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February 29, 2004

Sweden yay, Ave's nay: reports in sweden indicate that Forseberg is set to go to Modo again next season, in the event of of a lockout. Colorado denies it. well, wouldn't they?

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February 27, 2004

Should paying fans "just say no" to the Boston Celtics?: Chuck Hirshberg appeals to Boston's revolutionary tradition in a funny and spot-on attack on Celtics ownership and Danny Ainge.

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Virtual football bonds strangers.: Breakout for Two uses video conferencing over broadband to create a virtual "glass wall" players have to break down with a ball. ... The aim [sic] to find out how people can bond via exertion, not just e-mail. ... The prototype game is a mix of soccer, tennis and the hit video game Breakout, and has been developed by the Human Connectedness group at MIT's Media Lab Europe in Dublin. ... It has already proved to be a big hit with 56 volunteers who tested the game ... None of the volunteers knew each other before the experiments. ... But after 30 minutes' play, they reported that they bonded much faster and felt they were far more matey than those who played similar games not requiring any sweating. I would love to try my hand ... erm ... foot at this. Maybe me and billsaysthis vs Fat Buddha and BigCalm?

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From the cricket field to Dodger stadium?: Is this the Dodger's new scouting technique under Depodestra? More here.

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Babe Ruth used steriods?: Houston Astros second baseman Jeff Kent said the steroids controversy is an embarrassment to baseball and that the public needs to rethink whether sports heroes of yore abstained from illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Kent told the Houston Chronicle in Friday's editions that he believes all players are at least tempted to use the drugs. He also said there's no way to know Roger Maris, Babe Ruth or any other great sluggers of the past weren't on drugs.

My Take:
Unless Jeff Kent is using steriods as a euphamism for a lot of hot dogs and beer, then he's way, way off base--maybe more so than Turk Wendell-pwilly

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More excellent content from Tascastake: excerpts from a radio interview with Connecticut Radio Network hockey correspondent Gerry Cantlon dealing with a wide array of current issues facing the NHL.

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Phoenix-area taxpayers have invested $700 million in new stadiums for their pro baseball, basketball, football, and hockey franchises, a world record for governmental sports support, as described by today's Washington Post. How much more would they have offered if any of these teams were good?

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February 26, 2004

Oops.: The NBA has admitted that referees made a bad call in last night's Lakers/Nuggets matchup. A call that pretty much cost the Nuggets the game. With Denver striving to stay in the playoff hunt and the Lakers in the middle of the seeding struggle, [this is really, really bad].

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Oops: Looks like a couple would-be wide receiver free agents aren't as available as they'd hoped. Terrell Owens and Dennis Northcutt, who were able to void the final three years of their respective contracts, missed the filing deadline for paperwork, and are now stuck on their present teams. Methinks some agents are getting canned today.

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Thanks for the dong last postseason. Now get out.: The Yankees release third baseman Aaron Boone, who put them in the 2003 World Series with a dramatic 11th-inning home run. Boone waxed his knee playing basketball in the offseason, and New York is claiming that voids most of his contract. Of course, the Bronx Bombers do have some other guy to play the hot corner now.

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"Tha's all I can stands, and I can't stands no more!": Tired of being on a rebuilding team that has been rebuilding for the past 4-5 years, Dion Glover asked for his release from the Atlanta Hawks. Unsurprisingly, they obliged.

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Listening to baseball history: . Reading Page 2's interview with Buck O'Neill piqued my interest in hearing some more of his stories. Upon searching, I found Love of the Game Productions, a site which includes a 'blog and audio interviews by Bay Area sports broadcaster Marty Lurie. There are MP3s of Hall of Famers, thoughts on race in baseball and some "Today in baseball history" segments. Besides two interviews (MP3 ~3-4 min.) with Buck O'Neill, you can find old-timers like Happy Chandler and contemporary stars like Jason "Four Pounds Ago" Giambi, not to mention Billy Williams, Larry Doby, Rod Carew, Rachel (widow of Jackie) Robinson, and many more.

