July 13, 2006

Be like Zidane.: In anticipation of Friday ... The Zidane Headbutt Game!

posted by worldcup2002 to soccer at 08:37 PM - 18 comments

Link dump material, nothing more.

posted by wingnut4life at 08:40 PM on July 13, 2006

Ex-squeeze me? Spofi's been out of service for 5 days and you're complaining about the quality of a Flash game post? One in which you can commit violence against Italians, no less?

posted by yerfatma at 09:03 PM on July 13, 2006

I feel shame now. Pleeeze to be head-butting me now.

posted by wingnut4life at 09:09 PM on July 13, 2006

The game was pretty bad, but pretty funny for the first 15- 20 seconds.

posted by redsoxrgay at 09:16 PM on July 13, 2006

For some reason i felt dummer the longer i played...

posted by Peruvianforce at 10:17 PM on July 13, 2006

I bet wingnut's score sucked!!! The game was pretty bad, but pretty funny for the first 15- 20 seconds. It's a lot funnier than your nick.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 10:17 PM on July 13, 2006

Aw c'mon, lbb! Have you gotten two with one head butt?

posted by wingnut4life at 10:35 PM on July 13, 2006

I am a big Italy fan and wish people would remember the victory...but they wont until years later, so until then...there are a bunch of funny videos on youtube.com about the headbutt. Flaming chest of Materazzi after, Zidanes head falls off after, Matz actually runs into a lightpost, Zidane saves Matz from sniper. Enjoy but remember who the World Champions are. VIVA ITALIA!

posted by urall cloolis at 10:39 PM on July 13, 2006

It's a lot funnier than your nick. ZING! I average around 3300. Not bad for a little flash game. HADOKEN!

posted by MrFrisby at 11:59 PM on July 13, 2006

MrFrisby, you're not known as Jack by any chance are you?:)

posted by Drood at 01:21 AM on July 14, 2006

I watched the game, but even though I'm 1/3rd Italian, I didn't care who won. The game was interminable. I went for a run after the game finally ended, and it was the best run I ever had. There were cars driving up and down Washington street, all fat dudes and fake-tanned young ladies hanging out of sun-roofs waving the Italian flag. Sun rooves? I don't know. By the end of my run, I had imaginarily head-butted 30 or 40 people. I ran my 3+ mile loop in less than 20 minutes, which might be a personal best for me. Also, I scored between 30,000 and 40,000 imaginary points. When I got home, I had to choose between the lentil soup I hade made the night before or the orange sherbet in the freezer. I decided to have a cigarette and a Miller Light on my balcony. Rock. Hodoken. Hadoken indeed. Everyone wins.

posted by Samsonov14 at 01:23 AM on July 14, 2006

And from here, you can see people Solve It Like Zidane.

posted by Fence at 03:10 AM on July 14, 2006

The game was pretty bad, but pretty funny for the first 15- 20 seconds. I have to second l_b_b. With that asanine nickname of yours, you should just keep your trap shut when it comes to criticizing others or their contributions.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 07:42 AM on July 14, 2006

Fence, I've been doing that for years. Leave it to Zidane to steal my idea and popularize it!

posted by wingnut4life at 07:48 AM on July 14, 2006

agree with redsox. fun for 15 seconds. what will last much longer is the spyware that site downloads to your computer.

posted by bluesdog at 08:29 AM on July 14, 2006

Zidane link-dump.

posted by squealy at 08:59 AM on July 14, 2006

I think the Zidane moment, for better or worse, has maybe cemented World Cup soccer as an event to watch for Americans. This year, in the U.S.A., the World Cup was huge. Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot to talk about (other than the fact that Ghana handed us our asses) until the headbut. Now, Zidane and World Cup Football spent a good amount of time as the talk of the country. As odd as it may seem, Zidane raised the interest in soccer in America more through this act than by being one of the greatest players of this decade. We Americans just like headbuts. Or buttheads.

posted by Joey Michaels at 02:58 PM on July 14, 2006

Oh common. Ripping on a game that you get to headbutt people! It is fun but not something I would go out of my way and find on the internet.

posted by kidrayter2005 at 10:00 PM on July 15, 2006

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