August 26, 2004

An analyze that Chinese athletes go through : Having watched so many matches in Athens,I feel bittersweet to what our Chinese athletes did in the past time of Athens Olympic.It can be appraised that we've done quite good in weightlifting,exactly,to most of ours surprise,we harvested 5 gold medals while we had never done before.Then however,why we behaved so terrible in gymnastics which we call for "absolutely advantage event" and reputate our team as a "Gream Team"?Just nervous or restless?No,never.Compared the teaching and practising methods (I've checked these parts of info on TV and the foreign nets)with Americans who undertaked the all-around event,we truly have a long distance to go. "The substance of contest of the world-wide countries is the struggles of science techology."said our great man Deng Xiaoping who had already realized its importance.Actually,this can still be used in sports area.As is known to all,Australian phenomenal swimmer Ivn Thorp wears a swimsuit called as "Shark skin" at one side protentially helped him to rush at the gold medals.Japan,which is not famous for swimming,garnered three gold medals in individual event.We may sometimes resulted as their hardworking,their doing at all costs,their tenacity,but please pay attention,their excellent technology.They import as well as design the specail tools,for example,the computer software,in order to simulate the prosess of swimmng or other sports events,and then their experts can estimate or deal with the data given by the computers,which will precisely help their athletes do better. At another level,American's training methods are also perfact.To prevent the athletes from exploring their axious or other downsides,the coaches encourage them to attend more international competitions while Chinese currently practise in a closed house!The side effects are,with no exaggerting,we can't know about our opponents with refresh faces which are changing rapidly.Just as our feudal society before,we eventually burned out. According to MSNBC's title:China,Yuppie Flight,we may positively and clearly realize what and where we should advance in the near future on sports.

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Welcome luckygirl9. But I think your link is broken- it links here to sports filter, not to MSNBC (which is I think where you were trying to link).

posted by hincandenza at 03:48 AM on August 26, 2004

Not so lucky then.

posted by squealy at 04:40 AM on August 26, 2004

No, I think it's a way of editorializing (c.f.). I used to see this at LocalNine when it was somewhat active: someone stumbles upon a site, decides it would be a good place to start their blog on a similar subject and posts away. But you need a link, so why not use the site itself?

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Welcome luckygirl9! If you need advice on punctuation, I'm always available by email.

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Okay, so I assume someone of power is going to come in here and delete both these luckygirl9 posts, right?

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Speaking of China, I believe we've found The Great Wall of Text. Paragraph breaks are our friends.

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luckygirl's point, I'm pretty sure, is that practicing in relative isolation is a detriment to Chinese athletes. They miss out not only on the latest technology, but also on the chance to evalute themselves against the competition. It is certainly true that isolation crushes progress, and not just in sports. We only improve through learning, adaptation and imitation.

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hey, take it easy on the newbie. innocent until proven otherwise.

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You just want to get in good with the new girl, garfield. You can't fool me. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

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Slightly more on topic.

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early bird gets, wait a minute, that doesn't work.

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From 86's link: Not even the irreverent, wise-cracking talk show host Jay Leno has such a fertile imagination. Man, is this guy having Jay's baby next? He makes some good points, but I also see it as the Chinese government really having no idea how to allow sports to be privatized while hanging on to its nationalistic quality. Right now, the glory goes to the Communist Party, or whatever's left of it. Let that slip away, and we all know who ends up with the branding of a gold medal. Swoosh!

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:13 PM on August 26, 2004

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