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The Giant Bachelor: Last night on the finale of the Bachelorette, NY Giants QB Jesse Palmer was introduced as the next Bachelor. His NFL career has pretty much never gotten into first gear, losing all three starts he got last season, and looks to be released shortly. Is this is stab at a last 15 minutes or will it be the boost his career needs to get going?

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Sunderland clinched the final FA Cup Quarter-Final place last night.: So it's Sunderland v Sheffield Utd and Milwall v Tranmere which ensures two Nationwide League teams will qualify for the Semis, where they'll line up against the winners of the two all Premiership ties: Man Utd v Fulham and Portsmouth v Arsenal. I'm sure that the FA's hairdryer will ensure the two Premiership sides are kept apart in the Semis.... Prediction time?

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February 25, 2004

What If?: Yes, you saw that commercial right. Marion Jones competing in floor gymnastics, Randy Johnson bowling, Lance Armstrong in the boxing ring, Urlacher and Vick playing for the Avalanche and Andre Agassi fielding 2B for the Red Sox. Nike rolls out their spring campaign asking "What if..." in some rather creatively editted (and long) commercial spots starting tonight.

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This sort of thing: is not going to do my wallet any good; I can tell already. Of course, I'm a sucker for collectible games anyhow. And this looks like even more obsessive fun -- forget about little dinky superheros and knights, let's play with MLB.

But I'm curious. Will this hook any non-gamers? Does the ordinary sports fan find this an acceptable form of fantasy ball? The lead designer is a Strat-O-Matic fan; it's hard to imagine he could capture that sort of complexity in a simple miniatures game, though.

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Jamal Lewis indicted on federal drug conspiracy charges.: Lewis proclaims his innocence. The events in question happened from June 23, 2000, until July 19, 2000, the summer prior to his rookie year.

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Turk Wendell says its obvious Bonds has been using steroids: : "If my personal trainer, me, Turk Wendell, got indicted for that, there's no one in the world who wouldn't think that I wasn't taking steroids," the Rockies relief pitcher told The Denver Post. "I mean, what, because he's Barry Bonds, no one's going to say that? "I mean, obviously he did it. [His trainer] admitted to giving steroids to baseball players. He just doesn't want to say his name. You don't have to. It's clear just seeing his body."

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Intelligent CBA analysis.....via blackredgold "In this three-part series, we will take a look, in this first installment, at the various components included and excluded from operating income and how NHL teams fit into the structure of their parent organizations (most often as one of several entities), then provide some case studies in a second installment, and conclude by examining a wholly different way of measuring gain and loss, a way that is of tantamount importance to investors -- capital gains."

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The Bartman ball's final hours.: The ball caught by hapless Cubs fan Steve Bartman in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS is slated for destruction tomorrow. The Chicago Sun-Times has nine articles and two interactive features about this.

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It's non-Friday!: The Guardian posts its latest "greatest internet sports games of all time." Fun = 100, Work productivity = 0.

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February 24, 2004

The International Olympic Committee will be deciding this week whether to allow pre- and post-operative transsexuals to compete under the other gender. One proposal would let people who have lived as the opposite sex for two years compete, regardless of plumbing. The story leaves off the most famous transsexual athlete, women's tennis pro Renee Richards.

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Greatest block-busts trades.: When trades go wrong.

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Mark Cuban to give away $1 million on new reality TV program.: He said the show won't be a traditional contest. ``You don't need special talents,'' he said. ``I'm not looking to find out who is the grossest, funniest, prettiest, smartest or able to go without food or water the longest. ``The right person is going to get on my good side at the right time, and whoever that is, is going to walk away with a check from me for $1 million.''

I like Cuban as the owner of the Mavs, but damn, he can be an annoying person.

