February 27, 2007

Clippers Guard Destroys Knee in Freak Injury: Landing awkwardly after a missed layup in Monday's game, Shaun Livingston suffered a dislocated kneecap, tibia contusion, torn anterior cruciate ligament, torn posterior cruciate ligament, torn medial collateral ligament and torn meniscus tendon (warning: the video's not easy to watch).

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That was the worst knee injury I've seen in sports since Willis McGahee's in 2002.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:07 PM on February 27

Yeah, that was pretty nasty. I thought the still photo was worse than the actual video. Here's hoping for him to rebound and resume his career.

posted by jackhererra at 07:18 PM on February 27

His only hope is his age, but that may not help him with the extent of the damage.

posted by Parson at 07:42 PM on February 27

What is this, pain and injury night on SpoFi?

posted by Bonkers at 07:57 PM on February 27

Gross. Poor guy.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:43 PM on February 27

For some reason, I can't watch that clip without closing my eyes. Wait, never mind, I think I know the reason.

posted by chicobangs at 09:53 PM on February 27

Oh man, I can't even click the link. Maybe someday I will. I'd rather watch a kick to the groin (bare groin, exposed testicles) than a knee injury in the process of happening. If it has happened to you you know what I'm talking about. I've had arthroscopic (meniscus tears) in both knees and have partially torn acl's in both knees. 1 surgery on each knee so far. When the injury happens, you can hear it, like a rip of a clean, dry 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper. It's just totally sickening. This kid now gets an opportunity to really show what he's made of. If he wants to bad enough, he can come back from it.

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posted by everett at 10:23 PM on February 27

Vito, he's already come back from one dislocated kneecap, but I'm not sure he can come back from something like this. From what I read, they were worried about the arteries - that's how badly he twisted it.

posted by dusted at 10:28 PM on February 27

I've had two major orthopaedic surgeries and four arthroscopies on my right knee; my initial injury wasn't as spectacular as Livingston's, but it was close (Medial Meniscus, ACL, MCL, Patellar Tendon). I feel for this kid. He's got a world of pain on the way, and if he comes back from it, he'll be my freakin' hero. I've never bought an NBA jersey in my life, but I'll wear his.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:11 AM on February 28

OUCH!! I know the Clippers weren't on the way to the playoffs, but now maybe Scottie has somewhere to go. That video was absolutely nasty! I closed my eyes and flinched. He got jacked up! If he comes out of this and plays ball again, it'll show there's no limit to the human spirit.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 06:10 AM on February 28

a four letter injury: UGLY

posted by thatch at 09:17 AM on February 28

I know the Clippers weren't on the way to the playoffs! Talking sports out of your .... complete lack of knowledge again? Once back in High School a guy on my basketball team dislocated his knee cap and didn't suffer any tears or any damage what-so-ever. It was the freakiest shit I have ever witnessed.

posted by yay-yo at 09:29 AM on February 28

I've seen a dislocated kneecap happen twice, both in tennis matches, and I've done it to myself several times, once while swimming in very deep water. Dislocations are grotesque injuries if you think about it, so you...don't think about it too much.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 10:12 AM on February 28

Stupid flimsy humans. That's why all my joints are constructed of 100% weapons-grade 'cool'. Of course, on a more sympathetic note: Ouch. Save your money, Shawn.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:20 AM on February 28

I finally saw this thing. It looks like the took the video off the initial site unless you have a membership or something but I'll be darned if youtube didn't pick it up. Ugh, I think I just threw up in my mouth

posted by timdawg at 11:15 AM on February 28

Livingston's youth gives him a decent shot at recovery, though I heard on the radio this morning it might cost him two seasons.

posted by rcade at 11:23 AM on February 28

No thanks, I am not part of the new American fad that likes to be grossed out, but what do you expect, its fodder for the news media...if it bleeds it leads...I did see a still photo, which was more than enough. Hopefully, this wont be career ending for Mr. Livingston, he has a tremendous upside and could one day be one of the best PG's in the league. His size and athleticism remind me a little bit of a young, Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Mcgahee came back so we'll see if this kids got the stones to return.

posted by dezznutz at 11:24 AM on February 28

I am not part of the new American fad that likes to be grossed out Pretty sure it's hard-wired into humans to gawk at accidents.

