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March 31, 2004

Notre Dame's "Golden Boy" is still trying to get his foot out of his mouth ...: but it looks like some people are willing to forgive what looked like racist comments. Paul Hornung dropped his verbal load yesterday, saying the Irish needed to lower academic standards to allow in more black athletes. He quickly apologized. Here are a few other thoughts on Hornung's take.

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Cry: Babies All. What is happening here? You have two guys basically calling it a season because their teams suck, and another guy who is so soft that he may leave town because the homers are now booing him?
there's no crying in basketball...

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A Beginner's Guide to Cricket: SF author Justine Larbalestier goes well and good into the deep explaining Cricket so that, for the first time after many tries, I think I understand the basics. Though still no word on why innings is always plural.

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With teammates like this, who needs opponents.: Louis Saha slams ManUre teammate Ruud van Nistelrooy as not being a complete player, saying "Ruud doesn't take much part in collective play. His game is all about finishing." Is Sir Alex's newest acquisition a little big for his britches, criticising a teammate? Or is Louis just trying to light a fire under Ruud, who hasn't been finishing very often of late?

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March 30, 2004

The New York Yankees, a team so protective of its pinstripes that player names have never appeared on the back, sold their right shoulder to Ricoh for the season opener in Japan (via Attaboy).

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Dissecting the Levitt report: An economist and a hockey fan looks at the Levitt report.

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But, what about the fundamentals?: Candace Parker, who will attend the U of Tennessee next year, has won the McDonalds High School All-American Game Dunk Contest. Will this be the beginning of the end for sound fundamentals in the women's game, a la the men's game over the last 20 years? How soon before more women are able to play above the rim with consistency, and possibly get more attention for their game?

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Maybe the D-Rays should move to Japan.: Tampa ripped Mike Mussina and the Yankees to win MLB's season opener. My question — does anyone care? Is it a good idea to have baseball open its season at 4 a.m. CST? Did anyone actually watch this?

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NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy, now a TV broadcaster with the Houston Rockets, has been charged with sexually molesting five of his daughters. Murphy, who has 14 children by nine mothers, claimed through a lawyer that it's a bogus accusation hatched over a money dispute.

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March 29, 2004

Even better than the real thing?: Interesting story about EA Sports hockey video game. If there is an NHL work stoppage next season, video games like EA will be the only NHL action we see next year. Considering how advanced video games have become and how the league is struggling, will anybody miss the real NHL?

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March 28, 2004

Tigers fans are the best in baseball.: The Hanshin Tigers of Japan, anyway. Their fans choreograph cheers (complete with conductors for each section), pray together, and stretch like the players they adore so that they are limber enough to stand on seats. That is the best way to see the field and, of course, lustily support the Tigers.

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March 27, 2004

Fame hungry wenches, step away from the eligible pitcher!: He's tall, he's hot, he's got perfectly touseled hair, he's rich, he has a great job, he plays guitar and he could be one of the future Bachelors on reality tv. His name? Barry Zito.

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March 26, 2004

"It's taken the men : over 100 years to become fund-raising in two sports...If you're talking about profit-making, there are only a handful of programs in the country that are profit-making. The vast majority of football and men's basketball programs spend more than they bring in, and that's after 100 years of promotion and 100 years with no competition. Women have only been in business 30 years." From the Boston Globe, all about EADA and revenue vs. expenses in athletic programs.

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It's just not cricket!: Brought to you to celebrate the unprecedented series of top class games going on around the world. Pakistan are playing India, a historic occasion which is being marked by friendship and camaraderie among the fans and some cracking, high scoring games. Australia are playing Sri Lanka with the newly rehabilitated Shane Warne breaking records, but the Aussies getting it far from their own way. And England, spearheaded by a man with a chav haircut, are stuffing the West Indies.

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The future Hall of Famer San Francisco OF has become an illegal substance in games and other promotions, thanks to his decision not to sign the league's standard licensing agreement. As Spray Hitter puts it, "We're not sure who this guy is but he quietly put up some fantastic numbers last year."

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African-American sportswriter Jeffrey Armstrong has a confession to make: "I have grown to like NASCAR racing. Now please do me a favor and don't tell my old friends about this."

