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September 30, 2005

The Hoser NFL Picks, Week Four:
NFL picks for those who think Priest Holmes is a new faith-based retirement center.

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The Hoser NFL Picks, Week Four: NFL picks for those who think Priest Holmes is a new faith-based retirement center.

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St. Louis Blues sold for 50% more than 1999 market value.: The purchase price for the Blues is particularly noteworthy since the club lost a league-high $47 million in 2003-04, its last year of operation. [via]

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September 29, 2005

Old Man on Campus: Jim Harper, the fourth-string tight end for the Millsaps College Division III football team, is a 48-year-old who had eligibility left after a 27-year absence from the school. His effort to finish what he started has inspired me to return to Yale Elementary in Richardson, Texas, to earn my Webelos badge.

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When I said the Jets needed a little better lineman, I didn't mean ...: An apparently downloadable recent roster for EA Sports' "Madden 2006" included New York Jets offensive lineman Michael King. Unfortunately, the game version of King was just seven inches tall, as opposed to the real version, which is 6-3. Insert your own Jets joke here.

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[your team] sucks: the word 'suck' is used so ubiquitously it has lost any sense of scandal."

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Skiing the streets of San Francisco.: Tons of snow on Fillmore today, ski jumping, loud music. Skiers stoked. Residents not. Anybody see this? Video?

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Taking one for the team?: "It was never mine or the team's intention to humiliate or ostracize any member of our team brotherhood," said a McGill University football player who has been suspended indefinitely after a freshman was forced onto his hands and knees with a dog toy in his mouth while being prodded anally with a broom handle. Bonus points: McGill's chancellor's name -- Dick Pound.

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September 28, 2005

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football, game night 2.: High fives to everyone that had hat tricker getter Ronaldinho as their captain this round.

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The Onion gets all sweaty: by adding sports to its mix of politically savy and scatological humor. "Terrell Owens Pre-Emptively Disparages Next Contract." People, there's mirth here. Oh, the mirth.

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And the witchhunt continues: ESPN's Darren Rovell goes after former slugger Mark McGwire for not becoming a national spokesman against steroid use.

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U of Iowa Law Prof objects to Pink locker Room.: The visitors locker at the Hawkeye stadium is painted pink. Been that way for 30 plus years since the days of Hayden Fry.

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"Nobody wants to see another Reggie Lewis.": But can the Bulls demand of Eddie Curry a DNA test for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as a condition of employment?

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Those crazy Red Sox fans.: Apparently, there is an association between rising pennant fever and declining hospital visits

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Football chairman gets four years in prison.: Darren Brown, ex-chairman of Chesterfield Football Club, has been sentenced to four years in prison. Claiming to be an entrepreneur, be borrowed money to buy the club, then systematically stripped the club of all it's cash in order to pay back his creditors, almost driving the club out of business.

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September 27, 2005

NHL Starting Over: As part of their 2005/2006 Season Preview, ESPN is making some "Greatest" lists. Yesterday was Greatest Players, today is Greatest Rivalies. Let the debates begin...

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EPL Fantasy Premierleauge update, through Week 7: s'inside.

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basketball 'star' begins political career: etan thomas, backup center for the Washington Wizards, speaks about politics and race. transcribed interview. I've no thoughts, but it seems to belong here, no?

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Testaverde Returns to Jets: Vincent Frank Testaverde, the last active player from the NFL/AFL Merger and the institution of the mandatory helmet rule, will sign with New York, desperate for a quarterback after losing starter Chad Pennington and backup Jay Fiedler to injury.

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ESPN Cellphone?: Cpt. Offwing asked earlier this week whether ESPN is losing it. With the release of the business plans for the future, I'd say there is no turning back, asking for directions, using a compass, or navigating by the stars back to relevancy, in a way that ESPN was once relevant to this multi-sport fan.

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Hall of Fame Intangibles.: The courage of one player 35 years ago continues to make other players better. [more inside]

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Moving the goalposts...: The United States Golf Association and The R&A, golf’s governing bodies, have announced 111 changes [.doc] to the book "Decisions on the Rules of Golf," published every two years and effective for all golfers starting Jan. 1, 2006. the most notable change is the one to the rule that caused Mark Roe and Jesper Parnevik to be disqualified from the Open in 2003, but my personal favourite is a new rule regarding a player who "Jumps Close to Hole to Cause Ball to Drop; Ball Does Not Move." I'm hoping the embarrassment is to be supplemented with a two shot penalty.

