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Fox fires Steve Lyons for racially insensitive comment: The veteran broadcaster, responding to a few comments in Spanish last night by booth partner Lou Pinella, said he wasn't "hablaing Espanol."

posted by liam to baseball at 04:16 PM on October 14, 2006 - 92 comments

"I am happy that they considered me but I don't want anything more to do with this because for two days my life has been invaded and my privacy destroyed.": Scolari takes himself out of consideration for the England manager's job. When a Brazilian tells you your culture takes soccer too seriously, you should probably think about it.

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Nash again, allegedly.:

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The end of a good innings: for former England cricket captain and Bishop of Liverpool David Sheppard. His life after cricket was not that of your average sportsman, or your average bishop. Among many other distinctions, he was the first prominent member of the English cricket establishment to advocate a boycott of apartheid South Africa.

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Around the world in 72 days.: French yachtsman Francis Joyon has reduced the solo round-the-world sailing record by an incredible 20%.

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The losing team

There's always Heath Shuler, Democrat for Congress. Generally sports, and especially team sports, encourage competitiveness, strict adherence to rules and distrust of nonconformity, which are considered conservative values. But always remember there's no I in Democrat.

posted by liam at 03:48 PM on May 11, 2006

"I am happy that they considered me but I don't want anything more to do with this because for two days my life has been invaded and my privacy destroyed."

the rose-tinted, knicker-sniffing standards of the red-top back pages I like that. I miss the old days of rose-sniffing and knicker-tinted tabloids. I think the problem is that since the cool Brittanic '90s, soccer in England has become part of entertainment culture to the point where the media's need for drama has totally eclipsed reality. Which is fine when you're dealing with movies and reality shows, but is akilter when you're covering a bunch of well-matched people very occasionally putting inflated leather into mesh.

posted by liam at 10:17 PM on April 28, 2006

Nash again, allegedly.

Yerfatma, a thousand apologies. I had forgotten the song but it must have been lodged in my subconscious since childhood. I promise in future posts only to reference Leo Sayer or Dan Fogelberg, or Dan Hill in matters pertaining to ice hockey.

posted by liam at 08:50 PM on April 26, 2006

Jaguars Cheerleader Escaped Murder Plot

Please let the kidnappers be working for a corrupt state senator who is being hounded by the cheerleader's renegade ex-cop boyfriend so I can save on the cost of the next Carl Hiaasen novel.

posted by liam at 02:06 PM on October 14, 2005

Paul Shirley blogs

1. Dwyane (it kills me to have to right down a blatant typographical error on purpose) Wade is really good. Is "right" a deliberate joke on having to write Dwyane?

posted by liam at 12:38 PM on March 26, 2005

McGrady scores 13 points in the last 35 seconds

So chico, what's the sexual analogy for ice hockey? (Apart from not being able to see the little puck thingie...)

posted by liam at 11:08 AM on December 11, 2004

"It's going to hurt [my routine] big time"

He recently replaced Van Halen's "Jump" with Aztec Camera's cover version.

posted by liam at 01:07 PM on November 17, 2004

Now That the Media's Got the Matchup "Everybody" Wanted,

"God hates us." Reclaim your pain (and be a cool loser) with these Red Sox shirts from The Red Seat.

posted by liam at 03:35 PM on October 10, 2004

A two-week-long private party for thousands of hard-bodies

On top of everything else, the athletes have spent years training rigorously and depriving themselves of most pleasures. It doesn't take much alcohol to get them loose. A friend's brother competed as a swimmer at the Seoul Games in '88. He lost his heat on the very first morning, leaving him with a clear schedule for two weeks in the Olympic Village. Apparently the synchronised swimmers were very popular with the male athletes.

posted by liam at 08:52 AM on July 20, 2004

An Outside magazine piece on Canadian transexual Michelle Dumaresq's struggle to gain acceptance on the pro mountain-biking circuit.

posted by liam at 08:18 AM on May 18, 2004

Bonds again as NL MVP.

posted by liam at 02:00 PM on November 18, 2003

New ESPN College Gameday site:

You could try to sound a little less like you worked for the site.

posted by liam at 11:24 AM on September 19, 2003


It's a game of two halves. In the third, cliches gone awry usually come to the fore.

posted by liam at 09:36 PM on June 03, 2003

Brazil a lock for 2014 World Cup.

Actually, Rio and Sao Paolo are 3 hours behind GMT, 2 hours ahead of east coast time in the USA, so a 7:30pm kick-off will be 10:30pm in the UK and 5:30pm in New York.

posted by liam at 09:56 AM on March 18, 2003

We want you to be right-back... in the army.

Earler this year, Arizona Cardinals' safety Pat Tillman chose to give up pro football, and about $I million per year, in order to join the army.

posted by liam at 02:04 PM on December 24, 2002