July 13, 2006

Now for something bright and positive - The World Cup Worst XI: U.S. players can't even make this list.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY to soccer at 07:16 PM - 7 comments

I just want to see whats on your main page & then I'll go where I want,

posted by dplay987 at 09:18 PM on July 13, 2006

Should be Underchieving XI or Most Disappointing XI, even most overrated XI. There is not a player on that list that was one of the worst 11, even though I agree with the sentiment- guys we expected big things from and didnt show jack.

posted by urall cloolis at 10:24 PM on July 13, 2006

Roberto Carlos would certainly be on my list as well. He's not just overrated, he really does have the ball control of a tree stump. But overall? Timochuk of Ukraine (the big blonde number 4) was probably the worst professional footballer I have ever seen at this level. Pass completion of zero percent, the tackling technique of someone who needs vision correction, and the recurring image of him flailing in the wake of a player who managed to break into a trot going past him.

posted by owlhouse at 01:12 AM on July 14, 2006

Lampard most certainly WAS one of the worst, Urall. He was utterly hopeless!

posted by Drood at 02:03 AM on July 14, 2006

I agree with urall cloolis, none of those players are bad footballers. But they didn't perform at the World Cup. Off-topic, seeing as ESPN doesn't regard the UK as part of Europe, given that it lists that particular choice as Europe/UK, should I hit Other for Ireland ;)

posted by Fence at 03:15 AM on July 14, 2006

DeMarcus Beasley could easily have been added to this list. Despite his picture-perfect assist against Ghana, and his dis allowed goal vs. Italy, he mostly looked lost and afraid on the pitch, when he should have been a leader. Those two moments made it all the worse, because he showed what might have been when he's focused and actually trying. If Landon Donovan and Beasley represent the promise and talent of US Soccer, I'd rather go back to the days of Cobi Jones and Alexi Lalas. Those guys were plainly mediocre, but at least they played with heart.

posted by psmealey at 01:30 PM on July 17, 2006

psmealey: DMB was played out of position almost every minute on the field so I'll disagree with you.

posted by billsaysthis at 11:56 PM on July 17, 2006

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