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June 30, 2010

Let the Lebron James Games Begin: Starting at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, the full court press for free agent LeBron James begins. The frontrunners for his services do not include the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, Sacramento Kings or New Orleans Hornets.

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A Gift From the Game: Part of the beauty of sport is that it can be transformative on any scale, large or small. It can draw a nation of millions closer together—how many of us high-fived a stranger after the U.S. World Cup win over Algeria last week?—and it can change one boy's life in a small Canadian town.

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Ex-NFLer Randall Cunningham's son drowns in hot tub at Las Vegas home: This is very sad indeed. Former Eagles/Vikings/Cowboys/Ravens QB Randall Cunningham's 2 year old son Christian died yesterday after drowning in a hot tub at the family's home in Las Vegas. Vegas cops believe the child's death to be accidental.

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Sports Teams Try Variable Ticket Prices: The San Francisco Giants have become the first team in Major League Baseball to raise single-game ticket prices dynamically when circumstances generate more interest, a practice that's expected to become the norm across pro sports in the U.S. "We've made a conscious effort to not make this like the airlines, where if you want to fly to L.A. the day of, itÂ’s $800 from here," said team exec Russ Stanley.

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June 29, 2010

Bob Bradley's Future Uncertain as US Coach: United States Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati is noncommital about whether Coach Bob Bradley will be asked to coach the squad for the next four years. "It was all in front of us," Gulati said of the Ghana match. "I was sure we would win."

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Armstrong: This is My Last Tour de France: Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong announced on Twitter Monday that this year's ride will be his last: "And yes, this will be final Tour de France. It's been a great ride. Looking forward to three great weeks."

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Awkward Teenage Players Take Awkward Photos:
It's okay to laugh. They'll all sign multi-million dollar contracts soon.

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How to Make the Vuvuzela Less Annoying: Apparently one of the reasons the vuvuzela offends the ear drums is because the standard version produces a note somewhere between A and B flat. If you change the length, beautiful music is possible, as the video shows. Featuring jazz trumpeter James Morrison.

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June 28, 2010

Men's Tennis at Point of No Returns: The record breaking John Isner-Nicolas Mahut first round match and last year's Roger Federer-Andy Roddick Wimbledon final show that advances in racket technology have taken some of the beauty and skill out of men's tennis, argues Leonard Cassuto. "Not only did the two play more than 175 consecutive games without a break of serve, they also played 45 consecutive games without reaching a break point," he writes of Isner and Mahut. "Even when they could barely stand, they proved capable of blasting aces past each other.Such gunslinging servers’ spectacles invoke the former Wimbledon champion John McEnroe’s oft-stated wish for a return to wood rackets."

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Emelianenko Loses to Werdum: Fedor Emelianenko, the most dominant heavyweight in mixed martial arts history, tapped out 69 seconds into the first round to Fabricio Werdum Saturday night. Emelianenko, now 31-2, made an early strategic error that sent him to his first loss aside from a 2002 defeat on a technicality.

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Chris Henry Had Trauma-Induced Brain Damage: Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry, who died last December in a fall from a truck during a domestic dispute, had developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy, according to brain experts. Though he was only in his 20s, Henry was the first person known to have developed the brain disease while still active in the NFL. "It rattles me," said Seattle Seahawks special teamer Sean Morey, a member of the league's brain-injury committee. "You have to ask yourself how many are playing the game today that have this and don’t even know about it."

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FIFA Responds Quickly to Glaring Officiating Errors: After England lost a Frank Lampard goal and Argentina gained a Carlos Tevez goal Sunday due to atrocious officiating, FIFA has responded quickly to address the matter: Stadiums hosting the remainder of the World Cup will not be allowed to show instant replays. "This will be corrected," said FIFA spokesman Nicolas Maingot.

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Teen Sailor Defends Round-the-World Attempt: Sixteen-year-old solo sailor Abby Sunderland, back on dry land for the first time since her Indian Ocean rescue, is pushing back at criticism of her parents for allowing her to embark on the record-attempting journey. "Any sailor that goes out to the water knows that being hit by a rogue wave is a risk, no matter where you are," she said on Reunion Island, where she met her brother Zac. "That was a risk that I was willing to take."

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The 6th Annual chicobangs Memorial SpoFi CFL Pick 'Em: Six! Can you believe it? That's equal to a quarter of the number of players on the field at any given time. Given that, why not lend your ear to the sport that will sweat its way into your heart this summer: the ages-old tradition of three-down pigskin. Almost as old a tradition is our weekly picking of the winners, and the shame and glory found therein. Be a part of history and make your picks inside.

