February 10, 2004

No there's nuthin' dirty goin' on. : The University of Colorado football program has been linked with a local escort service with some criminal activity at a local posh hotel during periods from 2002 to 2003. This and a seeming unending list of other serious accusations, including rape, have been leveled at the program. Now one of the leaders of the independent investigation on behalf of the university is under fire for an inappropriate remark. This is just the latest wrinkle in this festering story.

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Is this story being mostly ignored by the major media outlets? Sure it's not in a major media market. But it's got sex, and it is a sweeps month. I haven't watched much ESPN, or listened to sports radio, but I haven't heard much about it.

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Oops, there's more Apparently, they've hired strippers to perfom for recruits as recently a couple weeks ago.

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The inappropiate remark: On Friday, immediately after her appointment to the investigative panel by the university president, Lawrence told a reporter: "The question I have for the ladies in this is why they are going to parties like this and drinking or taking drugs and putting themselves in a very threatening or serious position." A victim is a victim, there's no doubt about that in my mind. BUT, make some wiser choices is what she is trying to say.

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Baylor basketball, St. Johns, Rick Neuheisel, Larry Eustachy, Mike Price, and on it goes. Myles Brand, NCAA President - State of the Association Speech January 2003 "These are challenging times for intercollegiate athletics. Difficult issues abound. These issues have determinant influences on the lives of student-athletes, the universities and colleges they attend, and the NCAA itself. The difficulties are exacerbated by the intense interest of our publics and constituencies, which are made highly visible by an active press. The recent response to these challenges has been, I am pleased to say, the beginning of a serious reform movement." Ooooh, a "serious reform movement". One so serious it has resulted in... wait... wait for it... Not a damn thing. Serious indeed.

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A victim is a victim, there's no doubt about that in my mind. BUT, make some wiser choices is what she is trying to say. I understand that, but the problem with that line of thinking is that it rationalizes the rape of women who put themselves in bad situations, which is bogus. A woman could be the most foolish person in the world, but she wouldn't become a rape victim without someone else making the decision to assault her. When this Colorado politician made the blame-the-victim remark on her first day on the investigation, I think it's safe to conclude she is too clueless to qualify for the job.

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rcade, she is trying to teach the young ladies a lesson: its better to be safe than sorry. Yes, someone else has to do the assaulting, but it also helps to not be a target. it might be a bogus line of thinking, but its smart.

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None o' them good ol' boys will ever do a day behind bars, or receive more than the shadow of a wrist slap in punishment of any kind. It'll be Jeremy Bloomwho gets dope-slapped.

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Did any of you see the Outside the Lines interview about this last night? Can you spell DENIAL, Coach?

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The former lawmaker's opinion was out of place, especially since it was done before the investigation began. It's prejudicial in the sense that it's dismissing the potential crimes that were committed against the women, as having the women be at fault for the circumstances that they got themselves involved in. If this lawmaker were to find herself stranded with the bad part of Pueblo because her car broke down because of her oversight and she got jacked, do you think she would hold herself open to blame because of the circumstances she put herself into? Do you think she would not let the perpetrators of the crime against her to go unpunished? Like I said, she's an idiot for voicing these "Dr.Laura" opinions before she's seen any of the evidence.

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