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November 30, 2003

George Grabs Gary.: Sheffield to the Yanks for what, at first glance, seems like an extravagant amount of money in these "market correction" times.

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Euro 2004 finals draw: While the matches are months away, today's draw made for some interesting matchups. France and England, Spain and Portugal, Sweden and Denmark, Germany and Holland give each of the groups a natural rivalry. Will France recover from last year's dismal showing in Asia? Will any of the lesser-regarded teams like Greece or Switzerland make it to the semi-finals? Let's talk some trash!

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November 29, 2003

Raptors Trade for Rose: The Raptors and Bulls have apparently completed their long talked-about deal. David Aldrige of ESPN is reporting that the deal consists of Jalen Rose, Lonny Baxter and Donyell Marshall for Antonio Davis, Jerome Williams, and Chris Jeffries.

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Is Baseball No. 1?: This discussion over at ESPN wiriters bloc started out as "Is baseball better than football?" -- the archtypical perpetual argument, the winner always depending on which sport had the most compelling recent season. For now that would be baseball -- there was more drama in one inning of the last baseball playoffs than there has been in this entire football season. There can be no debate about that -- the highlight of this football season so far has been Parcells versus Belichick. Doesn't quite have the juice of Yankees versus Red Sox, does it? It then devolved briefly into "What is the best sport?" where it was good to see a couple of writers made arguments for the NHL -- certainly the fastest and, at playoff time, most intense sport. Someone even came out in support NASCAR (riiiiight). No one had anything positive to say about basketball. (Yes, this is a North American centric article.) After years of football ratings primacy and basketball cool-quotient primacy, is baseball the hot sport again?

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November 28, 2003

Table Tennis!: Choose your opponent and prepare yourselves for a stuffing!

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Tiger Woods engaged to marry : girlfriend of two years Elin Nordegren. I wonder how much two months salary is for him?

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Schilling makes the leap: and now countless New England fans pray that he'll look good in crimson hosiery. The previous 24 hours have been fairly unusual; Curt Schilling not only posted on the Red Sox message board, but it's a fairly open secret that he dropped by the most popular Red Sox fan site for an impromptu live chat or two. It's not every top tier free agent who fires up his computer in the wee hours of the morning to take the temperature of his potential fans.

Of course, as previously noted, the guy's a serious computer buff. He likes his games, both on the computer and off. So maybe not so surprising after all.

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Rugger,: give it a whirl. Get the ball up the other end of the field, it's harder than it looks.

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"Call me Ish.": I still don't understand how people can make $1mil from competitive fish-catching and I sure ain't gonna watch it on TV. But Ish Monroe might change my mind. Ish Monroe has edge, style, and PR savvy. ESPN thinks he's exactly what the white world of professional bass fishing needs.

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Note to self...before the next Diablo's game, if the doorbell rings, don't answer it...or, DO answer it, depending...

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November 27, 2003

Hey Dude.....: I'm not sure this justifies an FPP, but what the hell, it can always be deleted. The link is to ( in honour of the over representation of ersatz Scousers here ) an ode to Jerzy Dudek, but the whole site is, well, a bit of a curates egg really, but well worth investigation.

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November 26, 2003

These : are what I would like to buy Phil Mickelson for Christmas. (via mr_crash_davis on MetaFilter) What would you buy for your favorite/least favorite athlete?

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Frank Deford doesn't care about Thanksgiving.: SpoFites have established that there are Turkeys out there. But there's plenty and warm and fuzzy stories around, from this heartwarming tale about a college football player who gives his time selflessly, to the Special Olympians leading the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, to the boxers who give out food to people with HIV/AIDS. You can even feel good about the people who want to give 'Zo a kidney, though maybe that goes a little far. Any favorite sports-themed "peace on earth and goodwill to all" links or stories this time of year?

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Leeds the first EPL team to go into bankruptcy?: Bottom-of-the-table and coddler-of-louts Leeds United "have announced they could soon be forced into administration after talks with their two creditors to restructure their debts failed." The BBC adds a few more details on what it means to go into administration (for those of us on the non-UK side of the pond). For a little more context, this page dedicated to the business side of football gives interesting peeks into the financial health of today's illustrious (and not-so-illustrious) teams.