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June 27, 2010

Don't Let the Taco Win: Eighteen years ago, 11 year old Randy Neuenfeldt raced Henry the Puffy Taco mascot of the San Antonio Missions minor league baseball team in the usual 7th inning race. Through a series of unfortunate events, the taco won. On June 24, 2010, Randy Neuenfeldt got his revenge. Also, here (via MetaFilter).

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Cubs Suspend Zambrano for Dugout Tantrum: The Chicago Cubs have suspended pitcher Carlos Zambrano indefinitely for his tantrum and dugout altercation with teammate Derrek Lee during Friday's game against the Chicago White Sox. After giving up four runs in the first inning, Zambrano reportedly yelled at Lee over a ball he felt he should have tried harder for. "He came in after he got the third out, and he started yelling and screaming," manager Lou Piniella said. "It was embarrassing."

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England Faces Germany in World Cup: All activity ceases in England and Germany today as they meet in the World Cup's group of 16. "We will do whatever it takes to get across the line into the last eight," said England captain Stephen Gerrard. Fan Darren Wright, who gave up a job to attend the game, was less confident: "I've supported England long enough to know not to get my hopes up."

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The Two Escobars: On June 22 1994 Colombian Defender Andres Escobar scored an own goal in a World Cup Group Match against the USA which the South Americans would eventually lose 2-1. Ten days later Escobar was shot and killed. Now ESPN's 30-for-30 series looks at the connection between Andres Escobar and Pablo Escobar and between drug money and football in Colombia. [More Inside]

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June 26, 2010

Africa’s Last World Cup Hope Is Ghana: The 6 African teams in the World Cup have been whittled to one, meaning that Ghana will carry a continent's hopes when it faces the United States in the Round of 16 on Saturday in Rustenburg. A victory over the United States would put Ghana in rare company, advancing it to the quarterfinals against either Uruguay or South Korea. Only two African teams have reached the quarters Cameroon in 1990 and Senegal in 2002. Neither reached the semifinals. New York Times columnist William Rhoden is rooting for Ghana: "If this were just a game, there is no question where my rooting interest would lie: Go U.S.A," he writes. "My heart was with the United States, but I was pulling for Africa."

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Student’s video tribute to Donovan a hit: “Not sure if you guys saw this but it brings tears to my eyes every time,” Donovan wrote on his Facebook account, while linking to Donoho’s video. “Thank you all so much … we can do it.”

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June 25, 2010

The Season's 4th no-hitter belongs to Edwin Jackson: Jackson walked 8 Rays, and threw 149 pitches in his first career no-no.

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Taylor and Tyler go 1-2 in the NHL Entry Draft: The Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins stood pat and as expected selected Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin, respectively, in Friday night's NHL draft in Los Angeles. Defenseman Cam Fowler, pegged as a top five pick, fell to Anaheim at No. 12.

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World Cup's Group of 16 Set: The group of 16 for the 2010 World Cup has been set. Surprises include the absence of 2006 champion Italy and runner up France, the presence of five South American teams for the first time ever, and a path for the U.S. that's "about as favorable as possible," writes Dan Wetzel. If the U.S. can defeat Ghana, it faces the winner of Uruguay/Mexico. "The idea that a road to the semifinals could be this 'easy' is a stunning development."

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Psychic Octopus predicts England loss to Germany: "Paul has correctly predicted all the German wins and defeats in this World Cup competition so far from his tank in the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany."

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June 24, 2010

Isner Defeats Mahut in Longest Match in Tennis History: In the longest pro tennis match in history, American John Isner defeated Nicholas Mahut 70-68 at Wimbledon in the fifth set of their first-round match after eleven hours and five minutes of tennis. The match, suspended twice for darkness, began Tuesday. Wimbledon officials awarded the players and umpire a special honor after it ended and posed the players next to the scoreboard, a bit of extended pageantry that a crushed Mahut was kind to indulge.

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Yes Virginia, there's a $100,000 Stephen Strasburg card: Just weeks after a rare Stephen Strasburg card sold for over $16,000 on eBay, there's another one-of-a-kind Strasburg card, but this one is currently going for just more than $100,000...or the price of a small house. Is the phenom worthy of all this attention, hype and $100,000 card?