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March 25, 2004

Toll Gate High Wins Rhode Island High School Hockey Title:
Plenty had tried, but Toll Gate finally overcame Mount St. Charles Academy, a school that's produced a number of NHL players, including the first US-born #1 overall pick during their 27 year title run. (ProJo onerous registration required)

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More kissy-poo?: Ugueth Urbina signs with the Detroit Tigers, reuniting him with catcher and kissing partner Ivan Rodriguez.

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Get officially licensed sports gear here -- for your dog.: Crass commercialism officially goes off the deep end, attempting to reach that intersection of the market where sports-fandom meets pet-obsession. The four-page photo gallery of dogs in game jerseys is the height of weirdness. Not all MLB or NBA teams represented, but you can get Fido or Fifi some Red Sox or Yanks swag, among other squads.

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Study: Aid for baseball stadiums unneeded.: While it's already common sense that huge public subsidies for team owners shouldn't pass the laugh test, two Dayton University economics professors have conducted a study concluding that they're not even necessary on their own terms -- the subsidies, not the economics professors -- because privately-funded facilities are perfectly capable of paying for themselves anyway. (Substitute any major sport for "baseball".)

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MLS does away with overtime.: The decision was reached after soliciting input from the MLS Competition Committee, as well as players, coaches and team executives.

Hmm, they didn't check with the fans now, did they?

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This Old Cub, a film by his son Jeff Santo, chronicles the life of Ron Santo, former third baseman and current radio broadcaster for the Cubs. Especially in recent years, he has come to be associated with the Cubs even more than Mr. Cub. Part of the reason is undoubtedly that his struggle to get into the Hall of Fame parallels the Cubs failure to return to the World Series. Part of it is the inspiration of his battles and triumphs against diabetes, not only for himself, but for others as well. But really, when it comes down to it, it's because Santo's a fan of the Cubs as much as anyone can be.

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Fines are out - 15 yard penalties are in.: The "don't call us the No Fun League" decides that hitting players in their pocketbooks was not the best way to discourage excessive celebration.

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March 24, 2004

2004 NFL Mock Draft: Not wanting to pay for ESPN Insider, I was struck by Fanball's lack of RBs going in the first round. Also, more Trojans going pro so I wonder if my alma mater will have a chance at a repeat. Is it too early to get excited about Draft Day? I don't think so!

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Yankees, Nets and Devils agree to split up: with the Nets going to Bruce Ratner's Brooklyn Basketball LLC. Plans for an arena on Flatbush avenue have already been made. Developers, however face increasingly organized and vocal resistance. While a move might be beneficial to the team's popularity, would it be good for Brooklyn?

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Red Sox 2003: the movie: Given unprecedented access to all things 2003 Red Sox last season, Bombo Sports and Entertainment (sneak peek of the film there) documented the entire run from spring training to Game 7 of the ALCS, amassing 250 hours of film including games, interviews with players, front office, clubhouse activity and following fans throughout the entire season.ThinkFilm has acquired the film and plans on releasing it this spring in Boston, with hopes of a wider release nationally. please please please don't let this be another stupid HBO Curse of the Bambino.

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March 23, 2004

All the NBA News That's Fit to Read: There's no place with more honest team assesments than this:

"[The Nuggets] are now on the outside looking in, at no less then the Utah Jazz, who are powered by the Vanilla Trinity of Matt Harpring (if only in spirit), Andrei "AK-47" Kirelinko, and Gordan Giriceck. Rookie of The Year canidate (and shoe-in for the Second Coming of Mark Aguirre Award) Carmelo Anthony pulled himself out of Friday night's Motown car-jacking by the Pistons."
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March 22, 2004

Kidd out for the season?: Not even the Nets know for sure. An MRI doesn't show any damage, but the pain persists. With the Nets in the midst of a 3 game slide this looks ominous.

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NHL Cracking down?: A melee at the end of the Calgary - Nashville game has resulted in a 2 game suspension of Brian Sutter, and $50,000 fine against the Flames because of Sutter's player selection at the end of the game. Over-reaction by the league or justified?

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City 'till I die.: But what happens after that? Interesting article in The Times about the practice of scattering the ashes of departed fans at the ground of their beloved team and some of the complications involved. Does this happen in other sports? Would you do it and if so where? (Times Registration may be required).

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March 21, 2004

"Maybe somebody has to die before we learn." -- Teemu Selanne, responding to Wade Belak's two-handed slash to Ossi Vaananen's face during Saturday's Leafs-Avalanche game

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Whither Forrest Gump?: "...table tennis is an intense sport with all the earmarks of big-time athletics -- steroid scandals, colorful characters, Byzantine romances and groupies. Also, there's a lot of glue sniffing."

