford, Conn., businessman who has talked about moving the team to Kansas City if Pittsburgh does not build an arena." Might we be seeing the return of the Kansas City Scouts in a year or two?

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Is Mac deserving?: Some thoughts regarding Mac's potential inclusion in the HOF.

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July 22, 2006

UCLA Gives Dorrell a quarter million dollar raise.: Coming off a 10-2 season is this going to be the year UCLA finally gets some of the respect it deserves? Will they make L.A. a true two football powerhouse season? Oh and Howland got a nice chunk of change too.

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Feel that rumble in your chest?: It's MotoGP time in the USA again. Last year was all about defending world champ, the Doctor; American the Texas Tornado; and current world champion points leader, the Kentucky Kid. The 2005 race was especially about the Kentucky Kid as he hit the hole first and never looked back. This year however, changes have been made to Laguna Seca that could take the advantage away from the American riders who are much more familiar with the odd track. Australian Chris Vermeulen will be on the pole for the start of tomorrow's race. But that probably won't last long as he has Colin Edwards right next to him, rookie sensation Dani Pedrosa and Nicky Hayden right behind him, and Marco Melandri and Valentino Rossi not too far behind. So far this season, Rossi has been making it a habit of coming from way behind and earning a podium spot. This race will be on Speed TV tomorrow afternoon, so do yourself a favor and watch it.

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Leicht Making Cup Debut Sunday at Pocono: Stephen Leicht will make his Cup Debut at Pocono this week, he will also attempt to become the youngest Driver to qualify for the Brickyard 400, Leicht is only 19, Leicht wil drive the #90 Citifinancial Ford, Leicht will start the race in 36th position, Check Out the Staring Grid

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What a Day for Hawks and Havs!: Redline Report. After dissecting the 2006 NHL Draft, Chicago comes out on top while Montreal is the only Canadian Team to crack Redline's Top 10. Where is your squad? With results 3-4 years out do these draft ratings have any merit? Feel free to rant or produce your own ratings.

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Death by Hamburger.: Hamburg SV, a Bundesliga side from the northern port city, aims to open the graveyard some 50 feet from the stadium's main entrance, said deputy chairman Christian Reichert.

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July 21, 2006

Let's play two -- and possible most of a third?: The Brooklyn Cyclones and the Oneonta Tigers packed more than six hours of baseball fun into one day on Thursday, battling for 26 innings before a reserve outfielder finally surrendered a two-run single. Disappointing statistic -- only 200 fans stayed for the entire game.

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This is not the blog you are looking for. You can go about your business.: New ownership of the St.Louis Blues, and specifically St. Louis Blues Enterprises, a new division of the team that will handle the business operations, have hired an ad agency, Schupp Co., to publish a blog under the guise of a fan blog. [via => via]

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Steve Nash: End of an Hair-a: Nash takes a set of clippers (no pun intended) to his flowing do. Now, will he be able to play through it, or will it have a Samson-like effect on his game?

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July 20, 2006

Barring an improbable scenario of mass crashes,: the 11th-placed Landis will not be able to make up the 8:08 gap on Pereiro. "It's finished. He can't win it any more," said Bruyneel, Armstrong's former team director.

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An American Tragedy: Pat Tillman's Uncertain Death.: ESPN today published an exhaustive investigative report into the death of America's most celebrated volunteer -- former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman. In Part One, ESPN asks: "Was the Army and/or the White House so desperate for a positive spin that they morphed Pat Tillman into a male version of Jessica Lynch? ... Tillman's Silver Star suggests the possibility of spin."

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Commentary on Zidane's gesture by Dany Laferrière: In the old, bloody fables of the Brothers Grimm, it was acceptable to have a red card ending. But today, in this strange epoch when everyone seems to have drunk Disney milk in their infancy, no one tolerates anything but rosy endings. Everything must finish happily. Our heroes must be loveable so that we can file them away in the cupboard of our happy memories. So where does that leave Zidane?
Young rappers will surely introduce into their video clips the eight seconds where Zidane left the game to re-enter their stifling reality.