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Algerian Player Hits Female Reporter After Match: Algeria soccer player Rafik Saifi slapped a female journalist across the face after the team's 1-0 loss to the United States Wednesday. "I said nothing to him and he reached over and hit me," said Asma Halimi, a writer for the Algerian publication Competition. Halimi hit him back and bloodied his lip and he then threw a sports bottle at her and had to be restrained before attacking her again.

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June 23, 2010

Blackhawks deal Byfuglien to Thrashers in 8 player deal: Chicago sent 3 members of its championship team, Dustin Byfuglien, Ben Eager and Brent Sopel, as well as prospect Akim Aliu to the Atlanta Thrashers, in exhcange for first and second-round draft choices previously acquired from the New Jersey Devils, plus journeyman Marty Reasoner and prospect Jeremy Morin.

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Midnight Baseball in Alaska: The Alaska Goldpanners scored two runs in the 15th inning to defeat the U.S. Military Heroes of the Diamond 4-3 in Fairbanks, Alaska's 105th annual Midnight Sun game. The game began at 10 p.m. and was played in sunshine, drawing several thousand fans.

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Lawrence Taylor Indicted for Child Rape: NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor has been indicted by a suburban New York grand jury on charges of rape, criminal sexual act and sexual abuse. Taylor was arrested following a May 6 incident in which he paid a 16-year-old for sex at a hotel.

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Sweater sells for $1,067,538 : Henderson made a wild stab for it and fell ! Goal of the Century Here's another shot....right in front, they score ! Henderson has scored for Canada ! Paul Henderson's legendary hockey sweater fetched well over $1-million (U.S.) at auction early Wednesday following a late surge of interest in the historic cloth.

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US, England Advance in Group C: The United States was less than three minutes from a World Cup ouster when Landon Donovan hit an extra-time goal off a goalie deflection, leading the team to a 1-0 victory over Algeria that puts them atop Group C. England's 1-0 victory over Slovenia was enough for them to claim second. This is the first time the U.S. has won a group since the first World Cup in 1930.

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June 22, 2010

The Blackhawks and Cubs to be a part of Chicago's Gay Pride Parade: The Chicago Blackhawks are bringing the Cup back into town for the Pride Parade. The team will be represented by Brent Sopel who has said that he is honored to be a part of the parade. The Chicago Cubs will have a float as well and none other than Ernie Banks himself will be on it.

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Signs You Won't Be Selected During the 2010 NHL Draft:
There are hundreds of players hoping to hear their names called this weekend, and many will come away disappointed. Watching a player who wasn't picked file out of the arena at the draft's conclusion can be one of the most heartbreaking spectacles in sports. And it doesn't have to be that way.

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France's Manager Won't Shake Counterpart's Hand: After France was drummed out of the World Cup with a 2-1 loss to host nation South Africa, manager Raymond Domenech found one more way the squad could embarrass itself at the tournament. He refused to shake hands with opposing manager Carlos Alberto Parreira and wagged his finger at him instead. When reporters asked the reason for the snub, Domenech replied, "I have no intention of replying to this question."

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Rivera Retires 21 Consecutive Batters: New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has retired 21 consecutive batters dating back to June 3, breaking his record of 20. "It doesn't surprise me," said Manager Joe Girardi. Six more and he'll complete a relief no-hitter.

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Nets Arena Built Under Dubious Eminent Domain Deal: An opinion piece on new New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail D. Prokhorov brings up an ugly fact about the arena the team is building in Brooklyn. Prokorov's partner Bruce Ratner, the previous Nets owner and the owner of its new arena, used eminent domain and a dubious claim the area was "blighted" in order to take it over or redevelopment. In January, George Will called it "an especially egregious example of today's eminent domain racket." Norman Oder's Atlantic Yards Report blog has more details.

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June 21, 2010

Panthers Receiver Steve Smith Breaks Arm: Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith fell playing flag football Sunday and broke a bone in his left arm, an injury that will cause him to miss the start of training camp next month.

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Ryan Moore: Pebble Beach US Open 'Makes Me Hate Golf': So Ryan Moore, will you be playing the U.S. Open again at Pebble Beach? "Probably, just to torture myself. I get angry, and it makes me hate golf for about two months, and then I'm OK again. ... I think they go for a spectacle; they want some hole to draw attention and make everybody look stupid, I guess. It doesn't reward good golf shots like Augusta does, and I don't understand why you'd have a tournament that doesn't reward good golf shots."

