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August 31, 2004

"The largest loss of their history." : Yankees lose to, of all teams, the Cleveland Indians 22-0. Major League, anyone?

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Everton sells wunderkid Rooney to Man U.: In the battle of the currently lackluster Uniteds, Manchester apparently beat out Newscastle for the deal. Will Rooney be enough to get Man U back up to one of the coveted top three slots (well, you know, once he heals and all)?

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AFC Preview: Flash fun by the folks at Bang Cartoons.

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EPL Fantasy League, Week 4: Now why didn't I get Yakubu?

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August 30, 2004

Frischilla stumps for change.: Former Red Storm coach and current ESPN college basketball analyst Fran Frischilla offers up some possible remedies to U.S. basketball's general malaise.

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New ESPN College GameDay site for 2004: The new ESPN College GameDay site has been launched for this season. There seems to be a lot more content this year. There are more contests, and a blog from the gameday bus driver. Also, they've got a great feature launching that allows you to send messages from Corso to your friends' voicemail.

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World Cup of Hockey Fantasy Pool!: Get your team here. I set up a private league to join after creating your team. League Name: SpoFi Password: spofi

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The 2004 World Cup of Hockey: starts today. Of course, Team Canada is the favorite, but they better heed Wayne Gretzky's word: "It's not a cakewalk for anyone,..." For sure this will be an exciting tournament and my DVR will be set to full record.

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Yeah, Canada should really take policy advice from the I-O-frickin'-C: The end of another Olympics, another round of national hand-wringing about the disappointing haul of medals by Canadian athletes. With Vancouver 2010 just six years away -- and some worried Canada will be the only country to host a games and not win a gold... for the third time -- should us Canucks listen to (what is arguable one of the most corrupt international organisations ever,) the IOC, and commit more public funds to high-performance athletes? More generally, is success at the Olympics simply a function of funding, or are other factors just as important? Should we really give a rat's ass about quadrennial trinkets?

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August 29, 2004

What?!? Allen Iverson, in a positive light?: With all the (bad) press he gets, it's quite interesting to read an article like this. Love em or hate em, I think I'll give him some props. I enjoyed this article.

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The torch is out, let's go to Flushing. : The US Open starts tomorrow, and it should be a very high quality tournament: there are a lot of players playing very well right now. First-round draw here, seeds here, tee vee schedule here.

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MLS Fantasy, 8/29/04: BillDropsToThirdFilter: Nerts! The foulnamed one returns to the top and the take the lords name in vain team claims second. Spacemen make a strong move too.

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Cable Could Keep NBC's Olympic Torch Burning: meaning Bravo could go from Queer Eye to Odd Sports World? Olympics apparently mean a lot of bank.

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Sportus interruptus: Three miles from the finish, the leader in the men's marathon was knocked to the ground by a spectator and was subsequently passed by two runners. The attacker has attempted similar stunts at other events to promote his apocalyptic religious books.

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Warner chosen over Manning: The New York Football Giants have decided on age over beauty , at least to start the year. The decision seems to have been made mostly on the fact that Manning has been deeply underwhelming in the preseason so far.

Do you think it'll matter who's QBing this year for them? I have to admit I don't.

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August 28, 2004

USA hoops defeats Australia for the gold, 74-63. : Beautiful. Just beautiful.

A few more links (and observations):

- Chuck Schoffner doesn't know what he's talking about when he alludes to "sloppy play". There wasn't any sloppiness in this game, on either side. They just made each other work very hard for every point, and when you do that, sometimes you have to scuffle for 'em.
- Props to Lisa Leslie for her message to "all the little girls out there".
- Huge props for the Opals. They played beautifully, they came that much closer, and when it was all over, they didn't cry, they didn't sulk, they celebrated. They've got a ton of heart, and yes, they will win gold one day.
- Lauren Jackson will probably come in for some criticism for low scoring in this game. If so, it's unjustified. Shutting down Jackson on scoring was one of the US team's top priorities in this game; they did, to an extent -- she still scored double digits -- but even so, it was a near thing. Jackson is not the only offensive power on that team, and with the focus on Jackson, Penny Taylor just went crazy.

...and finally...

