July 06, 2006

This trade, to me, seems pointless. Fisher will be a great addition to the Jazz, but dosent free up much space for Golden State. Maybe im missing something?

posted by redsoxrgay at 01:14 PM on July 06, 2006

Man...Golden State hasn't been to the playoffs in 12 seasons because of moves like this. Derek Fisher may have cost the Warriors about 6 million a year, but he was a consumate pro (for goodness sake, he shared a backcourt with Kobe Bryant). Fish does what he needs to do in order to win games. Golden State won't be in the playoffs for a while now, with that glimmer of hope at the end of 2005 WAY in the back of our memories. Go Rockets!

posted by chemwizBsquared at 01:31 PM on July 06, 2006

Maybe im missing something? A lot actually. Did you read "The City" link? It appears not. Heres a snippet:

Think about it long-term. Derek Fisher is due $26,460,000 over the next four years, and he will be 35 by the time his contract is over. By the 2009-10 season, D-Fish would be playing catch and shoot like Chris Mills. The long-rumored reason for a salary dump is extending Mickael Pietrus.
Its not a rule or anything (yet), but usually users are asked to actually read the links in the FPP before commenting.

posted by lilnemo at 01:38 PM on July 06, 2006

It's a smart move. Fischer is just getting farther and farther away from making a difference - and if the deal has half the consequences that The City is suggesting, it's a great move. I'm not seeing how it makes getting Garnett, or Iverson much easier, though. And if I'm GS I don't really want those guys unless the deal is Davis and Dunleavy for Iverson and change.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:01 PM on July 06, 2006

lilnemo, three hoops posts in one day? I'll sum up my feelings on all three... The Bulls trade had to happen, 'cause there was no other way for Ben to wear #3 (oh, and it makes sense for both teams). I've always thought that Marquis Daniels could be the poster child for High Times, despite the fact that he's never been caught (just look at him). Fisher is going to be good at one thing... getting Deron Williams (and some of the other youngsters) up to speed. How 'bout the Blazers?

posted by togdon at 02:57 PM on July 06, 2006

Fisher is a good ballplayer. The Jazz need someone that can take the ball down the court and find open guys. He won't make the flashy plays but he will be a good addition to the team. Him and Boozer could be good together. If you want to talk about an overpaid player though it is Boozer.

posted by kidrayter2005 at 03:18 PM on July 06, 2006

The post headline says "...Jazz to deal Fisher to Warriors for...". That is bass-ackwards.

posted by kuhlman at 04:44 PM on July 06, 2006

Two things about that Przybilla article that leap out at me: He averaged 6.1 ppg, 7 rpg, and only played 56 games, yet he's labeled a "top free-agent center." Of course, it was ESPN, so I can't expect too much; How bad is it for Blazers fans when they read this in the article: chose to stay where he is instead of jumping to a playoff contender. Ouch!

posted by The_Black_Hand at 04:45 PM on July 06, 2006

You have to remember that Joel was injured for about a third of last season (26 games), he shared time at center with Theo Ratliff (Theo averaged 23.7 minutes per game vs. Joel's 24.9 minutes per game and they were almost never on the floor at the same time), and Zach Randolph--despite all of his problems--is actually a kind of decent (7.2 rpg) rebounder. He's no Ben Wallace, but then... he's getting paid half as much. Without having to share time with Theo, and with a full healthy season I can see his numbers creep up a good deal. And at "only" ~$6M/season he's a steal when compared to a couple of other recent "top" free agent centers.

posted by togdon at 05:52 PM on July 06, 2006

Also, if 82games doesn't have a commonly reported salary to generally agreed upon utility ratio tool nestled somewhere deeply in their sweet bosom, they should really work on one. Something like: (Salary/Season) -------------------- = Utility TSNP/g or something. So, roughly, Adonal Foyle is 538922, Erick Dampier is 525263, Joel Przybilla is 283018, and newly minted Ben Wallace is 468750 (smaller is better as we're basically comparing dollars to output). Not that I'd rather have Joel over Ben (Ben has those intangibles, although I do really like Joel). Per buck wise... Joel is a pretty good deal for a non-rookie contract.

posted by togdon at 06:32 PM on July 06, 2006

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