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A bittersweet home run for John McDonald.:
"We cried on each other's shoulder for a good 30 seconds," Wells said. "When it went out, it was instant goosebumps. It kind of puts everything in perspective on whether you had a good day or a bad day at the plate or in the field. Wins and losses don't really matter at that point."

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Federer almost Fall(a)s in Wimbledon first round.: Top-seeded Roger Federer fought his way back from a two-set deficit to top Colombian Alejandro Falla 5-7, 4-6, 6-4, 7-6 (7-1), 6-0 on Centre Court in Wimbledon's opening round. "I've lost many matches this year that I should have won," Federer said afterward, "but this match is one I should have lost but I came through."

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Is there a Nike Commercial Curse?: Every major soccer player featured on Nike's terrific Write the Future ad is having a terrible World Cup. Except for Ronaldinho. Who didn't even make the squad. "So far, not one of its stars has played anything like the beautiful game," writes the son of New York Times soccer blogger Jeff Z. Klein.

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June 20, 2010

The Rising Costs of Playing Minor Hockey: Brian Burke and Stevie Y are worried about the rising costs of playing hockey... both in equipment and in the cost of ice time and it's negative impact on the game.

Personally I am part of a three generation hockey playing family. While I was disapointed that my son wanted to take karate rather than play hockey, my wallet was relieved. When I was in grade five, every guy in my class played amateur hockey. In my son's school, only two kids out of eight grades play hockey.

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France's Team Refuses to Practice at World Cup: A day after striker Nicolas Anelka was sent home for calling Coach Raymond Domenech a "dirty son of a whore," the World Cup squad for France has fallen further into disarray. The team refused to practice after a dispute on the field Sunday and an official has resigned in disgust. The second-place finishers in the 2006 Cup need a win against South Africa and some help to get out of the group stage.

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Still No Pro Baseball in Montreal: Six years after Montreal lost the Expos, the city remains the largest city in the United States and Canada without a professional baseball team. "Olympic Stadium today looks like a roadside U.F.O. waiting for weeds to consume it," Alan Schwarz writes for the New York Times. "It is easy to forget that from 1977 to 1983, the Expos drew crowds among the National LeagueÂ’s largest."

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Phantom Foul Referee Back to Work: Koman Coulibaly, the Malian soccer referee whose controversial "phantom foul" denied the U.S. a go-ahead 3-2 goal against Slovakia Friday, is back on the job Sunday as the fourth official for the Italy-New Zealand game.

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June 19, 2010

NBA star Manute Bol dies : Bol died at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, where he was being treated for severe kidney trouble and a painful skin condition, Tom Prichard, executive director of the group Sudan Sunrise, said in an e-mail. “Sudan and the world have lost a hero and an example for all of us,” Prichard said. “Manute, we'll miss you. Our prayers and best wishes go out to all his family, and all who mourn his loss.”

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Marlins Give Away Vuvuzela-Like Horns: The Florida Marlins are giving away 15,000 vuvuzela-like air horns to fans at Saturday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. "They're not as buzzing as vuvuzelas, but they're loud," said team exec Sean Flynn.

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Strasburg: KKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKK KK: Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg has struck out 32 through his first three starts, breaking a record for rookies set by J.R. Richard in 1971.

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Haynesworth Skips Minicamp, Demands Trade: After accepting a $21 million bonus in April on the $100 million free agent deal he signed in 2009, Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been a minicamp no-show and demanded a trade. "He decided to take our check and we're very disappointed he wasn't here today," said Coach Mike Shanahan.

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Former Phenom Ty Tryon Makes US Open: As a 17-year-old in 2001, Ty Tryon became the youngest player to earn a PGA Tour card and scored $8 million in endorsement deals. Nine years later, he's "an old 26" playing in minor league golf circuits -- but he reached his first major at the U.S. Open after winning a sectional qualifier.

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Irate Fan Sneaks in to England's Locker Room: An angry England fan burst into the locker room to berate players after the team's nil-nil draw against Algeria Friday. He was intercepted by David Beckham and was allowed to leave before being arrested, an oversight authorities are now attempting to correct. More unhappiness from the birthplace of soccer: England striker Wayne Rooney said as he left the pitch, "Nice to see your own fans booing you."