- Could there be any finish more perfect than Dawn Staley's final Olympic field goal?

Yeah. Them's my gurls.

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Not this infernal debate, again.: However, it is straight from the mouth of someone who may have a perspective worth defending. Though that person is John Kruk.

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The joy of heavy men in bulging leotards : Faster, higher, stronger. Weightlifting is the perfect Olympic sport: no messing about, no judges' errors. The men's over-105kg weightlifting does exactly what it says on the tin - men over 105kg lift weights. Heavy ones.

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August 27, 2004

Argentina beats the US: and Italy beats Lithuania to reach the Olympic basketball finals. "Lithuania has won the last three Olympic Games bronze medals. If it earns a fourth, it will be the first time in Olympics history that the USA basketball team has failed to win a medal."

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We should destroy the Triple Crown in order to save it: A Slate writer's suggestion for bringing horse racing back to the front burner.

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Okay, we did the fittest, but what sport has the biggest party animals? : Collegiate and high school football player date rapists don't count: party animals do first and foremost unto themselves, not unto others. I'm going to nominate alpine skiers, with such fine examples as Alberto Tomba, and the long-established tradition of the Hahnenkamm afterparty at the Londoner. Anyone else?

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Oopsie redux. : The head of the International Gymnastics Federation has suggested to Paul Hamm that he give his gold medal to Yang Tae-yung.

You see people and organizations shoot themselves in the foot all the time, but it's not all that often that you see them fire off the whole clip and then reload to do it again.

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Aegean Seaside:Inge de Bruijn's Birthday party: Aegean Seaside is famous for its charming views and sunshine, crowded with beauties,handsome guys.At the moment just after the swimming matches,Poland's well-known swimmer,champion of 50m freestyle at Athens,invited many swimmers,including Michael Phelps and Pieter Hoogenband,to celebrate her 31th birthday.

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August 26, 2004

The Champions League draw is complete.: Henrik Larrson's Barcelona take on his old team Celtic. Chelsea is in the same group as last year's champs Porto. Liverpool are drawn with last year's losing finalists Monaco. Arsenal and Man U look to be in relatively "easy" groups.

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Clough salutes Arsenal's achievement: Between 1977 and 1979, Nottingham Forest went a record 42 games unbeaten in the English league. On Wednesday, Arsenal surpassed that record, when they beat Middlesbrough 3-0. Over the last 43 games, Arsenal, traditionally known for dour 1-0 games, have shown an attacking excellence that I've never seen before in the English game. Are they the best ever (in England) or do they need to lift the Champions League first before we can crown them?

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U-S-A, U-S-A! (no, really): With a well-deserved gold medal in the bag, the US women's socfootball team says goodbye to its mainstays. Nomar's side of the trophy cabinet will look even more bare, while Julie Foudy may have to work out whether doing nothing is all it's cracked up to be. While the 'Fab Five' have led the revolution in the women's game, especially in the US, how easy will it be -- in competitive terms, and in the all-important media spotlight -- for Mia Hamm to pass on the torch (sorry) to the new generation that learned the game wearing her name on their jerseys?

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U-S-A, U-S-A: Jason Whitlock, of ESPN's Page 2, thinks the hatred goes a bit deeper than many people are admitting when it comes to the Mens Olympic Basketball Team. I almost agree. I have a co-worker who was getting sheer joy from seeing the team struggle. I asked him why and he said that they were a bunch of selfish, rich NBA stars who didn't know how to represent America. When I explained to him that the selfish guys stayed home and that this team actually wants to there, he fumbled for a sec. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is more to this backlash than their paycheck. The original Dream Team made huge money as well.

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The Price of Seeing the Top 25 College Teams: Big-time college sports programs are increasingly requiring fans to pony up more than the ticket price to attend their games. While the practice of "premium seating" is not new — some colleges have been tying seating preferences and other benefits to donations for decades — it is on the rise, as are the dollar figures involved.

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Goodbye,Allern Johnson: As hoping for Allern Johnson(USA) VS Liu xiang(CHN),Allern broke down on his way to the Olympic gold medal.It's a great shock to all the fans who love and believe him.I felt for sorry for this 33-year-old world champion and hope he will perk up himself in the near future!

