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Sheffield calls out Torre, Jeter, Bonds in HBO interview: Gary Sheffield has strong words about New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, former Yankees teammate Derek Jeter, San Francisco slugger Barry Bonds and steroids in an interview with HBO's "Real Sports" that will air next Tuesday. Sheffield says Torre treats black players differently from white players and says Jeter, who is from a mixed-race marriage, "ain't all the way black," during the interview with Andrea Kremer, as reported by Newsday.

posted by STUNNER to baseball at 11:24 PM on July 13, 2007 - 28 comments

Report: Woman claims Thomas asked cheerleader to flirt with refs: The former New York Knicks executive who is suing coach Isiah Thomas for sexual harassment alleged in court papers that Thomas urged a cheerleader to flirt with referees and guard Stephon Marbury cursed at her, according to newspaper reports Saturday.

posted by STUNNER to basketball at 11:44 AM on June 30, 2007 - 5 comments

NFL folds Europe league, to focus on regular-season games abroad: The NFL folded its development league in Europe after 16 years on Friday, calling the decision a sound business move that will allow for a stronger international focus on regular-season games outside the United States.

posted by STUNNER to football at 11:34 AM on June 29, 2007 - 35 comments

Gordon, JJ lose 100 points; crew chiefs suspended six races: Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were docked 100 points each Tuesday, and their crew chiefs were both fined $100,000 and suspended for six races for violations at Infineon Raceway.

posted by STUNNER to auto racing at 03:08 PM on June 26, 2007 - 6 comments

Rose admits to betting on Reds every night: Pete Rose revealed Wednesday that he bet on the Reds "every night" while he was manager of the team and that the Dowd Report was correct when it said he did so."I bet on my team to win every night because I love my team, I believe in my team," Rose said. "I did everything in my power every night to win that game."

posted by STUNNER to baseball at 05:10 PM on March 14, 2007 - 80 comments

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ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons from Twitter for Criticizing 'First Take'

Yeah, Skip Bayliss is a joke. Whooops, hope i don't get suspended from twitter.

posted by STUNNER at 07:37 PM on March 15, 2013

ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons from Twitter for Criticizing 'First Take'

I'm a bit surprised that he was suspended for that. But then again it was only a suspension on twitter. He's usually pretty funny. I've read his columns for years.(even though I'm a YANKS/ LAKERS fan). Hopefully we see something in his weekly column which should be out today.

posted by STUNNER at 06:29 PM on March 15, 2013

U.S. Defeats El Salvador 2-1 in World Cup Qualifier

Well they are actually ranked 11th. But rankings really don't matter. We beat Spain who is ranked 2nd. So what does that tell you?

posted by STUNNER at 11:44 AM on September 06, 2009

High School Football Players Save Family After Car Wreck

Thats' great, Nice to see those kinds of things.

posted by STUNNER at 09:19 PM on July 14, 2009

New Tech Will Create Stats for Fielder Arm Strength, Baserunning Speed

Whats up with the hating on Jeter? Its harder for him wearing four rings in his hand. I think that should count for something :).

posted by STUNNER at 10:55 PM on July 11, 2009

Barcelona are European Champions

BornIcon, that is some funny stuff.

posted by STUNNER at 10:46 PM on May 30, 2009

China's Yao Ming linked with a move to Cleveland Cavaliers

No we don't want the raiders. lol. They are not a football team just a laughing stock. We already have the Trojans. lol.

posted by STUNNER at 10:39 PM on May 30, 2009

$50 grand buys a playoff win

Wow, really? After all the previous game in which the LAKERS were getting called for everything? BS. lol. This is simply dumb. Had to be from the denver post. Man, step your game up Denver. I think they have gone postal since they still can't believe Cutler is a bear. Haha.

posted by STUNNER at 10:33 PM on May 30, 2009

Grunting Girl Makes Quite a Racket at French Open

There is nothing wrong with the sounds she makes. That really shouldn't distract you while watching a tennis match. For me it pretty much isn't a women's tennis match unless you hear that. You even hear it in video games lol. I remember this Nintendo 64 mario tennis game. All the girls did that sound.

wfrazerjr : That picture is just hilarious. Haha.

posted by STUNNER at 10:27 PM on May 30, 2009

Texas cop delays Texans RB Moats at hospital as mother-in-law dies

I couldn't believe this when I first saw it. It is just simply amazing how the cop wouldn't let him go. Just stunning. They even had nurses, and the plano cop. Wow.

It feels good to be back, haven't been on here in a while. lol.

posted by STUNNER at 09:53 PM on March 27, 2009

David Stern Explains Late NBA Start Times: "That's what you jerks want."

Had to be from a Celtic's blog. I honestly have no problem with this. West Coast rules. It's quite convinient actually. The game will finish around 9:30 here so you can do other things after the game. You don't have to go to sleep right after the game. I wish every game started at 7:30 here. Or 10:30 for yall Easterners.

posted by STUNNER at 02:25 PM on June 05, 2008

Billy Crystal joins the Yankees.

What are yall talking about? One at-bat is make or break a players career in spring training,,, you have got to be kidding. I thought that people here on Sportsfilter would be smarter than that. It used to be that way, oh so long ago. I think this is a great idea by the way. It will be a fun day, plus the youngsters playing in spring training can say one day that they played with Crystal. They will probably exagerate about the event but it would be cool.

posted by STUNNER at 08:47 PM on March 11, 2008

Penis Surgery Makes You Faster!

Man, some of the things people can sink their teeth into??? People get a life... posted by Maynard_10 at 11:34 AM CST on January 4 Spoken by a person who just posted his/her first comment, EVER. Anyway this article was a lil funny. Thanx for the post. Maybe that would explain how santa is actually catching balls now, after his C surgery.

posted by STUNNER at 11:57 AM on January 04, 2008

For The Love of Sport: Thursday Night Football

You have some good points. But the thing is that well, mostly all the games that are live on the nfl network during those six weeks,,,, aren't really that good. Indy at atlanta the first week, you knew that was gonna be a blowout. Chicago at Washington, both teams sub-500. Then we got denver at houston, not an excitable matchup. Both sub 500 as well. Then we got the Cinci at San Fran, Do I have to say anything for this one? Pitt at St. Louis, Blowout. Dallas at carolina, blowout. You would have to wait till the last week to get a good game on the nfl network again. New England at NY Giants, semi entertaining game. I have the nfl network, but I rarely watch it. More into espn, but I do like to watch the PACKERS' Practices. And I did watch that PACKERS at cowboys game. So you are really only paying for two good games. Not that tempting. And another thing, the games on MNF aren't that good either this year. How do the broncos get three games MNF and the PACKERS only get one? W/e.

posted by STUNNER at 10:35 AM on December 11, 2007

ARod wins AL MVP award, but not unanimously.

Ying Yang Mafia, that must had been your worst comment ever I must say. It goes away from the clearly obvious. Its perplexing. A-Rod clear winner, should had been unanimously.

posted by STUNNER at 08:14 PM on November 19, 2007