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World Cup for baseball?: Looks like it's a real possibility. This has a lot of exciting potential. If I'm not mistaken they have a Softball World Cup.

posted by Whitey to baseball at 07:54 PM on November 10, 2003 - 3 comments

Onion-type sports site.: Satire sites in the Onion vein are hit and miss, but I find this site has more of the former than latter. Take a peak.

posted by Whitey to general at 03:47 AM on November 10, 2003 - 13 comments

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Onion-type sports site.

Yeah they've lifted some lines right off the pages of The Onion, but there are still a few chuckles to be found. : )

posted by Whitey at 04:42 PM on November 10, 2003

Jim McMahon does the "super bowl shuffle" when asked to walk in a straight line.

I hope they factored in his light sensitivity. Wearing shades he might've had trouble seeing the line.

posted by Whitey at 01:25 PM on November 10, 2003

Onion-type sports site.

It says in the link guidelines a) that it not be a site you created, and b) that it could be a sports site "of note." The "of note" part is subjective, of course. The first site I mentioned, Sportsdrivel, is probably not of note to this audience, as it's "competition" of sorts. This site, however, is a new and fairly decent quality satire site. It does not try to mine the same vein as 'filter. I'm not playing dumb. You have a right to be skeptical of self-serving folks trying to contribute soley to their traffic and not to the 'filter community. However, in this instance my motives were entirely on the up and up.

posted by Whitey at 12:37 PM on November 10, 2003

Onion-type sports site.

Oops, sorry about the typo! :)

posted by Whitey at 12:30 PM on November 10, 2003

Onion-type sports site.

No this isn't my site! : ).

posted by Whitey at 03:53 AM on November 10, 2003

Sorry about the link. I do contribute as a user, but don't personally run the site.

posted by Whitey at 11:24 PM on November 09, 2003