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teams i root for: yankees, rangers, metrostars red bulls, (football) giants, sky blue fc, liberty. although i don't follow them religiously i like to see the teams at rutgers and seton hall do well.

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Toronto Meetup: I'm making my way up north again, this time for the Red Bulls/Toronto FC match this Saturday. If any Toronto Spofites are up for a gathering let me know.

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US vs Mexico: Any other SpoFites heading out to Columbus for the match?

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US Soccer Fan's Bill of Rights: (and Responsibilities)

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Football and Music: No, not this kind of football music. This kind of football music.

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Inside Man: A Bronx Tale: Bronx Banter's Alex Belth profiles Ray Negron. His life in baseball began in 1973, when Steinbrenner himself caught the teenager spray painting an "NY" logo on the outside of the Stadium and gave him a job as a bat boy. "Negron has done everything from shine the players' shoes and collect their dirty jockstraps, to bring them food from their favorite restaurants and park their cars. He has been an agent, an actor, an advisor, and a liaison; a confidant, a sounding board and a whipping boy to some of the biggest egos in the game. He is whatever he needs to be." [parts two, three, & four]

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US women's national team take legal action over discrimination

For club teams in professional leagues, sure, salaries should reflect revenue. I don't expect NWSL players to make as much as MLS players at this point (though they should be making more than they currently are but that's another rant for another day.)

But even still, there's a case to be made that the WNT does bring in enough revenue to warrant equal pay.

From the document I linked: "42. The WNT's success on the field has translated into substantial revenue generation and profits for the USSF. In fact, during the period relevant to this case, the WNT earned more in profit and/or revenue than the MNT. 43. For example, for FY2016 (April 1, 2015-March 31, 2016), the USSF budgeted a combined net loss for the national teams of $429,929. But thanks largely to the success of the female players on the WNT, the USSF revised its projections COMPLAINT Case 2:19-cv-01717 Document 1 Filed 03/08/19 Page 9 of 25 Page ID #:9 upward to include a $17.7 million profit. The net profit for the WNT outstripped net profit for the MNT because the female players on the WNT were more successful in competition than the male players on the MNT " while being paid substantially less."

Also, take into consideration that the USSF usually charges less for tickets to WNT games than it does for MNT games. While as a supporter I'd rather not be paying the money grab prices for some of these games, that does put the WNT at a disadvantage when factoring in additional revenue they could be bringing in.

posted by goddam at 02:59 AM on March 12, 2019

US women's national team take legal action over discrimination

Since there's a lawsuit I don't think they will take labor action. I think they want this to play out in court.

Full text of the suit is here. The way they lay out that the women and men are employed to perform the same job is a perspective that hasn't really be talked about to this point. It always seems to be framed by revenue and such, which should be irrelevant in my opinion.

(It's been so long since I've been here that I forgot how this commenting thing works. I legit tried to quote tweet beaverboard.)

posted by goddam at 12:40 PM on March 11, 2019

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

If anyone needs a Perth team jersey let me know, I'm here for the next week ;)

If you can find me a Sam Kerr Perth Glory Women jersey I will be forever in your debt!

- more soccer from any nations I don't have already

I love my Afghanistan jersey. Originally just bought it to support the women's team (a portion of each jersey sale from Hummel goes straight to the team), but it's probably the nicest jersey I've owned.

posted by goddam at 12:58 AM on October 15, 2016

Hope Solo takes leave of absence

Is this all over the post-game comments from the Sweden match?

Sweden comments were apparently the straw that broke the camel's back. Basically it's a yellow card accumulation.

As much as I dislike Solo, I'm not convinced those comments deserved to be the tipping point in warranting a suspension.

Perhaps she has really good personal reasons for doing this, but I think this seems like a mistake for her international career...

Donovan's sabbatical was for mental health reasons. I suspect that Solo's reasons are similar. Whatever went on in that meeting, she's convinced that her career with the USWNT is over.

Going into this past weekend there were 5 games left in the NWSL regular season and the Reign are still in contention for a playoff spot. If she feels she's not where she should be mentally to perform up to her standards, then she did the right thing in stepping away for the remainder of the season. Playing in those games isn't going to help her cause to get back on the US roster after her suspension if her performance is subpar.

As much as people enjoy railing on her for her mistakes off the field (myself included), she's known to be a great teammate on the field. The current Sky Blue keeper spent some time in Seattle last year as a rookie and had nothing but praise for Solo. She's putting the team first by stepping away and I can't fault her for that.