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Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium was imploded this morning after more than three decades as the home of the Eagles and Phillies. Skip right to the 15:30 mark of the video to avoid a toxic blast of hot air. The demolition leaves Busch Stadium in St. Louis and Olympic Stadium in Montreal as the last survivors of the dreaded era of cookie cutter ballpark design (and Busch's days are numbered).

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March 20, 2004

Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan, once suspended for saying he'd like to smack Joumana Kidd, is taking heat for declaring Vanderbilt's basketball team "too white" to beat Western Michigan. Final score: too many white guys 71, fewer white guys 58.

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March 19, 2004

Workplace Madness: "That innocent office college basketball pool eats into U.S. workplace productivity to the tune of 100 million hours, at a potential cost of $1.5 billion for the duration of the tournament." But it's good for morale.

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March 18, 2004

Rally 'round the Ole Oak Tree.: The Houston Rockets have signed Charles Oakley to a 10 day contract to "help toughen up the team". The Rocket's team chemistry is officially shot. Can the playoffs be far behind?

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As a follow up that deserves FPP status, here is a Jim Kelley spin off of Dryden's commentary.

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European invasion of US this summer!: Seven top Euro soccer (football!) teams will be touring several US cities and Toronto in the summer. Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United (part-owned by Tampa Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer), Celtic, AC Milan, Roma and Bayern Munich will visit Chicago, Philly, Pittsburgh, NJ (Giants Stadium), Seattle, East Hartford, and Toronto. I've got an easier to read schedule (than the article provides) inside.

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The few, the proud: Number of black starters dwindles in majors.: A Miami Herald article notes that MLB this season will have half as many African-American starting pitchers as Antonio Alfonseca has fingers on one hand. Cause for concern? What is the cause?

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First Arnold, now Vlade?: Reformers are hoping Sacramento Kings center Vlade Divac will consider running for president in basketball-crazy Serbia.

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Forget labor woes. The NHL's most serious problem is national TV ratings lower than Arena Football. As Tim Layden gloomily predicts in Sports Illustrated, "soon the NHL will live where track and field and skiing and swimming live, in a cable ghetto where only the truly devoted will venture in search of entertainment."

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Get Those Grades Up:: A mistrial was declared this morning in the case of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd, who was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly shoving a gun in his son's mouth to punish him for poor grades.

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When rivalries get official: Blue and White legislated out of Ottawa.: The city council has passed a resolution banning from the Ottawa Senators' home arena the wearing of Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys. Is there any precedent for this move—local government dropping the gloves against a rival?

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Cornell LAX player dies from injuries sustained from ball impact.

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Hooliganism Is Back, and It’s Better Than Ever.: Forest Gate Phil of West Ham United's Inter City Firm assures us that old-style hooliganism did not die out with the introduction of all-seater stadiums.

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March 17, 2004

Meet the new Boston Red Green Sox: Extending the St. Patrick's Day tradition of wearing a green cap on the high Irish "holiday", the Red Sox are wearing green jerseys today as well. Fans can buy their own jersey retail, they are sure to be popular with Boston's heavy Irish population. From what I've heard, after the game, all the authentic players' jerseys will be collected and auctioned off for charity.

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Could the Expos be New England bound?: If real estate developer John Alevizos has his way, they will be. Alevizos, who assisted Toronto in landing the Blue Jays in the 70s, has assembled a group of investors and has put in a bid (above the 125m the MLB paid for the team 3 years ago) to buy the Expos and move them to Connecticut.

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Selig's raging over 'roids, may change the rules.: Commish Bud Selig contemplates invoking the "best interest of the game" clause to change the steroid testing, creating a no-tolerance plan similar to that used in the Minor Leagues, bypassing the CBA. Meanwhile, a veteran player, speaking on condition of anonymity, gives us the real deal.

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Mark Cuban has a weblog.: Apparently, Mark Cuban is still not getting all the attention he thinks he deserves.

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UEFA European Cup Football Results and Qualification: Have you ever wondered how the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup-Winners Cup are organised? Wonder why Spain and England get four teams in the Champions League while Scotland get two? Bert Kassies explains all.