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An analyze that Chinese athletes go through : Having watched so many matches in Athens,I feel bittersweet to what our Chinese athletes did in the past time of Athens Olympic.It can be appraised that we've done quite good in weightlifting,exactly,to most of ours surprise,we harvested 5 gold medals while we had never done before.Then however,why we behaved so terrible in gymnastics which we call for "absolutely advantage event" and reputate our team as a "Gream Team"?Just nervous or restless?No,never.Compared the teaching and practising methods (I've checked these parts of info on TV and the foreign nets)with Americans who undertaked the all-around event,we truly have a long distance to go. "The substance of contest of the world-wide countries is the struggles of science techology."said our great man Deng Xiaoping who had already realized its importance.Actually,this can still be used in sports area.As is known to all,Australian phenomenal swimmer Ivn Thorp wears a swimsuit called as "Shark skin" at one side protentially helped him to rush at the gold medals.Japan,which is not famous for swimming,garnered three gold medals in individual event.We may sometimes resulted as their hardworking,their doing at all costs,their tenacity,but please pay attention,their excellent technology.They import as well as design the specail tools,for example,the computer software,in order to simulate the prosess of swimmng or other sports events,and then their experts can estimate or deal with the data given by the computers,which will precisely help their athletes do better. At another level,American's training methods are also perfact.To prevent the athletes from exploring their axious or other downsides,the coaches encourage them to attend more international competitions while Chinese currently practise in a closed house!The side effects are,with no exaggerting,we can't know about our opponents with refresh faces which are changing rapidly.Just as our feudal society before,we eventually burned out. According to MSNBC's title:China,Yuppie Flight,we may positively and clearly realize what and where we should advance in the near future on sports.

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August 25, 2004

A history of Olympic timekeeping technology: from averaging 25 observers' stopwatch times in 1932 to 2004's photo finish that takes 1,000 pictures per second.

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Radcliffe was a sore loser: To get you up to speed, Paula Radcliffe was widely expected by the UK press to be a certainty for the marathon and when she pulled up/gave in/collapsed was regarded as some sort of Olympic hero by the more confused elements of the British press. I think this article puts a more logical viewpoint on the issue. Surely the ‘Olympic ideal’ is to compete and to complete the event whether you come first or last and to triumph over adversity - not to give up if you realise you’re not going to get on the podium.

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August 24, 2004

Four years ago, Rulon Garder beat the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of all time: Alexander Karelin. Gardner was viewed by some as an imposter. He's definitely not as romantic a figure - here are Karelin's thoughts on losing. In any case, Karelin is now back as a spectator to see how Gardner fares.

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August 23, 2004

They said they'd throw me off the boat: Australian rower Sally Robbins couldn't go on, physically or mentally. The rest of her crew reacted badly. What does this say about the Olympic ideal, team work, mateship or loyalty?

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Movable Feat: "lack of previous experience...has caused or contributed to the most famous problems that have befallen modern Olympic games, from lost bus drivers in Sydney to the failure to prevent a terrorist bombing in Atlanta. The heart of the problem is that the Olympics--for no unassailable reason--alters its location every four years. "

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August 22, 2004

One Fan's Breakdown of the Upcoming Jets/ Giants Tilt:
Jeff Johnson of McSweeneys gives the straight dope in his own inimitable way: "Someone has to thwart Jet crusader, fire helmet-wearing Eddie Anzalone in the homliest, most obnoxious fan department, and my vote is for ex-Marine Brenda Warner, who sports a crewcut and an attitude reminescent of Eileen Brennan in Private Benjamin (minus the booziness) on a case and a half of Red Bull."

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August 21, 2004

"...because Angola is playing even worse than the Americans, they're in the quarterfinals in the Athens games." : US loses 90-94 to Lithuania, but still gets a "they could suck worse" pass into the next round.

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Oopsie. : Judges' scoring mistake cost Yang Tae-yung the gold medal in the men's all-around gymnastic competition.

I wonder how Paul Hamm feels about this.

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August 20, 2004

Olympic Babes:: Is pocket billiards a sport?