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Bronco's manhandle the Chiefs again: and again and again. As a Chiefs fan I really wanted to stick it to Denver (or at least have our denfense show up to the game). Is Denver better than people thought or are the Chiefs worse?

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Dallas fans make themselves at home: "I would like 49ers fans to keep their tickets," Nolan said. "That would be nice."

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September 26, 2005

Washington Wizards second round draft pick Andray Blatche: shot in the chest during a robbery attempt. The bullet "miss[ed] his heart by an inch".

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Well, duhhhhhhh: University of Idaho professor Sharon Stoll says elite athletics are lacking in morality and ethical strength. "The environment of athletics has not been supportive of teaching and modeling moral knowing, moral valuing and moral action," Stoll's 2004 study found, in part because there are few consequences for immoral behavior in sport.

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Final week of Fantasy Baseball: And it's down to SpoFi oldtimers catfish and YukonGold. Full standings, trash talk, excuses and whining inside.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fifteen: The B.C. Lions finally lose, and those who saw it coming are rewarded justly. We've got another short week now, as conflicting baseball-football schedules push the Argos game up to Wednesday, so get your picks in soon.

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A coach with a heart and the brains to go with it: ND Coach Charlie Weis makes a gutsy call on the first play of the Washington game in honor of a ten year old boy's last wish. In doing so, he may have just taught his players the most valuable lesson of all; integrity.

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Stat-a-holic?: How about a fantasy league based off of just these stats?

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It's not cricket!: In the Liverpool v Birmingham game on Saturday, Brum were applying a bit of pressure, when Liverpool introduced a sub, Garcia. It appears that he hid his ring in his mouth before putting it back on, uncovered. The ref then ordered it to be covered, causing another break in play, thus further relieving the pressure being put on Liverpool at the time. And here are the pics to prove it. The sod then scored, within minutes. Crafty bugger should be banned! Liverpool should forfeit the game! Where's the justice!

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Freak of nature: or just the result of a childhood game? Scientists claim to have discovered the secret of Don Bradman's extraordinary ability on the cricket field. Imagine a baseball hitter with a career batting average of .700 - that's the equivalent of what Bradman did. Are these findings applicable to other bat and ball sports? Can Australia clone him before the next Ashes series?

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September 25, 2005

September 24, 2005

Ump Dreams: The lives of minor league umpires, in words and images.

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The teachings of Jeremy Shockey.: That sound you hear is me, standing on my chair, applauding Jeremy Shockey. Applauding his bravery. Applauding his compassion. Applauding his decision to finally — through his own ironic comedic example, playing the fool to smarten us all up — show these supermarket S.O.B.'s that 10 items or less means 10 items or less!

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The end of Robb Nen: A terrific read on how the 2002 World Series loss suffered by San Francisco Giants closer Robb Nen was the culmination of a long decline. ESPN Page 2 writer Eric Neel needs an award for this.

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Clifford "The Black Rhino" Etienne won't be in the heavyweight ring anytime soon.: Etienne, who helped Danny Williams train to beat Mike Tyson won't be boxing soon.

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Is it time?: Since the designated hitter was introduced in 1973, there has never been a full-time DH chosen as the American League's Most Valuable Player.

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Now That's a Desert Classic: The first golf tournament in 26 years was held in Afghanistan, drawing 28 entrants to a nine-hole course that features "blacks" instead of greens -- sand smoothed down with oil. One player ran into a tricky rules situation: "Do you think we are allowed to move the ball off the grave?"

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Ugly ducklings no longer: The Sydney Swans win their first AFL premiership for 72 years. The Grand Final is a 4 point thriller, but the Swans hold off the West Coast Eagles with hard work, determination and some luck of the Irish.

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September 23, 2005

Video: Josh Kornbluth Show (PBS) profiles Adonal Foyle (RealPlayer reqd.): Golden State Warriors Center Adonal Foyle talks about his NBA career and his youth citizenship project, "Democracy Matters." Josh takes on the Golden State Warriors dunk team. Adonal Foyle has always struck me as someone with above-average intellect, even from his college ball days at Colgate. Haven't watched this yet but hope to catch it. (The show's on PBS tonite, but it's up against NUMB3RS and ... erm ... Inconceivable. Good thing is we have this stream so we can catch it anytime.)

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The Hoser NFL Picks, Week Three: NFL picks for those more familiar with cricket.

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Nose tackle has special abilities: 3-1, 110 pounds and thigh-high to his teammates.

