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Malkin jumping over to Pens?: MOSCOW (Reuters) -- Russia's Metallurg Magnitogorsk will go to court to seek compensation from Pittsburgh Penguins after the sudden disappearance of their best player, Evgeni Malkin, the Superleague club's head said on Sunday.

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Hasek to return to Wings: Dominik Hasek is returning for a third tour of duty with the Detroit Red Wings. The team announced Monday it has signed the 41-year-old to a one-year deal, believed to be worth about $500,000 plus incentives.

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SpoFi down?: or are you back now?

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Sorry Coach my ADD was acting up? : LaRoche's Blunder Puts Spotlight on ADD: Adam LaRoche knows how it looks. He doesn't seem to be trying hard. He comes across as inattentive, sluggish, a little too laid-back to be a professional athlete. LaRoche's relaxed approach and a disorder that makes it hard for him to concentrate have come under scrutiny after the most embarrassing moment of his three-year major league career. On Sunday, after scooping up a routine grounder that should have been the third out of the inning, LaRoche took his time getting to first and was stunningly beaten to the bag by Washington's Nick Johnson, who was hustling all the way.

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Switch pitcher:
"Pat Venditte Sr. came up with the idea when he was tossing a ball to his 3-year-old son in the backyard.
Wouldn't it be neat if he could get Pat Jr., a natural right-hander, to throw equally well with his left?"

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A former cyclist come clean

sic, noble efforts on your part, but at some point you're banging your head against a wall. For some reason some who don't want to see their favourite cheater criticized seem to think that opinions need to be supported by hard evidence like you're laying charges in a criminal trial. As far as I'm concerned you're allowed to form an opinion when mounting circumstantial evidence points to a ever more obvious conclusion.

posted by hb74147 at 03:38 PM on September 15, 2006

NHL Sticks: Now With 50% More Curve!

Who's on the poor goalie's side? I think its more that they're trying to restore something like the former state of affairs where hockey scores didn't resemble soccer scores. Goalies and their equipment have steadily gotten better and better over the last 20 yrs or so. I'm for giving some sort of edge back to the guys trying to score. Even with the greater excitement and increase in scoring chances last year I don't think there was a significant increase in goals scored. Any time they want to widen the ice or give 4 on 4 hockey a trial would be fine with me too.

posted by hb74147 at 02:23 PM on September 15, 2006

Oilers prospect, Robbie Schremp, is a hotdog.

myshtigo (way to beat me to the punch on the high sticking): I think is was only a year or two ago that the behind the net and in the top corner move that they showed in the clip was all over the sports show highlights. I think it was an OT winner in a playoff game or something too.

posted by hb74147 at 01:53 PM on September 14, 2006

Oilers prospect, Robbie Schremp, is a hotdog.

The guy is good, but I don't think the lacrosse type moves belong in hockey. Isn't it high-sticking at some point if he has his stick in contact with the puck above shoulder level? I'm going to guess there's eventually going to be some sort of refinment of the rules to eliminate it (before, like you said, someone eliminates the hot dog).

posted by hb74147 at 01:49 PM on September 14, 2006

You've heard of "shanking a kick," but how about "shanking a kicker?"

RyanMorton: congratulations, you've waited since Feb 25 to make that one profound comment.

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You've heard of "shanking a kick," but how about "shanking a kicker?"

rcade:"I'm glad Hand found it, but the snarky column in the Greeley paper is in bad taste. A stabbing's a pretty serious crime that could have resulted in life-threatening injuries, and he's treating it like a prank." I dunno..., isn't the absurdity of the guy's scheme the whole reason its even being reported in the news at all. I don't think it harms the victim really, just mocks the moron perp.

posted by hb74147 at 11:34 AM on September 13, 2006

A former cyclist come clean

Quote from the "Lance Armstrong" link: "one of the possible side effects of prolonged steroid use is testicular cancer. It's impossible to prove, but if what the Andreus testified to under oath is true, than Lance Armstrong, role model and hero to so many cancer survivors, may very well have helped bring about his own cancer through his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Young athletes tempted to go down that road need to know if that's the case." St. Lance's sainthood status seems to be in more and more jeopardy all the time. Time for this guy to supercede Ben Johnson as the most notorious PED fraud of all time.

posted by hb74147 at 10:50 AM on September 13, 2006

The Islanders have officially gone batshit.