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March 16, 2004

More FA Cup Curios: I've just watched the historic FA cup win of Millwall over Tranmere. And I have one question: Does Dennis Wise pencil his eyebrows? Good on the guy, though.

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Big XII men's basketball cellar-dwellers Texas A&M need a new coach and are reportedly looking at party-animal Larry Eustachy. What to do when the coaching pool seems so shallow?

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If only Katie Couric would talk about this had it all.

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"I like Brady, and it doesn't mean he's a bad guy because he took steroids.": HOF pitcher Jim Palmer chats it up with a Baltimore radio station over the weekend, and indicates Brady Anderson had been using steroids and 'cited how Anderson hadn't previously come close to that total and how his production dropped in subsequent years while he dealt with various injuries.' Palmer later downplayed his claims when asked to clarify his statements by the Baltimore Sun.

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One man. 1,240 miles. Alone in the Arctic.: (Hooooo! I'm on the extreme tip!) Between February and May 2004, record-breaking polar adventurer Ben Saunders [will attempt] ... to ski solo and unsupported from Russia to Canada via the North Pole. This 1,240 mile journey has never been completed alone and without re-supply. "Everyone's got a North Pole. ... By doing this I hope I am saying to people of my generation that they can do anything. Hopefully it's not just some bloke with a frozen beard skiing somewhere again ..."

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"I had players come and tell me that when they're on the field they're thinking about those ghosts.": Don't blame Grady Little, Sox fans: 'twas the Ghosts of Failures Past that stifled the Sox under last year. Sox bloggers are understandably upset.

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Sometimes, taunts get what they deserve.: Ever wondered why, when a boxer starts dogging his opponent by dropping his hands, the other guy doesn't just nail him? Robbie "The Bomber" Peden did. Now he's looking at a title shot.

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March 15, 2004

School of Rock.: (I'm jumping on Ufez's feel-good train today - see his nice soccer post below.) The San Francisco Chronicle interviews 13-year-old Scott Cory, who will this month attempt to become the youngest person to climb Half Dome and El Capitan -- the biggest rock faces in Yosemite Park -- all in one day. This is not some loony kid with a nutty hobby. He's raising funds for the Mauzy Foundation, a group of satellite schools for autistic and severely disabled kids. Inspiring. And hair-raising. I just pray he gets back in one piece.

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Bayern Munich have offered Real Madrid a charity match to benefit the victims of last weeks train bombings. Bayern want the match to take place as soon as possible at the Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. At a time when the front page of SpoFi is littered with violence and ego (of the athletes, not the members), it's nice to see a professional organization act...professional.

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The NHL hasn't learned a damn thing.: How can you on one hand suspend Bertuzzi for all of those games, and yet when Bryan Marchment (Toronto) hits Byron Ritchie (Florida) from behind and breaks his collarbone you give him NOTHING.

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Iverson refuses to play off the bench.: Interim coach Chris Ford declined to start him, so Iverson declined to play. Meanwhile, even with a losing record of 28 wins and 39 losses, the Sixers are battling for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

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The Hardball Times.: New website from a lineup of all-star baseball bloggers, should be good.

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March 14, 2004

It's March Madness time (pdf).: The college basketball tourney is all set and ready to go and the NCAA's Website has your brackets. (More viewing options inside). Oh yeah, Duke sucks.

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Cherry Weighs In: What Canadians have been waiting to hear for the whole week: Don Cherry's take on the Bertuzzi affair. You won't believe who he holds responsible, either.

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Assault. It's not just for hockey players.: You can even watch it on video. Some people think his punishment and apology are spot on; others are unconvinced.

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(For Maryland) . . . a better victory in the ACC tournament was probably never. Wha? Maryland defeats NC State 85-82, tying a tournament record by overcoming a 19 point second half deficit. It was a good game, but I'm surprised it broke a record. What would you take if the over/under for greatest half time comeback in Final Four history was set at 15 points? How about if the all time men's Division I comeback was set at 30 points? These answers and more at the NCAA record book site.

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March 13, 2004

Ty Law says he wants out.: The Patriot cornerback is miffed the organization has rejected his offer of a long-term deal, and says he doesn't ever want to wear the New England uni again. Whose side are you on?

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March 12, 2004

A few weeks before he ripped Gary Barnett for not knowing -- or not caring -- about alleged rapes and other problems at the University of Colorado football program, Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly found out that a similar attack may have taken place at his own home.

