February 22, 2007

Rocky joins cast of fallen sporting heroes.: When the initial shock and hurt turns to anger and recrimination it will surely seem sensible to ask precisely how many of Rocky's victories ought possibly to be asterisked.

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I actually blame Mickey. After all he is the one who told Rocky, "You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!" We were all just so innocent, we just didn't realize what "lightning" was. Apparently, they goofed on the title of his one movie. It was supposed to be "Stop! My Mom's Going to Shoot Me Up".

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This just in, he's saying he found the stuff in Apollo Creed's locker.

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I bet Brigit Nielson gave it to him after the Russia fight.

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Wow! This opens up a whole new world of possibility for WADA. I guess Sylvester Stallone will have to be banned from Cinema for at least 4 years. I wonder who will play Dick Pound in the next Rocky sequel?

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Having been around the fitness and bodybuilding scene here in Venice California I can say this. When you see a sixty year old who has an incredibly defined and chisled body, it is due to chemical and hormone help. Due to the natural hormone and metabolic changes that occur in an aging male body, that lean body Stallone gets at his age isn't from just excercise and diet. Excercise and diet are a part of the equation but without the extra help, he wouldn't look like that. Here in So Cal if you have the money there are plenty of sources for HGH and Testerone. It's no joke the stuff can take 20 years off you. The down side is an unknown.

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Stands to reason that the downsides of HGH, whatever they may be, are substantially less at age 60 than at age 18. What's with the readers of the guardian. What a bunch of humorless pedants, arguing about whether the article belonged in the sports section. I wanted to make a snarky comment about Rocky, but I just can't get past the injustice done to the cunning wit of the writer (who I thought did a great piece of writing) by those twits. Of course, that's just me being a bit pedantic.

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Another factor is that Sly left Sydney yesterday on his way to Thailand. It's not that I'm worried about him facing Thailand's drug laws. It's just that he's going there to make another Rambo movie. Just what the world needs.

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What a complete shock. It comes as a total surprise that a man of 60-whatever years had to use chemical enhancements to look like that for a movie. Next they'll tell us that Britney is having some sort of personal problems. (I thought it was a nifty bit of writing, too)

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I only brought it for the writing - I didn't expect anyone would care less that Sly's juicin'.

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I wonder who will play Dick Pound in the next Rocky sequel? My money is on Ron Jeremy.

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Rocky's juicing? I am crushed! Crushed, I tell you! Where have all the heros gone?

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Where have all the heros gone? Not Australia, if they're smart.

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