February 02, 2007

A Story Behind Every Ring: Click on every Super Bowl ring, see each ring's design close-up, and read a story about a person who received one of them. Also, click on the link to see a video about the making of Super Bowl rings, and read the twenty questions that provides interesting facts (including the largest Super Bowl ring, Williams Perry's, which is big enough for a half-dollar to pass through).

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I saw this on ESPN.com yesterday. Really cool to see how the glitz has developed over the years. However, I'm a big fan of those early rings with one bigass stud in the middle, instead of 10000 little diamonds.

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Awesome link! Thanks, dyams.

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I read this yesterday as well. I'd be interested to see the losing team's rings from the past 40 years. It says they're allowed to be 1/2 the price. That's still impressive! And does the Patriot's ring from 39 really rock back and forth when set on edge? Is this natural or like those clacky ball things you see on desks from the 70's and 80's?

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I really like that Patriots ring. Out of all those stories that go along with all the rings, it's amazing how many of them seem to be lost, stolen, come up missing, still be missing, etc. They're so freakin' huge, they remind me of paper weights. It makes you wonder what some of these individuals who wind up with stolen/lost rings would actually do with them. It would be a pretty tough thing to show off without thinking you'd wind up being arrested. There's been a few times I've been in bars in various cities where I've either been near or have seen a person with one of those huge rings on, and come to find out they were members of Super Bowl champs. They're never the big-name stars but lesser-known names. They always seem to be happy to show the ring and talk about it, though. They're all unique and pretty cool.

posted by dyams at 11:34 AM on February 02, 2007

i suppose this is somewhat off topic, but this post reminded me of a recent article about the sad tale of former Giant Bobby (4th & 17) Johnson. he fell on pretty hard times and had to pawn his '87 super bowl ring just 2 years later for $250. he eventually lost it when he wasn't able to pay the money back in time.

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he fell on pretty hard times and had to pawn his '87 super bowl ring Read the story that goes with the Steeler's Super Bowl XIII ring regarding what Rocky Bleier had to do with his rings when he fell on hard times.

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Three kids messing around with snapping and kicking field goals over a soccer goal post when lo and behold a guy comes out to show us how to do it and he had a superbowl ring on him we were shocked his last name was Baker and he definetely showed us how to do it I looked him up in a Steelers book 25 years ago and their definetely was a guy with the last name baker on a steelers team I am still in awe when I think of this story I also think it's funny now that he had to show off his ring when he did this!

posted by luther70 at 11:45 PM on February 02, 2007

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