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Gretzky's 'Yotes fire fairly. On the same day, which is unusual, Phoenix head coach Bob Francis gets the axe, while veteran forward Brian Savage is essentially fired. The usual 'coach takes the fall for players' mantra doesn't hold this time. And thats a good thing because the Coyotes had a good run this year. Starting with a new logo, and a new arena a bit later, and stars being born by the All Star break. But with their leading scorer dislocating his wrist, a veteran net minder shipped out of town, and perennial Western powers Dallas finding its stride and St.Louis continuing to win enough, it was time to shut it down for the year. (aside: I found this cool site while populating links)

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Al Heppner, an Olympic hopeful in the sport of racewalking, died in an apparent suicide this week. In the grueling little-known sport, walkers must "go as fast as they can, but can't run. Their lead leg must be locked when hitting the ground." The best racewalkers can complete 16 miles in under two hours.

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Finally: A woman whose marriage proposal was incorporated into a major sporting event said no during Saturday's Wizards-Pacers game, fleeing the court to the discomfort of the prospective groom, the PA announcer, and thousands of fans.

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February 23, 2004

"My God. My life is over." -- Jayson Williams, as a 55-year-old mortally wounded man lay gasping for air because he had just been shot by Williams, according to court testimony.

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Cleveland Indians infielder Jody Gerut writes a weblog for Cleveland.Com. His Jan. 31 entry on avoiding the sophomore slump, touted today by Peter Gammons, is an insightful take on the risks of early success. "Being humbled sucks. And I want no part of that again. "

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I would assume given the current negotiating climate between the NHL and th NHLPA, the later would utilize this story to make their case that ownership is very much responsible for the bleak economic picture of the current NHL. Not that Rigas is indicative of ownership throughout the league, but that earning reports are hard to believe. And if the NHLPA won't make this argument, I will.

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Can Joe Gibbs bag Clinton Portis?: Rumors are flying about a Portis-for-Bailey deal that would solve Washington's running back issues. The trade would reportedly also involve a draft pick going to the Broncos. Could this really happen?

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February 21, 2004

An Orlando Magic season ticket holder had to be shot several times with a stun gun to subdue him after he grabbed and choked the Magic team mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon, at the end of Friday night's win over the Denver Nuggets.

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February 20, 2004

NBA: All style, no substance-: A jeremiad from Oscar Robertson on the shallow state of the NBA. via the Easterblogg

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"Bad NHLPA!': Says NBA commish.

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Washington gives Mark Brunell a seven-year deal,: clearing the way for the Jaguars to trade him to Joe Gibbs' team next month. Brunell, 33, is still a pretty good player -- but so is incumbent starter Patrick Ramsey, 25, who is presumably only getting better. Is giving Brunell an $8.6 million signing bonus and a contract that lasts until he's 40 a sign Gibbs will have trouble in the salary cap era, or is this the veteran QB the team needs?

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Googs and Giricek go to the Jazz.:
Be honest: did you think there was a chance in hell the Jazz would finish better than .500, much less make a run for the playoffs? If Denver slips up and Utah hits the gas, it could happen.

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Competitive cheerleading is a sport, Jennifer Allen argues in today's New York Times, and it's not a girly one like hockey where athletes wear protective gear. "In what other sport is an athlete tossed more than 30 feet in the air -- smiling -- before spiraling down into the arms of a trusted teammate? Lifts and tosses and catches are the mainstay of competitive cheerleading. 'Fliers' do not wear hip pads or kneepads or helmets. There is little to protect a cheerleader from awkward or poor landings on the gym floor."

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February 19, 2004

Wise Words: "It was obvious Katie was not very good, She was awful. You know what guys do? They respect your ability. You can be 90 years old, but if you can go out and play, they'll respect you. Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible. OK? There's no other way to say it." Colorado football coach Gary Barnett responding to former kicker Katie Hnida's charge that she was raped in an interview with Rick Reilly. Colorado is in a world of hurt, several women suing about being raped, entertaining recruits with strippers and escorts. Page 2 wonders who's to blame for this mess.

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Rasheed Traded to Pistons: Rasheed Wallace was traded to the Detoit Pistons in a three-team deal today involving Atlanta, Boston, and Detroit, reports Chad Ford of The news was broken during a live chat with Ford, so you'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the story to get the details. Ford says a story is pending.