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The Gallery of Classic Hockey Masks.: Invariably scary, these masks of NHL yesteryear reflect the gruesome nature of the sport, and the masochistic streak it takes to stare down a slapshot through a thin layer of absurdly painted plastic. My thanksgiving gift to all you crazy puckers. (via Coudal's Museum of Online Museums)

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From Athens to....Athens!: The Olympic Flame will make a pretty stunning relay this time out: Since the journey from where they light it (Greece) to the location of the Games (Athens) is so short, they're sending it literally around the world: the Flame will stop in every city that has hosted the modern Summer Games.

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What a turkey: David Fleming of has offered up his list of the NFL turkeys for 2003. As sad as it makes me, I would agree with who he gives the top turkey award to. Who else deserves to have a pic in the "Turkeys of 2003" calendar?

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Johnson cheated in the World Cup Final?: Grow up.

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The breakup of the Florida Marlins has begun.

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November 25, 2003

The world's dullest sport.: The Eton wall game is played by the students of England's most prestigious private ("public") school. "[T]he playing area: bounded on one side by a high brick wall, it is 110 metres long but only five wide ... Massed beside the wall in a scrum, a half-dozen mud-caked players, collectively called the "bully", try laboriously to push the rival half-dozen―as well as the ball, usually invisible and almost incidental in this struggle―to the far end of the field." It actually looks more fun than at first glance. If I were a schoolboy. (from the Economist via Coudal Partners)

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The normally reputable publication Forbes has had their recent NHL franchise valuation report deemed "shoddy". This should come as no surprise given the Forbian analysis of League operations.

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For a little over a year now, Shawn Weaver has been rating baseball players throughout history from #1 up on his blog. A fascinating little project that also gives you some nice mini-bios on players.

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The Football Gods reward a Football Nomad.: Yup, Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback -- once of Slate, then of, and late of -- is on the move yet again. This time he lands, appropriately enough, at

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November 24, 2003

Bode goes big,: Schlopy goes to the hospital. In what can only be categorized as a damn shame, US Ski Team veteran EriK Schlopy, who was poised to eat some serious Euro lunch in the tech events on this year's World Cup, will be getting his ACL rebuilt instead. Schlopy ended last season strong, trained well in the offseason, and, despite one of the most spectacular crashes ever seen in a tech event in the first GS of the season, was considered to be headed for more than a few podium finishes this year. Instead, he's almost certainly out ffor the season. Dammitall. Meanwhile, with three events completed in this year's World Cup and two victories to Bode Miller, even the Euros are saying that he's the strongest contender to win the crystal globe. That conclusion is getting harder to avoid, for anyone with eyes to see it. Go, Gumby!

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Warren Spahn, 1921-2003.

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"Derrick Davis was holding the only winning tickets in the world for the biggest bet on the biggest day in horse racing. He held claim to the entire pot reserved for the winner of the highest bet -- in this case, the Pick Six -- and would have been entitled to $3.1 million." ABC News describes the betting software scam that was upset when a 43-to-1 shot named Volponi took the 2002 Breeder's Cup.

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Pedro, Schilling, Lowe, Wakefield...: According to Peter Gammons, at some point this afternoon, a deal could be sealed that sends Schilling to Boston in a 3 team deal that sends Fossum and Shoppach to MIL and Sexton to ARI. I love getting Christmas gifts at Thanksgiving. Thanks Theo!

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Pitching wins aren't a good indicator. Just ask Nolan Ryan.:
A nice little breakdown about one of those wacky events in baseball: arguably the best pitcher of the season (statistically) ends up with a losing record. Sorry, a terrible losing record. Just how bad were those 1987 Astros? A nice little article from Aaron Gleeman. And dig that funky uniform!

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'Zo long, Mourning: Alonzo Mourning, having missed quite a bit of time with a kidney disease, revealed today that he will undergo a very necessary kidney transplant that will end his playing days.