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June 18, 2010

Goodell: We Don't Need 4 Preseason Games: "It's clear the fans don't want four preseason games. It's clear the players don't want four preseason games. They tell me that all the time. You ask them that question and they'll tell you. And we really don't need it to make the game better. So we have to evolve just as we did a couple of decades ago when we went from six preseason games to four." -- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

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US Comes Back to Tie Slovenia 1-1: After falling behind 2-0 in the first half, the U.S. tied Slovenia 2-2 behind spectacular goals by Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley. A controversial call by the Malian referee took a third goal by Maurice Edu off the board. With one match left against Algeria, the U.S. will advance out of the group stage with a win.

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Lakers Win NBA Finals Over Celtics: The Los Angeles Lakers won game 7 over the Boston Celtics, coming back in the fourth quarter to win 83-79 and claim the NBA Championship. It's Kobe Bryant's fifth championship and the Lakers' 16th, putting them one behind the Celtics for the all-time franchise lead.

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June 17, 2010

Who is the best soccer player at the World Cup?: Science has the answer.

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What the Halak ?!? Habs trade Jaroslav to Blues: The Montreal Canadiens made their goaltending choice, trading playoff hero Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues for two young prospects. The Habs received forwards Ian Schultz of the WHL's Calgary Hitmen and Lars Eller, who played seven games for the Blues this season but spent most of the campaign with AHL Peoria.

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38. BFD.: Lance Armstrong isn't pleased with an Outside magazine cover that altered his T-shirt to bear a profane slogan. And of course, he's tweeted about it.

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June 16, 2010

Everybody Hit. Everybody Played: Mamie "Peanut" Johnson is one of three women to play in the Negro Leagues, and as of yet, the only woman to pitch at the major level in the United States.
After being declined to play in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (the league from the movie "A League of Their Own"), she played two seasons with the Indianapolis Clowns for two seasons, and faced such opposition as Satchel Paige and Jackie Robinson and was a teammate of Hank Aaron. She recently was remembered in her home town of Ridgeway, SC with a road named after her in honor of her accomplishments (via MetaFilter).

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June 15, 2010

Tom Izzo Rejects Cavs Offer: And I'm pleased to say I am here for life at Michigan State. - Tom Izzo

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NHL attendance dips by 2.5 per cent : Led by Phoenix Coyotes (down 2,886), average NHL team was down more than 400 fans per game during regular seasonThe majority of the NHL’s biggest attendance drops this season came in warm weather cities, with seven of the 10 “sunbelt” franchises among the 12 teams with a 1.6 per cent or more dip. The average sunbelt team had 15,371 fans per game this season, down an average of 5.2 per cent from 16,185 and well off the league average of 17,072.

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Padres lead in the west isn't the only thing that is shaky: “That’s not a natural occurrence,” said Padres left fielder Scott Hairston. “Well, yes it is a natural occurrence. But it’s a little unsettling to go back on the field after something like that.”

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Big XII Remains Intact: Texas decides to stay, and others follow, leaving us with a 12-team Big 10, a 10-team Big 12 and an 11-team Pac 10. (And people wonder why our kids' math aptitude is declining.)

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June 14, 2010

Vuvuzelas: Post-July 11: Guests of the World Cup are being encouraged to bring the vuvuzelas back to their home leagues, and the Premier League has said it would "welcome" them in England, not just simply allow them.

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University of Waterloo football program suspended for a year on doping scandal : “This is the most significant doping issue in CIS history, and we're taking it very seriously,” Marg McGregor, CEO of Canadian Interuniversity Sport, said in a statement. The doping revelations stem from the spring arrest of Warriors receiver Nathan Zettler for possession and trafficking of anabolic steroids. That prompted the school to order the entire team be tested.

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Wheelchair Athlete Excels at 'Hardcore Sitting': Aaron Fotheringham practices Hardcore Sitting. Indestructible wheelchair by Colours in Motion. Previously, previously (after a manner of speaking). Aaron's motto on MySpace: "Pain is temporary. Glory is forever" (via MetaFilter).

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Designer Defends Jabulani World Cup Ball: Senior Adidas product designer Janneke van Oorschot, the creator of the Jabulani soccer ball, is feeling defensive about the criticism by goalkeepers and others about how it is performing at the World Cup. New York Times columnist George Vecsey writes: "The unifying factor I noticed ... was the desperation of goalkeepers trying to track the new spheroid foisted on them by Sepp Blatter and his merry band from FIFA. The ball swerves and knuckles and dips and skips so viciously that it will surely lead to a collective nervous breakdown among keepers before this World Cup is out." Oorschot's response: "We tested it so thoroughly that we can say at this moment it is the best ball in the market today. And in the end it's the team that has to play with the ball. It's about the game and not about the ball."

