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London's cabal?: "Tony Blair and other people from the London committee did some unfair steps like getting some special meetings with some IOC members and organizing everything just to lobby again. That's against the rules of the IOC," he said.

posted by luckygirl9 to other at 11:06 PM on July 12, 2005 - 6 comments

Goodbye,Reggie Miller.Goodbye,"Miller Time": "It wouldn't have seemed right, especially after the 39-year-old sharpshooter made a teary-eyed retreat to the bench in the final seconds Thursday night."Miller,a miracle maker,always shooting at the absolutely vital moment is now leaving his glamorous career,his enthusiastic basketball career...

posted by luckygirl9 to basketball at 08:07 AM on May 20, 2005 - 10 comments

Sharapova has lost "N" match points: It was said that Maria Sharapova would go to death if she couldn't get the Grand Slam(the Aus Open),but now she has already cracked down on her way.

posted by luckygirl9 to tennis at 01:47 AM on January 27, 2005 - 8 comments

Lleyton won't get his Christmas present this year: "Lleyton Hewitt and Joachim Johansson were hardly strangers.The pair has become well acquainted through Johansson's girlfriend Jaslyn, Hewitt's younger sister. "After Lleyton scrambled a flawless himself in eliminating Joachim who told him that he wouldn't give him gifts this Christmas for he had already got one today,he smiled and told the media:"Well,we may meet each other many times as time goes on."

posted by luckygirl9 to tennis at 05:45 AM on September 12, 2004 - 0 comments

Aegean Seaside:Inge de Bruijn's Birthday party: Aegean Seaside is famous for its charming views and sunshine, crowded with beauties,handsome guys.At the moment just after the swimming matches,Poland's well-known swimmer,champion of 50m freestyle at Athens,invited many swimmers,including Michael Phelps and Pieter Hoogenband,to celebrate her 31th birthday.

posted by luckygirl9 to other at 07:35 AM on August 27, 2004 - 13 comments

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Rafael Nadal the new tennis king?

Sure enough to say,young Nadal is the new beast of men's tennis,and now it's a good time to congratulate him,but now to define him as a tennis king is still early cause he has just overcome the clay court,and Winbledon Open will come up soon. He might be luckier than Pete Sampras and Roger Federer for they two have never touched the Grand Slam of clay court,the championship of Frendh Open.Federder still has lots of chances,but Pete will never achieve this.At this point,this sharply 19-year-old guy has accomplished that which the former and present No.1 didn't,it may be a great courage to his incipient tennis career.

posted by luckygirl9 at 12:33 AM on June 06, 2005

The Philosophy of Basketball (and its Relation to Capitalism, Democracy and Socialism)

Glancing at the passage with the link given,I just think that almost every game is being run or controled by $$$,and as Smithers said above"I saw a really neat NBA Action piece ",but we could still grap several untidy pieces there:players are like products being exchanged easily between teams,on one stage,we should admit that this may help a team replenished,for instance,while this term Steven Nash enrolled the Sun,he guided them leaping up in a short period of time and unpredictablely got the first! On the other sight,some manager's of a team may sweep out the old ones rather than preserve the news though some olds are experienced and talented.When we were heeping slanders upon Kobe Bryant,claiming that he was the likest one kicking out O'Neal&Jackson,some media guessed that the Laker's manager stretched Kobe as a money-making tree while Shaq wasn't able to do that comparatively. Digging out an excellent player is showing up all the time,permanently.Fair/Unfair?Well,I can say:It's just a tide,and the substance of that,it's a game itself,really.

posted by luckygirl9 at 03:51 AM on March 06, 2005

Sharapova has lost "N" match points

If Roger Federer is always the leader,than there will be no interests and obviously,Safin has finalized him this time,which pulled in the great favor to tennis matches.

posted by luckygirl9 at 01:56 AM on January 28, 2005

The torch is out, let's go to Flushing.

When the Olympic torch had been burnt down,my heart was full of passion and missing.I miss the 17 days that I got up at midnights to watch the TV live,cheering for our dear Chinese athletes.As we all witness,we harvested 31 gold! Now I hope that I can be a volenteer for 2008 Beijing Olympic,to welcome all the tourists and sportsmen throughout the world!Let's desire and wait...

posted by luckygirl9 at 12:58 AM on August 30, 2004

Aegean Seaside:Inge de Bruijn's Birthday party

Thanks for all of your comments.I hadn't thought that this topic can arouse so many different kinds of sounds.Then I think that swimmers should have their own space to relax,it's very common.

posted by luckygirl9 at 05:41 AM on August 28, 2004

Argentina beats the US

Someone has made a statistic:1992,Gream One won over 40 marks of their opponents,1996:over 30,but now,they not only can't win,but got lost!Anyway,they didn't dispatch the best team,several excellent players didn't come,such as Kobe Bryant,Shaq O'Neal,the power of this "Gream Team" must have been reduced.

posted by luckygirl9 at 05:03 AM on August 28, 2004