August 17, 2006

Hidden: Red Sox gear up for pivotal stretch:
We all know the Red Sox need to make the best of the upcoming double-header vs. NYY. It sickened my stomach to watch them drop key games to the AA Major team called Kansas City last week! - LAA will not be a smooth ride, they have no rest on their transition to the wild wild west, but at least Theo Epstein has made what I consider to be a very important move by bringing in Hinske, who will not only help the line-up, but diminish somewhat whatever gunpowder the Blue Jays have left... a rival they will meet 4 times starting Aug.31st. They cannot afford to keep losing to the Jays as they did in Boston.....

I can understand Curt when he says:
"I'm not talking about the Wild Card," Schilling snapped to a reporter after his last start. "I don't care about the Wild Card. That's for second-place teams. We can't think like a second-place team right now."

No one wants to come in second in the American League East....I believe the wild-card will be for the White Sox.... thus leaving Boston or NY out of the playoffs....

--------------Side Note-------------

J.Lopez has done a nice job! He's no Veritek, but has he's getting the job done. David Wells has been unbelievable on his return, the question is, can he keep it up (stay healthy and reliable)?

I still get the feeling we are a good pitcher too short.... Not having traded for one before the deadline, may be the difference between IN or OUT! -- How I regret the Mo Peņa for Arroyo deal right now.... Mo has been better as of late, but having Arroyo would have been phenomenal.... As it is, this trade could be the difference between the RedSox making it or braking it!

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Dude. Get your own blog.

posted by rocketman at 04:12 PM on August 17, 2006

Editing scissors, stat!

posted by grum@work at 04:16 PM on August 17, 2006

This is his 24th link?!

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Bronson Arroyo's last 10 starts suggest that, much like water, he has settled to his own level...

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No excuse for this lame-o post, but I will be nice and say read the guidelines

posted by scully at 04:39 PM on August 17, 2006

Good gravy. Definitely read the guidelines. Also, most of that FPP probably could have been saved for a "first post in the thread" follow up. The sidenote especially because it's kind of long for a FPP. [nitpick]Varitek, not Veritek.[/nitpick]

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Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of more inside.

posted by Joey Michaels at 04:47 PM on August 17, 2006

so r a lot of other teams

posted by Barry-from-H-town at 05:26 PM on August 17, 2006

jg: hold me. I'm preparing to watch the games this weekend... on YES. Are there rituals to cleanse my ears afterwards?

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You poor bastard! Why has the baseball god forsaken you?

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Hey- the Bo Sox just got Hinske from the Blue Jays.... did they even need him?

posted by Kendall at 06:05 PM on August 17, 2006

Yes, they needed a guy off the bench and someone to spell Youkilis and Lowell.

posted by jerseygirl at 06:18 PM on August 17, 2006

re: Hinske -- thanks from the Jays for taking that $5mill salary off of our hands -- don't count on our losing the 25th (or so) man on the roster "diminishing our gunpowder" much. BTW, you just helped us either sign Vernon Wells to a contract extention next year or get another decent starter.

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zippinglou - You talk as if we are all Red Sox fans! Well, I've only got one thing to say to that, "GO YANKEES!!!" Oh wait, I just reread the TOS..."SportsFilter is not a fan board. If your idea of discussion is "yankees suck, red sox rule," SportsFilter is not for you." My bad! No wait, that means that zippinglou's post is bad and mine is good, because my statement is the opposite. Oh forget it...GO YANKEES!!!

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zippinglou, have a word with yourself.

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hb doesn't know the terms of the deal, I guess.

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