November 17, 2003

Six-man football, young people, and Montana dreams.: A great piece of writing from the Washington Post about tiny Geraldine, Montana's high school football team. The piece uses the state six-man championship to tell a compelling story of farm economics, rural life -- and a heckuva football game.

posted by jeffmshaw to football at 04:23 PM - 3 comments

Jeff, this is exactly the kind of stuff I would never have come across myself. Nice work, and a reminder that not all of the big games are played by professionals.

posted by Samsonov14 at 04:43 PM on November 17, 2003

Great link, I grew up in north-central Montana, so I am very familiar with this. Unfortunately, the two schools I attended (Harlem Wildcats and Shelby Coyotes) combined for a record of 2-14 this year. Sad times indeed.

posted by patrickje at 12:25 PM on November 18, 2003

Makes me wonder if Ed Agre is covering the games. HBO Real Sports did a story on him. He is the sole news director, reporter and desk anchor for KXGN-Ch. 5 in Glendive, Mont., the smallest television news market in the nation. I've always lived in a major city, so I find this sort of thing fascinating.

posted by usfbull at 07:45 PM on November 18, 2003

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