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February 28, 2007

One Good Turn Deserves Another!: Legendary University of Tennessee Basketball Coach Pat Summitt dons Vol cheerleader garb, sings, cheers, and (barely) tops a human pyramid to support Coach Bruce Pearl and the Volunteers against Florida. Summitt returned the support after Pearl showed up at a Lady Vols' game in full body paint. Inspired no doubt by Summitt's act, the Vols beat the Gators 86-76 to finish a perfect 16-0 at home.

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Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before.: A joint task force of law enforcement officials from Albany County, New York and Orlando, Florida raided a Florida pharmacy that they say may be the key to a massive, internet-based illegal steroids trade. Gary Matthews, Jr.'s name has been specifically mentioned, as well as a Pittsburgh Steelers team doctor who purchased $150,000 worth of human growth hormone just last year. More than two dozen doctors, pharmacists and business owners have been, or will be, arrested in the coming days in Alabama, Texas, Florida and New York on sealed indictments charging them with various felonies for unlawfully distributing steroids and other controlled substances.

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The heroism-stupidity line.: After John Terry's decision to leave hospital as quickly as possible, Martin Samuel wonders is he believing his own hype as "captain indestructible" and when bravery turns into stupidity.

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February 27, 2007

Clippers Guard Destroys Knee in Freak Injury: Landing awkwardly after a missed layup in Monday's game, Shaun Livingston suffered a dislocated kneecap, tibia contusion, torn anterior cruciate ligament, torn posterior cruciate ligament, torn medial collateral ligament and torn meniscus tendon (warning: the video's not easy to watch).

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Indoor football player dies after hit : A defensive back for Daytona Beach's minor league football team, who was knocked unconscious in a helmet-to-helmet block, died from a broken neck, according to a preliminary autopsy report.

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Someone Saved My Life Beating the Crap Out of Me!: Minor league hockey ref ejects player for fighting; player whacks ref in head with stick, knocking him unconcious, then jumps on his prone body, and begins administering haymakers. Doctors, while treating referee for broken nose and split lip, discover brain tumor. Player hailed as hero! Okay, not quite.

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Fantasy Basketball H2H league: Week 16-18 update. Lots of broken ankles, dislocated kneecaps and even a 9-0 skunking to discuss.

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Veterans Committee picks no one for Hall: NEW YORK - No one was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee. Ron Santo, Jim Kaat and all the other candidates were left out Tuesday when the Veterans Committee admitted no new members for the third straight election.

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Yahoo! Head to Head Fantasy Baseball.: There are six more slots available. Details inside.

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Topps o' the Mornin' Mr. President.: Jeter's at the bat as President Bush smiles and waves from the crowd. And, oh look, The Mick is on deck.

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Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Week 28 update.

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The Innovations of Lew Fonseca: Partially inspired by this thread, a look into the man whose fingerprints dot the blueprints for sports training films, highlight films, sports broadcasting... even the speed gun. A column by The Crafty Sousepaw.

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Living up to my name: Sports evoke many emotions in us whether we are watching or participating in them. The most common for me is hatred for the players opposing my team. Here is a list of the 10 athletes I would punch in the face upon meeting. A column by sportsfilter member Hater 187.

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February 26, 2007

Ullrich hangs up his cleats.: After failing to find a team for the new season, and persistent doping allegations that refuse to go away, 1997 Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich announces his retirement. Ullrich was caught up in the Operacion Puerto doping case last year, and despite numerous other cyclists being given the all-clear, Der Kaiser has chosen to call it a day.

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Six Nations: fantasy league update, and there is only 2 weeks left to go.

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The Innovations of Lew Fonseca: Partially inspired by this thread, a look into the man whose fingerprints dot the blueprints for sports training films, highlight films, sports broadcasting... even the speed gun.

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February 25, 2007

Tkachuk to the Thrashers as NHL Moving Day approaches: In the wake of Peter Forsberg heading to Nashville, the Atlanta Thrashers acquired Keith Tkachuk from the St. Louis Blues on Sunday. The Blues get Glen Metropolit, first- and third-round picks this year and a second rounder in 2008. Atlanta also nabbed Alexei Zhitnik from Philly on Saturday. Who else should be packing their bags, who should be in the market and what moves should your team make?