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Real were said to believe that unless there is a radical change in the player's domestic circumstances over the next four months then (Beckham's) time in Madrid will come to a premature end. Will history see the Beckham debacle as the beginning of Sir Alex's downfall? Time will tell.

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Blame Canada? :'s Jim Kelley suggests that hockey violence is ingrained in Canadian hockey culture. Is he just being provocative, or is there an element of truth?

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March 11, 2004

Imagine Kobe deciding to only play road games when the Lakers visited Philadelphia (he grew up there), Portland (close to Nike headquarters), New York (legendary showcase Madison Square Garden) and Atlanta (Coca-Cola headquarters). Or Jason Giambi only playing road games in Oakland (began career there) and Anaheim (southern California native). True, those are players in team sports, but it's close to the scenario explaining why Tiger Woods only plays certain events, and why tournaments he doesn't usually play have so little chance at getting a lift from golf's number 1 drawing card.

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Looking like a bunch of surly Calvin Klein Obsession models, U.S. Olympic swimmers are modeling Fastskin FSII, which Speedo bills as the world's fastest swimsuit fabric because it reduces drag by four percent. USA! USA!

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March Madness: 64 things to love and 16 things to hate. I'm getting excited.

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That's an apology? : In a public statement Wednesday night in Vancouver, termed an "apology", Todd Bertuzzi uttered such whoppers as, "I had no intention of hurting you," and "I don't play the game that way." But ya did, Blanche, ya did!

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March 10, 2004

When you just have to know ...: the PF who set that devestating pick in the 1991 Duke-Georgia Tech game. Yep, that was Malcolm Mackey. Wow!!! Charlie Board's ACC Stats Archive. This also confirms my memory of Rodney Monroe as one of the greatest players to come through the ACC.

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Senate tries to have an intervention with MLB about their legitimacy problem.: "As your athletes get bigger and stronger, the credibility of your product in the eyes of the public gets weaker."

Selig and Fehr appear before the Senate and are raked over the coals . editorial note: (hooray!).

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Is carbon-dating in order?: Julio Franco contnues to steam along for the Atlanta Braves, averaging nearly .300 in part-time work during the past few seasons. Andy Van Slyke recently said Franco's on "the Juice," but you have to read the post to see the Ageless Wonder's response to that and who is the toughest pitcher he ever faced.

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March 09, 2004

Down to the wire: : the FIS alpine skiing World Cup finals are in Sestrieres this week, and six titles are still up for grabs. Most have strong favorites, but the men's overall is a four-way race. The contenders? Bode Miller and four Austrians, and that's really what it comes down to: Bode will either go big, in which case no one will be able to touch him, or he'll go into the fences and miss by a mile.

Personal sentiment? I want Bode to win so bad that if he does, I'll sacrifice my taste buds, buy a six-pack of Miller beer, and drink the whole damn thing.

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'Toine goes off in the Locker Room: after a night of only 18 minutes and six points. What do you do when a star like Walker goes through a rough period and you need to win (or, well, you know, try at least) some big games? I gotta go with Don Nelson's (prodigious) gut instinct here.

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Pigs fly, the Red Sox win the World Series, and BC beats UConn at basketball.

Well, one out of three, anyway.

Diana Taurasi is still God.

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It's a busy football day, too! Live text commentary for us poor sods at work, or without access to a telly (or FoxSportsWorld here in the US). The Guardian's hilarious humans cover Man U vs Porto and Chelsea v Stuttgart in the Champions League, while the Beeb's robots cover today's solitary EPL match: Middlesborough v Spurs. Since I have fantasy points riding on the last game that's the one I'll be watch ... erm ... reading most.

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The busiest day of the NHL Calendar...: or so they say. Another season and another trading deadline has arrived. Will there actually be any blockbuster deals in the final hours this year, or will it be just another tease of meaningless swaps? Things have already started today and Colorado is first out of the gates, acquiring Tommy Salo and Chris Gratton in separate deals. Everyone's in on the deadline tracking action, including, NHLPA.comand Happy Trading!

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The campaign to make baseball's opening day a national holiday.: I'm down, can I get off work too?

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Bertuzzi suspended indefinitely for hit on Moore.: We talked a little earlier this year about frustration around the league about the CBA. Is that the cause of garbage like this? Is this going to get worse before it gets better?

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It might be June before Sheffield actually plays a game for the Yankees. : Tears ligament. Needs surgery. Could be out 3 months.

