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Most memorable: An English conference league football game. I was backpacking through Europe (wouldn't everyone know by now that's code for some serious stinkin' and drinkin' while using a Europass) and I kinda walked up and plunked some quid down at a stinky little stadium on the outskirts of London and it was AMAZING the passion shown for what I could fathom was a punky, little team of semi-professionals. Okay, I was drunk and delirious, but hey, I was loving it. (not in a McDonalds kind of way)

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No there's nuthin' dirty goin' on. : The University of Colorado football program has been linked with a local escort service with some criminal activity at a local posh hotel during periods from 2002 to 2003. This and a seeming unending list of other serious accusations, including rape, have been leveled at the program. Now one of the leaders of the independent investigation on behalf of the university is under fire for an inappropriate remark. This is just the latest wrinkle in this festering story.

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Manning re-signs with Colts

I think this big deal foreshadows a move by the team to a place where they can get more revenues. The RCA Dome doesn't sell out and I don't believe has many luxury boxes compared to more recently built facilities.

posted by GoDizzGo at 03:45 AM on March 03, 2004

Female kicker Katie Hnida says she was harassed and raped while at Colorado.

Sickening. But I got to point out that the rape that occurred had nothing to do with the football program. It was done by a teammate, but could anyone else that she knew. Hnida not reporting it might have had something to do with football program or at least the environment that was tolerated.

posted by GoDizzGo at 01:06 AM on February 18, 2004

US out of Olympics.

This quote from the US goalkeeper: "Since Mexico won convincingly, every fan walked out cheering," U.S. goalkeeper D.J. Countess said. "I've been hit with bags of urine, limes and batteries. There even was a dead chicken thrown on the field next to me in El Salvador, but since Mexico got the result they wanted, there wasn't much of that. I'm sure if we would have won the game, there would have been a lot of stuff thrown at us and a lot of chants." In the teams' meeting here last May, the crowd pelted the U.S. players with beer bottles, batteries and racial epithets, causing the U.S. Soccer Federation to send an official letter of complaint to the Mexican federation. from McPaper

posted by GoDizzGo at 08:52 AM on February 12, 2004

US out of Olympics.

There's federation and FIFA rules regarding playable pitches. If the field is frozen solid, it's not playable. (Artificial turf still isn't sanctioned to the best of my knowledge) I haven't heard of any stadiums in Canada that have some kind of design that warms the field like they do in Lambeau Field or a number of other stadiums in the US.

posted by GoDizzGo at 08:40 AM on February 12, 2004

Surprise, Surprise. Anna in SI swimsuit issue.

I agree, Jerseygirl, many of the couples photos seem slapdash to me. Even the photos of Serena and Anna looks like the shoots must have been less than 2 hours.

posted by GoDizzGo at 06:56 PM on February 11, 2004

No there's nuthin' dirty goin' on.

The former lawmaker's opinion was out of place, especially since it was done before the investigation began. It's prejudicial in the sense that it's dismissing the potential crimes that were committed against the women, as having the women be at fault for the circumstances that they got themselves involved in. If this lawmaker were to find herself stranded with the bad part of Pueblo because her car broke down because of her oversight and she got jacked, do you think she would hold herself open to blame because of the circumstances she put herself into? Do you think she would not let the perpetrators of the crime against her to go unpunished? Like I said, she's an idiot for voicing these "Dr.Laura" opinions before she's seen any of the evidence.

posted by GoDizzGo at 06:03 PM on February 11, 2004

US out of Olympics.

The USA beat Mexico 3-1 in a U-23 friendly last summer in the stadium. The big difference? The US was missing 6 different players, 3 to injury (Buddle, the starting striker, Martino, starting central midfielder, and Whitbread, the starting defender) and 3 because their European teams wouldn't release them (Casey, a sometimes starting striker, Oguchi and Yi, both starting defenders). All of them played last year in the win. Between that and Buricaga out suspended, the US were fielding all 2nd choice fullbacks, missing a key distributor, and a couple more skilled strikers. (Donovan could've potentially been moved to midfield at times where he could involve himself more) American sports fans who are casual followers don't realize that playing in Mexico, be it in Guadelajara or Mexico City, are tougher places to play the home team than anywhere in North America, and easily more than anywhere in Europe. (yes, even Turkey) Of course there's large fervent crowds there. (60,000 yesterday, but 100,000 in the usual Mexico City venue of Azteca Stadium) There's the very high altitude and severe air pollution of Mexico City. But many don't know that the heaps of abuse and refuse that befall our players. I'm not talking just about the occasional Bronx battery throw or Oakland cell phone lob, there's SPIT, SHIT , and BAGS OF URINE thrown at the US players and staff. Perfectly normal and perfectly healthy for CONCACAF. The Mexican footballing authorities have never been called in to reign this is in. (The USA only counters this by holding our games against them in cold weather sites) Before this, the US has beaten Mexico 5 of the last 7 times including the 2002 World Cup final knockout stages. The resulting story coming out of this is that Mexican coach Lavolpe's youngsters are starting to come around to his new program that involves more athletic and speedier players, which tells you that some of these guys will be called in for the 2006 World Cup qualifiers. If they would've lost this game Lavolpe would've lost his job.