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Tim Howard May Have Broken Ribs: Standout U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard may have suffered broken ribs from the agonizing cleat-to-chest collision with England's Emile Heskey in Saturday's match against England, U.S. coach Bob Bradley said. The U.S. plays next against Slovenia on Friday. "When you see the way Timmy handled himself after the collision, you'd certainly expect he'll be on the field again," he said.

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When the World Wept for Algeria: Why the last group matches have been played simultaneously ever since the 1982 World Cup.

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Celtics Grab 3-2 Finals Lead: The Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers 92-86 in the NBA Finals Sunday, putting themselves one victory of a record 18th championship as the series goes back to Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant scored 38 in a losing effort, while Paul Pierce found his long-range shooting touch again and scored 27. "You don't want to go into LA down 3-2 with two games in LA," said Pierce.

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June 13, 2010

June 12, 2010

If it was a movie, you wouldn't believe it.:
After a long and winding path to get to the major leagues, Daniel Nava hits a grand-slam.
In his first game.
In his first plate appearance.
On the very first pitch he sees.

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U.S. Ties England in World Cup Opener: The United States played to a 1-1 draw against favored England Saturday in one of the most anticipated World Cup soccer matches in U.S. history. After Stephen Gerrard scored in the first four minutes, Clint Dempsey scored on a monumental mistake by England goalkeeper Robert Green.

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June 11, 2010

UniWatch Special: The Kits of the World Cup: broken up into four articles. Here are articles Two, Three, and Four. Please ignore the opening paragraph.

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Sound the Vuvuzelas!: The World Cup begins at 9:30 a.m. Eastern in South Africa, the first time the world's most-watched sporting event has ever been played in the continent of Africa. Mexico and South Africa will be met with the deafening buzz of vuvuzelas, the ubiquitous horns that sound like a swarm of bees.

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June 10, 2010

Dodgers Paid Psychic to Channel Positive Energy to Team: The Los Angeles Dodgers paid a Russian psychic for five years to send his positive energy to the team to help its on-field success, the Los Angeles Times reports. Vladimir Shpunt, 71, a scientist who claims he can heal people with the heat in his hands and heal them over long distances, was paid a six-figure bonus if the team won the National League West. Neither owner Frank McCourt nor his estranged wife Jamie will acknowledge hiring Shpunt, who watched games to channel positive "V energy" to the team. When the Dodgers in 2004 clinched their first playoff spot in eight years, the consultant who introduced Shpunt to the team emailed to Jamie, "The miracle finish was the result of V energy. Frank was privileged to actually feel the energy."

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Record-Seeking Teen Sailor May Be Lost at Sea: Contact has been lost with a 16-year-old girl who had set out to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. Abby Sunderland may be lost at sea after activating an emergency positioning beacon. Sunderland's last location is 400 miles from the nearest ship and even farther from land in the Indian Ocean. "There's two boats headed out to her position, one is an estimated 40 hours, the other is 48," said her brother Zac. "Right now we're trying to figure out if there is any way faster. She's in the middle of nowhere pretty much in the southern Indian Ocean. There's nothing closer."

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USC hit hard by NCAA sanctions: The often speculated but never confirmed transgressions of Reggie Bush implode a championship program, not to mention the hard work of all the other players over two years. As expected, Bush is staying true to form denying all allegations.

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Colorado To Pac-10: The first domino falls, as Colorado makes their conference switch official. Combined with Nebraska's likely departure, is the Big 12 about to completely implode?

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2010 NHL Playoff Pickem Final Results: Congrats to the Blackhawks for ending their 49 year drought. Condolences to Leafs fans for moving up to first place on the longest drought list. Results inside...

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June 09, 2010

Blackhawks defeat Flyers 4 to 3, win Lord Stanley's Cup: They did it in overtime on a goal from Patrick Kane, ending a 49 year hockey championship drought in Chicago. Oh, and the Hossa curse is broken as well, as Hossa had played on the losing teams in the last two years playoff finals with Pittsburgh and Detroit.

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Tracing footballs tribal roots: is a good article, which might be of interest to aficionados of the beautiful game. Should there be a daily world cup huddle where stuff like this can get posted?

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Is Matt Leinart a Starting QB?: Everyone connected with the Arizona Cardinals has heard the same question thousands of times this offseason: Is quarterback Matt Leinart any good? With Kurt Warner's retirement, Leinart inherits the job. He's also due for a near-$5 million salary increase in 2011 and a roster bonus of $5.5 million, so this season is make-or-break for the former USC quarterback drafted 10th overall in 2006.

