July 14, 2006

Best... and worst buys in Baseball: I'm sure there will be some controversy about this list... any thoughts about the worst buy in baseball?

posted by redsoxrgay to baseball at 08:35 PM - 22 comments

Of all the worst players listed, I say Beltre is the biggest disappointment. If not for his contract, he'd be in the minors.

posted by wingnut4life at 08:41 PM on July 14

My first impulse was to go with Mike Hampton or Chan Ho Park, but after looking at their career history, I'd have to agree Beltre has done the least to merit his pay.

posted by forrestv at 09:00 PM on July 14

What about Jeff Bagwell $20 million to sit on the Bench??

posted by your-money9388 at 09:00 PM on July 14

WHAT! Where in the hell is Kenny Rogers? Sure he's expensive but considering how he's pitching and the positive impact he's had on the younger pitchers and the team, he would have been a bargin at twice the money!

posted by commander cody at 09:00 PM on July 14

Where in the hell is Kenny Rogers? Making another "Who's Your Tiger?" commercial probably.

posted by wingnut4life at 09:08 PM on July 14

Best value, despite his immature behavior, is Miguel Cabrera. Wright is close. Not on the list because his contract finally ended in 2005, but Darren Dreifort may be the worst signing ever.

posted by spira at 09:08 PM on July 14

I thnk that if you have to look at value, Miguel Cabrera is a STEAL...I'm honestly surprised Big Papi is making only 6 million from Boston, and what, he's more feared than Manny (who's making at least 3 times that)... Best bargain in my eyes though is still Albert Pujoles...put him on any team and he lifts them up...PERIOD.

posted by chemwizBsquared at 10:01 PM on July 14

How can i think of baseball when pamela rogers just got sent back to jail>>>>>>>>>

posted by Peruvianforce at 10:59 PM on July 14

Pujols is overpaid to be a Bargain he gets like $14 million a year and Manny gets $20 million a year But if you go by last year than Mark Texeira is a steal cause he was gettin under $2 million (not sure what he was getting but I think it was under 1 million) and lookat his 2005 stats

posted by your-money9388 at 12:59 AM on July 15

I found it interesting that Russ Ortiz was no where to be found on that list. He was so bad that the D-Backs did release him. I think he would be in a tie with Beltre for the worst overall, and both of them are similar in that they had one great year and then recieved a huge contract offer.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 05:52 AM on July 15

He was on the list. His name fell over the comment "already dumped by one team this season..."

posted by jerseygirl at 07:07 AM on July 15

My worst buys list starts and ends with Pavano. Also, if Page 2 didn't have A-Rod to either blast or sarcastically rant about, they'd cease to exist. Maybe the guy doesn't have 100 RBI at this point, but 65, coming off the MVP, shouldn't exactly throw him in the trash heap. Dollar values when you're talking numbers like in major league baseball are next to meaningless anyways. Sure the bargain players are amazing; they're young. Wait until they sign their next contract, then most of them will enter the worst buy list.

posted by dyams at 07:24 AM on July 15

Albert Pujoles at 14 million is a bargain in my eyes...this is easily the best hitter in baseball, so he SHOULD be the highest paid then...course this isn't how it works... By the way...good point about the young guys dyams...

posted by chemwizBsquared at 07:35 AM on July 15

Great points Dyams. Pavano is more of a waste of money than anyone in the history of baseball. As for A Rod, he sells his weight in merchaindise every 5 minutes, which helps his cause in my opinion.

posted by redsoxrgay at 08:41 AM on July 15

I don't think ARod belongs anywhere near that list. He's having a below-par season, but everyone goes up and down. Beltre is another story altogether. Clearly in the "should have known better" category - he was a perennial deep disappointment who in 5 years never came even close to being an elite player though always touted as a breakout candidate. Then ONE season of truly great performance and that's what Seattle decided was the "Real" Beltre when they brought him in. GMs who do that get what they deserve - most of the time, a bust.

posted by mikelbyl at 09:21 AM on July 15

don't know where everyone gets Puhols @ 14 million. the st. louis papers say he is 3rd highest paid player on cardinals (10 million) behind Edmonds and Rolen (both overpaid by comparison). Prince Albert is the best hitter in a cardinal uniform since Stan the Man, without question. And he's pushing Stan; give him six more years and we'll elevate him to even (never thought I would say those words in my lifetime).

posted by rchugh at 11:44 AM on July 15

i gotta differ about vlad guerrero though. maybe nobody dares run on his golden arm during regular season, but he was a total bust in the playoffs last time with the angels, let's face it. not worth EVERY million here. and that herniated disc.. we mets fans will take our chances w/out him, thanks.

posted by swi at 01:04 PM on July 15

It's hard for me to stomach Eric Gagne, a great reliever with legitimate injuries, being on the same list with that steriod slut Bonds. And, as another Met fan, who can argue with D Wright being the best buy in baseball. I hope OM takes care of him in the offseason.

posted by cjets at 01:18 PM on July 15

I think Ryan Klesko, is a big disapointment

posted by wiseguy at 01:54 PM on July 15

Papelbon is hands down the best reliever in the majors (something like a 0.59 era and leads the majors in saves with 26). If you had the best guy at every position (which Papelbon clearly is) making what he makes, than your 25 man roster would be making about $8.4 million. Now explain to me how Pujols is a bargain at $14 million again? If you want to talk about worst bargain in baseball the Red Sox put Manny on waivers a while back and no one would touch him regardless of his very solid numbers. Perhaps that has more to do with his consistent way of giving 70% day in and day out or perhaps its the way he asks for a trade just about twice a year (usually right around the time he is late for spring training and again just after he blows off the all-star game).

posted by kyrilmitch_76 at 08:51 PM on July 15

I think it would be good to point out that the Yankees are on this list a lot, and not in the good way. This just shows that the Yankees have more money than god and that they can pay good players who aren't blockbuster players these astronomical salaries and not care. And it is hard to have A-Rod on the list. He is the number one paid player in the league and over the last 5 seasons he has proved why. He is an awsome player who is just having an off year. If you call having an off year .284 AVG 19 HR 66 RBI and , to me more important than batting average, an OBP of 391. He also has a pretty good glove too.

posted by kidrayter2005 at 09:52 PM on July 15

I think it would be good to point out that the Yankees are on this list a lot, and not in the good way. This just shows that the Yankees have more money than god and that they can pay good players who aren't blockbuster players these astronomical salaries and not care. Sounds like the NY Rangers in the NHL to me.

posted by commander cody at 10:12 PM on July 15

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