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Trade winds a blowin': Rapters and Bulls talk a liitle swap with Rose and Marshall apparently headed to the T-dot for a combination of AD, MoPete and either Alvin Williams or Michael Bradley. In my opinion, Raptors win this one big time if the deal is done. Rumor of an AD to Dallas for Jamison and Delk also briefly flashed across sports reports here over the weekend too.

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Another rivalry Saturday is in the books. How did your alma mater do? My two schools, the University of Washington and the University of Oregon both won their respective clashes against hated rivals. Shout outs to the Michigan Wolverines, USC Trojans, Cal Golden Bears, Auburn Tigers and Clemson as well. Time for you to brag on your school, yo! And just what is the BEST NCAA rivalry in football? My vote goes to Army-Navy...

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Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote: "the Dolphins were doing everything possible Sunday night to do what might have been thought impossible: To play worse than they looked."

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November 23, 2003

One for the Thumb!: Captain Jeff Agoos, Honda National Team Player of the Year Landon Donovan and MLS Keeper of the Year Pat Onstad led the San Jose Earthquakes to their second Cup Finals win in three seasons today. Donovan had a brace, Onstad stopped a Razov PK that would have tied the match at 3 in the 54th minute and Agoos, winning his fifth MLS title, made all the necessary defensive stops.

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November 21, 2003

American hockey fans! Get ready to watch the most widely-awaited game in years... oh. Perhaps not.:

But in a world of media conglomerates — and not only ESPN2, ESPN News and ESPN Classic but an ABC family that includes ABC Family and others — was there no air time anywhere to be had? Was there no way to get one of them to open up time on a Saturday night and show a little pond hockey?
In short, if you're in the US and want to see the Heritage Classic, either make sure you're close enough to the border to get CBC, or buy that dish for the NHL Center Ice channel. Today.

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Ping-Pong Matrix.: (Windows Media Player required) It's Friday. This is not new, but it's so good, so sports, so geek, so funneeeee.

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Mourning, Martin almost come to blows: "You're talking about two children warriors" said Nets coach Byron Scott. "When it's all said and done, they both understand they have to go to play war together."

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England vs. Australia: in the finals of the Rugby Union world cup, tomorrow. [more inside]

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A LiveJournal user delivers pizza to Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor and says he's such a lousy tipper that "I hope he breaks his hip and has to retire." My brother-in-law was Nate Newton's neighbor and revealed he never said hello on the street, making his subsequent legal troubles more fun for us. What trivial real-life encounters with athletes have colored your impressions of them forever?

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November 20, 2003

Goddam Brewers.: Ulice Payne is leaving. Uecker gives a mixed message about the ownership. The politicians want answers. We haven't had a winning season in twelve years, and haven't been to the playoffs in more than twenty. Can anything be done to save Milwaukee baseball?

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Our kind of athlete, giving all to his sport...

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November 19, 2003

Puff Daddy talked about wanting the Knicks.: It's old news. And I'm not sure I like the idea. But, Jigga-Man running the Nets? That would kick ass. What do you think? What Media Mogul would you want to run your favorite franchise, and why?

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If you're like most NFL fans, you're passionate about your team. You own caps, jerseys and pennants. You may even dye your hair or paint your face in team colors. But whether you're heading to the stadium or just your favorite chair in front of the TV, you're not truly geared up for the game until you suit up your eyes with NFL Crazy Lenses®!


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Which is better: one or two?
One or two? One or two?

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HomemadeSports : is dedicated to the sports you and your friends made up in your spare time. [via 37signals]

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Clippin' along with Kobe: - the speculation on where the aloof and enigmatic Kobe plays next year begins with Stein making a weird suggestion. Where will he play? Stick in LA? Memphis? NYC? Miami? Colorado Penal? (Is that joke old now?)

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Zen and the Art of Taunting.: If you want to do some high-quality taunting, here's a primer on how to do it, with some quality examples, like the guy who sat right behind Phil Jackson at a game and read aloud from his book.