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Two promotion-chasing Indian football teams have been suspended for cheating,: after scoring an incredible 116 goals between them in their final games of the season.

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February 18, 2004

I got my copy yesterday.:
The advent of the internet, with its easy access to everything from swimsuit models to hardcore porn, sort of obviates the purpose of the SI Swimsuit issue.
I hardly think I need to do a Swimsuit Model: Athlete or Not Athlete.
So outside of tradition, why does this still exist?

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They should just start bombing each other. : (pulling this from the actual trade thread) John Henry, principle owner of the Boston Red Sox, in an email to the media today, rallied for a salary cap and pointed the finger at the New York Yankees in particular. Steinbrenner, never one to back down from the Red Sox mouthing off, described Henry as "embarrassed, frustrated and disappointed by his failure in this transaction" and choosing "to not to go the extra distance for his fans in Boston".

I have never ever seen anything like this before in sports. Owners fighting each other. Just play ball.

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Bonnnnzaaaaiii!: The Senators land Peter Bondra, and the Eastern Conference arms race is on. Will the Leafs, Flyers, Bruins and Devils retaliate?

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Greg goes home.: Coveted lefty Greg Maddux has signed a three-year deal with his old homies, the Chicago Cubs. Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times thinks this makes the Cubbies the favorites to win the National League pennant. What say you?

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NHL standings and magic numbers. : a different way of looking at the standings, as well as projected finishing positions, using magic numbers. it's not as esoteric as it sounds.

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Do star players need more protection?: (Sorry, I couldn't find a link to a video clip.) Although it happened a couple of nights ago a lot of people are still talking about the hit to Markus Naslund. Was it a dirty hit? Does the NHL need to do more to protect it's star players? Perhaps getting rid of the instigator rule is what's needed to fix this 'problem'... if there actually is one.

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[K]nowingly, illegally distributing steroids to numerous professional athletes in violation of federal law.: Greg Anderson as well as Victor Conte and James Valente, two central officials at Balco, admitted that they did indeed provide steroids to professional baseball players. The names are known by federal officials, but have been removed from affidavits and other legal documents for now.

According to admissions by Conte gave Anderson, described in the SFGate article as a regular presence in the Giants clubhouse, was given steroids to distribute to professional baseball players knowing it was illegal and presuming that Anderson knew it was illegal activity as well.

Noteworthy, another name is showing up in the trash of Balco labs: Gary Sheffield, a workout partner and good friend of Barry Bonds.
This post follows up on our previous discussion.

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February 17, 2004

Cold Laser Therapy : is being used in sports medicine to treat soft-tissue injuries and bruises. It helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

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Female kicker Katie Hnida says she was harassed and raped while at Colorado.: SI's Rick Reilly breaks a harrowing story that adds to the mounting body of evidence against CU. Hnida's statement following the story's release. Previous discussion.

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Don't sleep on Pistol Pete's son.: Jaeson Maravich battles insomnia, injuries and the pressure of the family name -- but may still get an NBA shot as a 24-year-old college senior.

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There's always hope.: Local paper sees light at the end of a loooong tunnel for Northern Ireland (1,242 scoreless minutes and counting).

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February 16, 2004

The Hockey Humor Video Vault.:

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When you're hot, you're hot.: Recent subject of a double-post and then a "delete this" post, Oakland A's assistant GM Paul DePodesta, 31, has now become the new GM of the L.A. Dodgers. Sometimes I amaze myself.

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Isiah Thomas continues to shake things up.: In a three-way deal, the Knicks move Keith Van Horn, while the Bucks get Tim Thomas and Nazr Mohammed. The Hawks got a couple picks and a couple stiffs. Who got the best of the deal and how is Isiah doing do far? Can the Knicks do anything in the postseason?

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February 15, 2004

Betrayed by the Game: Interesting NY Times article which explores the myth that basketball is a way out for inner-city youth. The writer, Darcy Frey, reports on the fate of the 1991 Lincoln High team, which was full of talented young players. Stephon Marbury made it, while the rest had weren't so lucky.

