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Blame Canada? : ESPN.com's Jim Kelley suggests that hockey violence is ingrained in Canadian hockey culture. Is he just being provocative, or is there an element of truth?

posted by waterbedk to hockey at 07:43 AM on March 12, 2004 - 13 comments

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Blame Canada?

I'm Canadian myself, so my first reaction is he's stirring some poo. But then there's Cherry. I'm curious what the SpoFi massive (Canuck and non-Canuck) thinks.

posted by waterbedk at 07:45 AM on March 12, 2004

Calumny: Sam Smith v NBA

I got nothing. What are your suggestions, Crossjammer?

posted by waterbedk at 11:45 AM on February 03, 2003

The sad, sad saga

samsonov: If this stuff is true, then I do feel sorry for him. Even with support programs in place, there's a stigma in professional sports regarding depression. I'm thinking Leon Smith in the NBA or even Ricky Williams in the NFL. I'm not sure the machismo and we're-going-to-war mentality of the NFL is that accommodating if you deviate from being one of the guys. Most of the guys on the Raiders, from their comments, would probably characterize his actions, like you, as 'cracking under pressure' when it's at least partially chemical.

posted by waterbedk at 11:32 AM on January 29, 2003

Thanks, guys. I had almost forgotten...

Whither Bison Dele?

posted by waterbedk at 04:51 PM on January 02, 2003

Knicks pursuing Van Exel?

In other news, the Knicks picked up Michael Doleac. If that doesn't get them to the Finals, I don't know what will.

posted by waterbedk at 09:37 AM on August 08, 2002


It was ok. They should have trampolines on the walls too. The court seemed a little small. I guess I thought it should have been more exciting than it was.

posted by waterbedk at 11:45 AM on August 06, 2002

The consensus is that James will be the first pick overall at next year's draft. Isn't there speculation that Denver traded McDyess partially to make the team suck even harder - and thereby increase its odds of winning that #1 pick at the 2003 draft? Some said he'd have been drafted #1 _this_ year, as a high school junior. And he's already made the cover of SLAM. So, on hype alone, this kid is probably worth Nike's investment. (Unless he gets injured. Actually, I'm sure the contract addresses that possibility, but hey, if James has a career-ender, at least he won't be broke.)

posted by waterbedk at 10:47 AM on July 12, 2002

Is this a dynasty in the making?

Etagloh: What's worrying is that women's tennis may be set to impose the same kind of physical thresholds as basketball, which is, to coin a cliché, just not tennis. Even if you're to make the comparison to basketball, consider that Allen Iverson, listed generously at 6'0, has been the scoring champion for two of the past three years. If height were really the decisive factor, why did this year's 10 ten NBA scorers include only one centre and only three power forwards? Achievement in most sports is determined by countless factors: body size, speed, smarts, reflexes, natural ability, conditioning, desire. Different athletes have these in different combinations. And many find a way to win even though they're lacking in one or two particular areas. Take baseball: Maddux doesn't throw heat. Pedro is tiny. But both find ways to win. Or football QBs: Some are slow as molasses, but have pinpoint, canon arms. Others can't throw far, but can scramble and manufacture passes. If a player like Justine Henin plays such a "pure, intelligent game" then she'll find a way to beat Serena and Venus. Otherwise, I guess her game isn't good enough, in which case, why should she deserve to win? Etagloh, I understand your point that without a great rivalry, tennis may be less gripping. But shouldn't the best always win? Otherwise, what's the point?

posted by waterbedk at 02:39 PM on July 07, 2002

Is this a dynasty in the making?

You have to give the Williams sisters their due. You don't win three of the last four Grand Slams on pure athleticism. To suggest that the Williams sisters don't also play an intelligent game is naive (or wishful thinking). If they're better conditioned than other players on the women's tour, then perhaps the onus is on the other players to approach their training regimen differently. At any rate, their current dominance represents the ongoing evolution of the sport. As in any sport, I'd figure we'd cheer stronger, smarter, better play. They've upped the ante and elevated the competition. Trust me, there will be players who can compete with the Williams sisters. (Of course, if there is some McEnroe-esque steroid revelation about the Williams sisters that's waiting to reveal itself, then I take this all back.)

posted by waterbedk at 09:45 AM on July 07, 2002

David Robinson to retire after next season.

I seem to recall Shaq mentioning that the one player he has beef with - the one player he tries to embarrass every time they play - is David Robinson. All because before Shaq was pro, he sought an autograph from the Admiral and got the bum rush. Ever since, he's had mad grudge. Doesn't prove Robinson is an a-hole. Just proves he's a dumb ass. Here's a tip, Admiral: Next time a 7 foot 300 pound high school kid asks you for an autograph, just sign the damn thing. In three years, he may be beating your ass down in the paint.

posted by waterbedk at 06:42 PM on May 24, 2002

Flyers gone...is the GM next?

yo indeed. My three cents: First, how overrated is Primeau? Second, how much of a cancer is Roenick? Trade him to NY and the Rangers will have the biggest assortment of a-holes, malcontents and jerks in the league. If Roenick wasn't one of the guys who trashed the hotel room in Nagano, I'll dress up as Darcy Tucker at the next Islanders Fan Club annual meeting. Finally, I'll be very surprised if Clarke gets the boot. But I'd love Ed Snider to prove me wrong.

posted by waterbedk at 12:28 PM on April 29, 2002