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Well Peter, the Proof Will Be in the (Hasty) Pudding:
Peter Gammons, enemy of fact-checkers everywhere, addressed an initimate little gathering at Harvard last night. A-Rod to Boston was one of the main topics, but if ten percent of what he said has any truth to it, this will be an even more interesting off-season than you think. Highlights inside

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November 18, 2003

P_T _P _ BR_CK:
I'd like to buy a vowel, Shaq?
Which of these guys is most likely to win? Who would you like to see on Jeopardy?
Family Double Dare? Blind Date?

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NBA realigns: Each conference split into three divisions. The New Orleans Hornets move to the Western Conference and the East gets the expansion Carolina Bobcats. Just what we need, the West gets even stronger and the East gets a team of cast offs. Why not just name the conferences Varsity and Junior Varsity?

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have deactivated Keyshawn Johnson for the rest of the year, relaying the news through his agent. Johnson put his Tampa home up for sale earlier this week and reportedly told a reporter recently that Coach Jon Gruden was trying to undermine his career.

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The Doc is out.: Late last night after losing to the Utah Jazz, Glenn "Doc" Rivers was fired as head coach of the Orlando Magic. Doc lead some meager squads into the playoffs during his tenure. Most hoop-junkies would concede that the Magic's chances for getting into the Finals were slim, but the playoffs didn't look too far off when the season started. But after a franchise worst start of 1-9, and too many injuries to key players, does his dismissal help anything?

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Adu signs with MLS: Passing over European interest for now, Freddie will be the youngest major league player in any sport in more than a century when he steps on the pitch next spring for DC United. Can he bring something like the level of excitement LeBron did to MLS? The timing, days before the MLS Cup, seems calculated for maximum publicity. But why was he left off the US U20 FIFA World Youth Championships roster?

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November 17, 2003

Sleeping Through the Regular Season: The upcoming NBA gameweek previewed.

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Six-man football, young people, and Montana dreams.: A great piece of writing from the Washington Post about tiny Geraldine, Montana's high school football team. The piece uses the state six-man championship to tell a compelling story of farm economics, rural life -- and a heckuva football game.

posted by jeffmshaw to football at 04:23 PM - 3 comments Hey, I repect the Avs and all, but this is funny stuff. Be sure to check out the player profiles and the comics.

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Alex Rodriguez was named American League MVP, receiving the least first place votes of any winner since Yogi Berra in 1951.

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November 16, 2003

'Your body has a long memory. If you're going to do things that hurt your body, you're going to pay the price later.' : Bill Romanowski claims he used nothing but legal nutritional supplements and carried them with him in a fishing tackle-like box. But now it seems he got HGH from BALCO, according to his wife in 1999. Big, bad Bill expressed thoughts about what white players needed to do 'to compete with the black guy in a mostly black sport.' To make matters worse, Romo is one of four Raiders who tested positive for THG, CBS reported today.

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KC Chiefs unbeaten no more: defeated by the team formerly known as the Bungles. Does the credit go to (my pick for) Coach of the Year, the Boast, or the SI cover jinx?

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Shaquille O'Neal is the best NBA player ever, according to basketball statistician Elliott Kalb, author of the new book Who's Better, Who's Best? in Basketball.

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Les who?: Australia v England final. Chips firmly down.

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November 15, 2003

"I didn't see what good there was in hanging around when the organization wasn't trying to put together a winning team.":

Sanders new biography is due out next week. I appreciate his candor, but:
1): Why didn't Barry go elsewhere?
2): Though Lions reps emphatically deny the possibility, does this sort of admission bar Sanders from front-office work in Detroit?
3): Isn't there no crying in football? Wait, that's baseball...

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An ugly racial incident affects a rising front office star.: At baseball's winter meetings, Kim Ng, the Dodgers' assistant GM (and the general manager I wanted the Mariners to hire when they had an opening this offseason), was verbally harassed by Mets scout Bill Singer. The Mets have apologized. It's unclear whether Singer will keep his job.

Ng, an Asian American woman who formerly worked under Brian Cashman with the Yankees, is extremely well-thought of in baseball: she was named one of SI's most influential minorities in sports and one of ESPN Magazine's "IX to Watch." Some, including Braves GM John Schuerholz, think she could be MLB's first female GM. [More inside]

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November 14, 2003

***NSFW***The VERY Special Olympics***NSFW***:

This comes (no pun intended) via Memepool.
Hey, the US is leading! We've always been tops at f*****g other countries over and this proves it!