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"One thing I love about Vermont is you can take all back roads so you can drink": so sayeth the Spaceman. On a day when one ex-Sox pitcher almost returned to the fold, take a ride with the most interesting one of all time. Don Zimmer fans keep out.

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August 19, 2004

World Champs go down.: Minnows New Zealand take down the basketball world champs 90-87.

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Isn't there anyone better than this guy?: Bud Selig re-ups through the end of the decade. Is there anyone out there that could replace him? Or is it one of those deals where anyone smart enough to do the job is smart enough to not actually want the job?

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August 18, 2004

I gots to gets me some FLAVA23.: LeBron is endorsing a sports drink made for him by Powerade. Don't forget to pick up the KING JAMES comic.
I feel ill...

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Making Canada pround (because the athletes sure as hell aren't): Canadian man, dressed in a tutu, dives into an Olympic diving competition pool; embarasses the $1.9billion security force with his stunt; gets beat up by the police; gets convicted for 5 years, and, finally, is released. Not surprisingly, in a country not enjoying many Olympic successes, this success scored the front page of many Canadian newspapers. Go Ron Bensimhon!

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Will the Mavs finally salvage something from this off-season trading frenzy?: The latest rumors have Laettner, Eddie Najera, some draft picks, and money going to Golden State for Erick Dampier, Evan Eschmeyer and Dan Dickau. Due to restrictions on trading recently acquired players, this trade can't be official until Mid-September. I like the trade for the Mavs, but not getting Dampier here until the season is about to start leaves me a bit concerned.

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2004 Yahoo NFL Pickem and Survival: SportsFilter Pick 'em and Survival leagues created. (Group IDs and passwords inside.)

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Scrabble: : sport or dork-fest? (via /.)

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August 17, 2004

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League: Unless I missed it, this is the first standings update and trash-talking opportunity, with one fourth of the season to go.

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Like it wasn't bad enough. : Apparently, Allen Iverson broke his thumb in Sunday's game and aggravated it in Monday's practice. He's still hoping to play today, though...

Sheesh, it never rains but it pours, huh?

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EPL Fantasy League, Week 1: Snarkiness inside.

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Lakers trade Gary Payton and Rick Fox for Chucky Atkins, Chris Mihm and Marcus Banks:
The mighty have not fallen, they have collapsed.
Can anyone even think of a multiple all star (in _any_sport) who's value has fallen so quickly over the course of one lousy season?
Gary Payton for CHUCKY ATKINS, people? Last year's NBA Live wouldn't have allowed it.

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Prime Time again?: ESPN reports Neon Deion is contemplating a comeback, possibly with the Baltimore Ravens. Will it be Jordanesque or, um, Jordanesque?

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August 16, 2004

Plot to shake up Manchester United board: with rumors that Mal Glazer wants to take control without buying out the other shareholders, over issues with how current management is failing to maximize non-UK revenues from the world's largest club fan base. However, unless Sir Alex can get things in shape fairly fast, how long will the fans remain their's? (And was Arsenal impressive yesterday?)

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"At least there's one U.S. basketball team that can still shoot straight.": US beats Czech Rebublic, 80-61. Really strong rebounding was the key in this game -- the US dominated the boards, got a lot of second looks and didn't give that many. Good game, more to come...

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What Olympics?: Apparently the masses of people swarming to Greece from all over the world for this grand spectacle never showed up, so now they’re giving tickets away. Lucky the Athenians spent all those years and all that money getting ready for this. This is not the first time -- the same thing happened in Sydney and Seoul. So tell me why it's such an honor to host these games again?

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August 15, 2004

Puerto Rico 92, U.S. 73: Anyone really surprised?

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Think the Olympics Look Better in HD? Think Again.: Apparently due to some arcane FCC Rules, NBC's HD Olympics coverage is one full day behind the main broadcast. NBC claims only 6 of the venues are wired for HD, making real-time broadcasting impossible, but they're managing to pump out yesterday's coverage in HD. Here's my contribution to the FAQ: How do you spend all that money on the rights to the Olympics and show up with such an also-ran sports department?

