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December 20, 2004

MakeADealYouD*** "We the fans are at the end of our motherf*****g rope. You arenít talking. You spend more time in front of microphones spouting off crap to inflame the situation than you do in a room trying to make a deal. Newsf****gflash! Negotiating happens in a room together, not at a press conference. We donít want to hear form any of you d***s unless itís to say youíve got a deal. We donít want to see Trevor Linden until he puts a Canucks jersey on. Keep Bill Daly locked in the f****g room like he is supposed to be. We donít want to hear another player, NHL executive or owner on another f****g talk radio station. Underf*****gstand? Bottom line: we are the fans and weíre not coming back unless you d***s make a deal and save some semblance of a season."

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August 30, 2004

Yeah, Canada should really take policy advice from the I-O-frickin'-C: The end of another Olympics, another round of national hand-wringing about the disappointing haul of medals by Canadian athletes. With Vancouver 2010 just six years away -- and some worried Canada will be the only country to host a games and not win a gold... for the third time -- should us Canucks listen to (what is arguable one of the most corrupt international organisations ever,) the IOC, and commit more public funds to high-performance athletes? More generally, is success at the Olympics simply a function of funding, or are other factors just as important? Should we really give a rat's ass about quadrennial trinkets?

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