And fuck you US Soccer making me defend Hope Solo.

posted by goddam at 12:35 PM on August 31, 2016

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Rayo OKC owner takes his ball turf and goes home.

posted by goddam at 11:03 AM on August 30, 2016

Opening Day for the Greatest Numerical Sport

Ms Goddam from Gotham might even be there!

Jersey, not Gotham. But close enough. I'd be down for a Yankee Stadium meet up.

Could I also convince you to come out to a Sky Blue game on the 19th? Kerr and Foord are back with the team. Can't guarantee it, but I might be able to swing a brief meet & greet with them (provided Australia hasn't whisked them away for Rio prep).

posted by goddam at 01:20 PM on April 04, 2016

U.S. Soccer Lawsuit Reveals Home Addresses of USWNT Players

I can't decide if I want to know more or not.

Well, now you're gonna know more. I'm sure there's worse than what I've seen. But as an example, I was leaving a Sky Blue game last season through the players lot (I'm with the SG and have field access post-game to take down banners and such). O'Hara was walking out at the same with a security escort. At first I thought it was a bit over the top, but then a random dude emerged from the shadows trying to get an autograph, which KO quickly turned down. Mind you, players stay after the game and sign stuff along the bleachers. But this dude decided to wait in a dark parking lot for her.

posted by goddam at 12:57 PM on February 05, 2016

U.S. Soccer Lawsuit Reveals Home Addresses of USWNT Players

Given the stalker-ish tendencies of a certain subset of WoSo fans, I'd be checking real estate listings immediately if I were one of those players. I've seen the creepers first-hand and they are scary as fuck.

posted by goddam at 09:04 PM on February 04, 2016

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 17: Last Chance Saloon Edition

Atlanta by 8

Buffalo by 4

Chicago by 6

Cincinnati by 13

Pittsburgh by 16

Washington by 10

Indianapolis by 6

New England by 18: lock

N.Y. Giants by 6

Jacksonville by 3

Denver by 9

Kansas City by 12

Seattle by 9

St. Louis by 6

Carolina by 12

Green Bay by 15, 48 pts

posted by goddam at 01:57 PM on January 02, 2016

NFL Pick 'Em Week 16: Airing of Grievances Edition

Oakland by 8

Washington by 12

Carolina by 11

Buffalo by 3

Detroit by 6

Houston by 9

Kansas City by 6: lock

Indianapolis by 4

New England by 10

Tampa Bay by 8

Pittsburgh by 12

Jacksonville by 7

Arizona by 6

Seattle by 13

N.Y. Giants by 4

Denver by 9

posted by goddam at 06:51 PM on December 23, 2015

Chelsea Sacks Jose Mourinho

I like to think their preseason defeat at the hands of a RBNY team compromised mostly of players from our USL squad played a part in Chelsea's downward spiral.

posted by goddam at 01:25 PM on December 18, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em Week 15: I Miss the Big Sombrero Edition

Tampa Bay by 9

Dallas by 4

Indianapolis by 8

Minnesota by 11

New England by 14

N.Y. Giants by 6

Buffalo by 3

Atlanta by 7

Kansas City by 15

Green Bay by 6

Seattle by 22: lock

Denver at Pittsburgh

Miami by 9

Cincinnati by 5

Arizona by 13

Detroit by 6

posted by goddam at 05:38 PM on December 17, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 14: Not So Hotlanta Edition

Arizona by 9

Chicago by 5

Cincinnati by 3

San Francisco by 14

Kansas City by 16

Detroit by 8

N.Y. Jets by 4

Buffalo by 6

Tampa Bay by 6

Carolina by 14: lock

Indianapolis by 3

Seattle by 5

Denver by 8

Green Bay by 15

New England by 8

N.Y. Giants by 6

posted by goddam at 05:51 PM on December 10, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 13: Brock and Roll Edition

Green Bay by 11

Buffalo by 4

Chicago by 8

Cincinnati by 9

Jacksonville by 5

Arizona by 12

Miami by 4

Minnesota by 7

N.Y. Giants by 6

Atlanta by 3

Kansas City by 8

Denver by 16

New England by 21: lock

Carolina by 12

Pittsburgh by 8

Washington by 10

posted by goddam at 05:22 PM on December 03, 2015

NFL Pick 'Em, Week 12: Inadvertent Whistle Edition

Detroit by 6

Carolina by 6

Green Bay by 11

Atlanta by 3

Cincinnati by 8

Tennessee by 4

Indianapolis by 5

Buffalo by 6

N.Y. Jets by 8

N.Y. Giants by 6

Jacksonville by 4

New Orleans by 12

Arizona by 18: lock

Pittsburgh by 9

Denver by 3

Cleveland by 9

posted by goddam at 08:26 PM on November 25, 2015