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August 14, 2004

Let the Web Games begin.: "The BBC and other European networks are offering live, on-demand Internet video streaming of Olympic events to broadband viewers. But the BBC and fellow members of the European Broadcasting Union are required by their Olympic broadcast contracts to block U.S. Internet users and others from outside their home counties." Anybody know how people in the US can avoid waiting 9 hrs to see that day's events? How do we get around these "blocks"?

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August 13, 2004

Footie Chick.: Via the Guardian: "Footie Chick clothes are designed for sexy, sassy women who believe style and football can go hand in hand. Do you know more about the offside rule than your friends? Know your strikers from your mid-fielders? Then show everyone you are the definitive 'Footie Chick' and put them to shame with a sassy T-Shirt to show your commitment to the beautiful game." I love it!

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Owen's off to Madrid: while Viera finally decides to stay.

Liverpool fans aren't too happy with the way Owen's leaving, with only $8m pounds going the other way. Can anyone see this as being good for either the 'Pool or Owen? And does Viera staying at Arsenal mean that the Gunners are going to win it all again? The Premiership starts tomorrow.

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Iraq Stuns Portugal in Men's Soccer: They came to town wearing new jackets that proclaimed, "Iraq is back." And in their first competition, Iraq's underdog soccer team confirmed it, beating Portugal, 4-2, in the opening round of Olympic preliminaries today. Is this the same Portugal team that made it to the finals of Euro 2004?

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And the US flag-bearer is...: Dawn Staley of the US women's basketball team. Staley, with two gold medals and plenty of firsts and mosts to her name, is one of the game's all-time greats.

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August 12, 2004

Dallas Burns!: In order to be "all-inclusive for those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area," Lamar Hunt is changing the name of his franchise to FC Dallas. I really like the 96 on the new badge though it does remind me quite a bit of another Texas team's logo. Smart or fruity? Let's debate!

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Olympics security will be tight -- against unapproved brands.: "Strict regulations published by Athens 2004 last week dictate that spectators may be refused admission to events if they are carrying food or drinks made by companies that did not see fit to sponsor the games." Grrrrr. [via]

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August 11, 2004

Happy belated birthday to the shot clock: Apparently yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the first basketball game with a shot clock. It only took Dean Smith another 30 years to bring it to college ball...

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You don't have to play it straight.: "Football has always been the preserve of red-blooded, heterosexual men, right? Think again. As the new season kicks off, Simon Fanshawe investigates how the beautiful game is being embraced by the gay community both on and off the pitch, bringing about a significant shift in the way many gay men think of themselves. Just don't suggest it's only because they like looking at the players' legs." I don't think this article will help the view of soccer in the US (yes, I've heard all the homophobic comments spouted by the meatheads), but I liked it anyway.

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Hockey Gladiators cancelled: Due to an impasse between the Gladiators Association and the owners in CBA talks.

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August 10, 2004

I thought he was just a cheerleader in college: "George Bush delivers illegal, but gratifying right hook to opposing ball carrier."

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Behind-the-scenes Olympics multimedia blog.: BBC journalist Stuart Hughes (whose recent work includes reporting from Iraq) takes a break at the Olympics. His access and viewpoint should provide some fun counterpoints into the polished shows we'll see on TV. He will also be blogging in text, audio and video.

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Americans told how to fly the flag... : In an attempt to improve the image of the United States on the international stage, American Olympians arriving in Athens are being given briefings on how to behave. The briefings include very specific instructions as to how athletes should conduct themselves in public, how to handle victory or defeat on the sporting stage and how they are to use the Stars and Stripes flag in celebration. [from The Times - may require registration - I can't remember]

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August 09, 2004

European Transfer Window coming to a close: So who are going to make the biggest impact? Will Walter Samuel and Michael Owen put Real Madrid back on top in Spain and the CL? If Viera stays does Arsenal repeat and finally get some European hardware? ManU players seems to be spending way too much time not playing. Chelsea looked pretty good during their American visit, are they going to claim something?

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Mariners DH Edgar Martinez is retiring.: In last place in the AL West, with several teammates being released Edgar has decided to walk away.
More inside...

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Premiership footballer Lee Hughes has been jailed for six years for causing death by dangerous driving. : I'm just the bringer of glad tidings today, am I not?