I'm not at all an expert but could the 15 year contract term just a way of keeping his portion of the yearly Sal-Cap low?

posted by hb74147 at 04:23 PM on September 12, 2006

Brodeur :(WAY) Beyond the Crease

So Brodeur wrote a book and..., whats the discussion here again? Just asking.

posted by hb74147 at 11:35 AM on September 12, 2006

Charlotte Observer: Panthers were juiced for 2003 Super Bowl run

ho-hum none of these guys are breaking any all time records in a sport with an emphasis on individual statistics - just some beefy slobs trying to keep themselves in the lineup

posted by hb74147 at 12:26 PM on August 29, 2006

Jays' Gibbons, Lilly Get Into Argument.

Weedy, I'm not sure we actually disagree. I'm not referring to anyone that is going to the games these days, just those that used to and that we hoped would come back and fill up the Dome again since Uncle Ted opened up the pocketbook a bit. One of the reasons I enjoy the Jays far more that the Leafs is that the fans that are around are more real as fans (Sorry, you know what I mean though, the blind popularity). Whenever I visit the Batters Box site, I'm always a kind of proud that we have fans that are every bit as hardcore as any with far far deeper baseball roots (ahem, here too, of course). I guess I'm just referring to Toronto in general and the mood in the media while you are talking about the people who actually go to games. If all the new spending doesn't improve attendance I think I'd rather have a mediocre team with a true but modest fanbase than somehow sell our soul to woo back all of the fickle fans that don't come to the games any more.

posted by hb74147 at 03:02 PM on August 22, 2006

Jays' Gibbons, Lilly Get Into Argument.

Weedy: we're not all a bunch of mealy mouthed lookatmes True, but serious sports fans make up a smaller core that is probably in the minority -- the other 30,000 that used to fill up the rest of the Dome are pretty accurately represented by the golf-clapping, arrive late & leave early, "please don't cheer so loud", attend only because apparently this is fashionable and world class enough, stereotype. Stuff like this seriously damages their fashion appeal.

posted by hb74147 at 01:32 PM on August 22, 2006

Jays' Gibbons, Lilly Get Into Argument.

PS now this team is a sinking ship...

posted by hb74147 at 12:54 PM on August 22, 2006

Jays' Gibbons, Lilly Get Into Argument.

Its kind of hard to give Gibbons the benefit of the doubt anymore -- he's done, the sooner the better. Its a perfect opportunity to promote Ernie Whitt, who probably should have had the job in the first place anyway. This might have blown over in a different market, another city might even embrace Gibbons and call him fiery and scrappy. But in a city that is always a little put off that they get virtually ignored by the US dominated sports media, I think they'll collectively resent the embarrassment he's bring down on them by getting them in the headlines for all the wrong reasons for the second time in a month. On a day where the sports media should be all over the Yankees/BoSox 5 game Fenway sweep, a defeat of near historic proportions, they are instead they're having fun at the expense of the otherwise usually ignored Blue Jays. Since we always worry about if and how we're seen through US eyes, this has got to be an offense far worse than losing or being irrelevant. A lot of the fickle fans that the Jays been trying to cajole back into the Dome probably just decided to continue staying away.

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Red Sox gear up for pivotal stretch

re: Hinske -- thanks from the Jays for taking that $5mill salary off of our hands -- don't count on our losing the 25th (or so) man on the roster "diminishing our gunpowder" much. BTW, you just helped us either sign Vernon Wells to a contract extention next year or get another decent starter.

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