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February 14, 2004

Marco Pantani found dead.: Pantani, winner of the 98 Tour de France, was banned for failing a drug test in 1999, and has since been treated for drug addiction and depression. No cause of death is given in the report. He was 34.

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Uh, oh....another variation of everyone's least favorite story: A-Rod in pinstripes?

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What the hell was up with that Rookie Challenge?: It ended with each side LITERALLY taking turns dunking on an open hoop. I know that taking an All Star game seriously is ridiculous, but this game had no business being scored. This was not much different than watching a bunch of kids play down at the Y. Why bother televising this kind of nonsense? Am I alone in my outrage?

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February 13, 2004

An interesting NYT story today: about DerMarr Johnson's NBA comeback with the Knicks.

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Real Madrid and Chelsea to reach agreement over Owen and Ronaldo: Is this collusion? Two major clubs agreeing on how to divvy up players in advance of the dealmaking? Will Erikkson dump his England job to be Chelsea bossman? Most importantly, will Owen go to Spain and take Figo's place and, if so, is he an improvement?

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This guy doesn't get it. Much hoopla has been made about the proposed change of taking away the special skill of puck handling from goal tenders. But how can an extra skater who can play the puck be off limits to the opposing team from checking the puck away from said player? That doesn't sound much like hockey to me. The alternative is to let Brodeur et al play the puck and, for that luxury to show off their perfected skill, pay the price. Let's see how perfect they play the puck with a forecheck in their grille.

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"Sport, as we know it, is about to blow up." So says Jay Mariotti in today's Chicago Sun-Times. Yesterday, indictments were announced against three men charged with running an illegal steroid distribution network and lab. The article continues by saying, "Attorney General John Ashcroft said dozens of athletes used THG and other steroids obtained from the network and even were supplied with alibis to use if busted."

Of course, no disucssion of this would be complete without mentioning Barry Bonds, who for his part says "I am saddened by the news of the indictment against my trainer and friend."

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February 12, 2004

Levitt report released (pdf): quick response of the nhlpa here. independant? i have to read it still.

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Jim Kelley over at ESPN is talking about Hasek: and he thinks that everything is pretty eerie. Great read.

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Player evaluation: Art, Science, Both?: A cool article on heady stuff dealing with baseball, but applicable across the board. via:hockeypundits

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Why does Steinbrenner have to be such a jerk about everything? : Jim Caple takes a look at the evil reign of King George, examing whether Steinbrenner is good for the game and how badly he treats people around him.

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The Jock Tax is it fair?: Cincinnati has imposed a tax on athletes (and entertainers) playing fewer than 12 days a year in their fair city. The final total for 2003 was more than $900,000. How many other cities are doing this out there, and is it fair to nail a guy for doing his job when the city already benefits greatly from the competition being held?

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When sports and blogging collide.: David Pinto at Baseball Musings quoted a Curt Schilling post from the Sons of Sam Horn message board in his weblog. This angered the SoSH owner as well as a few SoSH members because of Curt's wishes that whatever he posts stays at SoSH. Bloggers defended David's actions. Another rode the fence.

Are Schilling's words protected by fair use? Is Schilling's request unreasonable? Previously touched on here.

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February 11, 2004 "tracks the [NBA] season in obsessive statistical detail, down to the kind of abstruse metrics that pro basketball has thus far overlooked, underused, or entirely ignored," according to an in-depth article in SF Weekly. (The guy who does the site has the similar about the NFL.)

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Don Cheery Is Correct.: Don Cheery (hockey commentator on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada) has gotten in a lot of hot water by saying only Europeans and French (French Canadian) guys where visors. People have been calling his remarks discriminatory, and the CBC ombudsman, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and the official languages office are all investigating the comments. The problem is.... the numbers say he is right.

