November 25, 2003

For a little over a year now, Shawn Weaver has been rating baseball players throughout history from #1 up on his blog. A fascinating little project that also gives you some nice mini-bios on players.

posted by Ufez Jones to baseball at 12:39 PM - 4 comments

Nice find! I love it when someone uses the blog format for something other than a standard blog.

posted by Jaquandor at 01:00 PM on November 25, 2003

Cool. Thanks.

posted by yerfatma at 01:35 PM on November 25, 2003

Great site, but I must be really tired because I can't find any link to explain how he calculates his "rating points" that he talks about in each entry. A little help please for the bleary-eyed? And I wonder if his reranking for 2003 stats might bump Bonds up into the top 3. That 6th MVP and another dominating (albeit slightly-shortened) season might be enough.

posted by grum@work at 01:56 PM on November 25, 2003

Interesting stuff - he seems to value a player's best year or years above the final numbers, talks a lot about defensive prowess (so difficult to translate into statistics however) and take sinto account the position they played as a relative indicator of their worth - I mean how else can you explain Gary Carter ahead of Warren Spahn and Steve Carlton? Not in my book - no way. My big problem with this - despite my total respect for the project - is that the awarding of Gold Gloves has been for a long time a mostly frivalous endeavor. The same guys win it year in and out and it's based too much on hearsay and reputation. He seems to put a lot of stock in it.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 03:53 PM on November 25, 2003

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