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Broncos Lose Another Player: Damien Nash, 24, collapsed and died after a charity basketball game in suburban St. Louis on Saturday. The game was to benefit his brother's heart transplant foundation.

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February 24, 2007

More than 50 years: after he pitched the only perfect game in World Series history, Don Larsen finally got to see the game in it's entirety courtesy an Illinois sports collector.

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Get your vote on!:
The Canadian sports television network "The Score" has started a massive undertaking to determine the greatest sports highlight of all time. They've put together their list of the top 64 plays into a playoff bracket system. They reveal a new match-up each weeknight.

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February 23, 2007

New life at the plate: Josh Hamilton, eight years removed from being baseball's first overall pick and after eight rehab stints, tries to resurrect his career with the Cincinnati Reds.

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The "old NHL" lives on.: Two of the most skilled teams in the league went at it Broad-Street-Bullies-style last night. After a questionable late hit to Chris Drury, all hell broke loose. Senators goalie Ray Emery, back from a 3-game suspension, celebrated by fighting Sabres keeper Martin Biron and enforcer Andrew Peters. Does the NHL need more or less of this?

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First of all, I don't like you.:   Former pro Tight End and Player Personnel Director Ken Herock prepares NFL draft prospects for the Combine without sprints, weights or even a ball.

Herock calls Giants Wide Receiver Tim Carter a success and Maurice Clarett "that little punk."

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February 22, 2007

Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Week 27 update. A relaxed schedule in February leaves EPL players plenty of time to practice their golf swing.

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"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching": The linked blog agrees with Bobby that it is basically cheating- but "if you're not cheating, you're not trying." Interesting read on something we're sure to hear more about as OSU (Greg Oden) and Texas (Kevin Durant) advance through the Madness.

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SlapShot Part II: USC hockey goalie rides stick like a horse then moons the crowd while slapping his butt cheeks. No report yet if Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken protested

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Greinke trying to bounce back from personal problems: Royals pitcher Zach Greinke talks about his battle with depression, how it almost ruined his baseball career, and his current attempt at a comeback.

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Former Celtics guard Dennis Johnson dies at 52: Detailed information is still a little sketchy. Another news source quotes a compassionate and articulate coroner; "He is deceased and is in our building. He will be autopsied," said Mayra Freeman, a spokeswoman for the Travis County Medical Examiner's Office.

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Fuzzy Zoeller Sues Over Libelous Wikipedia Page: The golfer has filed suit against a Florida company whose IP address was used to add "false and defamatory" edits to his Wikipedia entry. For some reason, Zoeller objected to the claim that he was a Jack Daniels-swilling, Vicodin fiend who "viciously beat his wife Dianne and their four children."

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The German World Cup Baby Boom.: Last summer's mix of sun, beer and excitement during the football World Cup appears to have produced a massive hormone rush in German bedrooms, gardens and back alleys.

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Equal pay for equal play: : the All England Club announced plans to offer equal prize money across the board for men and women at this year's Wimbledon tournament. Of the four Grand Slams, the Australian Open and US Open also offer equal prize money; the French Open offered equal prizes to the men's and women's champions in 2006, but does not offer equal prize money throughout the tournament.

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Rocky joins cast of fallen sporting heroes.: When the initial shock and hurt turns to anger and recrimination it will surely seem sensible to ask precisely how many of Rocky's victories ought possibly to be asterisked.

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“I’ve already died four times": The story of boxer Johnny Tapia, who is to step into the ring one last time on Friday, is one that is a "little too dark" for Disney, what with the suicide attempts and overdoses.

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February 21, 2007

2007 is a good year for sheep: MLB's uniform technology people haven't been wool gathering. There's a new cap in town -- a synthetic polyester blend that aims to remove long standing traditions like sweat stains with less, well, au jus. Bud Selig has been a trend ender in many respects, but this one may be the longest running tradition he's tackled. You will still be able to acquire the legendary wool caps, but if you want to dress like the pros, you've gotta go polyester.

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Turbulent teammates turn heroes.: After an "altercation" during training last week, Liverpool teammates John Arne Riise and Craig Bellamy both scored the goals in today's famous 2-1 victory over Champions League holders Barcelona, in the Nou Camp stadium no less. The best part: Riise scored the winning goal off a pass from Bellamy.