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Ducks & Flyers Under One Roof?: With the potential blockbuster merger of cable giant Comcast and global giant the Walt Disney Co., one of the factors during today's discussions has been overlooked and could provide for some interesting debate down the line: A merger would put the Philadelphia Flyers and Anaheim Mighty Ducks on the same company payroll...

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UK Parliament recommends premier league wage caps: and a raft of other ideas. Can a single league unilaterally apply any of these measures? Should it?

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I saw this on ESPNEWS, : and immediately thought, jgirl's wedding present.

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US out of Olympics.: US men's soccer team lost 4-0 to Mexico, and joined the US men's baseball team as another no-show at the 2004 Olympics. Well, at least they can focus on World Cup preparations now.

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February 10, 2004

Is the best GM in hockey out of job: because of personal differences? i thought billionaires did business differently.

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Assistant A's GM on Refining the System: From a leadership conference held recently, Oakland A's GM Paul DePodesta talks about how they blew up the legacy way of running a baseball team and how they implemented their current system, which was captured in Michael Lewis' Moneyball. A fascinating read if you are interested in sports, business, process, or innovation.

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Do players fail black coaches? : Interesting quote from Tim Hardawaywhere he states that black players respond to white coaches better.

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The NHL is sinking.: This article from the SF Chronicle's Ross McKeon comes on the heels of an earlier SpoFi thread on hockey salaries. "In 10 NHL cities -- a third of the league -- buildings are barely at more than 75 percent capacity, ... Twelve teams ... are averaging less than 15,000 people a game. ... The Sharks, up until now an easy sell in the South Bay, saw their season-ticket sales drop by 3,000 this season and have sold out only three of their first 28 home games. ... The NHL landed a $600 million television contract five years ago from ESPN. ... The deal expires at season's end, and not only will the league not get another $600 million commitment from ESPN, it might struggle to find its way on any network in the near future." Ross also offers ways to stop the sinking. I didn't know it was this bad. Is it?

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Norris candidate out with broken leg.: Pegged as cup favorites in the pre-season, the Avalanche have battled big-name injuries to their forward corps all season to remain a top team in the highly competitive Western Conference and NW division. Blake's on-ice prescence and point production are irreplaceable, and now larger responsibility will fall on their youthful defenders and the leadership of Adam Foote.

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Surprise, Surprise. Anna in SI swimsuit issue.: Along with the All-Star team comprised of Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Paulina Porizkova, Elle Macpherson, Vendela, Roshumba, Stacey Williams, Rachel Hunter, Valeria Mazza, Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum.

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Celebrating fans paralyze high school basketball player.: "Joe Kay, a Tucson High School basketball player has been left partially paralyzed after being tackled by fans celebrating his game-ending dunk Friday night."

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Ebay Item #2785192105: George Best's Liver.: A 'must have' item for all true collectors of football memorabilia. This is the diseased liver recovered from the incinerator organ bin at London's Cromwell Hospital in July 2002. It has been in the freezer since then and is in perfect condition. Perfect in the sense that it is complete but it's obviously not suitable for transplant or for serving with bacon and onion gravy.

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City of Brotherly Love(?).: The Philadelphia 76ers have fired Coach Randy Ayers after starting the season 21-31. Maybe the Easter Bunny and Santa could comfort him, or form a support group.

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No there's nuthin' dirty goin' on. : The University of Colorado football program has been linked with a local escort service with some criminal activity at a local posh hotel during periods from 2002 to 2003. This and a seeming unending list of other serious accusations, including rape, have been leveled at the program. Now one of the leaders of the independent investigation on behalf of the university is under fire for an inappropriate remark. This is just the latest wrinkle in this festering story.

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February 09, 2004

Rasheed goes to the Hawks in blockbuster deal. : Wallace and Person for Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Dan Dickau and Theo Ratliff. 'Sheed gets a change of scene, 'Reef gets a chance to prove he can put up great numbers for a potential playoff team.

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Sam-I-Am or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game.: lilnemo's take on the 2004 NBA All Stars.