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Transsexuals in the Olympics. : If the designer steroid thing doesn't work out...

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Don't break up that fight!: For anyone who is involved with youth sports, this is the nightmare you fear — an overzealous parent who either thinks he or she is protecting a child, or sees the opportunity to file a lawsuit. How many of you are involved in youth coaching or officiating, and do you have any horror stories?

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"It's really the Super Bowl, the Masters, the World Series in our minds," : ...and though that might be slightly overblown, this game is going to be fricking cool. Long-underwear-and-balaclava-type-head-coverings cool.

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Darryl Strawberry gets one more chance.: Now, I'm all for triumph over adversity, but Straw was in jail as recently as this April. Is it too soon to have him involved in player development? What can someone who failed to live up to his potential teach those who are just now trying to reach theirs?

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Now with 5-7% real juice!: The results of the anonymous random MLB drug testing show that 5-7% of these random anonymous boys are on steroids. Next up: Mandatory drug testing next year for everyone, also checking for THG. Should be interesting to see who shows up considerably less bulky next spring.

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November 13, 2003

Janica Kostelic a has-been at 21?: So how 'bout this: you grow up in a war zone -- literally -- living in the back seat of a car and eating pickle sandwiches while your dad/coach drives you and your brother around to compete in ski races. You bust your ass your whole young life, with Dad right behind you pushing all the time. You monumentally trash your knee at age 17 in a training run at St. Moritz, damaging the ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus. Two and a half years later, you're at the Olympics, and you get more schwag than any two other competitors, going home with three gold medals and a silver. A year after that, you win the overall World Cup, two discipline World Cups, and two World Championships -- and, guess what, you trash your knee again while doing it. In the subsequent off-season you undergo four surgeries, and after each one the spin is that there are just a few little issues yet to deal with -- but those who felt all along that it was all just a little too amazing and bound to end soon, are thinking that maybe "soon" is "now". You miss the opening event of the season, saying that you'll be racing when it gets real in December.

And now, regardless of what shape your knee is in, you've got a medical condition and a doctor who says that any training could endanger your health. Meanwhile, you and Dad are both saying, "No big deal," and you're continuing with "light training sessions". I'm afraid that when all is said and done, the moral of this story will be, "If you can't be a good example, you'll just have to be a horrible reminder."

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Notre Dame to the ACC? : Or maybe the Big 10? Apparently the Irish are getting a little worried about dance partners.

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President Bush is Pedro Martinez!: Politics aside, this has to be the weirdest political metaphor I've yet encountered. Mickey Kaus has some pretty strange thought processes. Basically, Bush is Pedro on the mound in a crucial game (like Game Seven of the ALCS); he's getting into a jam (Iraq); and the voters are playing the Grady Little role and have to decide whether to leave him in or take him out.

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Alcohol-free college sports TV?: "The Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV is asking college officials to sign a pledge indicating that the school will prohibit alcohol advertising on locally produced sports programming, and that the school will work within its athletic conference and within the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to eliminate all alcohol advertising from televised college sports." Retired UNC b-ball coach Dean Smith and US Rep Tom Osborne (R-NE), former football coach of U of Nebraska kicked off the campaign today. According to today's (Nov12, B1) print WSJ, Ohio State University has also agreed to "bar its local media partners from airing any alcohol ads ... and plans to encourage ... the Big Ten ... to prohibit beer commercials when it renews national TV contracts in 2006." Impressive effort, impressive start. Seems like this will hurt the TV networks more than the advertisers. And will this really solve the problem of underage drinking and other destructive alcohol-related behavior on campus?

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November 12, 2003

Yankees manager Joe Torre reveals painful family past.: But that house was also filled with terror. Joe’s father kept them all in a constant state of fear. His violent attacks on their mother and humiliating verbal assaults on his children were a regular occurrence. And, the obligatory link to Joe Toore's "Safe at Home" foundation.

