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Is it in you?: An interesting theory on one of sports' most recognizable brands. (Possibly NSFW)

posted by thatweirdguy2 to culture at 12:08 AM on April 13, 2006 - 11 comments

Pollamaloo...: "It's Polamalu!"

posted by thatweirdguy2 to football at 05:29 PM on January 26, 2006 - 20 comments

Spree to flee?: The incomparable Latrell Sprewell wants to be traded. He "doesn't believe the Wolves are offering enough for his value to the team" and says, "Why would I want to help them win a title? They're not doing anything for me. I've got a lot at risk here. I've got my family to feed. Anything can happen; it's a long season. You never know."

posted by thatweirdguy2 to basketball at 08:20 AM on November 01, 2004 - 14 comments

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Did somebody say "Football?"

The assclowns will continue to be mildly entertaining yet disconcerting when seen in person for the first time.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 08:30 AM on June 27, 2008

What the World Needs Now, is Football, Sweet Football

Your link goes to Football Plus, the pay for play fantasy site. Here is the link for free football signups.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 04:51 PM on July 04, 2007

"I wanna pitch!"

"After Golden Girls... those bitches were hot." I laughed.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 12:54 PM on June 16, 2007

Somebody's getting all up in Manny's grill.

How long 'til we see Barry's oversized hat and Syringe up for bid?

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 02:56 AM on March 22, 2007

It's about that time of year

The assclowns are in again, and promise to be much more active than in the current fantasy basketball league.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 10:17 AM on February 17, 2007

SpoFi Fantasy Basketball H2H league

me = assclowns and the table looks the same here, YYM

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 04:23 PM on November 15, 2006

2006-07 NBA Head-to-Head League

Probably won't make the draft, but I'll prerank. The assclowns are in.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 06:44 PM on October 10, 2006


3... 2... 1...

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 11:28 PM on July 14, 2006

Miami Wins the NBA Championship.


posted by thatweirdguy2 at 12:15 AM on June 21, 2006

I'm stupid

/flagged as "favorite"

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 01:22 AM on May 19, 2006

USC's 2004 BCS Championship Could Be In Jeopardy

For those too lazy to click on the link, here is the article in its entirety: NEW YORK - In light of allegations of improper conduct by Reggie Bush's family, Bowl Championship Series officials told Yahoo! Sports if Bush is ruled ineligible by either the Pac-10 or the NCAA during the 2004 season, the BCS will discuss amending its rules to allow it to force USC to vacate the national championship it won over Oklahoma. "This is the type of thing the BCS might have to look into if other governing bodies, the conference and the NCAA, take action," BCS administrator Bill Hancock said. FWIW, this controversy has already spawned an FPP, and I don't think a new post linking to an article the size of my pinky nail is worth making.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 10:43 AM on April 29, 2006

Soprano's star, Vito, talks about his sports betting problem forcing him to Hollywood

Oh, hell... where'd I leave those pitchforks?

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 06:23 PM on April 26, 2006

1986 World Series Game 6 Re-Enacted in RBI Baseball.

That was so freakin' sweet. I wanted to say awesome, but it's been taken by everybody else. Ditto on the kudos for Scully. This could have been a link to the audio alone and I would've enjoyed it. I want to see this guy reenact Super Bowl XXV in Tecmo Super Bowl next... (Norwood is wide right!)

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 06:31 PM on April 11, 2006

ESPN's Next Gamble: Dominoes

Actually, it appears they have already been showing dominoes tourneys on ESPN Deportes for a while now on Tuesday nights. Interesting article here. This guy doesn't like it. Like wingnut, I love me some bones, but I'm not sure if I can get into it. I'll probably check it out, though... God knows I'm already addicted to WSOP/WPT telecasts.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 10:38 AM on April 02, 2006

America's new dancing machine!!!

Four peats saik, cant wee al gist git a long!

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 12:07 PM on April 01, 2006