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We're not playing anymore!: After Ryan Gigg's quick free kick, and resulting goal, Lille's manager, Claude Puel threatened to take his players off the pitch in protest. Not a smart move, as the match had already seen the use of tear gas on the crowd, and a crush scare.

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February 20, 2007

Tommy Morrison Cleared to Fight: More than a decade after he was indefinitely suspended following a positive HIV test on the eve of a 1996 fight in Las Vegas, that day is here. He has been cleared to return to the ring after passing a battery of medical tests.

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Give 'Til it Hurts: The Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, launched by Jerry Kramer, raises money for needy, retired National Football League players. "It's going to the guys who started football, not the guys who are making the money off it."

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Dog's Best Friend.: In the middle of the Yukon Quest dogsled race, musher Aaron Burmeister stopped his sled to give mouth-to-snout resuscitation to a member of his sled team that had collapsed. The race is, for all intents, lost to Bermeister and his team, but sometimes, winning isn't everything.

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"I love sweaty basketball players.": George Takei responds to Tim Hardaway's recent anti-gay comments.

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Who's the Daddy?: Eighty-five times he's pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in Marathons. Eight times he's not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars - all in the same day. [I can't seem to get the original of this from SI, but this one includes an embedded YouTube link at the end]

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February 19, 2007

The First Franchise Player: - Football Outsiders breaks down the NFL Franchise Tag and the story of Wilber Marshall, the first player to be tagged and the first (of many) to object.

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Turner to coach Bolts.: The man won two Superbowl rings as the O Coordinator in Dallas. However, he has a combined record of 58-82-1 as a head coach in Washington and Oakland. All of the people interviewed by the Chargers (to my knowledge) had at least one Superbowl ring as a player or coach. Did they pick the right one?

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Head to Head Fantasy Baseball: For those of you who don't enjoy roto or just want to get some more fantasy baseball action.

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Martin finds himself odd man out ... again: Kevin Harvick comes from 7th in the final laps to win the Daytona 500 by .020 seconds. The ending was well worth waiting for. Congrats to Kevin Harvick and the Sportsmanship Award should go to Mark Martin.

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February 18, 2007

Lefty lets another tournament slip away. Charles Howell III wins Nissan Open in a playoff.: This won't be nearly as memorable as Phil's collapse in the U.S. Open last year but he gave up another tournament again.

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February 17, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.: While the match is going, a father perceives his son to be in trouble and jumps in to help out. He launches his son's opponent about five feet into the air. Unbelievable.

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Auction/Keeper Baseball League - Redux: Anyone who remembers last year's saga knows that the league didn't happen due to a little thing call child birth on draft day. A list of the people who signed up last year is inside and all of those folks have first opportunity to try giving it another shot.

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So long to the Suite Life --: A shift in corporate schmoozing has stadiums ripping out skyboxes. What it means for the business of sports. Read it today, as it may not be free tomorrow.

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Living up to my name: Sports evoke many emotions in us whether we are watching or participating in them. The most common for me is hatred for the players opposing my team. Here is a list of the 10 athletes I would punch in the face upon meeting.

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A new way to watch: How you can follow the Tour of California on Google Earth. (Thanks CSC)

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Chief Illiniwek hits the bench: The University of Illinois will retire its mascot of 81 years, Chief Illiniwek, after Wednesday's final home basketball game of the season despite a lawsuit filed by the two students who portray him.

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February 16, 2007

It's about that time of year: Yahoo has opened up registration for fantasy baseball. So it's probably a good time to get the Roto league going.

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Chelsea does YouTube deal.: English soccer champions Chelsea have signed a deal to show archive footage and daily news on the popular video-sharing site YouTube, becoming the first Premier League club to do so. I wish Liverpool would get on the bandwagon and stop being so proprietary with its content. With Chelsea leading the way, and Google opening the way to video advertising, can other teams, EPL and otherwise, be far behind?

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Team Me Up Scottie: Pippen wants to return and is looking for another NBA championship ring.