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Burk plans to protest new NHL ad campaign: Martha Burk couldn't get Augusta National to blink. Now she's turning her attention to hockey. Think about it, Martha. It's the NHL. How many people can even see the ad?

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Ozzy is one big quote machine.: Nice little article on Ozzy's latest as his team stumbles towrds the playoffs. They choked down the stretch against the Twins, No its the Indians turn to put the White Sox away! I like his pledge to retire if the Sox win the World Series!

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September 22, 2005

Boxer Dies From Injuries Sustained in Bout: The family did the right thing and the those in the sport say nobody to blame.

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Yahoo Spofi Fantasy Draft Update:: Well, today's draft went off amid much heckling, double- (and triple- and fourple-) reverse psychology, and now we all have teams, some of whom are a tad lopsided (daddisamm, for example, has a team consisting entirely of goalies, which I didn't know was even possible). Also, we watched "Platoon" together via chat. It was very bonding.)

For the record, Jarome Iginla went first, and Pierre Turgeon was picked last. Let the crowing, trash-talking, kvetching and trademongering begin!

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Its official...: Pat Riley wants Stan Van Gundy out. There's no other explanation for the signing of Gary Payton.

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New haka the cutting edge of sport : A throat-cutting gesture at the end of a fierce new All Black haka symbolises the cutting edge of sport and not the slaughter of opponents, says the haka's composer. This story is nearly a month old, just checked the archives and noticed it flew under the radar. If you haven't seen the new haka, check it out. Forget national anthems and exchanging pennants and flowers and all that crap, the haka is the best pre-game ritual in world sports. I've been digging around for some good video, and so far the best I have found is the one on the NZRU website -- it sputters and starts, but it's the only thing I've found online. Some people think the haka pushes psychological gamesmanship to the limit and gives the ABs an unfair advantage -- what do you think?

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At Least One Injured in Baltimore Bus Pile-Up: Feeling lonely in the spotlight, Rafael Palmeiro informed a congressional committee a teammate gave him whatever it was that caused a positive steroid test. [bugmenot]

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FSN NHL Point Streak Challenge: This is different...a new game on FSN where you pick a player a day who you think will get at least one point that day, and you keep your point streak alive by being correct. Anyone else interested in playing? I can set up a SpoFi league if there is any interest.

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The post season run of the Twins come to an end.: The outstanding pitching staff could overcome inconsistent offence and poor defence. The Twin played in a league high 57 one run games. Loosing thirty of those games. This a good breakdown of what needs to be done this winter if the Twins want to compete in for the Division Title next year.

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Worthless Baseball Card Collection: "In 1988, the Baltimore Orioles were forced to revert to traditional uniform pants when the button on Floyd Rayford's elastic waist band rocketed into the crowd and injured three fans."

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September 21, 2005

Royal Crown:: On the backs of the veteran leadership of Yolanda Griffith and Ticha Penicheiro, the Monarchs finally brought a championship to the City of Sacramento last night when the Connecticut Sun's Nykesha Sales' buzzer-beater attempt caught nothing but air.

The best line I heard all night: "This is the best thing to happen to Sacramento since the Bradford Family moved here."

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Pinella Out in Tampa: Lou Pinella will not return to coach the Tampa Bay Devil Rays next season, thanks to a $2.2-million buyout. "I got a great deal," Pinella said. "I thought I'd have to pay them a lot more than that."

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MaxSight: - contact lens specifically designed to improve athletic performance. We've discussed the idea before. I can't remember which team, but a Major European football club is game-testing these doo-dads this season. The roll-over simulation reminds me of how my polarized fishing specs work and why I wear them even when I'm not fishing. More here. [via => via]

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Soccer fans drop in: A chartered plane carrying nearly 300 soccer fans to a match in Peru declared a fake emergency so it could land closer to the stadium.

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Michelle Wie to turn pro at 15: All those who think that teenaged millionaires are a sign of the apocolypse, here's another chance to moan. The ESPN article is mostly about Wie's endorsement potential. I guess she won't have to worry about those expense payments. See also: King Kaufman makes his opinion clear.

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September 20, 2005

Joe Bauman, whose 72 home runs in one season stood until eclipsed by Barry "Big Head" Bonds : died today at the age of 83, his melon still in proportion to the rest of his body.

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What'd Jew say?: The Washington Nationals have suspended their chapel leader after he nodded in the affirmative when asked whether Jews were doomed. No information was given about on his feelings about the Nationals being doomed.