A whole different take on the Zidane incident...

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It's never too early to start Spofi's Fantasy EPL!: We can debate the truth of such a statement (first game kicks off on Aug 19th) inside where the details of the league will be found.

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The World Cup Confidence pool - final results.: Delayed somewhat due to the site's downtime but those that need a featured place to gloat or bemoan their lack of success can bring it here.

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Teen with cerebral palsy completes marathon swim: 15-year-old Jenna Lambert of Kingston, Ontario, an athlete in ultra-marathoner Vicki Keith's swimming program, swam 32km across Lake Ontario yesterday. Oh yeah, because of her CP, she did it without the use of her legs.

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USA Basketball Ready to Rebound?: After a horrendous sixth-place finish at the World Basketball Championships in 2002 and the bronze medal debacle at the Athens Olympics in 2004, a Team USA housecleaning resulted in a new coach (Mike Krzyzewski), a new team stocked with young talent, and a whole new attitude. Whether it will be enough to reestablish American dominance on the international stage remains to be seen.

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July 19, 2006

Mr. Congeniality, Shea Hillenbrand: is cut from the Blue Jays after an expletive-filled tirade ripping the manager and the front office. Hillenbrand was furious with John Gibbons for calling him out in front of the team and with the brass for failing to congratulate him on adopting a baby girl. After being traded for Byung-Hung Kim in 2003 (a deal that freed up playing time for then-obscure David Ortiz), Hillenbrand called Theo Epstein a "fag". What a class act!

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New York Rangers add Adam Hall : Dominic Moore is now a Pittsburgh Penguin while Adam Hall is a New York Ranger after a three-team trade Wednesday saw the Nashville Predators pick up a draft choice and send Moore to Pittsburgh. The Blueshirts sure are having an active off season but is it enough to keep up with the Best of the East?

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Simmons picks an EPL team: Soccer has officially turned a corner in the US.

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Protests a turning point in the history of New Zealand. : In Tri-Nations action this weekend, South Africa visits New Zealand. NZH and TVNZ look back 25 years when the 1981 Springboks toured NZ. The ensuing public protests polarised the New Zealand population as no other issue has in that nation's history. In scenes reminiscent of South Africa itself, protesters clashed with police and enraged rugby fans; rugby grounds resembled war zones, barbwired and barricaded. During the final test match at Eden Park, a low-flying light plane disrupted the match by dropping flour-bombs on the pitch. One of the flour bombs brained an All Black on the head. The pilot served six months' jail for the stunt. From Robben Island prison, Nelson Mandela said "the sun shone through the dark corridors of the cells" when he heard about the protests. TVNZ has a 24-minute documentary broken into three separate small javascript video clips of the tour (each about 8-minutes long; the "flour bombing" is on the 3rd clip.) Definitely worth a look!

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July 18, 2006

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 6: Picks not going your way this season? Thought you were down and out? Think again: we head into the final weekend of the first third of the season with a four-way tie for first place on our hands. Don't make me design a tiebreaker formula for this thing.

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One-eyed referee sues Big Ten over firing: Can a football referee call a game with just one eye?

Despite what some fans might say, James Filson, a Big Ten conference football referee, says he did it for years successfully and has the ability -- and the right -- to keep officiating games.

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Buck O'Neil leads off: for both teams in a minor-league all star game.

At the age of 94.

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Baseball Reading List: Some potentially interesting books like A Game of Inches and Between The Numbers, which has the subtitle, "Why everything you know about baseball is wrong."

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Up in the sky -- it's a bird, it's a plane ... it's Seattle's NBA franchise leaving town!: The Seattle Supersonics have been sold to a consortium based in Oklahoma City. The team also has a lease at KeyArena through 2010.