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Will Mr. T and Dolph Lundgren be named as witnesses?: A boxer who claims that his life was the inspiration for Rocky thinks that Sylvester Stallone's been profiting off his life story long enough. Yup, it's a lawsuit!

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The Carolina Panthers "fan of the game" taunted Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Sunday's game, leading to some uncomfortable moments when Rice responded with two straight sacks. "Instead of being recognized as 'Fan of the Year' you should be recognized as "faggot ass who almost lost the game for us," one irate visitor (among many) wrote on the fan's Web site.

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tmq returns.:

an update to a previous thread. not content to offer an homage of tmq reader submissions, football outsiders is now the official (temporary) home of tuesday morning quarterback.

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American (MLS) soccer is getting a facelift.: The MLS looks to be adding the Rochester Raging Rhinos to it's league by November 30th. If talks fall through, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Seattle, Houston, and even the Chivas Mexican club are all being considered as candidates in expanding the league.

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Impressive rookie goalie and 2003 first overall draft pick Marc-Andre Fleury may spend the rest of the season in the minors - his incentive laden contract is to blame. You gotta spare some pity for those fans in Pittsburgh who may have one of their bright spots taken away from them.

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Healy flies home.: Am I the only one who finds this funny?

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Sexist,moi?: Albion Rovers, of the Scottish third division, lost at the weekend. Nothing unusual in that, other than that, hilariously, Rovers manager Peter Hetherston, laid the blame squarely at the feet of the referees assistant, and stated she should have been at home cooking tea. He has a point, I have yet to meet a woman who quite understands the offside rule. Should women officiate in male professional sports ?

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That is one unathletic peacock.: How can we fix NBC’s utter lack of a sports lineup?

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November 11, 2003

You can only buy this...: ...if you promise not to track down Steve Bartman and bean him with it. Yup, the Infamous Ball is up for auction.

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Every Monday night, I ponder the eternal question;: what's up with this guy?
[more inside...]

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The results are in, : and as expected, it's Halladay by several lengths. Loaiza comes in second, and Martinez sneaks past Hudson for third. Bringing up the pack, it's Hudson, Moyer, Pettitte, Foulke, and Santana. Baseball Prospectus writers agree, at least about first place, as do their readers. Wins still matter, it would seem.

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The Baltimore Business Journal sings the praises of departing Ravens owner Art Modell, as well-liked among NFL owners as he is despised by fans in Cleveland.

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Moving A-Rod.: Texas is shopping the baseball phenom and Boston seems to be the top contender in recent discussions. Rumor is, a blockbuster 3-way trade between Anaheim, Boston and Texas (Nomar to Anaheim, Eckstein & prospects to Texas, A-Rod to Boston) has been circulating. Financially, while still carrying the Mannybucks contract and Pedro's ka-ching for '04, this doesn't make sense for Boston. Would I love to see Rodriguez knocking them into the monster seats for the home team? Yes, indeedy. Hell, I'm sitting here all smiley just thinking about it.

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Pick your most memorable sporting moments: A bit of a UK-centric link I'm afraid - but still, if you like sport, you'll like this.

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The worst hockey logos ever. Sort of a hall of fame of loopy designs.

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November 10, 2003

World Cup for baseball?: Looks like it's a real possibility. This has a lot of exciting potential. If I'm not mistaken they have a Softball World Cup.

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"MLB's Top 50 Free Agents": ESPN has come up with their own list of this off-season's Top 50 Free Agents. Assuming your home (or favourite) team had the money and the wherewithal to go for one, and only one of these "prized" free agents, who would you take? Keep your teams current roster in mind of course...
More inside...

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It's post-season MLB awards time! First up, Rookies of the Year. Selected for the AL and NL respectively were Angel Berroa and Dontrelle Willis. Berroa beat out Matsui in one of the closest votes ever.

Tomorrow's award: AL Cy Young (i.e. Roy Halladay).

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Jim McMahon does the "super bowl shuffle" when asked to walk in a straight line.: His blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit during a traffic stop Sunday night.

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Pro Football Overtime: has officially outstayed its welcome.