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Robby Gordon’s Helmet to Assist Hurricane Katrina Victims: Gordon and his helmet gained national attention when it was thrown at the car of Michael Waltrip in a sign of obvious frustration after Waltrip wrecked the No. 7 car driven by Gordon under caution. The helmet will be auctioned off on eBay with bids now being accepted. The auction will last for one week, and the helmet going to the highest bidder on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 1 p.m. (EDT).

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Fourteen: Sorry I'm late; I took yesterday off. The CFL waits for no man, though, so get your picks in for this week.

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September 19, 2005

Vote for the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame: Sports fans are being offered the chance to select six individual athletes, one team, and one coach for the next class of the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame.

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The great Premiership rip-off: Crowds are down in the Premiership this year. One of the possible factors is the price of attending games. As the Observer points out, it costs more to watch lowly Crawley Town than it does Roma, Juventus or Bayern Munich.

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Laveranues Coles Shares a Secret: The New York Jets wide receiver recently admitted something he's been hiding for years: He was molested from age 10 to 13 by his stepfather. "It just kind of destroyed my relationships, with allowing new people into my life," he said. "As a man, when you're violated in that way, you don't know how other people are going to take it, how other people are going to view you."

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Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Draft: I see that our live draft for the Yahoo fantasy hockey league is set for this Thursday at 6:30PM EDT. Is there anyway that we change that to Wednesday or Friday? I'm taking some classes this semester so Tuesday and Thursday nights are now bad for me. If there's no desire to move the draft to another date or time, that's cool. I'll just make sure I pre-rank before then. Thank you for your time.

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Byron Sandwich: Three players stood up and sacked Byron Leftwich so hard during Sunday's Jaguars-Colts game that the hometown Indy fans gave him a standing ovation when he walked off the field. "If you've ever wondered what it sounds like when 56,460 people gasp in unison, you should have been there when Leftwich was torpedoed from behind while trying to pick up a fumble," said sportswriter David Whitley.

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Coordinator First In Line for Vikings' Blame: It's time to start the finger-pointing in Minnesota. Seriously, though, did anyone really think this offense would thrive when Randy Moss left?

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September 17, 2005

This seems to be a problem with ring side care in Las Vegas maybe?: Leavander Johnson underwent brain surgery Saturday night after collapsing in his dressing room following his IBF lightweight title loss against challenger Jesus Chavez. 38 seconds into the round following the ring side doctor saying he was "OK" to continue.

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Motivational posters for the unmotivated. Two Cincy Reds bloggers team up to create motivational poster parodies for each MLB team. First half here, second half here. (via Byzantium's Shores)

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Baseball wildcards should lift our spirits: The tight pennent races and the playoffs will help get rid of the "funk" we are feeling brought on by all of the sad news of late. To me sports, in general, offer a nice release. I would throw College FB and the NFL into this "funk buster mode" as well.

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Swans into AFL Grand Final: For the unitiated, the Australian Football League Grand final is on next Saturday, and my beloved Sydney Swans have just booked their place. They haven't won it since 1933. Written off every season by the pundits, the Swans are far from glamorous and graceful - they are a blue collar tackling machine. This could be their year.

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September 16, 2005

Merging the Americas?: Using DC United's participation in the Copa America tournament as a launch, Frank Dell'Apa forecasts that the improving American football environment may lead to a merger of CONMEBOL and CONCACAF and sooner than that the participation of MLS sides in Western Hemisphere equivalent of Champions League. Bonus linkage: Villa fan Prince William will become president of the FA next spring and Roberto Baggio, while tipping Brazil to get #6, says USA are set to make a strong challenge in Germany.

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Prince William ascends to (football) throne.: Prince William, second in line to the British monarchy, assumed a much more important position: that of Football Association president, currently held by his uncle, Prince Andrew. Like the constitutional monarchy, this will be very much a figurehead role, limited to attendance at events, speech-giving, and general PR. How will Will add some pizzazz to the FA, which has concerns of losing the public's affection to cricket?

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Tarver says he's ready to fight even if Jones isn't: "He isn't going to hit me with the left hand anyway, so he won't have much use for that," said Tarver, adding, "whatever Roy Jones shows up, I am planning on destroying." Jones issued a statement from his training camp in Pensacola, Fla. that read: "I'm there. Nothing stops the RJJ!!!!! LOL!!!11"

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Skip Bayless denounces Stoops's punishment of Peterson: Skip Bayless's recent article on attacks Bob Stoops's choice to discipline Peterson for skipping class. The article is clear that academics are second to football and one should not effect the other.