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"Couldn't you see anything?" : Actually, Mr. McEnroe, we don't need to, because this year the US Open Series will become the first Grand Slam tournament rely on instant replay. The instant replay will be used not just for the US Open itself, as previously announced, but for all tournaments in the series, and will use the Hawkeye system. Competitors will be allowed two incorrect challenges and an unlimited number of correct challenges per set, and one additional challenge for a tiebreaker.

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Here today, gone tomorrow: Neil Smith out as Isle GM. Why? Nobody knows just yet. The bad news? Milbury is back as acting GM.

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18 ex-Steelers have died since 2000: Maybe the title of the Bad News Bears should have been Bad News Steelers. No matter how you look at it, this is an odd coincidence.

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Yahoo is for You-Hoos: Techcrunch's write-up on Flea Flicker got me thinking about Season 4(?) of SpoFi FFL. Maybe give this a try over Yahoo?

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In other World Cup news: USA Softball Wins II World Cup of Softball OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – They came to make a statement and that is exactly what they did as the USA Women’s National Softball team beat Japan, 5-2, in the II World Cup of Softball. warningLink may be slow to load and has sound

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July 17, 2006

NCAA Fantasy Football: A live draft is set for Aug 4 at 830pm ET. It's free so sign up at League name & password: spofi

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A run for the ages: Ten years ago, Bill Clinton was President of the US, cell phones were in their early stages of being discussed, Ken Caminiti was having an MVP season and a little known reliever for the New York Yankees was undergoing his tutalage to become one of the greatest closers EVER. A salute to Mariano Rivera, perhaps one of the best at his craft ever.

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The world's most famous hacker,: Maurice Flitcroft, bought a half-set of mail-order clubs and set a tournament record of 49-over for 18 holes in trying to qualify for the 1976 Open Championship. At the age of 75, he has reluctantly called it a day. Twenty years after winning his first Open, Greg Norman has had to withdraw from this year's tournament due to injury. John Daly, winner of the 1995 Open at St Andrews will be there though, as will Mr Preparation, Phil Mickelson. The lesser-spotted Tiger has even been seen prowling the course.

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July 16, 2006

Something rare happened on July 15th, 2006: but unlike other occurences that happen once every 30 years, this one went largely unnoticed.

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Report: Stars to sign Lindros: Eric Lindros is expected to sign with the Dallas Stars as early as Sunday, according to a report in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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July 15, 2006

Arena out, Klinsmann likely in.: Others that US Soccer are pursuing include Houllier and Hiddink.

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Toronto finally cleaning up in the AL East. : And a good thing too: looks like Brian Roberts has come down with something as well.

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A Real Knockout Artist: 2 Time World champion Luis Ramon Campas has more KO's then any other active Boxer on the Planet!

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July 14, 2006

Best... and worst buys in Baseball: I'm sure there will be some controversy about this list... any thoughts about the worst buy in baseball?

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Juventus Unplugged: The Old Lady goes down. : Lazio and Fiorentina join the drop, AC Milan start the season 44 points in the hole. Should be interesting to see if they can avoid relegation. For Sale: World Cup Winner. Name your price.

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The Battle for Abreu: continues, with both New York teams pursuing him. Thw White Sox are looking to add a setup man, while the Phillies are looking to unload everyone. An interesting bunch of scenerios inside.

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Watch out for Terrapaldo!: Generate your own Brazilian nickname football/soccer shirt!

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Eight is enough: U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati announced today that after eight years at the helm of the U.S. men's soccer team, manager Bruce Arena's contract will not be renewed. So who will be next to lead the team?

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Fights so bad...: ...they barely deserve mentioning. Shamrock and Ortiz fight stopped way too early, and Sylvia and Arlovski decided kissing is more fun than fighting. Anybody asking for a refund?

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Match Fixing Result Already Known?: Suitably, it seems that Italian newspaper Gazetta dello Sport already know the outcome of the match fixing trials affecting four of Italy's largest club teams; Juventus, Lazio, Fiorentina and Milan.

The official result is expected tonight, after the Italian stock exchange closes.

