November 28, 2003

Schilling makes the leap: and now countless New England fans pray that he'll look good in crimson hosiery. The previous 24 hours have been fairly unusual; Curt Schilling not only posted on the Red Sox message board, but it's a fairly open secret that he dropped by the most popular Red Sox fan site for an impromptu live chat or two. It's not every top tier free agent who fires up his computer in the wee hours of the morning to take the temperature of his potential fans.

Of course, as previously noted, the guy's a serious computer buff. He likes his games, both on the computer and off. So maybe not so surprising after all.

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I like Curt Schilling, even though he is a big reason the Yankees lost the World Series in 2001. His open letter following the 9/11 attacks was impressive and unique in the world of sports. And now I like him more for being so open with fans. Only thing I don't like him for is his choice of teams. The Yankees, while I feel they need to dedicate their dollars to younger pitchers, could've used Schilling to fill Clemens' role. Guy's a competitor, and his matchups with the Yanks will be great to watch. This is a cool excerpt from his post to the fans: 6) And yes, the one rumour that is true is that Mr Epstein and his assistant did have Thanksgiving dinner at our home. Shonda and I were a bit concerned, and impressed, that they would spend Thanksgiving away from their families, so we invited them on Wednesday night to have dinner with us on Thanksgiving, I am pretty sure they enjoyed the food.

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I assume jgirl has yet to post in this thread because it's difficult to type while you're jumping for joy. A couple questions: 1) Haven't they already released the names of the guys in the trade? Why can't I find them? 2) What's up with the no-logo hat Tom Candiotti's wearing in the ESPN sidebar? Are we to infer he's coming back to play somewhere this season, or will the network start dressing Joe Morgan in baseball garb (or more appropriately, a clown suit)? Great move by the Red Sox, who are in line to dethrone the Yankees, especially if Pettitte leaves.

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The names of the other four guys varied a lot over the last three days, but it seemed to settle down as: * Casey Fossum, once-promising left handed pitcher * Brandon Lyon, prone to giving up home runs, righty * Jorge De La Rosa, legitimate left handed pitching prospect * Michael Goss, of whom I know nothing Goss was down with the August Greenjackets (A) club this past year, I guess. .245 BA, but he stole 29 bases -- I hear his speed is very good. De La Rosa was with the AA Portland Sea Dogs. 99 innings, 102 Ks, 36 walks.

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Rat bastards at ESPN moved the story -- it's now here.

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I'm impressed that he brokered the deal himself.

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Ok. I am done reading. I couldn't wait to get home to read SoSH tonight. You know you have a baseball "problem" when you're going home early on a Friday night to read a Sox fan message board. Don't give up on Fossum yet. He is a work in progress, but he's got so much potential and he's so young. He's going to have a hell of a career. Poor Lyon has been traded 3 times in the last 6 months. He's professional trade bait. But again, Lyon is young too and is a project.

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Sheffield to Yankees. Not a pitcher but a strong position upgrade. Does it make Karim Garcia decent trade bait for a good setup man?

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Schilling's an interesting guy (and an avid geek). He used some of his money to buy the rights to the wargame Advanced Squad Leader and was the target of Major League Baseball's first incident of EverQuest-inspired revenge.

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oh god, he plays Evercrack.

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