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It's OK, OJ is looking for the Murderers.: After having not done anything really dumb in a while, O.J. Simpson was accused yesterday by DirecTV of stealing satellite television signals. The Washington Post reports:

"The El Segundo, Calif.-based company wants the former football star to pay $20,000 for the use of illegal electronic devices and attorneys' fees...Federal agents removed satellite television equipment from Simpson's house in the Miami neighborhood of Kendall during a search Dec. 4, 2001. DirecTV claims the devices were two pirate access devices known as "bootloaders."

The raid occurred as the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Miami-Dade County police were investigating Simpson and others in an alleged Ecstasy and satellite-theft ring. Simpson was never charged. DirecTV claims Simpson bought, made or distributed the devices and other equipment to steal the broadcasts."

Well I guess the good news is that Simpson wasn't involved in the Ecstasy ring. Whew! That really could have impeded any progress made in finding the real killers of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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The dream draw...: For a Sunderland Millwall Tranmere fan anyway. The FA Cup semis will pit Arsenal v Man Utd and Sunderland against either Millwall or Tranmere - Ensuring a Nationwide league team a place in the final (and with it a place in next year's UEFA cup). Haway the lads!

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March 08, 2004

ha ha

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Garcia to Cleveland, and Couch to the couch?: It appears the Browns are ready to ditch former No. 1 pick Tim Couch and sign 49er castoff Jeff Garcia to a two-year deal. I think the real story here is how much both these players were asked to cut from their contracts. Are we seeing a subtle salary restructuring through the NFL, or are the top-tier contracts absorbing these corrections?

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The New Yorker goes for a spin around the rink and finds... the Broadway blueshirts and a morose Messier winding down another season out of the playoffs. John Kerry - the choice for rink rats. And Igor Larionov goes to a multiplex and watches the new sportsodrama Miracle.

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Requiem for Pantani...: I have read some pretty sour accounts of the life and death of Marco Pantani, this one avoids cynicism and simply presents us, movingly, with an account of a tragedy.

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The high price of Going for the Gold.: The Guardian takes a look at what it would cost you to see the Olympics live.

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Ken Griffey is looking forward to 2004. Grant Hill suffered a setback. Break a leg, guys!

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PIM record: fall out: "That gutless puke...."

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Alive, aliveo: Not sure what's more newsworthy - the Irish victory or the English magnanimity in defeat. Well done to both teams.

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March 07, 2004

Ricky Williams has cut his hair.: The shocked populace holds their collective breath for an official word from In the meantime, he's launched himself up my preseason fantasy draft ranking. I mean, seriously, that hair had to weigh like.. 30 pounds.

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Ted Williams son dead at 35 after brief battle with leukemia.: John Henry Williams was generally held responsible for his father's somewhat controversial last few years on earth. But since his legendary father's death in July of 2002, John Henry Williams has been at the center of an even more controversial issue regarding the cryogenic entombment of his father and the subsequent battle with his half sister. JHW had an highly unsuccessful stint as a minor league ballplayer in the early 2000's.

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March 06, 2004

What if?

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March 05, 2004

If this is true, the 49ers really screwed TO: and he should definitely fire his agent now. That said, because of all his ranting and raving, he probably had it coming.

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"This is, in fact, the shameful story: of a small Indiana farming town where the "Hoosiers" ending got turned inside-out, where 800 locals turned into 800 coaches, where anger, however justified against an unpopular basketball coach, turned into a frightening brand of mob madness."

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6 Leicester City players arrested: on allegations of sexual assualt in Spain. players involved, more info here.

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March 04, 2004

Quoth the Ravens, "T.O. a Niner nevermore.": The Ravens give up a second rounder (51st overall) and pick up the last 3 years of T.O.'s contract. Who will Rattay throw to this year? Tai Streets? Is their enough room on the Baltimore sideline for T.O. and Ray Lewis's egos?

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Murray Walker quotes.: The famous motor racing commentator's best quotes over the years.

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Fox Sports: (sorry, FAX SUPARTSAH!), from a UK perspective. Possibly the only time you'll hear the presenters described as "the robotic public face of this evil planet-crushing mutant media space octopus.".