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September 15, 2005

25th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Run:
Considered by some as the greatest Canadian who ever lived, Terry Fox's legacy continues to this day. The worldwide annual fundraiser is in memory of a man who ran a marathon a day for 143 days, on an artificial leg (replacing the one he lost to cancer) in an attempt to run across Canada.
His Marathon of Hope was to raise awareness and money for cancer research.
More information below:

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Golfer Toms Stricken During Tournament: Eleven-time PGA Tour winner David Toms, 38, was taken off the course during the 84 Lumber Classic in Pennsylvania, suffering from an apparent heart problem.

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Ballpark of a Future Past:

The new A's ballpark in Oakland may inject a dollop of real design innovation into baseball's wrongheaded fixation with nostalgia.
SF Weekly critiques the plans for the new Oakland A's ballpark. The article continues in a series of PDFs (1 2 3 4) with architectural renderings (by 360 Architecture) of the new monstrosity. The renderings are also available (more info) at Ballparks of Baseball.

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Tulane hungry to play: Finally, the Green Wave gets their season underway. They have lost their home, for a while, but they are looking forward to playing on Saturday. LA Tech is their home for now. I wish them well!

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The Hoser Picks NFL Week Two: NFL picks for those with no intelligent NFL pick source. By sportsfilter's own wfrazerjr.

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Shaquille O'Neal: finds a way to make me feel bad for hating him (version 2.0)

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White Sox manger questions Marte's injury.: I always thought that this type of thing should be kept between the manager and the player'not given to the Media. I guess that Ozzie feels differantly about on how this should be handled. Just another sign that the Sox will "fold" in the playoffs like a cheap suit!

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September 14, 2005

The Hoser Picks NFL Week Two: NFL picks for those with no intelligent NFL pick source.

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A quiet legend hangs 'em up.: Ron Francis announced his retirement today. His career has seen him win 3 Lady Byng trophies, 1 Frank J. Selke trophy, 1 King Clancey trophy and 2 Stanley Cups. He is currently 4th in total points and 2nd in assists, and his 22 straight seasons of scoring at least 50 points is second only to Mr. Hockey. I'm sure one day we'll see him in some team's front office.

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Perspective just doesn't mix with Columbus,: where an Ohio State TE gets hate mail for a missed touchdown catch during the team's 25-22 loss to Texas.

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Clemens' Mother Dies Today, He Will Pitch Tonight To Honor Her:
Love him or hate him, Roger Clemens is a gamer. His mother passed away earlier today and he will be playing tonight and dedicating the game to her memory.

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On August 28, St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklasz wrote a column titled Martz has made repairs, so go easy on the criticism, in which he concluded: "But remember, Martz isn't alone at Rams Park. The infighting and politics continue in Earth City. That's disturbing. The executives being paid so handsomely by the franchise owe any Rams head coach their full support. John Shaw, Jay Zygmunt, Charley Armey, Bob Wallace and Samir Suleiman work for the Rams, and their job is to do everything possible to help this organization win. Be it Martz or another man, I don't care who sits in the head coach's office at Rams Park. The head coach should be backed, not back-stabbed, by associates."

Apparently Samir Suleiman, Director of Football Administration for the Rams, took a bit of offense to being called out by name and left Miklasz a voicemail telling him as much. The voicemail that Suleiman allegedly left Miklasz contained the following phrase: "tell your source that I'm not a back-stabber, I'm a (expletive) throat slasher, and he'll know the difference before it's all said and done." Today, the St. Louis Rams have announced that Suleiman has been reprimanded.

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Fantasy Football Services: A Review: Designer Keith Robinson grades the fantasy football sites of ESPN (D-), Yahoo (C), and CBS SportsLine (B-).

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Green Goal™.: FIFA has announced an initiative to make next summer's World Cup climate neutral. They're teaming up with the United Nations Environmental Program and Germany's Environmental Minister to assess the games’ environmental impact and develop the Green Goal initiative for offsetting the estimated 100,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses expected to be emitted by the event’s activity. Unlike past climate neutral events, like the G8 summit, Green Goal is looking to find a new way to offset emissions...(more inside)

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September 13, 2005

Another KC Chief behind bars: KC running back Larry Johnson was arrested for allegedly grabbing his girlfriend and shoving her to the floor of a KC nightclub after she caught him with another woman.

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Premiership FFL Update soon: Just waiting for the table to be brought current...

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Kayaks Return to McCovey Cove: Barry Bonds returned to the lineup last night for the San Francisco Giants after missing 142 games. His line: 1 hit, four at bats, no dingers, and one happy nine-year-old battling leukemia.