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Barbaro fighting for his life: His condition is listed as "poor" and it doesn't look like it'll be long before they have to put him down, baring a miracle. Damn, damn shame.

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July 13, 2006

Hope for North American rugby?: As part of a three year commitment to expand the sport in North America, the International Rugby Board has begun sponsoring an annual tournament between two Canadian and two American represenative teams. The tournament is underway with the Canadians out in front. Will this be enough to boost the status of two of rugby's minnows?

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For Some Athletes, Courses With No Classes : Talk about a hand out instead of a hand up. The article is long but easy reading. At what lengths will some colleges go to keep these academic flops in the game?

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Be like Zidane.: In anticipation of Friday ... The Zidane Headbutt Game!

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Now for something bright and positive - The World Cup Worst XI: U.S. players can't even make this list.

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Man says he's tired of being mistaken for MJ. : A Portland, Ore. man has filed a lawsuit for $832 million, saying he is tired of being mistaken for Michael Jordan, according to KGW-TV.

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Raptors to sign Anthony Parker of Maccabi Tel Aviv.:
Parker is considered possibly the greatest (international) player not in the NBA. ESPN confirmation. Obligatory [youtube].

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An Indictment for Bonds?: An indictment could drop as early as this afternoon, charging Barry Bonds with tax evasion, perjury, and maybe even a few smaller charges. Also, with friends like these...

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MEET THE AMAZING TIGERS: It's about charisma, bonding: A good story to get the second-half of the season started. They're a team that actually has me rooting (to myself) for them to hold on and make a good playoff run!

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week 5: The results for Week 4 will be up this afternoon, but since time is of the essence, go ahead and make your picks for Week 5 inside. First kickoff is tomorrow.

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Rescuers told Roethlisberger he was close to dying: Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said Wednesday night that he was told he was "seconds, maybe a minute away from dying" immediately after his motorcycle accident last month.

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Montoya to Nascar. Danica too?: I think Juan will make the transition to Nascar. He has more than enough talent to make him a contender to win soon. I just wish he was in a better car. Does anyone think Danica will make the jump as well?

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July 08, 2006

Lebron agrees to an $80 million dollar extension: Great news for the Cavs. They have LeBron locked up for a while... but are they really contenders?

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Players allegedly bet on own teams in top soccer league ... in England.: Top PR adviser Max Clifford claims he was approached to run media blankout for four EPL players, including at least one England international, who allegedly bet hundreds of thousands of pounds on their own teams. Part of the deal involved the players agreeing to visit a hospice for terminally ill children. Mr Clifford said he decided to speak out after he claimed the players had not kept their side of the bargain. Is this for real? Who are the players (I have a couple of guesses ... inside)? Are there more EPL players, staff, officials, etc. involved? Do we have the makings of an Italian-level scandal here?

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July 07, 2006

All-Star Shakeups: Shake-ups abound as Oswalt replaces Pedro, the 32nd man is announced and the field for the Home Run Derby is set.

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Federer vs. Nadal again!: In case you forgot with all the World Cup excitement, there's this little tennis tournament going on called Wimbledon. Federer is playing "flawless" tennis and Nadal surprised everyone by making it to the final in just his 5th professional tournament on grass playing his usual high-energy, take no prisoners game. Theoretically, Federer should dominate on grass, but some question his, ahem, resolve .

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Minor-league skipper gets major-league gift: Major Leaguers are spoiled, self-absorbed thankless jerks. All of them. Except maybe Joe Crede. Get ready to be a Crede fan (and maybe take that stereotype down a notch).

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Hanging with the VP at Daytona: Interesting account of the VP's daily travel life, but does he need to charge $ to the invited reporters?? Is the GOP strapped for cash stories??

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The Life of a Mascot Isn't Always Easy: Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed and strap on the old bull head. This may take spofi replies to an all new high low.

