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MakeADealYouD*** "We the fans are at the end of our motherf*****g rope. You arenít talking. You spend more time in front of microphones spouting off crap to inflame the situation than you do in a room trying to make a deal. Newsf****gflash! Negotiating happens in a room together, not at a press conference. We donít want to hear form any of you d***s unless itís to say youíve got a deal. We donít want to see Trevor Linden until he puts a Canucks jersey on. Keep Bill Daly locked in the f****g room like he is supposed to be. We donít want to hear another player, NHL executive or owner on another f****g talk radio station. Underf*****gstand? Bottom line: we are the fans and weíre not coming back unless you d***s make a deal and save some semblance of a season."

posted by docgonzo to hockey at 12:18 PM on December 20, 2004 - 15 comments

Yeah, Canada should really take policy advice from the I-O-frickin'-C: The end of another Olympics, another round of national hand-wringing about the disappointing haul of medals by Canadian athletes. With Vancouver 2010 just six years away -- and some worried Canada will be the only country to host a games and not win a gold... for the third time -- should us Canucks listen to (what is arguable one of the most corrupt international organisations ever,) the IOC, and commit more public funds to high-performance athletes? More generally, is success at the Olympics simply a function of funding, or are other factors just as important? Should we really give a rat's ass about quadrennial trinkets?

posted by docgonzo to other at 08:51 AM on August 30, 2004 - 14 comments

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To buy out or not buy out

I'm glad/relieved that my boys have finally told Patrice Breeze-by not to let the door hit his ass on the way out (to Paris.) Not only was he only kept around to remind the good-ol'-francophone fanbase of the (completely improbable) last Cup run, he was the highest paid player on the team. Ye Gods. I hope they keep Koivu but trade him after they sign a franchise player. God knows there is gonna be one or four big names going wanting for teams -- it's time to admit Koivu is just not robust enough to carry the team.

posted by docgonzo at 11:34 PM on July 26, 2005

As Nats Fans Get Jitters,

There's nothing worse than a former Montrealer: Despite no knowledge of the facts at hand they still feel the right to lecture the city about what they should and should not be doing.

posted by docgonzo at 08:24 AM on March 31, 2005

As Nats Fans Get Jitters,

Fuck 'em. I hope they go oh-fer-162.

posted by docgonzo at 08:16 PM on March 30, 2005

New league, or will NHL replacements work?

I look forward to seeing Bettman trying to ice replacement players... and having the Canucks and hockey's greatest team playing their homegames in the U.S..

posted by docgonzo at 07:46 PM on March 17, 2005

$3.5 Billion Offer For Entire NHL?

That's a terrible PSA, IMHO. To me, the message is far from clear. I assume the PSA is trying to say that hockey has been ruined by money; but that's muddled by the loonie-at-centre-ice imagery, which evokes Gretzky and the 2002 gold medal victory. Still, great idea.

posted by docgonzo at 01:34 PM on March 03, 2005

Who was your favorite player growing up?

The Hawk. Every time I went to the Big O I looked for the special red seat in the nose-bleeds where Dawson socked one in the 80s... Andre for the Hall!

posted by docgonzo at 10:46 AM on February 24, 2005

Armstrong to go for a 7th consecutive Tour in 2005.

He's no dope.

posted by docgonzo at 12:29 PM on February 20, 2005

I'm ready for the long run

One of the very, very few bright spots of the last years of being an Expos fan was Frank. I agree that his managerial chops might be questionable, but it meant so much to the fans and the club to have someone with his dignity and integrity sitting on the bench... 'specially after that toad Loria fired Felipe, probably the living Montreal sports figure closest to sainthood 'lo these many years.

posted by docgonzo at 12:08 PM on February 20, 2005

Closure. Err... I guess not.

What wfrazerjr said. Oh, and the idea that "progress" for the NHL meant becoming a pan-North American league with more teams and a big US telly contract. Gretzky was supposed to be the standard bearer of the campaign into the sunshine states. It is no surprise that Bettman's "group of eight" -- the owners who are allegedly keeping a hard line, scuttling the last-minute talks and yesterday's post-last-minute talks -- are small-market owners from the south.

posted by docgonzo at 12:03 PM on February 20, 2005

Closure. Err... I guess not.

"Saint Gretzky"? Puh-leeze. He was the jackass that got this whole fiasco started...

posted by docgonzo at 07:45 PM on February 19, 2005

What should be the top sports story of 2004?

Lance Armstrong, both for the record and the doping. Uh, did I miss something?

posted by docgonzo at 01:08 PM on December 30, 2004

What should be the top sports story of 2004?

On the field/pitch/course/court/rink: Lance. Six tours in a row is an awesome feat, made even more amazing by his recovery of cancer and the fact he comes from a country where cycling rates somewhere below bowling in national consciousness. Off the field/pitch/course/court/rink: The BALCO scandal. I think the true scope of the scandal is just becoming known but will eventually destrory the integrity of baseball stats for the last decade.

posted by docgonzo at 02:32 PM on December 29, 2004


(Censored to protect those working in a less-than-permissive environment....) Hockey fans: Are you at the end of your rope? Are the league and the players more interested in posturing than problem-solving? What will it take to get the season back on track?

posted by docgonzo at 12:19 PM on December 20, 2004

Get your Nationals gear now

What Hal said. As a 25+-year fan of the Expos, I discovered this week that schadenfreude really is a dish best served cold.

posted by docgonzo at 09:02 PM on December 16, 2004

$345,000,000 over six years

Hello! Average Canuck here! Habs fan to boot! There is a tremendous amount of blame to go around. I have little sympathy for the players, who make more in one shift than 99% of us shmoes. But what really sticks in my gut -- well, besides the fact that Patrice Breeze-by is still (still!) the highest paid player on the bleu-blanc-rouge -- was summed up in the following quote from the leaked memo NHL exec-VP Bill Daly wrote to the owners: "While the immediate 'rollback' of 24 percent offered by the union would materially improve league economics for the 2004-05 season, there is virtually nothing in the union's proposal that would prevent the dollars 'saved' from being redirected right back into the player compensation system, such that the league's overall financial losses would approach current levels in only a matter of a couple of years." (Emphasis mine.) What's a translation of that bit? How about: "The players have not given us a fool proof way to make us stop writing ridiculous cheques to Joe Journeyman and Todd Thirdliner." The reason the owners are in this jackpot is because of the tragedy of the commons: There will always be another owner willing to shell out loadsadough. Uggh. But anyway: You really wanna hear the opinion of the average Canuck? Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that all of the hockey fans I've talked to -- y'know, the really crazy ones; the ones who watch games in October; the ones who cheer for the Leafs -- increasingly, they don't care. They have come to realise that the game does not live in the high-priced arenas/corporate tax write-offs nor even in the Stanley Cup playoffs but in the CHL arenas and the peewee games. It may sound maudlin, but this lockout has hammered one thing home: Hockey is not just the NHL. And this layoff has given them a chance to realise just how shitty NHL hockey is. The problems the NHL will have whenever it chooses to go back to work will make the MLB in 1995 look like chocolate and kittens.

posted by docgonzo at 10:09 PM on December 13, 2004