While it may beat the alternative, cries to change the way OT is played in the NFL are getting louder. Though hardly a new issue, this recent article in the New York Times (registration and first born son required) speaks to the righteous fury of every angry fan who's had to watch their team lose in OT without ever having a chance to field the offense. The NYT is hardly alone in its indignation and I can't help but feel the same way.

While it could reasonably be argued that the excitement and intensity of an NFL OT is tough to beat, the real bottom line has likely more to do with network scheduling than drama; not quite what I would consider the prime consideration of an athletic competition. Call me old fashioned.
And what about issues of fairness? When the flip of a coin has a 99.9% mathematical certainty of affecting the ultimate outcome of OT, the game becomes a lot more luck and a lot less skill.

Unsurprisingly, the inertia bound NFL says "Meh" to the whole issue, so proponents of OT reform will just have to wait until a Superbowl or Conference Playoff is decided by one lucky return and one lucky field goal to see the League shamed into improving the system.

Kvetching about the sad state of NFL OT has become an almost yearly event. Maybe it's time to think outside the box?

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How hard is it to keep up with the (Roy) Jones?: After a struggling, stammering win over a 7-1 underdog, Roy Jones Jr. declared himself in the market for Mike Tyson or retirement. How much of Roy's 49-1 record is the best pound-for-pound fighter of our time, and how much is just scheduling bums? And could he take Tyson?

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Onion-type sports site.: Satire sites in the Onion vein are hit and miss, but I find this site has more of the former than latter. Take a peak.

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November 09, 2003

"I should hold up a sign. My number one priority is tennis": That's right...good, good...keep your arms straight up. Now, turn a little this way. Good, good. Now I want your face telling the camera "my number one proirity is tennis". Excellent. That's a rap!

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November 08, 2003

Bonzi Wells - Flippant:
Q: Did you flip off a fan, Bonzi?
A: I don't remember nothing like that, but if I did, I was probably wrong. But I don't remember doing nothing like that. I black out sometimes. (He winks).

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November 07, 2003

You're Out!: Mexico's baseball team elimated the defending champion US team from next year's Olympics with home run in the top of the ninth for a 2-1 win.

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Pedro Martinez holds press conference in the Dominican Republic.: Briefly discusses Manny and the free agent market, then throws Grady under the bus. He then reiterates that he wants to finish career in Boston and the media misinterprets his comments from last season. All this while while looking snazzy in tinted lenses and suit.

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Mackovic made me stop loving football: - an example of what's wrong with college football. Found via FanBlogs.

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Somebody has to manage them. Lee Mazilli leaves the Yanks to manage the Orioles.

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Cancelling the season...Overreacting or justified?: Woodside High school administrators cancel the rest of the HS Football team's season after some of the team members do a nasty chant about their coach after losing again. Is the action justified? Is there be a better alternative? Are they teaching these kids a good lesson? Note that it's not just because of the chant but also because of ongoing discipline problems with the team.

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The Ultimate Mets Database : is one of the most comprehensive fan sites in all of sports, with an all-time roster, a message board to discuss specific games, and an impressive database of stats. A great complement to Bryan Hoch's excellent Mets blog.

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The San Diego Padres are changing their uniforms and logos, adopting new blue and sand colors that wipe out any vestiges of their infamous brown and mustard period.

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November 06, 2003

NFL Week 10 Picks: NFL predictions that think Liza and Nathan make a cute couple.

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USA Today columnist Christine Brennan offers new details today on Peyton Manning's locker room mooning incident from 1996. Evidently, he also scored a touchdown on female trainer Jamie Ann Naughright. As she testified in a lawsuit deposition: "It was the gluteus maximus, the rectum, the testicles and the area in between the testicles. And all that was on my face when I pushed him up. ... To get leverage, I took my head out to push him up and off."

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...and with a "doink" on the crossbar, TCU beats Louisville and moves to 9-0. But where does an undefeated team in an inferior conference belong in the BCS picture? Should they win out the season, do they deserve a chance at a national championship?

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Dernell Stenson, a late season call up of the Cincinnati Reds, was shot and killed Wednesday morning in Arizona. It may be the first homicide of an active Major League player since the death of Lyman Bostock in 1978.