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Rolling the Dice on the Rolling Ankle: Peter Forsberg is traded from the Flyers to the Predators for Scottie Upshall, Ryan Parent and two draft picks. Response from Philadelphia.

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February 15, 2007

Good Save, the Queen: In an effort to make up for missing the opening of Arsenal's Emirates stadium last October due to a back injury, Queen Elizabeth has invited the team—including captain Thierry Henry [YouTube video]—over to Buckingham Palace for tea. I just hope someone doesn't ask her to pass the crumpets.

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February 14, 2007

Doping in Daytona: Days before the NASCAR season begins at the Daytona 500, Michael Waltrip's crew chief and team director were suspended indefinitely after performance-enhancing substances were found in his car's intake manifold -- a property contained in jet fuel. "We're not going to go into any great detail, but it was a foreign substance that we feel should not have been inside the engine, and we'll leave it at that," said an official. The substance, called an oxygenate, boosts octane in the fuel and makes it run better at higher horsepower.

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"Go play intramurals, brother!": University of Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins recently received an anonymous letter from one of his player's parents complaining about the loss of a week off due to a more stringent offseason conditioning program. Hear Hawkins discuss why this shouldn't be an issue (cilck the video link in the top right corner).

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"Say goodbye to international sports and most national sports": because of caps on pollution emissions and peak oil, according to David Horton of the Huffington Post.

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February 13, 2007

Whoa.: ESPN buys TrueHoop.

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Pitchers and Catchers Report: In honor of the first players to report to Major League Baseball spring training today -- the Yankees and Nationals -- Keith Olbermann last night was given the first Topps pack of 2007 to open: "Johnny Damon, the first player out of the first pack of the first baseball cards of 2007. Good luck to him and all who sail on him."

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Tiki Barber joins NBC.: While Barber's NFL career may have come to an end, his media career is just beginning.

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Tradin' paint over control of DEI: Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and his stepmother, Teresa, are locked in a battle for majority ownership of Dale Earnhardt Inc. Could the son end up leaving the race team his father built, and would he be better off if he did? One NASCAR commentator seems to think so.

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February 12, 2007

Bolts zap Schottenheimer.: It was inevitable. I thought it would happen sooner. With the level of talent on that team, there's no longer an excuse not to win it all. But did they wait too long? Are all the best candidates for the job already taken?

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Peyton's won his. Phil Mickelson has won his. Who's next?: The Sports Prof wonders which athlete now assumes the title of "Best Player Never to Win it All", and then asks if it really matters.

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Abandoning Your Post.: Would abolishing the 3 point line improve FG%? Spacing? Kevin Arnovitz has some interesting analysis of SI's article about the issue.

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Fantasy Basketball H2H league: Week 16 update. Not a single dominant performance, and the top of the standings tighten even more.

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Cuban says openly gay player would clean up: Leave it to Mark Cuban to go where no man would go before.

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Week 2 of the fantasy six nations comp: sees the AFx Argonauts move into the lead.

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Home Snow Advantage: : with a victory in Sunday's World Championship downhill in Are, Sweden's Anja Paerson became the first person, man or woman, to win World Championship gold in all five alpine skiing events. Paerson, who has won all three events so far in this Worlds (combined, super G and downhill), had previously won the GS world title in 2005 in Santa Caterina and the slalom world title in 2001 in St. Anton.

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Are the '43 Homestead Grays the best baseball team ever?: To honor Black History Month, MLB is listing the top five Negro League teams of all time. Coming in at #5 is a Grays club that includes Hall of Famers Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard and Cool Papa Bell. Even in the fifth spot, the team compares favorably to the '27 Yankees. Ahead of the Grays, at #4 they list the 1916 Indianapolis ABC's, a club that heralded Oscar Charleston and Ben Taylor. #1 could be any one of Rube Foster's clubs, or the 1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords, which sported Gibson, Bell, Judy Johnson, Oscar Charleston and Satchel Paige. What's the best team you (probably) never saw?

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February 11, 2007

Lefty Answers Prayers of Football's Dirtiest Player: Who would have ever thought the former dirtiest player in the NFL would have a guardian angel who swings a golf club?

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Hot pajamas! Noah takes the heat off Brewer: and Florida goes on to beat the wildcats -- led by Brewer.