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September 12, 2005

Saints to play four in Baton Rouge: They will play 4 at LSU and 3 more Home games at the Alamodome. The article further states: No decision was made on the site of potential Saints home playoff games this season.

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Javon Walker out for the season , Torn ACL: This is a guy who held out in training camp for a new contract , came back in good faith and now has a devestating injury. Green Bay financially came out lucky but lost their star reciever . Walker came out of it without a new contract and a torn ACL.

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Csonka One Of Six Rescued From Bering Sea: 10-12 hours trapped in a boat during a violent storm . There must be an easier way to spend your retirement years.

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The smallest trophy, the biggest prize: After a summer in which the beautiful game has been played with leather on willow, England regain the Ashes, although not without a few last-day wobbles. Oh, and another legend hangs 'em up.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen: En route to setting the current season high for attendence, the Toronto Argonauts offered Tiger-Cats fans ticket refunds should Hamilton complete the sweep. The Toronto Argonauts made a lot of money with that idea. Make your picks for Week 13 inside.

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A legend hangs them up.:
Mark Messier retires from the NHL.

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This place was alive, and so are the Yankees: Final yankees/boston series could decide it all. If New York can just get by those nasty rays.

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Agassi puts up fight, but Federer wins his 23rd straight final and sixth grand slam title: Federer calls this his "most special " Grand Slam because it was the US Open against "a living legend". Agassi salutes Roger the Great. while magnificent in defeat.

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Notre Dame #10 in AP poll!: Notre Dame knocked off #23 Pitt and #3 Michigan on the road. Has Charlie Weis finally woken up the sleeping beast in Irish football?

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September 11, 2005

MLB 2005 Salary vs Performance.: An interactive chart that "looks at all 30 Major League Baseball Teams and ranks them on the left according to their day-to-day standings. The lines connect each team to their 2005 salary, listed on the right. ... A steep blue line means that the team is doing well for its money, which reflects well on the team's General Manager. A steep red line implies that the team is throwing away money (the New York Yankees for at least the first half of the 2005 season)." I'm an info-geek but I thought you hardball fans might to play with this.

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The unthinkable has happened: Vagabond passes Yukon for fantasy baseball lead.

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September 10, 2005

Clijsters wins U.S. Open for first Grand Slam: Belgian routs Pierce 6-3, 6-1 to capture U.S. Open. So where did the Russians go?

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Shaquille O'Neal: finds a way to make me feel bad for hating him. Dammit, Mister run-over-everyone, why do you have to have a heart?

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What's bigger? Connors in '91 or Agassi today?: who has accomplished the bigger feat?

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Attention, EPL Fantasy League N0Obz!: Who is Eyal, Germs Propogater (sic), mark evans, John Hill (is that you, jasonbondshow?), John Moysey, Pete W, Chris Riley (lilnemo?), Sir Jose? Are these SpoFites? Buddies of SpoFites? Change your name (and/or your team's name) so it contains your SpoFi nickname somewhere. I just need to know who's ass I'm kicking.

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September 09, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide: With all the negative talk about him do you think T.O.'s intentions are pure? Maybe the motive doesn't matter if the outcome is good. Just thought it might get some discussion.

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OHES NOES LOHSE!!1: Twins pitcher Kyle Lohse flips his shit and goes crazy on manager Ron Gardenhire's office door with a baseball bat after getting pulled for giving up five earned runs in two innings of this past Tuesday's game against the Rangers. Lohse's excuse: Gardenhire didn't "have his back".

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Anyone interested in a UEFA Champions League fantasy league?: League name is SportsFilter, code to join is 11968-2558. Time's short, first matches are Tuesday. As last year's winner I certainly want a shot to repeat and hopefully we'll have more than five people besides me. You have been served!

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College basketball player charged with assult: Player pleads "no contest" assult charge for something that happened to a game.

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The Final Ashes test!: Follow all the action from the guardian right now. England only need a draw to win the series and therefore the coveted little urn. History of the ashes here.

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A-Rod launches official site with chat: First overall draft pick, 40-40 club member, gold glove winner, american league mvp, fastest to 400 home runs, 9 time all-star, looks good in pinstripes, looks better in a suit, you wish you had his teeth. Check out the alex timeline, ask alex a question, admire his charity work, ponder his journal, or watch him play Ol' Saint Nick, the man does it all and makes it look easy (just make sure you support his corporate partners).

