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I'm stupid

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posted by thatweirdguy2 at 01:22 AM on May 19, 2006

Images in comments

My apologies for (apparently) being the inspiration for this Locker Room thread. I was checking in as usual before heading off to work, saw yet another Barry Bonds thread, and the smart-assed half of the ol' noodle took over. I resized the picture on the hosting site and it wasn't full screen on preview or after hitting post. Looking at the thread just now, it's still not full screen. Aw, jeez, now I'm starting to ramble. In short, sorry. Mea culpa.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 06:33 PM on March 30, 2006

Minimum posts before one can FPP... please!

Sorry, green beer got the best of me.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 10:28 PM on March 17, 2006

Minimum posts before one can FPP... please!


posted by thatweirdguy2 at 10:27 PM on March 17, 2006

flickr anyone?

"Is this 'X' something you need a Y to have heard of?" Sarcasm with a MeFi origin, sorry... see here (oh yeah... "We Have Cameras") hee hee

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 10:34 PM on April 29, 2005

flickr anyone?

This flickr... is it something you have to own a camera to understand?

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 06:48 PM on April 29, 2005

Let's Examine Our Members

I say resist the urge to become so elitist. Basing privileges on the quality of posting during some sort of probationary period is basically forcing people to audition to become members, which is not necessarily a good thing. I've always been somewhat of a lurker, having posted only 3 FPPs in over two years. What would my status have been under this system? IMHO, the shit always settles at the bottom. Abusive posters should be warned then banned... what's to stop someone like that from being on their best behavior until they get full member status? As far as "subliterate" goes, that's a little too subjective to regulate. Spelling errors or syntax issues can be found in the most compelling of posts. Like it or not, anything with a central theme of "sports" is going to attract all levels of literacy, from Mike in Des Moines who'd like to address the subtleties of the growing number of athletes restructuring their contracts to Joe from Queens who just called in because the Mets bullpen sucks big time.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 08:55 AM on April 17, 2005

If there's any extra spots, I want in! thatweirdguy2 at

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 12:23 AM on March 06, 2004

Attempts to make last post on thread, knowing full well someone else will post one underneath his.

posted by thatweirdguy2 at 11:18 PM on March 31, 2003