July 30, 2006

SIM-ple way to race: This computer 3 1/2 year old Simulation [Nascar Racing 2003 Season] is being used by some pros like Dale Jr., Denny Hamlin (Wich is the game he was reffering to after winning at Pocono) and that is ll I know of, over the EA Nascar games, that has to say something about how realistic this Sim is, EA keeps bringin in these new NASCAR games but they cannot compete with how realistice this Sim is also Painting sites are also helping to keep this Sim up, the offer cars from the 70's to the present and fictionals Here are a few sites I speak of NNracing Masgrafx Mayo Racing Designs O'racing SimCarGrafx Thats not all of them bbut those I would are the best I am one of the few Lucky who this game

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Noticed those links dont work, so just Copy and paste Teamsbr.com NNracing.com MayoRacingDesigns.net Masgrafx.com Oracing.com SimCarGrafx.com The Painters for those Sites are Amazing

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Also this isnt just Nascar Nextel Cup Theres IRL Busch Craftmans Truck Late Model IROC PTA AeroWar88 (1988 Car Models) GN 1970 (1970 Car Models) and a few more

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There was a THRIVING mod community, until Dave Kaemmer, former Papyrus dude, basically drove a stake through the heart of the community and threatened legal action on anyone who released a mod that modified the game. (IE, changed the physics etc...) This saw the death of many great potential mods, including the Australian V8 Supercar mod that was pretty much complete with Kaemmer came calling. The claim was it would compete with their new product. Well so far there has BEEN no product. Also, compare this attitude to other game companies who actively promote modding... Kaemmer is a shithead and deserves a good kicking. And this isn't just personal opinion, I've heard the same from people who actually know him. The guy is an arse. The company changed their name from First to iRacing after this public relations nightmare, but a hell of a lot people, myself included, who would have ordinarily jumped on a new game from Papyrus (or the company reborn from it), now won't touch it with a 10 foot cattle prod. While it's technically "illegal" now due to Kaemmer being a prick, the Ferrari 330 mod for NR2003 is hugely good fun. Was driving it just this afternoon. Though of the legal mods, the Craftsman Truck mod is by far my favourite. And there's still a good few online racing leagues. Online racing is just fantastic! As for EA... There's a reason folk say that stands for Easy Arcade... If you want to get NR2003 now, though, you'll either have to pirate it off Bit Torrent, or pay the scum who sell it on Ebay for $100... (Finding a copy "in the wild" is damn near impossible now.)

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i bought this game for 5 dollars a year after it came out and i ended up giving it to a friend. so i was screwed over. o well i havent played it once yet when i got it and it was still in its case... i could of made some good money for it.

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I Heard I racing was going to Online only so you would have to have a broadband connection I also heard it was going to be Pay an Play (You Pay a "small" fee every time you play the game) I also heard you can not own the game but they were all from an unreliable source

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Actually you're pretty much right with all those my friend. iRacing seem to have this deluded notion that they can turn online racing into a spectator sport. Given Counterstrike never made it as a proper spectator sport beyond a niche, the odds of sim racing, with an infinitely smaller audience, is pretty much nil. Everything I've heard matches up with what you've heard. Sounds like it's basically the MMORPG model applied to sim racing. And it's gonna tank miserably, and I can't wait to see it flame out spectacularly. I still play Grand Prix Legends:)

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Just out of interest can someone tell me roughly how much it costs to play one of these online racing games and what kind of spec pc/connection speed it requires?

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There goes doing any work today. Thanks, my boss loves you

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why cant sierra racing buy back the rights to this game? its already doing better than ea in racing sims.

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This wouldn't have happened if the English Language were still alive.

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