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Jeff Krosnoff's Last Ride, 10 Years Later: The Toronto Star looks back at the death of the rookie CART driver during the city's Grand Prix. Krosnoff, remembered today with a Scholarship Fund and golf tournament, made wheel-to-wheel contact with another driver and his car went airborne into a catch fence, disintegrating when it struck a light pole. Corner worker Gary Avrin, positioned perilously close to the track, also was killed. Some question whether the racing world does enough to protect drivers from the impact of collisions with stationary objects.

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Amputee Everest summitter recants story: C'mon dude, which is it? This guy sounds more and more like a foolish jerk. Although, if he continues to climb, there won't be much left of him anyway.

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July 06, 2006

No room left for Hasek after Sens re-sign Emery: The Ottawa Senators' crease has no room left for Dominik Hasek.

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Soccer as nihilism: it might be cobblers, but it is a very entertaining read.

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Stickball.: John McCarthy is trying to teach kids to play baseball for the love of the game. Caught this on NPR on the way to work today. You can read this or listen to the audio on the site. Sweet in so many ways.

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The 2,000-yard Rushers: An unlikely source (The KC Chiefs homepage) for an insightful article. Especially interesting is the game-by-game: in Sanders' 2,000-yard season, he was shut down in week 1 and 2. Overall, it sure puts into perspective how tough the feat is to accomplish.

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Indonesia forfeits Fed Cup match to Israel: Team pulled by Indonesian government to protest Israeli actions. Let them win, that will teach them a lesson. Politics and sports, politics and sports go together like diamonds and quartz.

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Bond's Trainer Gets Jail Time: Greg Anderson goes to jail for his famous client. As I heard on ESPN Radio this morning, is this the beginning of one of the greatest coverups in sports history ever?

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Soccers makes it's way to the USA: A great story of the New York Cosmos international fame and popularity for a brief period of time. What happened afterward?

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Baseball's First All-Star Game: July 06, 1933 at Chicago's Comiskey Park, Baseballs all-star game made its debut with the AL beating the NL 4-2. "We wanted to see the Babe. Sure, he was old and had a big waistline, but that didn't make any difference. We were on the same field as Babe Ruth." - Wild Bill Hallahan

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Tears of a Clown: A after being roundly booed every time he touched the ball in the World Cup semi-final, Ronaldo may find himself second best again, this time in FIFA's Young Player of the Tournament award, thanks to an email from England fans bitter at their team's Quarter-final exit.

The ten finalists for the Golden Ball, Player of the Tournament award have also been announced.

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Scientist creates worlds tiniest soccer pitch: Ok and I thought I had the "smallest" interest in soccer as a sport in the world. Perhaps this should be filed under most usless waste of time for a scientist, unless he can clone really small players too? Then again just imagine the possibilities! The worlds smallest baseball games or hockey arena! An entire NFL league that you can carry in your pocket!

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July 05, 2006

Naked Ambition Drives Sharapova : Even the sight of a naked man cartwheeling across the Centre Court grass did not distract Maria Sharapova during her Wimbledon quarter-final yesterday. While Sharapova, a player renowned for her mental strength, largely ignored the streaker, Dementieva allowed herself a good look and also a small smile.

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Cement Soccer Balls?: Who says soccer's not entertaining? I know I should feel sorry for those who fell for this, but the mental picture I get keeps me chuckling along.

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Francona says Manny Out for All-Star Game: Once again, the leading vote-getter for the All-Star Game can't play in the contest. Is Manny really hurting or is it another case of him not wanting to attend? And is Francona playing the heavy and covering for him?

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July 04, 2006

Monday's Great Flag Save: It was a typical 4th of July in 1976, until Rick Monday saved an American flag from an immediate burning. By the way, Happy Independence Day Sports Filter.

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Canada advances to World Cup semis: Hector Vergara, a referee from Winnipeg, will work the sidelines for the Germany-Italy semi-final, and has blogged his Cup experience. (via Toronto Star)

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Edmonton Number One Sports City in Canada!: According to this report, anyway. I shall now stand by while grum amasses sufficient statistics to prove this wrong.