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Bitch ph.D.'s Heroine of the week: Commentary on a NYTimes article on weight and fitness in women's sport:

Paris is a hell of an athlete--"last season as a freshman she became the first collegiate player, man or woman, to collect at least 700 points, 500 rebounds and 100 blocked shots in a season"--and the only reason I've heard of her is because I clicked on a story about women and weight in the NYT? We've got to, as a culture, get our heads out of our asses. Courtney Paris oughta be better-known than Paris Hilton.* Maybe in four years, when she's playing for the WNBA, she will be.

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February 10, 2007

Myark Cubyan Slyams Dwyane Wyade: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban does his part to pimp the Heat-Mavs rivalry, calling out Dwyane Wade for a recent shot he took at Dirk Nowitzki. "You are an amazing player Dwayne," blogs Cuban, misspelling Dwyane's name repeatedly. "I love watching you shoot free throws. ... Now we know why Charles won't put you in his 5."

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Fantasy NASCAR: Over at yahoo. Group Name: spofi Password: spofi Daytona 500 deadline is Feb 18

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February 09, 2007

Violence in sport: After the recent events in Italy, the freakonomics blog asks why aren't US sports fans more violent.

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February 08, 2007

Son Of A Bum!: San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator and former Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons head coach Wade Phillips has been tapped to take over the reins of the Dallas Cowboys. Former Dallas quarterback Jason Garrett, who had also been interviewed, has been hired for an unannounced coaching spot.

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Zidane to bite Big Apple?: Will Zizou follow Becks on the money trail by joining the New York Red Bulls?

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Hoops of Nazareth: The only thing keeping one small Texas town alive is its girls basketball team. The Swiftettes finished their season Tuesday night with a 25-4 record, 8-0 in district. They'll begin their quest for their 18th state title when the area playoffs begin Feb. 15.

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February 07, 2007

"Geez, you mean I'm supposed to feed them, too?": Sacramento Kings star Ron Artest has his Great Dane seized by animal control officers after neighbors report the dog's going for months at a time with no food or water.

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Drew the body good: The gadgets he's turned to include a cosmonaut-tested healing device, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, an infrared sauna, chips implanted in his cell phones and computers to limit radiation damage, and a myriad of other health-oriented products that promise better overall health.

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UConn Recruit Rises Above Fear Of All-Pro Dad: Greg Lloyd Jr. will sign a letter of intent today to play football at the University of Connecticut. And while today is a joyous day, Saturday is a worrisome day. He will turn 18, and a protective order issued by a Georgia court banning his father from having contact with him will run out.

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February 06, 2007

EPL takeover trends.: The recent takeover of my beloved Liverpool by American businessmen Gillett and Hicks led me to ask the question, wherein lies the ownership of England's premier football clubs? And what brought about the globalization of the EPL? The BBC answers.

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You Can't Stop Deadspin; You Can Only Hope to Contain It: PRWeek profiles Deadspin.Com "dorky and corn-fed" editor Will Leitch, whose influential, sarcastic and ESPN-mocking sports blog is fast becoming the New York Yankees to SportsFilter's Detroit Tigers.

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Welcome to Croker: What do they say about serious sport being war minus the shooting? Well, in Ireland for many years Croke Park has been the home of the GAA, with the foreign "garrison" games banned. This weekend, for the first time, rugby will be played, and two weeks later, perfidious Albion will get their chance to shine, although without royalty in the crowd. Some are happy with the change, others aren't done complaining

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Six Nations Fantasy league update.: With the first weekend of rugby complete how is everyone doing? I'm thinking you'll have to be logged in to see the league standings.

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February 05, 2007

Spofi EPL fantasy footie: Week 26 update. Phatcat FC continues his scorching form.

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Sticking it to Sidney: It's tough to take Montreal's complaints about Sid the Kid's diving seriously when lunkhead Aaron Downey's delivering the message. By sportsfilter's own wfrazerjr.

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Sticking it to Sidney: It's tough to take Montreal's complaints about Sid the Kid's diving seriously when lunkhead Aaron Downey's delivering the message.

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Fantasy Basketball H2H league: Week 15 update. Still ten teams within 10 points of first place.