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September 08, 2005

The NBA shows its support to Katrina victims...: I saw the promos for this on TNT tonight, big props to anybody who helps out in what will likely be the most devastating natural disaster in American history.

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Virginia Tech Senior expected to play 05-06 season.: I am a softie for stroies about athletes with cancer. It can hit you anytime, anywhere, any place!

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Hockey rules.: The NHL presents a video on the New Standard of Rule Enforcement for the 2005-06 season.

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UCONN falls victim to its own success: A very interesting commentary on college sports!

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Win or Go Home: NFL Survival League is ready for those that want to give it a go.

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September 07, 2005

Northern Ireland beat England: for the first time in 80 years. England's World Cup qualification may now be at risk. Sven accused of tactical ineptitude and inability to motivate his players. But how about those (northern) Irish, eh?

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The Hoser Picks NFL Week 1: NFL point-spread predictions with a truckload of salt. Brought to you by sportsfilter's own wfrazerjr.

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Rookie apologizes, claims postive steroid test is a mistake: Michael Morse admits to taking illegal steroids in November of 2003 to help recover from an injury, fearing his career was over had he not recovered somehow. In May and July of the 2004 minor league season he tested positive, and was punished and suspended. The July test Morse states were from remnants in his system stating that he had stopped taking them. He only used them that one time, he states. Now he has become the ninth major league player to have a 10 day suspension handed down from the league for testing positive for steroids. Morse Claims this positive test is also from the remnants. The arbitration panel has agreed to some level with him on that. ( the article was a little gray on this part) Despite that Morse states he has scientific evidence that supports he did not take steroids again, these positive results are from remnants, but he still gets 10 days off, and a stain on his rookie year!

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The Hoser Picks NFL Week 1: NFL point-spread predictions with a truckload of salt.

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NFL pick 'em: Nobody has set up a pick 'em league yet? Well, I just did...a confidence points yahoo league. Any takers, any suggested changes? (sign up info inside)

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Smallville: "Despite the fact that nearly 52 per cent of Americans live in large cities (over 500,000), close to 80 per cent of the country's athletes were born in cities of 500,000 or less." [via]

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ESPN fires Trev Alberts: And I thought ESPN was one big happy family!

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September 06, 2005

The "Ironman" record will be hard to break.: Its been 10 years since Cal jr. broke the record. Its hard to believe that it was 10 years ago.

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One-time Giants QB Jesse Palmer: got the ball rolling with a featured appearance as the Bachelor. Now we will soon see ex-Dallas Cowboys QB Gary Hogeboom as a competitor on Survivor while Chris Valletta (previously connected to the Saints, Titans and Bucs) will be fodder for the Donald on the Apprentice. Obviously, NFLers bring tremendous reality TV intangibles and upside! (cause three examples makes a trend).

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Welcome to Chez Schilling!: He may spit in your coffee, may milk the bloody ankle for the rest of his life, and may play the Jesus Card a bit much for my taste, but I haven't heard other pro athletes (many of whom have the room) stepping this far forward.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Twelve: Three bitter rematches this week as we swing into home-and-home season. It's a short week: kickoff at Frank Clair Stadium is at 7:00pm EST this Thursday, so get your picks in lickety-split.

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Setting 'em down in order: With the regular season standings confirmed, utility infielder Kevin Hooper played nine positions in nine innings for the Toledo Mud Hens in their season finale on Monday, in (almost) numerical order: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/1. He picked up the save.

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September 05, 2005

"I'm thinking about [riding the Tour de France next year]" : Armstrong said Monday. "I'm thinking it's the best way to piss (the French) off."

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Bonds to return this week????: ESPN claims that Barry could be back as early as Tuesday. Barry says that he wants to be an everyday player, but he may have to take a few days off. Unless the Prince of BALCO has found a new steroid that they cannot test for, he is going to need more than a few days off. Just looking at his stats: Prior to coming to the Giants, Barry was inconsistent at best. He went from averaging 25 home runs a season in 7 seasons with the Pirates to a whopping 44 home runs as season in 12 seasons with the Giants. In the last 5 years he has averaged 51.6 home runs per season and his batting average has jumped to .341 over that span compared to his .300 career average. While I agree that every player should improve as their career goes along, this improvement defies logic (unless he has a little help from Mr. BALCO himself)

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Jerry Rice decides to retire: after 20 amazing years in the NFL.