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Most Likely to be Fired: :Jimy Williams. It wouldn't be a baseball season if we didn't start rolling out the schadenfreude! Two papers chime in on the likelihood of Williams getting the ax this season. With the signings of Pettitte and Clemens, the bar has substantially been raised in Houston (a city used to division titles). Looks like Andy and Rog brought a little bit more to the 'Stros: the ol' Bronx "win or die" fan attitude.

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Alice band vs Kirby grip: The snooker was very exciting too - but the hairstyles stole the show.

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February 08, 2004

He'll always have XXXVI and XXXVIII.: Wasting no time, instead of paying the $500k bonus, the Patriots have decided not to exercise their option on Antowain Smith for next year.

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February 07, 2004

Well, Since You Asked...: is a blog by Tolu Thomas of his sports commentary. Some good entries recently, like Sports' Guilty Pleasures: Injured NBA players who wear gaudy suits while sitting on the bench; Rickey Henderson; When the "halo rule" is violated on a punt return; Gymnasts and ice skaters who fall during their routines.

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February 06, 2004

"Only Urbanek-Bach was charged with a crime on Thursday night, after police examined a recording on one player's cell phone camera, the News reported Friday." First time I've heard of those cell phone cameras doing something good, if anything can be taken as good from this story.

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Ernie shoots 60 in the first round in Melbourne: "I felt a lot of pressure in the last six or seven holes and especially on the final two, as you don’t get these chances too often,” he said. “I’ve had four 61s before but never a 60, except for one in my own invitational event at Fancourt last December, when I was half-cut."

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February 05, 2004

Three Premiership Blogs:

::Round and White::
::All Things Footie::
Since we're going to do this whole fantasy relegation thing, I've got to keep on top of it all.

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Dugout Dollars: blogs about MLB payrolls. If you are heavy into baseball and numbers, this is your kind of blog.

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Citing NFL Objections, ESPN shuts down: Playmakers.
NFL replies, "It was an ESPN decision and now we can all move on."

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The great escape.: Manchester City was 3-0 down against Tottenham Spurs (and US keeper Kasey Keller) in this fourth round FA Cup tie. Then they had a man sent off. Before half-time. What did they do? "At halftime I walked off and said, "Where's the nearest job center?" [City manager] Keegan said. City came back, one man down, and beat Spurs 4-3, setting up a fifth-round derby with hated rivals Manchester United. Greatest comeback ever? This is why soccer is great. Just wish I coulda seen this. Was anyone there? Watch it on the telly? Fooker, send me a videotape!

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Burks returns to where it all started... 21 years ago.: The Red Sox signed Ellis Burks to a one-year, $750,000 (plus additional incentives) deal today and will be their right handed DH and pinch hitter. Burks, a first round draft pick in 1983 by the Red Sox, was with the team until 1992 where he left as a free agent with rumors of suspected back problems. In 2002, his last full season, Burks hit .302 with 32 HRs. Last year, his season ended early for elbow surgery, but the physical conducted by the team was satisfactory. Burks turned down a higher contract offer, 1.25m from Seattle, to end his career where it began in Boston, hopefully with a championship under his belt.

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Earlier this week Drew Henson renounced his contract with the Yankees, leaving $12 million on the table to return to football. Several teams may be interested in trading for Henson with the Houston Texans. Was the Texans' pick of Henson in the sixth round the best long-term, low-round gamble since the Cowboys drafted USFL-bound Herschel Walker in the fifth round in 1985 and Navy-bound Roger Staubach in the 10th round in 1969?

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Warner: coaches said Jesus hates touchdowns. : Benched Rams QB and former MVP Kurt Warner says that coaches scorned his bible-reading and suggests he "lost [his] job because of [his] faith." The quotes first came out in a story on

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The 25th Annual Dallas Cup is welcoming a youth team from Afghanistan at this year's tournament.: "Afghanistan has endured nearly 25 years of war, hardship and isolation. As with any country emerging from such a dark past, its future lies in the hands of its youth. Our Under 14 team represents the footballing future of the country. The opportunity for these young men to travel to the USA, to compete with so many nations, and most importantly, to live with American families is incredibly valuable. It will not only enhance their footballing skills, it will provide them with a unique experience. That experience which will do much to increase their understanding of the wider world with which they will have to engage as they grow up" -- (more inside)

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Let the fistic arguments begin ...: Heavyweight legend Lennox Lewis is poised to announce his retirement. Where does this gentlemanly master of the manly arts stands in the annals of boxing history? Does he match up with Ali and Louis, or did he benefit from a weaker division?