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July 03, 2006

Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest: Four-time world champion, and odds favorite, (1/3), Takeru Kobayashi of Japan will once again defend his title against top eaters from around the globe. The tough competition includes Eric "Badlands" Booker, (9/5), Oleg Zhornitsky, (4/1), and "Hungry" Charles Hardy, (7/1), while the 'field' is represented by notables Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, US record holder, Joey Chestnut and 60 year-old Rich LeFevre and his wife, Carlene LeFevre. Santioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating it will, of course, meet their safety standards.

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Big Ben the newest Chicago Bull?: He wasn't happy with the Pistons initial offer. So Wallace will sign with the Bulls for $52 Mill over 4 years. True Hoop has a good recap of how the story could develop. Still waiting for reaction from Blog-a-Bull.

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Good hitters are few and far between.: Biggio is my favorite player, great career, certain Hall of Famer, about to reach 3000 hits next season, congrats. Why is there only a few active players that make it to that number? It doesn't look like anyone will hit 3000 for about 8 years(Jeter), what an intersting gap....

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60 Million Reasons to play in Denver: If I'm correct, didn't Nene tear his ACL last year? Yet here we stand, and Nene gets a 6 year, 60 Million dollar deal...tells you how much teams will splurge for size.

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What does it take to save penalties?: In contrast to England's Paul Robinson, who saved none of Portugal's spot-kicks, Lehmann saved two of Argentina's four and guessed correctly on the other two. However, guesswork had nothing to do with it.

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These are your 2006 MLB Some-Stars!:
To paraphrase E.B.White, "All-Star voting is the recurrent suspicion that most of the people are right most of the time."
Discussion inside.

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July 02, 2006

After consulting with his family, Beckham hands in captain's armband.: You have to wonder how that consultation with the family went...Becks: Do you think I should quit as England captain? Victoria: Yes, can I borrow your sarong? Brooklyn: Yes, Dad. Can I have an Aston Martin? Romeo: Yes, Dad. Can I change this stupid name you've given me now? Cruz: Whhaaaaa!

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France stop the samba.: In this World Cup's biggest upset, France bundled out Brazil in a 1-0 quarterfinal win. What happened? Is France the new favorite? Next up: Portugal.

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Tallon misses out on the good stuff....: Like a Christmas Shopper who arrive 10 minutes after the store opens, Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon found the best items already taken before he could get his checkbook out. According to this writer "Hawk's GM settles for Lalime". After the big money signing of Khabibulin blew up in they're face last year addressing the need for a backup goalie with a quality guy like Patrick Lalime seems like a step in the right direction. Khabibulin and Lalime together in Chicago adds some depth to a team that has very little depth anywhere else. Tallon is quoted as having discussions with Oilers GM Kevin Lowe regarding a trade for Chris Pronger. One can only hope that Pronger is looking to Chicago.

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Sensitivity Training 101: Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen will have to undergo league-mandated "sensitivity training,"...[I think we all know why]. "Guillen, who is Venezuelan, has said he'll need to "take English lessons" before attending the training courses. The team, though, has asked that the session be conducted in Spanish."

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July 01, 2006

MrFrisby: is the happiest man in New Jersey Kentucky right now.

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Chara to the Bruins for 5 Years @ 7.5/yr: 2006 NHL Free Agency: Increased Cap = Overspending GMs! While Chara is physical defensive force, the Bruins severly over-paid for him and within the same day, Ottawa had already signed a pair of defensemen. (More transactions are listed within the comments)

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Auto Erotic: Minnesota Timberwolves big man Eddie Griffiin recently had a tough time keeping his eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel.

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McCabe resigns with Leafs, loses composure at press conference: Defenseman Bryan McCabe signed a five-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday, but perhaps more interesting was the revelation of his wife Roberta's serious medical issues and how the media blew her role in the delay of inking the contract well out of proportion.

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The Bucks trade Ford to Toronto for Villanueva.: I'm waiting for Scott Carefoot's analysis on this one.

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