posted by GoDizzGo at 05:38 PM on February 11, 2004

Rasheed goes to the Hawks in blockbuster deal.

So much for the tryout of Darius Miles. Hello, Abdur-Rahim. Oh yeah, Dickau is not a NBA player.

posted by GoDizzGo at 08:51 AM on February 10, 2004

No there's nuthin' dirty goin' on.

Oops, there's more Apparently, they've hired strippers to perfom for recruits as recently a couple weeks ago.

posted by GoDizzGo at 08:47 AM on February 10, 2004

No there's nuthin' dirty goin' on.

Is this story being mostly ignored by the major media outlets? Sure it's not in a major media market. But it's got sex, and it is a sweeps month. I haven't watched much ESPN, or listened to sports radio, but I haven't heard much about it.

posted by GoDizzGo at 08:42 AM on February 10, 2004

Adu signs with MLS

Hate the bring back the topic up, but Adu was selected as a replacement for one of the injured U-20 players today. I imagine he'll be a late-game sub when a score is needed.

posted by GoDizzGo at 10:24 PM on November 19, 2003

Adu signs with MLS

No offence taken. After all, you're from England. The place where football was born. Every country has its own styles of football that it fosters, it's somewhat like language, culture and commerce. Everywhere does it a bit differently, and unfortunately for you and other fans of the England national team, there are teams that do it better. That could include the USA if you value the opinion of Sir Alex. Was that too low? Oh, I apologize, too many deep-fried Twinkies I suppose.

posted by GoDizzGo at 06:50 AM on November 19, 2003

Adu signs with MLS

He was left off the U-20 team for a couple reasons. The U-20 World Cup tourney, held in Dubai, was postponed because of the war. There was a set team ready to play, and to bring in a player who may or may not be able to contribute would've been unfair to the players that have played together all throughout the qualifiers. It's also uncertain whether or not he'd be able to work as a team member. (Last I heard that, one terrific player does not make a good soccer team) He did get called into a training camp last month in LA, and didn't standout (in limited minutes) in a loss against Japan's U-20 team in a friendly game. Also to debunk the mythology of Freddy scoring against the MLS Cup finalist Chicago Fire in a scrimmage against the U-17 team: The game was played in the pre-season, the players playing the Fire were end-of-benchers and players who were eventually cut. I want Adu to succeed, but more importantly I want soccer to flourish here in the US, and heaping unreasonable LeBron James-type hype on him doesn't help with the reality that he likely won't get a lot of playing time with his new team. A DC United team, mind you, that doesn't have a great track record developing young players compared to other teams in MLS. Too much hype and there is bound to be disappointment that some ignorant and naive fans would crow and potentially create a backlash that would resonate with the well-placed soccer-haters.

posted by GoDizzGo at 05:02 PM on November 18, 2003

Alcohol-free college sports TV?

Why doesn't stadium security turn away drunken attendees (especially their own students) to their events? A good portion also smuggle in hard alcohol as well, or leave the stadium at halftime to keep their buzz going. (Okay, I've been guilty of this) I know for a fact that at certain Big-10 schools the student section would be effectively halved. Now that would send a message about binge drinking.

posted by GoDizzGo at 08:50 AM on November 13, 2003

American (MLS) soccer is getting a facelift.

Rochester deserve it on merits. They consistent get fantastic support that rivals, or even betters some MLS teams. (yoohoo San Jose) However, Rochester will never, ever, get to house the MLS Cup final. It's just a week and a half away. What the average temperature in Rochester right now? The frozen tundra of Rochester just doesn't have the same ring to it. Chivas USA could start up by 2004 as well, and Club America's (another Mexican League giant) corporate owner is in talks to buy the San Jose Earthquakes and rename and remake that team by 2004 as well. However, Chivas plans to field only Mexican or Mexican-American players for their squad and they're still playing a lot of games on where they'll play their matches. Chivas is well-known for their long-standing policy to sign only Mexican players.

posted by GoDizzGo at 11:39 AM on November 12, 2003