posted by yerfatma at 12:19 PM on February 28

Mr. Livingston, he has a tremendous upside and could one day be one of the best PG's in the league. His size and athleticism remind me a little bit of a young, Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Yeah - I've been hearing this for four years. He's been traded, what, three times and I watched him play against Toronto a couple weeks ago and he was just being exploited at the defensive end. He was terrible. Something like 1-8 with 0 assists and was blown by time after time. He's been in the NBA for four years and can't shoot a lick. Tremendous upside? Yep. That's about all he's got. Upside. His Actual Side is seventh on the Clippers in scoring. Blech.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 12:48 PM on February 28

And he has weak knees, too!

posted by THX-1138 at 01:04 PM on February 28

OK, that's not funny.

posted by THX-1138 at 01:05 PM on February 28

Pretty sure it's hard-wired into humans to gawk at accidents. Hell yeah. Remember the chariot race in Ben Hur?

posted by lil_brown_bat at 01:07 PM on February 28

And Paris Hilton's acting in that wax museum flick.

posted by THX-1138 at 01:17 PM on February 28

That joke isn't funny anymore. Are we still working entirely in Smiths references today?

posted by yerfatma at 01:28 PM on February 28

Yeah - I've been hearing this for four years. He's been traded, what, three times[...] I think Livingston was drafted by the Clips and has been with them since.

posted by holden at 01:52 PM on February 28

And Paris Hilton's acting in that wax museum flick. It was actually quite entertaining to see her get a spear through the middle of her forehead.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:22 PM on February 28

I think Livingston was drafted by the Clips and has been with them since. Yep, fourth pick by the Clippers in 2004. He's never had a full season to demonstrate what he can do, but so far the Magic comparisons are ridiculous. He's a big point guard - that's about where the similarities end.

posted by dusted at 03:37 PM on February 28

I think weedy might be referring to the various trade scenarios Livingston was mentioned in before the deadline. As a Clipper fan, hell, as a basketball fan this is sad. Shaun has been a polarizing figure amongst Clipper fans since training camp. I don't think there has been a player in Clipper History who's perception has vacillated as wildly as his. He has, in the space of a few months, gone from having unreal expectations placed upon him to being packaged off in over a dozen unrealistic crack-pot trade scenarios. Bucher captures Shaun's predicament pretty succinctly:

Livingston's fear is that everyone will see him racking up stats and think it's all about the extension and the adulation. Or that even a hint of selfishness will prompt cold shoulders from his teammates. Or that he'll walk into the locker room one day and it'll be Richwoods High all over again, with sideways glances and newspaper stories about a hotshot who's all about himself. "I want to show my team I'm for the team," Livingston says. "I want them to see I'm in it for them, not for me. Growing up watching the league, Allen Iverson was my favorite player. But once I got here, Steve Nash instantly became my favorite. He can take 30 shots in a game, and not one person thinks he's doing it for himself." So Shaun Livingston has a conscience. And it's killing him.
If you watch him on a consistent basis you could see where the comparisons to Magic come from. The talent is quite obviously there. But there is also frustration in watching him underperform. In watching him defer. You can see him wrestle with it, and you want him to free himself from it, to let loose and show what he can do. He gets a vote of confidence from the coach, after fans and the media questioned the decision to keep him rather than trade him. And now this. Kevin Arnovitz sums it up best:
Whether it's fair or not, Shaun also embodies something larger. Shaun has been carrying around the hopes of the Našion since he was drafted in 2004. On Saturday, he put together what might be the most professional game of his career - a 14 point, 14 assist effort against Golden State. Following the game, Mike Dunleavy said, "Until I tell him to pull back, I want him to push the ball every time and I want him to explore. I want him to use his abilities. That's what could take us to another level." And that's exactly what Shaun is doing in the first quarter when he picks up a steal at the other end and initiates the break with Raymond Felton in pursuit. Four seconds later, Shaun is on the hardwood.
I would love for Shaun to come back (he's done it once before), but thats the selfish fan in me. Good luck Shaun, wherever life leads you.

posted by lilnemo at 04:34 PM on February 28

Poor guy. Yea... I've had this guy on and off my fantasy team (keeper league) for 3 years now... Hurt his shoulder real bad when he grabbed a rebound and the other guy ripped the ball, and his shoulder, right out... Then it was something else. His knee? 5 parts of it were totally detached... the big 3 ligaments (acl, mcl,pcl), the knee cap and the meniscus. From reading about it, this is the worst knee injury i've ever heard of. I hope he gets back, but he needs to strengthen his whole body, it's not built to stand up to much of anything. These knee injuries.... is it a pandemic? jk... The comparisons are a bit much yes, but not totally unfounded. He's got serious PG skills. The things that may have kept hom from becoming an all-star were a a weak body, a weak jumper, injuries and minutes - which were starting to come. He could run and see the floor with ease and make sweet passes. How much potential did he have? The 76ers offered Iverson in a package deal, but L.A. wouldn't part with Livingston. And yes, he's been a Clip the whole time, right out of high school. By the time he rehabs he'll be a year or two older than univ. grads. There's hope, but still... poor guy.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 04:41 PM on February 28