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Marc Cecillon arrested for murder: Former France rugby union skipper in custody on suspicion of shooting his wife.

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August 08, 2004

This ought to be impossible. : Tim Wakefield gives up six, count 'em, home runs in a single game -- and still gets the win. Asked to comment afterwards, Wakefield said, "I'd rather just forget about the whole thing." Smart move...

I didn't see the game; I was listening on the radio. What happened? Was the stadium filled with helium or something?

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Greg Maddux gets career win #300!: It wasn't easy, but he did it. (And yes, I am happy he did it as a Cub!) Will we ever see another 300-game winner?

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BBC has EPL live radio commentaries online!: "We've got full commentaries from the best names in the business - Jonathan Pearce, Alan Green, Mike Ingham - and for the first time it's all available online in the UK via this website." Oh yes. No more being blocked out, having to find a generous site, or, more likely, subscribing to a team's site. Thank you, British taxpayers.

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August 06, 2004

Gary Payton for -- Banks?: That's about how the trade boils down; it's Payton, Rick Fox, a 1st round pick, and cash for Marcus Banks, Chris Mihm, Chucky Atkins, and a 2nd round pick. Payton will be wearing the Celtic green. Bill Simmons loves it. I think a lot depends on Delonte West, who had better be ready to play point guard next year when Payton's gone.

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Weren't these guys supposed to finish third?: Brian Gunn of Redbird Nation breaks down the surprise of the NL Central, the St. Louis Cardinals.

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US women's basketball team looks good in exhibition. : In a pre-Olympics matchup with the WNBA all-stars (the ones who weren't chosen for the national team and/or who aren't USes), the US women's team picked up a 74-58 victory against opponents who had their own pride on the line and who didn't exactly hand it to them.

My verdict: it was a great tune-up with new teammates, the larger ball and the international rules, which aren't totally strange to these women anyway (lot of past teammates, and something like nine times the international match experience that the US men have). The roster of the US women's team is scary good, with the only real holes being Swoopes, who has "acute tendinitis" and will see very limited play, even in the medal rounds, and Katie Smith, who's got a bruised knee. Olympic prelim round starts August 14 -- see schedule for matchups.

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August 05, 2004

Tee Vee guide: : six days until the first Olympic events, eight days until the opening ceremonies, and NBC finally put their Tee Vee schedule on their website. And what sports will we benighted colonials be able to watch on the various NBC stations? Swimming, diving, gymnastics, track and field, volleyball (real and beach), cycling, basketball, soccer, rowing, softball, weightlifting, shooting, fencing, boxing, badminton, table tennis, field hockey, sailing, judo, water polo, handball, equestrian, whitewater canoeing/kayaking, tennis, archery, wrestling...okay, I'm impressed despite myself. Mind you, the minority sports will get sound-bites and we'll see a godawful amount of the same stuff we saw a lot of last time, but could be a move in the direction of some decent coverage. (aside: about the perennial Athens facilities issues, I heard that the whitewater course they created is the sickest of the sick. Can't wait to see it!)

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Crawford to the Knicks.: Isiah finally badgered Pasxon into trading Crawford & the JYD for Deke and spare parts.

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Peja wants out of Sacramento.: "I think the change would be good for the team and for myself," Stojakovic told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "That's the only explanation you're going to get from me."

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Something to think about: Reading this column made me wonder if something like this wouldn't be a good idea for developing NBA players. As a developmental league, it would have enough prestige to be attractive to promising young hoopsters. It would also have a built-in fan base as Team USA. Sort of like Little League for 18-20 year olds.

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Big 10, Big Brother?: The Big 10 is going to experiment this year with a "technical advisor" sitting upstairs with a Tivo. If he sees a call, ball spot, or anything else that seems to be made in error, he hits a button that pages the officials and the play is called for review. Good idea, bad idea? Time will tell, I guess.

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Yahoo's EPL Fantasy league?: Now available. I can't remember how this discussion ended up; is there any interest in a Yahoo league?

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The Indy Racing League now turns right as well: Races at Watkins Glen and Sonoma have been added to next year's schedule.

