February 10, 2004

Is the best GM in hockey out of job: because of personal differences? i thought billionaires did business differently.

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Not so bad for Burke, though. Just win, baby. If he does, he'll have his pick of jobs, including his current one. If he doesn't, he'll have a nice career somewhere in sunny USA. i thought billionaires did business differently. Anyone hear from Ted Nolan recently?

posted by alex_reno at 11:53 PM on February 10

Wow ... so, can I kick in five bucks to get his butt to St.Louis?

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:09 AM on February 11

I dunno, wait until the summer. To me, it just looks like the owner is waiting to see how the team performs in the playoffs. If they do well, I can't see him not re-signing.

posted by mkn at 07:58 AM on February 11

Well, I think the bigger question might be why the hell would he re-sign with the Canucks now? I think I'd play nice until the end of the season, then tell them to insert a goalie stick into their respective creases. Burke will be sought after. Make the bastards pay.

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:14 AM on February 11

I've heard that Burke is headed to Beantown. Big mistake by the Canuck brass. He's a student of and respected by NJ guru GM Lou, and that's saying alot. The team he's managed to keep together is also saying alot. the only fault I could lay against Burke is that he never went out and got a top flite tender, but then again, with the best line in hockey, you can usually get away with an average NHL starter. It's a shame when good work isn't rewarded accordingly.

posted by garfield at 08:39 AM on February 11

Maybe it's just me, but I think the author is jumping the gun a little here. The fact the owner has said he doesn't want to work on a new deal til the summer doesn't add up to 'See ya later Mr. Burke'. There are a lof of unknowns with regards to what is going to happen to hockey in the next year... maybe they do just want to wait, and not distract the players?

posted by camcanuck at 09:32 AM on February 11

How do you get to be called the best GM in hockey without hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup? Vancouver is respectable again, but they haven't come close to winning an NHL title yet under Burke.

posted by rcade at 10:00 AM on February 11

rcade, I wouldn't call him the best GM. He has managed to keep a corp group of players together in the quote unquote horrible salary structures of the 90s up to present. He's assembled and amazing defensive group. He traded for Bertuzzi. I'm sure a Vansterdam resident could go on more of a tangent, but those are the things off the top of my head. He's top 5, maybe even top 3, but Lacroix(Avs) and Lamorriello(NJ) are the top dogs.

posted by garfield at 10:32 AM on February 11

ok, perhaps i should have used 'arguably' the best GM. for one thing, his peers said he was in 2001 (i think), and the canucks are better now. for another, he has done it with a checkbook that would make Lacroix giggle. i think Lamorriello is a far more fair comparison. as for vancouver being 'respectable again', i think they are quite a bit more than that. winning a cup is a real possibility now, and Burke helped put them in a position to do it. not even jersey or the wings can win it every year (tho they and the Avs sure do own it lately), no matter how good their teams/coaches/GMs are.

posted by owl at 03:33 PM on February 11

This article should be taken with a grain of salt. The article was written by Gary Mason, a columnist who is known to have a very cozy relationship with Burke. It is almost impossible to imagine that Mason would have written this article without Burke's input. That said, Burke may be using Mason and this story as a way to grease the skids for his departure. He places the blame on management and ownership, makes it seem like a personal grudge is forcing him out, so he can leave for the open market where he no doubt will be hired by any number of teams. takes off my tinfoil hat

posted by aupa_athletic at 07:16 PM on February 12

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