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September 04, 2005

Richest sportsman in England.: Product of the "inner-city", an inveterate prankster, teenage millionaire, scorer of the fastest hattrick in the EPL (four+ minutes), now a husband and father of three, property tycoon, racehorse owner, and author of a soon-to-be released autobiography ... Robert Ryder aka Robbie Fowler (Liverpool, Leeds, and now Manchester City). Cool insights into his life and explanations of his infamous line-sniffing and mooning match antics included.

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The ten most calamitous celebrations.: Though, given that the Observer is considering this from a UK perspective, it would seem that the exclusion of NFLers Bill Gramatica and Gus Frerrote may spare them further ignominy.

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Saints May Be Gone for Good: Owner Tom Benson is "leaning strongly" to a permanent move of the Saints to San Antonio, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "This is like pouring salt into the wound," said Louisiana state senator Mike Michot.

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USA qualifies for World Cup 2006.: In a spirited showing at the Columbus Crew Stadium (OH) yesterday, the US beat Mexico 2-0 to become only the eighth qualifier (of 32). Two well-taken setpiece goals by Ralston and Beasley elevated an otherwise closely-played match, with the US being rewarded for a more attack-minded game than Mexico. USA! USA! USA!

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September 03, 2005

NL Cy Young: Carpenter may have tipped the scale: Chris Carpenter and Roger Clemens faced off in a showdown of the two most likely Cy Young candidates. Chris Carpenter may have pushed himself to the forefront. I think the stats from the game speak for themselves: Carpenter - 9 innings, 8 hits, 2 earned runs, 2 walks, 8 K's 2.28 ERA. Clemens - 5 innings, 4 hits, 2 earned runs, 2 walks, 2 K's, 1.57 ERA. Carpenter is also the first 20 game winner and "He has won his last 12 decisions and is 12-0 with 1.44 ERA in his last 14 starts, with three shutouts and six complete games" Clemens may not have alot of run support and a low ERA, but Carpenter continues to deliver complete games that put W's up for the Cards. Also, Carpenter's ERA continues to fall, as Clemens ERA is on the rise. Barring a melt down, this showdown may have proven that Carpenter should win the NL Cy Young.

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Frog Day Afternoon.: Opening weekend in college football and we already have our first major upset of the season with the unrated TCU Horned Frogs marching up to Norman and defeating the Sooners 17-10 while holding perennial Heisman Trophy candidate Adrian Peterson to 63 yards on 22 carries.

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Talk about locking a guy up: The New York Islanders have offered goalie Rick DiPietro a 15-year contract, which was apparently a tad unrealistic given the insurance premiums down the road. Read the story and ask -- was GM Mike Milbury serious, or was this just brilliant PR?

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September 02, 2005

"Are you guys ready for the Williams sisters?" : Serena and Venus Williams both advanced out of the third round of the US Open today and into a round of sixteen Sister Slam matchup, the earliest the two have met in a tournament since the 1998 Australian Open. Serena made it to the next round by dishing some payback to Francesca Sciavone in the afternoon, 6-3, 6-4, while Venus dropped Daniela Hantuchova in the evening match, 6-3, 6-3.

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Ciao Pierluigi: Collina retires. In related news, Laetitia Casta "adore[s] football and the severity of referees." *tweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!*

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"I've talked with a lot of people: and heard a lot of opinions...Cardiologists, neurologists. And not one of them said, 'Tedy, you can't play again.'" Apparently with a clean bill of health, Tedy Bruschi announced his plans to return to playing for the New England Patriots next year.

Yay Cold Beer!!!!

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Ban Hammer Strikes Bike Racer: Now that SportsFilter is beginning to attract professional athletes such as pitcher Eric Knott, please take heed: You can be suspended from your sport for online postings, as endurance bike racer Jeff Kerkove just learned. (Via number 2)

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September 01, 2005

Orioles Void Ponson's Contract: Sidney Ponson was released Thursday by the Baltimore Orioles, who contend the pitcher's conduct and problems with alcohol the past nine months give them grounds to void his contract. He went from number 1 pitcher in the rotation to out of a job by his own bizarre behavior .

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Fantasy NFL Draft: Mark your calendars: the Fantasy NFL live draft is Wed, Sept 7 6:00pm PDT. Also, we have three empty spots. Signup instructions, current manager list, bold predictions, and trashy trash talk inside.

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Calling Russia's bluff: "The managers of Russian ice-hockey, admit though, that contradictions and inconsistencies in Russian legislation allow North Americans to totally ignore their demands." Does Russia and its PHL have any leverage to negotiate a favorable and equitable player transfer policy? "NHL commissar Gary Battman made no specific promises during his recent emergency visit to Russia." [via]

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