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August 04, 2004

Humboldt County is just a stones throw away...: Apparently Ricky Williams wouldn't mind unretiring in 2005. Especially if it meant playing for the Raiders. But only for the Raiders.

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Hey! It's ESPN's Page 3! And it has to do with sports!: Sort of. It's Page 3's list of Major Leaguers and their entrance music.

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Can I get fries with that?: Antoine Walker, his wiggle, and Tony Delk have been traded from the Mavs to the Hawks for Jason Terry, the chronically injured Alan Henderson, and a future first rounder.

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Whoop-Dee-Damn-Doo!: The Pistons traded Corliss Williamson to Philly for Derrick Coleman and Amal McCaskill. LB and DC reunited in the motor city, stay tuned two weeks from now when LB demands that Joe D. send DC packing.

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Real Madrid move to EPL!: ROFL, someone at SpoFi/Google advertiser The Sports Authority has a real issue with geography, methinks.

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Baseball Cards, 1887-1914.: Thank you Library of Congress.

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Who really cares about Fred McGriff's 500th homer?: "Baseball loyalists cite the game's legendary numbers—300 wins, 500 homers, 3,000 hits—as evidence of the sport's elegance, beauty, and gravitas. What no one mentions is how wretched and painful it is to actually watch a former star gasp and sputter his way toward a legendary number."

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The Best Sport City = Boston.: The SportingNews has picked the best sports cities again. Boston came out on top. They also picked the best sports cities by sport. The worst sports city, in case you were wondering, is Pine Bluff, Ark.. The complete list is also available. How did your hometown fare?

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Drew Henson will QB them Cowboys: Quincy Carter to be cut later today. Bill + Vinny 4ever?

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August 03, 2004

Bob Murphy passes on to a greater place.: Talk of a true Iron Man...broadcasting games for the Mets since the NL returned to NYC in '62, up through the end of the 2003 season. Quite sad he did not get to enjoy far more of his retirement. I don't think I overstate the case by saying that true baseball fans everywhere will miss him.

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Fantasy NFL 2004: Per this thread, the free yahoo league has been set up. The league ID is 301671 and the password is spofi. The configuration details are shown inside...I'm up for suggested changes. There's a max of 16 teams and the live draft is set for Sat Sep 4 12:30 pm EDT.

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"Fire Away. : After a long day of handing out pink slips there is nothing more rewarding than grabbing a racket and heading to the courts. It's a great way to stay fit, keep sharp and relieve stress."

Why don't I think this is going to be a hugely successful campaign?

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Not the kind of firsts they wanted: : US men lose an exhibition game to Italy, 95-78 -- first ever loss in an exhibition game and most lopsided defeat since they started using NBA players.

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What Rivalry?: NESN and the YES (I Can)! Network are discussing a merger. And the Mets want in too. Don't worry about having to watch Tim McCarver drool on your screen Sox fans; we'll probably be blacked out by cable company in-fighting.

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The defense calls... Shaquille O'Neal to the stand?: The Kobe trial could get even more complicated.

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August 02, 2004

'Are you guys OK?': The last words of Thurman Munson, who died 25 years ago today.

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End of a short but illustrious career: : Smarty Jones is being retired due to injuries.

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Owners to politicians: Give us money!!!: Because the rich men who own franchises don't get enough of the good stuff and wink wink nudge nudge, they're getting Congress to fix the tax code to make the cost of buying a team a deductible expense via a 15 year depreciation schedule. Hell, not like the US doesn't have a big enough deficit, right?

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Woo Hoo! First stop: Maude Flanders!: Horse of the year Smarty Jones set to retire and be sent to stud, thanks to an affliction of "chronic bruising of the bottom of the cannon bone in all four fetlock joints." If only retirement were so...erm...graceful for humans.

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Are you ready for some football!: Some fantasy football that is. Are we going to have a spofi fantasy football league this year? And have I earned enough respect to be a comish again?

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I'm Roger Clemens, bitch!: Clemens ejected from his son's U-10 Triple Crown game in Colorado after arguing a call and spitting sunflower seeds at the umpire.

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August 01, 2004

Why America hates football: The best-selling author of The Meaning of Sport explains

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