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Everyone in the draft pool!!!: A judge has decided the NFL's rule against underclassmen entering the draft violates antitrust laws. The suit was filed by former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett (who apparently is now in some more trouble, by the way). How will this affect the draft, and more importantly, what does it do to the college game?

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Tough to believe, but Jayson Williams is a worse person than you thought he was.

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February 04, 2004

OH MY GOD!: One of the most exciting games I have ever seen... I almost had a freakin' heart joke! I got up after City's leveller and felt lightheaded...almost fell over. And then when they got the winner in the last minute I pulled a muscle somewhere. The FA Cup has never been more intense...well at least since I've been alive. Manchester City beat Tottenham 4-3...away, with Anelka and their first 2 keepers out, playing with 10 men after halftime and down 3-0... Unbelievable.

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Honest McCabe.: I know alot of people think NHL salaries are unsustainable and that a salary cap is the only wat to go, but this interview should atleast give those doubters pause. Big Time Kudos to Joe. T at tascastake.

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The American Experience: Seabiscuit:
Info on all the real life players from the (I feel unjustly) Best Picture Nominee, including Red Pollard and War Admiral.

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February 03, 2004

Around the world in 72 days.: French yachtsman Francis Joyon has reduced the solo round-the-world sailing record by an incredible 20%.

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Bob Knight is in trouble again.: This time he blew up at the chancellor of Texas Tech at a salad bar, after the chancellor complimented him on his recent behavior. Early reports said that Knight would be suspended for five days, but now that's not going to happen. Is anyone really surprised?

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NBA All-Star reserves announced.: I'm quite pleased to see that Sam Cassell, Brad Miller, and Andrei Kirilenko (who makes less than $1M a year) were selected. Surpised to see LeBron go unselected, although I suppose that'll make the rookie/2nd year-ers game a little more exciting. ESPN's Marc Stein seems to disagree with the coaches though, and I'm with him concerning Ray Allen.

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And the debate stumbles on...."If the girls come out and think they can play against the guys and fail every time, that can't be very positive."

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February 02, 2004

Remember this guy?: Well, he's back at it again. The target this time is not just a rival racer, but an entire country and its people: Japan. This is the one major handicap, or depressingly an asset, that is keeping NASCAR at the periphery of the national psyche.

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Tigers snag Pudge: Looks like Pudge is going to Detroit. Don't whether to feel happy for the Tigers or sorry for Pudge. He obviously isn't aware that the Tigers are where talented players go to play like minor leaguers until they can force a trade.

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February 01, 2004

New England outlasts Carolina to claim second Super Bowl title.: As if it were a replay of two years ago, Adam Vinitieri kicks a field goal with seconds left to lift the Pats to the NFL championship over the upstart Carolina Panthers. All of the Carolinas are blue tonight.

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Scrap the offsides rule: Strait Time's columnist Godfrey Roberts suggests that one way to avoid many bad decisions by referees, especially in the EPL, is to remove the offsides rule from the book. Yay or nay? How would this change the play?

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Did anyone: just see Janet Jackson's boob pop out during the half-time show? It looked like she has a ring on her right nipple.... Justin Timberlake grabbed it and it popped out, she looked down, shocked, and then they cut to commercial. It was weird.

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How tough is it too sweep a three game series in NY/NJ?:
Tough. Only one team, the LA Kings has done it. The Vancouver Canucks are about to try to do it for the second time. No-one has tried to more either - which boggles the mind. Why has a single west-coast team played more series against the NY three than anyone else?

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