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Golf: Tears tantrums and tigers tamed: Unlikely winners, feminist protests, great comebacks and disqualifications. Alasdair Reid and Derek Clements (of The Times) review the golf season that had everything...

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November 05, 2003

Chasing the Dream...Where one man with a 75 mph fastball attempts to earn a tryout with the Phillies. Don't laugh! It could happen!

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Joe Paterno's teams are losing, 10 players have been arrested this year, and his behavior is becoming erratic. He told the press that a player's DUI arrest was "blown out of proportion because he is a football player, but he didn't do anything to anybody." Is it time for JoePa to goPa?

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An Illinois prep football star has asked that his record-breaking pass be removed from the books because it wasn't earned. Nate Haasis didn't want to join Nykesha Sales, Michael Strahan, John Reaves, James Wilder, Anthony Bowie and Ricky Davis in the record-attempt hall of shame.

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November 04, 2003

Hockey Update: After a blazing start to the season, some standouts are already ailing, including my favorite whipping boy, and one is about to start playing. Interesting to note, the WaterFowl of CA have established dominance in the circle, which should help them build upon last year's success. Also, it seems the universe is as one again, after a couple seasons with the road records surpassing home records. (it's early, but, it's hockey). And surprising to most, the Motor City Flying Spoked-Wheels look one Sergei short of a cup contender, even with the best goalie stable in the League. More importantly, fighting majors are on the rise, on and off the ice(courtesy hockey pundits).

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Big East to add 5 teams today,: Cincinnati, Louisville, DePaul, South Florida and Marquette are all reported to be joining the conference in a move that seems to, in basketball terms, make up for their losses to the ACC

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Donnie baseball is back: Don Mattingly is going to be the Yankees new hitting coach. In other Yankee news, Willie Randolph is taking Zim's place as bench coach.

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November 03, 2003

Zoe Koplowitz: ,regarded as the slowest marathoner in the world, completed her 16th New York City Marathon Monday, reaching the finish on crutches more than 27 hours after the first runner crossed the line. "I'm overwhelmed," Koplowitz said after sinking into a chair in Central Park. "I'd give my kingdom for two Advil."

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"To get the game back to the way it was, we have to keep the goaltenders from coming out of the net to play the puck,": says Flyers GM Bob Clarke. He blames the NHL's lack of offence on roving netminders. "They're like third defensemen." Under Clarke's regime, goaltenders would be penalized for wandering behind their net or to the faceoff circles. Is this scheme so much more hoo-ha from one of the game's most noxious spokesmen, or a legitimate way to decongest the NHL game?

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Finally! An honest-to-goodness closer in Philadelphia.: The Phillies pull the trigger, acquire all-star closer Billy Wagner. News conference set for this afternoon. Sources are saying pitcher Brandon Duckworth and player(s) to be named later are headed to Houston.

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The Redskins and Coach Steve Spurrier received three hours of increasingly blunt criticism during the Cowboys game Sunday from Fox announcers Chris Collinsworth, Troy Aikman, and Joe Buck. "If a team could write a script for the worst possible way to spend two weeks preparing for a big game against its archrival, the Redskins just did it," writes a Washington Times reporter.

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"Shula. Halas. Landry. Lambeau. Noll. The only coaches who've won 200 NFL games." Six weeks ago, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution accidentally ran an ad prematurely congratulating Dan Reeves on his 200th career win. The Falcons haven't won since, the owner is taking out ads to apologize, the remaining schedule isn't pretty, and Reeves is in the last year of a three-year contract.

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November 01, 2003

Sanders wants to return to Falcons -- as coach: That's Deion, peeps, and one can only wonder if he didn't take few more bangs in his playing days than previously acknowledged. "I can make them a better team, and I know that, because I know the things that really need to be done there."

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Colin Montgomery pitches a fit, on the pitch.: Uncle Monty hasn't won on the European Tour this year. Incidentally, he became a bit, demonstrative on the 9th hole at Valderrama. He could be sanctioned by the tour for his "tantrum". I've heard of worse happening out on the links. But then again, Monty's a pro. Isn't he?

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