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IOC finally awards gold medals in 1948 cycling event.: "International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge has presented an Olympic gold medal to a Belgian cyclist, 62 years after he won it, London’s Times newspaper reported on Tuesday."

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Blow That Horn!: Stadiums in South Africa are currently resounding with the riotous blare of the vuvuzela. And while most of the folks making their joyous noise in the stadiums will be doing so in a basically random fashion, this vuvuzela ensemble is demonstrating the funky hocketing technique that is a feature of certain strains of traditional African music, played for centuries on horns very much like these modern-day plastic versions. Well, anyway, like the shoe ads almost say, just blow it. (via MetaFilter).

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Nebraska Expected to Leave Big 12: Nebraska will become a member of the Big Ten as early as Friday, an executive at a Big 12 school told the Omaha World-Herald. The PAC-10 has reportedly approached all six Big 12 South schools to join, a move that would disintegrate the conference.

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32 Posters for the Participants of the World Cup: ESPN commisions 32 posters for each of the participants in the upcoming tournement. In addition to the cool art, here's an interactive calender to help you plan your viewing courtesy of Spanish website (via MetaFilter).

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Aaron Rodgers on Tony Kornheiser: 'He's Terrible': Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers slammed Tony Kornheiser, Dennis Miller and Marcellus Wiley in an ESPN Radio interview Monday. Rodgers on Kornheiser: "He's terrible. ... I don't think he's funny. I don't think he's insightful. I don't think he knows anything about sports. ... He would do absolutely no research. We would sit in those production meetings and he would have absolutely nothing to offer the conversation." On Wiley: "You look at Marcellus Wiley up there talking about quarterback play. The guy was a defensive end for a few years in the league. He's not any good." On Miller: "One of the worst MNF guys ever. ... And he was 10 times better than Kornheiser."

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June 08, 2010

SpoFi FIFA World Cup Fantasy League: Interested in a little World Cup fantasy? This set-up through FIFA is somewhat similar to the EPL set-up (pick an overall squad and then a starting XI for each round of games), although with different overall squad size and budget and a different scoring/points approach. League code is 522952-114999. (Somewhat cumbersome registration process required.) Apologies for the late start on this, but registration and team set-up are due in less than 3 days.

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Tonight's the night for Stephen Strasburg: The most hyped prospect in baseball history will make his first start for the Washington Nationals, and fans are eager to see if the can't-miss kid lives up to expectations for a struggling franchise.

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June 07, 2010

June 06, 2010

Should Ken Griffey Jr. get an honorary All-Star appearance?: Griffey is still listed on the ballot, of course, and he has accumulated several hundred thousand votes as a designated hitter. He trails the leader, Vladimir Guerrero, by about 400,000 votes. It's a big margin to overcome, especially for a player who is, well, not playing anymore.

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Moratti confirms Rafa is his first choice to replace Mourinho: Meanwhile in South Africa, Sven-Goran Eriksson - a lifelong Liverpool fan- has expressed interest in replacing Rafa at Anfield.

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There were five players chosen ahead of Derek Jeter in the '92 MLB draft. What are they doing today?:

“The only thing I regret is not taking steroids, as bad as it sounds,” [Mottola] said. “I’m not mad at them. I’m more mad at the system that allowed it to happen. Maybe if I had done it, I’d be living the way they’re living. But I know the way I played, and I’m not bitter at all.”

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June 05, 2010

Paul Lawrie hits the green in regulation at a par five and walks off with an 11: Playing in the Welsh Open at Celtic Manor (venue for October's Ryder Cup), Britain's last major winner hit his second shot at the 610 yard par-five 10th hole into a greenside bunker. He was two shots off the lead and in good shape for his sixth birdie of the day. He splashed out and eight putts later walked off with an 11. From two behind with 9 holes to play, he ended up shooting 74 and missing the cut.

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June 04, 2010

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden has died: He won 10 titles, more than twice what any other coach has won. He was 99.

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Danny Ferry resigns as GM of Cleveland Cavaliers: Following the elimination in the playoffs, the Cavs just seem to be routinely losing staff. One has to wonder how this will affect LeBron coming back to the Cavs at all.