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March 03, 2004

"How many halves are in a college basketball game? a. 1, b. 2, c. 3, d. 4." -- One of the questions on the final exam of Jim Harrick Jr.'s Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball class at the University of Georgia

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Professional athletes: problems the world over.: It seems to be a lethal combination: money and sports. The latest scandal concerns an Australian rugby league team already in trouble in the past for salary cap violations and alleged fraudulent dealings are now facing claims of players involved in pack-rapes. While the club seems to be taking it seriously, the players do a good impression of treating it as a bit of a joke.

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Who's the richest football club of all?: Deloitte's Football Rich List 2004 (free download available March 10) ranks Manchester United at #1, based on 2002/03 season income of EU250m. Note: This list is not about what you spend, but what you bring in. According to the the Rich 20 press release, the list includes nearly-bankrupt Leeds (#16, EU92m). btw, Man U's income just beats the income of the richest US sports team, the NY Yankees (EU243m) (There's also a list of the 10 richest US sports teams in the press release). Now I know why Tampa Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer keeps upping his shares in Man U.

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Steven Wells visited: Clancy's in Manhattan to eat breakfast and watch football. Not for the first time, he discovered that farm implements and bicycles aren't the only oddities to be found in Irish bars.

Mr. Wells also gets bonus points for this simile: "This game sucks like a prolapsing white dwarf star." This article is absolutely hilarious.

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Gonchar to Bruins: TSN is reporting that Gonchar has been traded to the Bruins for "either two players and a draft pick or two draft picks and one player".

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March 02, 2004

Gonchar: Gonchar Gonchar Gonchar Gonchar -- Kovalev goes to the Canadiens?? -- Gonchar Gonchar Gonchar Gonchar. Kovalev to the Canadiens? Where'd that come from? Gonchar Gonchar! Ooops, no Gonchar yet.

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Jose, go home!: Former A's slugger Jose Canseco was told by the Los Angeles Dodgers his services would not be required after he worked out at an open tryout. Canseco, who is 39 and is 38 home runs short of the magical 500-dong plateau, said folks could "see him in the movies," a reference to a supposed acting career. Does this former Bash Brother deserve any consideration for the Hall, or should he go back to smashing up expensive sports cars and taking steroids?

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Houllier stunned by death threat.: Merseyside police have launched a criminal investigation after the Liverpool manager Gérard Houllier received an anonymous death threat.

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Marge Schott has died. The former Reds owner was infamous for cheapness, racial remarks, and some of the strange things she did to her players, such as making them curb her dog.

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Manning re-signs with Colts: and gets a whopping $34.5 million signing bonus, according to reports. What's this about a salary cap in the NFL? With what the Redskins have been doing recently, and now this, the salary cap system seems to be under assault. How will these teams be able to stay competitive giving this much money out to just a couple players?

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Chelsea gazump United: The Millionaires opened their wallets wide and pulled out GBP12M to take PSV Eindhoven striker and Holland international Arjen Robben right out from under Sir Alex's nose. This is the first big announced Summer pre-signing. What other big names will change teams? Is Cisse really coming to Anfield and will he be partnering with Owen, Baros or Heskey? Who will ManUre go after since they've lost out on this youngster?

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** Bonds, JG, Sheff on 'roids.: Other baseball players identified were ... former Giants outfielder Marvin Benard and catcher Benito Santiago, and former A's second baseman Randy Velarde. Since Velarde was taking them, we know it's a minimal advantage.

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Bracket Maker: is just what you need for publishing tournament brackets for free. Sweet.

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March 01, 2004

"There's no structural damage.": says Ernie Grunfeld, GM of the Wizards. 2 days ago Stack declared that he was shutting himself down for the rest of the season, citing residual pain from the knee surgery that kept him out for the first 45 games of the season. The Wizards had him examined today and found that his knee is sound, and that, at worst, he suffers from ankle tendinitis.
More inside...

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The BCS adds a fifth bowl game.: Tulane University president Scott Cowen's crusade on behalf of the mid-majors has led the Bowl Championship Series to fold an extra contest to the mix. Of course, not everyone is thrilled about the decision, and of course the big scramble will be to see which current bowl gets upped to BCS standing.

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Woods wins another match-play title ...: and 'lil Orphan Leaney is ticked. Stephen Leaney, who finished third at the Matchplay Championship this weekend, blasted the U.S. media for paying no attention to anyone but Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, someone did pay attention to Davis Love III during the finals, and apparently all of society is going to hell for it. Do the media and the fans help Tiger be Tiger?

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