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"We've Got The Software, We Just Need The Formula": Moneyball strategies applied to English football. And why baseball is like the Championship, but not the Premier League. From the ever readable Observer Sports Monthly.

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February 04, 2007

Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died: The Indianapolis Colts proved they were mudders, winning Super Bowl XLI over the Chicago Bears in rain-drenched Miami 29-17. Peyton Manning brings Indy its first pro sports championship since the Pacers won three ABA titles ending in 1973.

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Playoff Confidence Pool-: Final Standings. Congrats tron7.

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February 03, 2007

Paraglider attacked by eagles.: Nicky Moss has a harrowing encounter in Australia.

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Buffalo Bills: Africa's Four-Time Super Bowl Champs: Now that every sports champion dons special T-shirts and ballcaps after the game, ever wonder what happens to the swag produced for the losers? The NFL ships it to developing nations in Africa and elsewhere. (Note: One Super Bowl team is jinxed by the article's photo.)

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Brett Favre Coming Back For 17th Season: "We have a good nucleus of young players. We were 8-8 last year, and that's encouraging."

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NFL Hall of Fame class of 2007 includes Michael Irvin, Thurman Thomas: ... alongside Gene Hickerson, Bruce Matthews, Charlie Sanders and Roger Wehrli.

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Tiger's New Rules: Federline, Abdul, Bonaduce, Spears and others will join his posse. I say he still wins.

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Giants hopes fans and team will Bonds together.: Dear fans...............

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February 02, 2007

Conan O'Brien beats Serena Williams in (Wii) tennis match.: (Youtube). Cute. Happy Friday.

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The Hoser's NFL Picks, Super Bowl Time: NFL picks that have already put on the Ro-Tel and Velveeta dip.

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The Hoser's NFL Picks, Super Bowl Time: NFL picks that have already put on the Ro-Tel and Velveeta dip.

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A Sad Day in Italy: The most popular sport on earth has another horrible day.

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Art Schlichter tries to rebuild...: He was once the quarterback of the future for the Indianapolis Colts, the Peyton Manning of his time. He was always the ultimate con man, a smooth talker who could separate people from their money faster than he could zip a football downfield.

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If you hit home runs, : your career lasts longer. The paper expresses this in a slightly longer fashion. And made my face hurt. Via kottke.

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Gilbert's hijinx.: In his blog, Gilbert Arenas posted some jestful comments about teammate DeShawn Stevenson (scroll down to Three Point Shootout) saying "I’d shoot with one-hand from college three better than he can shoot with both hands from NBA three." Stevenson took him on the $20,000 bet. The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg sat in on the match and has a great recap here. WaPo's Ivan Carter has more here. (via)

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Liverpool bought by owners of Canadiens, Stars and Rangers.: Yes, my beloved Reds have agreed to be purchased by George Gillett and Tom Hicks, American owners of rival NHL teams. Liverpool were apparently swayed by Hicks's stadium-building expertise, an earmarking of just under half of the £470m purchase price for a new stadium, and a commitment to not make the new stadium a groundshare with bitter rivals Everton. The Americans pipped an earlier offer by the Dubai royal family.

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NFL Won't Let Church Show Game: - The NFL has nixed a church's plans to use a wall projector to show the Colts-Bears Super Bowl game, saying it would violate copyright laws.

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Ted Johnson's on the Injured List Years After Retirement: The former Patriots middle linebacker says Coach Bill Belichick and team trainers caused the debilitating mental problems he has developed after a series of increasingly severe concussions. "There’s something wrong with me," Johnson, 34, told the New York Times. "There’s something wrong with my brain. And I know when it started."

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A Story Behind Every Ring: Click on every Super Bowl ring, see each ring's design close-up, and read a story about a person who received one of them. Also, click on the link to see a video about the making of Super Bowl rings, and read the twenty questions that provides interesting facts (including the largest Super Bowl ring, Williams Perry's, which is big enough for a half-dollar to pass through).

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February 01, 2007

Joe Buck and Jim Nantz, Sportscasters or corporate shills?: Slate asks - yawn - are Buck and Nantz the best TV can do?

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World's tallest pro basketball player?: 7-foot-9 Sun Ming Ming from China will wear no. 79 for ABA team Maryland Nighthawks.

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