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Baltimore Orioles fire Dave Trembley : Dave Trembley, who was asked to the lead the Orioles through the early stages of a massive rebuilding project, has been fired less than 2 months into his 3rd full season as the team's manager. Orioles president Andy MacPhail announced today, with the team saddled with a major league-worst 15-39 record, the worst start since the 1988 team began 0-21. Third base coach Juan Samuel will take over on an interim basis, MacPhail is expected to begin the search for Trembley's long-term successor immediately after the 2010 season. Samuel is the club's 9th managers since Peter Angelos became the principal owner of the Orioles in August 1993.

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June 03, 2010

"In the U.S., we think of money as corrupting sport, especially youth sport. At Ajax, it is clarifying.": As a prelude to the World Cup, Michael Sokolove takes an in-depth look at the Dutch giant's academy, where seven-year-olds are coached towards success on the world stage. It also discusses why the growing ranks of young players in the US hasn't yet translated into top-level success, blaming an overemphasis on competitive play and the ill-fitting role of the college sports system.

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June 02, 2010

Galarraga robbed of perfect game by blown call on last out.: Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers misses the 21st perfect game in Major League history by one out, as the first base umpire blows the call.

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Ken Griffey Jr. retires: Griffey, 40, hit 630 home runs in a 22-year career that began with the Mariners as a 19-year-old in 1989. "I've come to a decision today to retire from Major League Baseball as an active player," Griffey said. "This has been on my mind recently, but it's not an easy decision to come by," Griffey said in the statement. "I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to have played Major League Baseball for so long and thankful for all of the friendships I have made, while also being proud of my accomplishments."

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How Yardage Books Changed the Game of Golf: USA Today covers the 50-year history of yardage books, the "postcard-sized drawings, notations and scribbles" that tell a golfer how a course plays. Carrying them was popularized by Jack Nicklaus when he left the amateur ranks in 1962, but another golfer wasn't terribly fond of them at the time. "If I had been a ruling body I would have made them illegal," said Arnold Palmer. "I didn't have much choice but to go along." He did, and Palmer's caddy George Lucas has become the foremost seller of pro yardage books, which recently began to be sold to the public.

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The Blackhawks are Back: As they sit with a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Chicago Blackhawks under owner Rocky Wirtz are no longer the penny-pinching, no-home-game-televising, payroll-borrowing mediocrity they were under his father William. Since taking the helm upon his father's 2007 death, Rocky Wirtz has quickly brought hockey back in Chitown. The team, which fell to 3,400 season ticket holders, has sold out 101 straight games and has 8,000 people on its season ticket waiting list. "Everyone's kind of in shock," said Chicagon Sun-Times sports columnist Rick Telander.

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'I Left My Stamp': I scored a goal in the FIFA World Cup Final. A series of short films produced by ESPN about players ranging from Uruguay's Alcides Ghiggia in 1950 to Italy's Marco Materazzi in 2006.
Please note that each clip is preceded by a 15 second commercial (via MetaFilter).

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Which is harder?: Comparing power meter data from the Tour de France and the Tour of California

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June 01, 2010

Joe Gaetjens Scored a Goal in the World Cup, Died as a Political Prisoner of Papa Doc Chevalier: A heartbreaking 10-minute documentary on Joe Gaetjens who scored the single goal in the USA's shocking victory over England at the 1950 World Cup. Gaetjens was a Haitian accounting student at Columbia University who went to Europe shortly after the 1950 World Cup and returned to Haiti a few years later. His story, and the story of the upset victory, was until recently largely unknown in the US (via MetaFilter).

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Cyclist Accused of Using Motorized Bike: A YouTube video with more than 400,000 views accuses Olympic time-trial champion Fabian Cancellara of using a motorized bike when he won this season's Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix races. The video shows how an engine could be hidden in a bike, then shows what it calls suspicious hand movements and acceleration by Cancellara. "It's so stupid I'm speechless," he said in response to the claims.

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Your Official Guide to Hating the Celtics: Contains the gem, "Pierce's idea of a fun night is going clubbing and getting stabbed. Good times!" which has supposedly been redacted from the versions published elsewhere, but still lives on KTLA's website. The author explains the fun of it all.

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The Psychology of Soccer Shootouts: Researchers in Norway have unearthed a fascinating fact about shootout kicks: When a goal would ensure a team's immediate victory, the shooter scores 92 percent of the time. When missing a goal means a team's immediate defeat, the success rate drops to 60 percent. "It demonstrates so clearly the power of psychology," said Geir Jordet of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

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2010 World Cup Pools: Does anyone know how to use this or another link to organize a pool for Sports Filter?

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