March 16, 2004

"I like Brady, and it doesn't mean he's a bad guy because he took steroids.": HOF pitcher Jim Palmer chats it up with a Baltimore radio station over the weekend, and indicates Brady Anderson had been using steroids and 'cited how Anderson hadn't previously come close to that total and how his production dropped in subsequent years while he dealt with various injuries.' Palmer later downplayed his claims when asked to clarify his statements by the Baltimore Sun.

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MLB better do something soon, because the press doesn't seem to have any shortage of quotes even after Selig imposed the gag order. And looking at Brady's stats, the most glaring of all to me is that he is 40 years old now!

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"I don't know how he hit 29 more homers that year," said Palmer, an Orioles television announcer. "And he hit 31 more on the road that year, so it's not like he took advantage of Camden Yards." I would think Palmer must have thought about this a little, unless he knew off the top of his head the home/road split on Anderson's HR total that year.

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Say what you will about Dusty Baker, he was right that the issue of controlled substances would turn into a conversation devoid of substance. If a fluke power year is an indicator of steroid use, a lot of baseball players have been on steroids in the past. C'mon, Jim, bring some facts to the table, OK?

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I thought if you were on roids it was hard to develop ABS. Personally, I might give Brady the benefit of the doubt, he always seemed more into weightlifting than baseball.

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Not sure if you're asking me for a link or not, JG, but here's a shameless self-link to my 'blog entry on this topic. It contains pretty much all I've got to say about this, as well as links that (hopefully) back up some of what I'm saying -- for instance, that if a one-year power surge is proof of the juice, players like Rich Aurilia will have to start answering questions about his 2001 career year. If you're interested, I'm sure I can come up with other one-year wonder examples. Even greats like my favorite player Andre Dawson, who had 49 homers in 1987 and didn't come close again, spring to mind.

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Vito, stop linking to Playgirl images, mmmkay?

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don't listen to him vito. link away.

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Jesus, goddam ... he looks like a praying mantis. Good thing I hide mine with all this cuddly love fluff!

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Thoroughly enjoyed the abs. Thanks!

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