Look, I don't hate the guy, but it's articles like these which seem to suggest something that I'm not seeing. He has/(had) length and hops and all that nice stuff - but he's spent 4 years in the league and he can't shoot and he can't play a lick of defense. I mean - he can't shoot. No shot. And he's a guard. How can anyone have these expectations/hopes for him anymore? Frankly, he didn't seem to be improving at all. Definitely a guy who would have benefited to going to college for a few years. Not that they all do (see Garnett/McGrady/Kobe) - but he sure as hell should have.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 11:30 AM on March 01

Frankly, he didn't seem to be improving at all. Did you watch him play the last 3 years? I agree with the holes in his game you mention, but no improvement is a ridiculous suggestion. 4 years in the league? Get your facts right or don't bother contributing to a discussion. This was his 3rd year, and he's only totalled 145 games because of injuries. Don't tell me you talk out your a$$ too smokey. You mention his shooting, it is hurtin, but his fg% went up every year. That's improvement, and in the area he needed it most. You're just hatin, but I agree college would have helped him, especially in developing his body, but if this happened in college??? OUCH... He'd be kickin himself in the ass, literally, because with a leg that busted up, you can. and mentioning those guys... who all had some adjustments to make once in the NBA, where's Lebron? The one who made the transition most recently, and more seemlessly, than any of those guys. Weaky McPosty.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 04:11 PM on March 01

MVP, he was talking about Shaun Livingston, not you. No need to get all pissy and personal about stuff. It's a sports site, yes, but it's not Yahoo!

posted by The_Black_Hand at 04:55 PM on March 01

There's a need to be accurate.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 06:09 AM on March 02

Is there a need to be insulting?

posted by tommytrump at 07:09 AM on March 02

I just think "Weaky McPosty" is an outstanding example of that lamest of Internet insults, the username insult. Hee hee hee. Weaky McPosty.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 07:32 AM on March 02

In fairness, "WeakyMcPosty" made me laugh. And I think I made it perfectly clear that I looked up no evidence to support my rant. So there. But in my defense - FG% is not necessarily related to shooting. Perhaps it is because I have yet to see what the hype is all about - and after 3 years, one would think I would. Anyway - probably a moot point after that injury.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:38 AM on March 02

agreed. I think he was gettin better... but too slowly eh. I totally see where your coming from. I was expecting a lot more myself.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 01:53 PM on March 02

the username insult. Actually the username insult is the new "in" thing on the Internet.* I'd link to the actual comment but it's been deleted. So sad.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:26 PM on March 02

LBB - you're still here. Shouldn't you be at a vet somewhere recovering from the WHO pandemic debacle? Weaky McPosty, just for laughs yea... Mr. McSmokey has made a ton of fine posts.

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Fun with Ron Mexico name generator. WeakyMcPosty's name would be Miguel Barbuda, and Weaky McPosty's would be Kurt Guadeloupe. I'm kinda digging Kurt, but not in 'that way', NOT that there's anything wrong with 'that way'.

posted by tommytrump at 09:05 AM on March 03

Ooh, ohh, Se˝or Dos MVP, can we get your opinion on everyone else too?

posted by yerfatma at 09:56 AM on March 03

yerfatma... As soon as someone posts on article on "everything else", then yes, yes you can. One.... small..... post for yerfatma... one... giant leap absolutely nowhere. What's your point? If offering an opinion isn't part of this, fill me in on what we're doing here ok?

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 10:26 AM on March 03

I don't mean to speak for yerfatma, he certainly doesn't need my help. However, I believe what we're doing here is offering our opinions and thoughts and occasional jokes on sports and sports related issues. What we are NOT doing here is insulting other members of our community. Well, thats what most of us are NOT doing here.

posted by tommytrump at 01:29 PM on March 03

My mistake yerfatma.... i read everything, instead of everyone. Damn sight word vocabulary... That's why I answered that way, sorry yerfatma, my bad.

posted by 2 time mvp of the shittiest team ever at 03:38 PM on March 03

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