February 01, 2003

Calumny: Sam Smith v NBA: Under the guise of power ranking the NBA, the legendary (noteworthy? heard of?) reporter gets off a few good ones at The Association's expense. A choice quote:

24. Toronto Raptors. Vince Carter returns after missing six weeks with a paper cut. But says he's not sure whether he can play because he has to attend rehearsal for his graduation from ceramics class.

Ouch!! No team is safe and plenty more hilarity ensues. Take a gander before the local media giant pushes it into the for pay archive.

By the by, I've got a pretty decent roster of comedic sports columnists, but I'm always looking for quality cheap shot artists. Got any suggestions? Please, no ESPN types, I'm trying to keep it real.

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Please, no ESPN types These two ESPN types are pretty good in my opinion.

posted by Bag Man at 03:49 PM on February 01, 2003

Wilbon and Kornheiser are quite funny on PTI (Pardon The Interruption) and Tony's radio show has really picked it up a notch since his "Vacation" this summer. Less picking on other media types, more hilarious Mr. Tony tales. But neither really writes funny any more do they? Heck TK went Style pages for a while, and isn't "I'm Back For More Cash" sans sports too? Jes whunderin'.

This probably means I should have been clearer. I'm not encouraging links into espn.com columnists. Who needs to pointed to Page 2 anymore?

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I got nothing. What are your suggestions, Crossjammer?

posted by waterbedk at 11:45 AM on February 03, 2003

Bernie Lincicome used to be a riot for the Chicago Tribune. Since coming back to Chicago, I noticed that he no longer writes for the Tribune. He's now a columnist for the Rocky Mountain News. I don't get it. Did he get fired? Did he do a Bob Greene? How or why do you go from the Chicago Tribune to the Rocky Mountain News? Here's a Bernie Lincicome Fan Site. Maybe they'll know.

posted by jacknose at 05:29 PM on February 03, 2003

The Chicago Tribune had a streak of columnists leave under odd circumstances. Lincicome was the first. Skip Bayless took off somwhat disgruntled by the heavy handedness of the management. For example, he wanted to submit *more* columns than he was obligated to, but was told no. They also bumped his column around the sports section a bit. Brother Rick's margaritas couldn't keep him in town, so he bolted. I suspect something similar happened with Lincicome.

posted by The Crossjammer at 09:55 PM on February 06, 2003

Some other ink stained wretches who make me laugh on occasion: Scott Ostler Bob Ryan Chris Dufresne Greg Cote Jon Heyman Oddly enough, I've never run across a satirical, female sports columnist. And I read a lot of columns.

posted by The Crossjammer at 10:02 PM on February 06, 2003

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