February 07, 2007

UConn Recruit Rises Above Fear Of All-Pro Dad: Greg Lloyd Jr. will sign a letter of intent today to play football at the University of Connecticut. And while today is a joyous day, Saturday is a worrisome day. He will turn 18, and a protective order issued by a Georgia court banning his father from having contact with him will run out.

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From the story, there seems to be some conflicting events but I'm going to have to side with Greg Jr. on this, regardless. I truly don't see why a child, especially a son, would not want to have some sort of relationship with his father unless something like what transpired actually happened. The kid is a football player and I'm sure if those things didn't happen, he would've loved to have his dad around to give him advice and also to watch him perform on the field. It's a shame that this has happened but this is not the first time a situation like this goes unnoticed. I hope that Greg Jr. excells in his education and football career but also hope that Greg Lloyd Sr. does well in his life after football. With all the stories coming out about ex-football players and their mental health, nothing surprises me anymore.

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Too bad they couldn't reach Greg Sr. for his side of the story. Sounds like the guy has many demons. I hope he respects his son's wishes and stays out of his life. According to a 2006 article on the nflplayers.com site he has a new wife and a new life in Georgia where (as mentioned) he works as an unpayed instructor at the Oh Do Kwan martial arts school. His boss, Joaquin Bonilla, spoke highly of him in the linked article. I imagine the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but again hopefully Greg Sr. will respect his son's wishes.

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I read this story in the Hartford Courant, and I am really excited about the UConn football program. With better recruits, and a beautiful new stadium in place, the future is looking promising. On another note, I really hope that the two can live safely without each other. It would be great if Sr. could be given some mental help... but he might stick a gun in the therapists mouth is he/she says the wrong thing. If these accusations are true (I presume they are), Greg Sr. should really be emmited into a mental health facility, which seems to be the only viable solution at this point.

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Here in Texas Greg Jr. would be packing. I'm not a gun fanatic but with all the maniacs out there you can't be too careful when you become famous.

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Greg Sr. was a great football player, but the rumored word out of the Steeler Headquarters was that he treated the staff terrible. I remember reading about the problems with his first wife. I know that his anger came out on the field when he played. I don't know what the truth is but I believe that the truth is somewhere in between! I hope that Sr. leaves Jr. alone because that is what the kid wants and I also hope that they both get the help that they need.

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