November 19, 2003

If you're like most NFL fans, you're passionate about your team. You own caps, jerseys and pennants. You may even dye your hair or paint your face in team colors. But whether you're heading to the stadium or just your favorite chair in front of the TV, you're not truly geared up for the game until you suit up your eyes with NFL Crazy Lenses®!


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Sammy...I think maybe the link is f'd up? I get an "under construction" page.

posted by vito90 at 09:27 PM on November 19, 2003

Try this.

posted by usfbull at 10:14 PM on November 19, 2003

To the Crazy Lensers: GET....A....LIFE....

posted by smithers at 10:28 PM on November 19, 2003

obligatory/ 1)These hurt my eyes. 2)Do your eyes get lazy on the bye weeks? 3)If you put a Packers in one eye and a Bucs in the other, do they cross? 4)Are the Redskins ones for people who are short-sighted? 5)Are the Bears ones disposible? 6)Are the Chief's ones long-lasting? 7)Are the Lions for myopics? 7)Do the Jets ones start out great at the beginning of the day, then fall out around lunch time? 8)Which is better: one or two? /obligatory
I'm very sorry.

posted by forksclovetofu at 10:49 PM on November 19, 2003

What's sad is that I know if they had made Duke ones, I know I would have bought a pair in college.

posted by tieguy at 07:07 AM on November 20, 2003

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